IMPACT Wrestling 04 27 2017

IMPACT Wrestling
April 20, 2017
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
Commentary: Jeremy Borash & Da Pope

Results courtesy of this week.

Josh Mathews opens IMPACT! Wrestling as he makes his way down to ringside with a human resources rep. Josh informs Jeremy Borash that because Jeremy hit him at the end of last week’s broadcast, he is being suspended. IMPACT! Wrestling officials escort JB out of the IMPACT! Zone and Josh Mathews takes his place at the announce desk.

Matt Sydal def. Trevor Lee with Gregory Shane Helms

This is Matt Sydal’s IMPACT! Wrestling debut as he takes on the former X-Division champion. With the referee distracted by Lee, Helms pulls Sydal off the apron, allowing Lee to gain the advantage. Lee connects with the flying forearm for a near fall. Sydal hits a standing Moonsault and goes for a pin but Helms distracts the referee! Sydal kicks Lee into Helms, knocking him off the apron. Sydal hits the Shooting Star press to win!

Sienna approaches Karen Jarrett in the backstage area. Sienna asks where the GFW Women’s Champion is. Karen informs Sienna that she’s making her debut tonight and, next week, Sienna will have a match with her!

EC3 addresses the new regime

After screwing James Storm out of the world title last week, EC3 is in the ring to address IMPACT! Wrestling’s new regime. He demands respect from them and says when he looked in the mirror, he saw a demi-god. EC3 recalls when he was undefeated and declares he will once again become the world champion at Slammiversary. EC3 calls James Storm an overrated piece of crap, prompting the Cowboy to make his way to to the ring! Storm says he doesn’t blame EC3 for what he did because he can beat him up whenever he wants too! Storm challenges EC3 to a fight but EC3 declines. Storm insults EC3, causing him to change his mind and the brawl is on! EC3 uses a member of the production crew as a shield, allowing him to take control. EC3 lays out Storm with the One Percenter and reminds everyone that he’s a Carter and IMPACT! Wrestling needs him!

We see KM get into an altercation with his waiter at a restaurant!

A promo video airs, profiling the GFW Women’s Champion Christina Von Eerie.

Christina Von Eerie def. Ava Storie to retain the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship

Von Eerie delivers repeated headbutts to Storie. Von Eerie is perched on the top rope and hits Storie with a modified backstabber to retain her title in convincing fashion.

Swoggle is once again spotted in the IMPACT! Zone.

Low-Ki talks about winning the X-Division title for a fifth time last week. He sends out a warning to the rest of the division.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Alberto El Patron. He says he’s the next in line for a shot at the IMPACT! Wrestling world championship. Magnus confronts him and says he should be the number one contender. Karen Jarrett announces a match between them in two weeks and the GFW world title will be on the line!

Moose (c) vs. Davey Richards for the Impact Grand Championship ended in a No Contest

Moose is accompanied to the ring by pro football players DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge. Davey targets Moose’s leg in the early going. Davey locks in the Figure Four leg lock but Moose gets to the ropes. All three judges score it 10-9 for Davey, he wins round one by unanimous decision. Davey attempts the double footstomp from the top rope but Moose avoids it. Moose hits a powerbomb, followed by a Moonsault for a near fall. Two judges score it 10-9 for Moose, one judge scores it 10-9 for Davey. Moose wins round two by split decision. Richards is perched on the ropes but Moose hits him with a dropkick and he crashes to the floor below. Davey hits Moose with a powerbomb from the top rope, followed the Creeping Death kick. Davey connects with the double foot stomp for a near fall. Davey locks in the Ankle Lock but his former Wolves brother, Eddie Edwards, attacks him! The match is thrown out and security holds Eddie back.

DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge confront Davey in the middle of the ring. Williams pushes Davey and Barnidge hits him with a powerslam!

Swoggle makes another appearance and tears up Spud’s format. Spud chases him and accidentally rips off his pants!

Kongo Kong def. Matt Sigmon

Sigmon jumps off the top rope but is caught and slammed by Kongo Kong. Kong hits his signature Skull Crusher rolling senton, followed by a huge splash from the top rope to win.

Veterans of War (Wilcox & Mayweather) def. Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara

It’s time for the Veterans of War to make their debut as a team on IMPACT! Wrestling. Wilcox picks up the big Fallah Bahh on his shoulders and hits him with a Samoan Drop. Bokara pulls Mayweather’s throat across the ropes, allowing Fallah Bahh to take the momentary advantage. Wilcox and Mayweather connect with a series of devastating double team moves to pick up the victory.

After the match, the Veterans of War talk about their time in the US Military and declare they’re coming for the IMPACT! Wrestling tag team championships!

Swoggle attacks Spud with a hammer for pulling his pants down earlier in the night!

Backstage, Eli Drake is angry that he’s being ignored since the new talent has arrived in IMPACT! Wrestling and says he’s going to do something about it. Tyrus seems unimpressed about the whole situation.

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan, Homicide & Diamante def. Decay (Abyss & Crazzy Steve) w/ Rosemary in a Street Fight to retain the Impact Tag Team Championships

Abyss attempts to Chokeslam Ortiz through a table but Homicide gets involved to stop it from happening! Santana connects with a steel chair shot to the back of Abyss, followed by a kendo stick strike from Ortiz. Abyss launches Steve off the top rope and he takes out Santana and Ortiz. Abyss follows up with the double Chokeslam. Abyss throws a chair directly into the head of Ortiz. Rosemary goes to spit mist in Ortiz’s face but hits Abyss by accident! Ortiz sends Abyss into a barbed wire board in the corner as Diamante takes out Rosemary! Abyss is propped between two barbed wire boards and Santana launches himself off of Ortiz and into Abyss in the corner! Steve hits Ortiz with a driver and goes for the pin but Konnan pulls the referee out of the ring! Homicide distracts Steve, allowing LAX to send him through a table full of thumbtacks from the top rope. LAX retains the tag team championships!