IMPACT Wrestling 10 11 2018

IMPACT Wrestling Results – Final Stop Before BFG

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With Bound for Glory, presented by, live this Sunday on pay-per-view, who will gain momentum heading into the biggest show of the year?

Trevor Lee vs. Jack Evans vs. Puma King vs. Petey Williams – Four-Way Match

All four of these men are looking to impress Scarlett Bordeaux after her open casting call last week!

Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer on Lee but he counters! Williams locks in the Sharpshooter instead.

Puma hits a big top rope crossbody on Lee.

Puma jumps from inside the ring, to the top rope, to the outside, taking out Evans!

Puma connects with a springboard Codebreaker on Lee for a near fall.

Evans dropkicks Puma, followed by a crossbody on Lee!

Evans takes Puma off the top rope with an acrobatic handspring kick.

Williams hits Lee with the Canadian Destroyer to pick up the victory!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Rich Swann about who his partner will be when he takes on Matt Sydal and Ethan Page in a tag match at Bound for Glory. Swann says he has found a partner and it’s none other than Willie Mack!

Grado vs. Maximo

Maximo attempts to kiss Grado but he counters into a rollup for a near fall!

Maximo builds momentum with a series of clotheslines.

Grado gets sent to the outside as Maximo follows up with a flying headbutt!

Maximo successfully locks lips with Grado and rolls him up to win!

After the match, Grado shakes hands with Maximo and gives him a kiss of his own!

Johnny Impact, Eddie Edwards and Fallah Bahh prepare for their six man tag team match against World Champion Austin Aries, Moose and Killer Kross tonight. Edwards is furious at Moose for involving Alisha in their rivalry last week.

Eli Drake announces that he’s going to continue his open challenge this Sunday at Bound for Glory in New York City!

Rohit Raju vs. Gursinder Singh

Gama Singh has set up this singles match between the Desi Hit Squad to find out who the weak link of the team is! Gama raises the stakes and says the loser will no longer be a member of Desi Hit Squad!

Gursinder hits a flying knee in the early going.

Rohit connects with a jumping foot stomp for a near fall.

Rohit hits a front-face slam but Gursinder kicks out!

Rohit’s shoulder appears to be injured. Gursinder hesitates to continue the attack and it ends up costing him! Rohit plants Gursinder on the mat to pick up the victory!

After the match, Rohit appears to regret his actions, causing Gama to slap him in the face!

World Champion Austin Aries, Moose & Killer Kross vs. Johnny Impact, Eddie Edwards & Fallah Bahh – Six-Man Tag Team Match

This huge matchup is a preview of Bound for Glory as Aries prepares to face Impact and Moose prepares to face Edwards this Sunday!

Edwards is fired up as he attacks Moose! Edwards connects with a top rope Hurricanrana!

Moose sends Edwards to the outside and Aries attacks him behind the referee’s back.

Fallah gets revenge for KM as he reigns in shots on Aries! Fallah heads to the top but Moose cuts him off from the apron with a big kick.

Champion and challenger, Aries and Impact, exchange shots in the middle of the ring! Impact hits a sliding German from the second rope but when he goes for the follow-up Countdown to Impact, Aries avoids it!

Aries locks in the Last Chancery on Impact but he gets a rope break!

Impact counters Moose’s Go to Hell attempt with a Hurricanrana!

Kross gets Edwards up on his shoulders but Fallah makes the save with a superkick. Edwards builds on the momentum with a huge suicide dive to Moose on the outside!

Fallah is about to fly off the top when Aries cuts him off. Impact connects with the Impact Kick out of nowhere on Aries! Impact hits Starship Pain but Kross pulls Impact off the pin!

Kross hits Impact with the Doomsday Saito Slam on the floor! Meanwhile, Moose takes out Edwards with a powerbomb on the ring apron!

Back inside the ring, Aries connects with the Brain Buster on Impact to pick up the victory for his team.

This Saturday on IMPACT Wrestling’s Twitch channel, witness the Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Abyss!

Allie approaches James Mitchell and asks him for help going back to the Undead Realm when she faces Su Yung at Bound for Glory!

Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Keyra – Non-Title Match

Keyra hits a Hurricanrana, followed by a Michinoku Driver, then a Moonsault off the second rope for a near fall.

Keyra jumps off the apron but Tessa catches her and sends her back-first into the steel ring post!

Keyra hits a running dropkick in the corner but Tessa kicks out!

Tessa turns things around with the Buzzsaw DDT to win.

LAX and the OGz meet for a summit before their Concrete Jungle Deathmatch at Bound for Glory! King and Konnan stare down in the middle of the ring. King tells Konnan he’s going to destroy everything Konnan has ever built and the rest of LAX! Konnan responds by saying the bosses aren’t happy with King as he and the OGz have violated the street code! Konnan says the bosses have a message for King – the ceasefire is over! A huge brawl erupts between LAX and the OGz as IMPACT Wrestling goes off the air!