IMPACT Wrestling 05 17 2018

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Here are your IMPACT Results from May 17th, 2018

The unpredictable action continues tonight on IMPACT!

Tag Team Champions Eli Drake & Scott Steiner vs. Z & E (DJZ & Andrew Everett) – Tag Team Championship Match

Z & E earned this shot at the tag titles by defeating LAX last week!

Drake and Steiner double team DJZ on their side of the ring, preventing him from getting the tag to Everett.

Steiner hits DJZ with a Fallaway Samoan Drop off the second rope!

DJZ hits Steiner with a ZDT and tags in Everett! Later on, Everett hits Drake with a springboard dropkick!

Drake and Everett hit the Codebreaker into a modified Canadian Destroyer double team move on Drake for a near fall!

Steiner tries to bring a steel chair in the ring but DJZ dropkicks the chair into his sternum!

Drake goes to check on Steiner but Steiner accidentally hits him with the steel chair! Everett follows up with a standing Shooting Star to win the match and the tag team championship!

Backstage, Petey Williams congratulates DJZ and Everett on their huge title win.

Kiera Hogan vs. Tessa Blanchard

Knockouts legend, Madison Rayne joins Josh Mathews on commentary for this Knockouts matchup!

Kiera charges at Tessa to start the match on the offensive!

Tessa drops Kiera on the top rope to gain control.

Tessa hits a running dropkick to Kiera’s back for a near fall.

Kiera gets fired up with a series of running strikes. Kiera follows up with a leg drop for a near fall.

Tessa connects with her signature DDT to pick up the win.

After the match, Tessa attacks Kiera but Madison Rayne leaves commentary to come to her aid!

Grado and Katarina approach Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs backstage about the mysterious backstage attacks that have been happening recently, including the one to his friend Joseph Park. Grado accuses them of being the attackers but Jacobs denies his accusations and threatens him. Katarina stands up to them and challenges Kong to a match tonight, on Grado’s behalf! Jacobs accepts and it’s on!

Backstage, World Champion Pentagon Jr and Fantasma preview their tag match against Austin Aries and Matt Sydal tonight.

Kongo Kong w/ Jimmy Jacobs vs. Grado w/ Katarina

Grado seems afraid of Kong in the early going but Katarina motivates him to stay in the match.

Grado throws strikes at Kong but they’re not doing much damage. Kong takes out Grado with one shot of his own.

Kong hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex but Grado kicks out!

Kong charges at Grado in the corner but Grado moves out of the way, stunning Kong! Grado builds momentum and heads to the top rope, with some assistance from Katarina! Grado leaps off the top and hits a diving shoulder block, finally taking Kong off his feet.

Grado celebrates for too long, allowing Kong to powerslam him, followed by a huge top rope splash to win.

After the match, Kong and Jacobs scare off Katarina, allowing them to attack Grado some more. Kong attempts to drive Grado into the steel ring steps, just like he did to Johnny Impact many weeks ago but Moose makes the save! The two giants clash with Moose gaining the upperhand, sending Kong retreating with a clothesline over the top rope!

Backstage, Santana and Ortiz are still in search of Konnan. The Cult of Lee interrupts and mocks them. Ortiz dares one of them to take a shot but Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley retreat like cowards!

Tommy Dreamer tells Eddie Edwards that after his street fight with Sami Callihan tonight, their feud is over. Edwards denies that and says it will be over when Callihan is no longer breathing. Dreamer hands him a kendo stick as he walks away.

Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan – Street Fight

We head to House of Hardcore, the only place that would sanction this super-personal, sure to be ultra-violent street fight between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan!

Edwards charges at Callihan on the ramp and the match is on!

Edwards swings at Callihan with a steel chair but Callihan counters with a lead pipe shot to the gut.

Callihan connects with a Death Valley Driver on the steel ramp!

Callihan attempts a piledriver on the apron but Edwards counters by smashing a can over his head! Edwards follows up with a DDT on the apron.

Edwards tees off with a series of kendo stick shots, causing Callihan to spit in his face! Callihan connects with the low blow, followed by Get Out of Here for a near fall.

This time, it’s Edwards who hits the low blow! Edwards attempts a suplex into two steel chairs but Callihan counters with a slam of his own for a near fall!

Callihan grabs his signature baseball bat but Edwards comes from out of nowhere with the Boston Knee Party and scores the pinfall to win!

After the match, Edwards continues to choke Callihan with the baseball bat. Security and referees come down to break it up but Edwards fights them off! Tommy Dreamer tries to calm him down but Edwards says it’s not over.

Brian Cage vs. Facade

The Brian Cage world tour continues in Toronto at a Destiny World Wrestling event!

Cage powerbombs Facade into the steel ring post!

Facade misses a springboard, allowing Cage to hit a Full Nelson Slam for a near fall.

Cage hits a Alabama Slam into a sitdown powerbomb but Facade is still able to kick out!

Cage connects with Weapon X to pick up the win and remain undefeated.

Backstage, KM continues to reinvent Fallah Bahh as he gives him a makeover.

We see the funeral of Rosemary after she was placed in the casket by Su Yung and her undead bridesmaids just a few weeks ago! Yung spits mist onto the casket, causing it to burst into flames!

World Champion Pentagon Jr & Fantasma vs. X-Division Champion Matt Sydal & Austin Aries

Aries goes for the brainbuster on Pentagon counters, sending him to the outside.

Pentagon hits Aries with a superkick from the apron as Fantasma takes out Sydal with the Arrow from the Depths of Hell suicide dive!

Fantasma holds Aries down, allowing Pentagon to hit him with a top rope dropkick!

Pentagon and Fantasma hit Sydal with a double-team codebreaker for a near fall.

Sydal takes out both Pentagon and Fantasma with a unique move to turn the tide. Aries connects with a springboard elbow drop on Fantasma for a near fall.

Fantasma ducks a flying knee from Sydal, causing him to hit Aries!

Pentagon hits Aries with a backstabber but Aries is able to kick out at two.

Fantasma is perched on the second rope but Sydal sends him to the mat with a Hurricanrana! Sydal goes for the shooting star but gets caught with a superkick from Pentagon in mid-air!

Pentagon fights off Aries as Fantasma hits Sydal with the Thrill of the Kill to win!

Next week, Matt Sydal defends the X-Division Championship against Fantasma, Moose takes on Kongo Kong, plus so much more. Don’t miss it!