IMPACT Wrestling 10 04 2018

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Just 10 nights away from Bound for Glory, presented by, we kick things off with X-Division action!

Matt Sydal def. Rich Swann

Sydal makes one last attempt to get Swann to follow him. They shake hands but Swann isn’t having it! Swann launches himself off the apron, crashing into Sydal on the outside. Sydal climbs underneath the ring. Swann goes after him, allowing Sydal to hit Swann with an unknown weapon from under the ring! Sydal attempts a Hurricanrana off the top but Swann lands on his feet and connects with a superkick! Swann goes for a Hurricanrana of his own but this time, Sydal counters into a powerbomb! A mystery man attacks Swann, allowing Sydal to connect with a unique finishing move to pick up the victory. The mystery man is revealed to be Ethan Page!

On the oVe cam, Dave Crist is convinced that the Lucha Bros have magical powers. Jake Crist and Sami Callihan aren’t buying it. Callihan says he’s going to call out Pentagon Jr and Fenix tonight!

Moose calls Eddie Edwards from Alisha’s phone. Moose ensures Eddie that his wife is fine but tells him to come find them at a shutdown bar in Mexico City!

Scarlett Bordeaux joins Josh Mathews and Don Callis on commentary to scout talent for her talent search.

Eli Drake lays out another open challenge and insults the Luchadores of Mexico, saying they can’t keep up with him. The legendary La Parka answers the challenge!

La Parka def. Eli Drake via Count Out

Drake connects with a big neckbreaker out of the corner. Drake brings a chair into play but La Parka gains possession of it! Drake retreats to the outside. La Parka wins after Drake purposely gets himself counted out!

The OGz confront LAX. Konnan tells LAX to respect the ceasefire as King and the OGz steal their possessions, including the Tag Team Championships!

Ethan Page reveals that unlike Rich Swann, he is going to follow Matt Sydal’s path of enlightenment! Sydal challenges Swann to a tag team match at Bound for Glory, if Swann can find a partner!

Before the match can get underway, Joe Hendry reveals his latest music video showing footage of Katarina and her new friend, Murder Clown!

Murder Clown w/ Katarina def. Joe Hendry w/ Grado

Murder Clown connects with a huge clothesline to take control. Hendry hits an impressive Fallaway Slam to gain the momentary advantage. Murder Clown quickly regains control with another clothesline into the corner. Murder Clown hits a top rope splash to win.

After the match, Katarina hits a low blow on Grado. Katarina then holds Hendry down on a table before Murder Clown drives him through with another devastating top rope splash!

Eddie Edwards arrives to the bar where Moose is holding his wife, Alisha! Moose reminds Eddie of all the sacrifices he’s made for him and how Eddie never paid it back. Alisha throws water in Moose’s face and runs! Eddie charges at Moose but Killer Kross attacks him from behind. Alisha tosses Eddie his kendo stick and he uses it to even the odds! As Eddie and Alisha escape, Eddie calls Johnny Impact at the arena and tells him that Austin Aries is alone! However, when Impact gets to his locker room, he’s nowhere to be found.

Johnny Impact calls out Austin Aries

Johnny Impact makes his way into the arena and calls out the World Champion, Austin Aries! He come out but appears to be injured after Impact’s attack last week. Aries admits that since Moose and Killer Kross are occupied with Eddie Edwards and Alisha, he is indeed alone. Impact asks Aries if he’s willing to compete without Moose and Killer Kross by his side at Bound for Glory! Aries accepts Impact’s challenge and says it’s going to be man-to-man on October 14th! Aries criticizes Impact for not being focused as a professional wrestler, instead focusing on being a movie and television star. Impact and Aries argue back and forth before Aries attacks Impact! Aries’ injury turns out to be fake as he takes off his sling. Impact then turns it around and connects with Starship Pain off the top! Impact stands tall with the World Title held high as Aries retreats up the ramp.

Backstage, X-Division Champion Brian Cage says he’s going to answer oVe’s challenge – he’s meeting them in the middle of the ring tonight!

The Desi Hit Squad is disappointed after losing to LAX last week. Gama Singh tells Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh that they will face off in a singles match next week to find out who is the weak link of the team.

Petey Williams is the first to audition for Scarlett Bordeaux’s exclusive services! Williams shows Scarlett how to give him the Canadian Destroyer, starting a fight between Williams and Trevor Lee, who’s next in line!

The Lucha Bros are furious at oVe for disrespecting them in their home of Mexico. They also accept oVe’s challenge for a showdown in the ring later tonight!

Su Yung w/ Undead Maid of Honor def. Kiera Hogan w/ Allie

Kiera is on fire from the opening bell as she goes on the attack! Su turns it around, slamming Kiera from the top rope to the mat. Kiera connects with a big superkick! Su retreats to the outside but Kiera takes her out with a suicide dive! Su goes for the Panic Switch but Kiera counters into a sit-down powerbomb for a near fall! The Maid of Honor gets up on the apron but Allie comes to the aid of Kiera! Su hits Kiera and Allie with palm strikes, followed by the Panic Switch on Kiera to win.

After the match, the Undead Bridesmaids bring out a coffin, presumably to bury Allie or Kiera! A brawl breaks out with Su and the Bridesmaids getting the upper-hand. Kiera sacrifices herself to save Allie, allowing Su to place Kiera in the coffin and close the lid!

Backstage, Allie is seen panicking after Su was able to take another one of her friends. Allie has a revelation and says she knows what she has to do next.

Tessa Blanchard is set to defend the Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie at Bound for Glory!

Sami Callihan and oVe are in the ring. Callihan says they don’t want to wait until Bound for Glory, he wants to face Brian Cage and the Lucha Bros right now! They come out and the match is official!

oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist & Dave Crist) def. X-Division Champion Brian Cage & Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr & Fenix) via DQ in a Six Man Tag Team Match

Fenix is draped on the top rope as Callihan hits him with a swinging neckbreaker. All three members of oVe hit in-sync superkicks on Cage, taking him off the apron. oVe goes for the All-Seeing Eye on Fenix but he avoids it and gets the hot tag to Cage! Cage hits a double suplex on both Jake and Dave Crist! Cage is about to attack Callihan when he throws the referee to the mat to get himself intentionally disqualified!

The fight continues after the match! Cage hits a deadlift suplex on Jake from inside the ring to the outside, taking out everyone! Meanwhile, Fenix hits a flying corkscrew off the guardrail! Can you imagine what will happen at Bound for Glory when these two teams meet in an oVe rules match?

Next week on the last stop before Bound for Glory, presented by, Austin Aries teams with Moose and Killer Kross to take on Johnny Impact, Eddie Edwards and Fallah Bahh in a huge six-man tag team match! Don’t miss it!