IMPACT Wrestling 10 12 2017

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Tonight, we find out who will face Eli Drake for the Global Championship at Bound for Glory! Will it be Johnny Impact or Garza Jr?

LAX is in the ring to address oVe. Konnan announces he is invoking their rematch clause at Bound for Glory and it’s going to be a 5150 Street Fight! oVe comes out to accept their challenge but Diamante informs them that a 5150 Street Fight means they won’t just be facing Ortiz and Santana – oVe will be facing all of LAX! A brawl breaks out with LAX standing tall after they send Dave Crist through a table!

We see a video profiling the intense rivalry between Moose, Lashley and American Top Team.

Rosemary def. Hannah Harper

Rosemary makes quick work of Harper as she puts her away with Red Wedding. After the match, Rosemary calls out Taya Valkyrie. They stare each other down in the middle of the ring until Taya sprays mist in Rosemary’s face and takes her out with the Road to Valhalla!

After being beaten down at the hands of American Top Team, Moose reveals that he’s returning to their facility but this time, he won’t be alone!

Taryn Terrell is in the ring and insults one of her Bound for Glory opponents, Gail Kim until the Hall of Famer makes her way to the ring. Gail says mind games don’t work on her and attacks Taryn, causing her to retreat.

Alberto El Patron will return at Bound for Glory.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Sienna, Texano and Caleb Konley ahead of their mixed tag match tonight.

We see Grado struggling to make his way into the arena when Joseph Park drives up in a luxury car full of women! One of them asks if he’s the meal ticket and Park has to cover up for her, insisting that’s not what she meant.

On Sunday, November 5th, Impact Wrestling presents Bound for Glory, the biggest pay-per-view of year, live from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!

Allie, Dezmond Xavier and James Storm def. Knockout’s Champion Sienna w/ KM, Caleb Konley w/ X-Division Champion Trevor Lee and Texano – Mixed Six Person Tag Team Match

This match is full of personal feuds leading into Bound for Glory! Storm hits Texano with a big neckbreaker, allowing him to get the hot tag to Xavier! He brings the fight to Konley and hits a standing Moonsault for the near fall. Allie takes out Sienna on the floor. Meanwhile, Storm and Xavier double team Konley in the ring. Xavier is perched on the top rope but Lee knocks him off behind the referees back. Storm hits Konley with the Last Call Superkick to pick up the win.

Global Champion Eli Drake, GHC Champion Eddie Edwards and Garza Jr have the honour of competing at Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan.

Global Forged continues as Scott D’Amore looks for the best up and coming wrestlers. You can see more on

At the clubhouse, LAX reflects on their attack on oVe earlier tonight. Konnan announces Homicide will return at Bound for Glory in the 5150 Street Fight for the tag team championships!

Moose returns to the American Top Team facility but this time, he’s not alone! MMA fighter Stephan Bonnar joins him and they’re out for revenge!

Johnny Impact def. Garza Jr and will face Eli Drake for the Global Championship at Bound for Glory

Eli Drake is seen watching the match from Japan. Garza takes the advantage early with a huge suicide dive to the outside! He follows up by sending Impact crashing into the steel steps. Impact uses his unique aerial offense to launch himself off the steel steps and hit Garza with an elbow shot! Impact goes for Starship Pain but Garza avoids it and hits a backbreaker for the near fall. Garza connects with a missile dropkick for another near fall. He locks in the Boston Crab but Impact is able to roll him up to win! It will be Johnny Impact vs. Eli Drake for the Global Title at Bound for Glory! After the match, Impact and Garza shake hands. Jim Cornette is interviewing Impact on his big victory when Chris Adonis shatters a board over Impact’s head! Drake watches on from Japan and seems pleased with the attack.

Moose and Stephan Bonnar arrive at American Top Team but Dan Lambert and the rest of the crew have left for the night. Moose and Bonnar decide to trash the place, including destroying their display case and merchandise collection!

Next week, the road to Bound for Glory continues to heat up! Don’t miss it!