IMPACT Wrestling Crossroads 03 08 2018

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Tonight, IMPACT Wrestling presents Crossroads! We begin this huge night with a tag team title showdown!

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan def. Cult of Lee (Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley) to retain the Impact Tag Team Championships
LAX jumps the Cult of Lee from behind to take the early advantage! They brawl on the outside before bringing things inside the ring. Lee and Konley double team Santana on their side of the ring, preventing him from tagging in Ortiz. Eventually, Santana is able to hit Lee with a Yakuza kick and tag in Ortiz! Ortiz hits Konley with a modified face-buster from the second rope. Santana gets huge air when he launches himself over the top rope, crashing into Lee on the outside! Konley hits Santana with a Samoan Driver but Ortiz sends Lee tumbling into them to break up the pin attempt. Santana connects with a top rope Swanton Bomb on Konley. Konnan trips up Lee on the apron, allowing LAX to Konley with the Street Sweeper! Ortiz scores the pin to retain the tag titles!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Lashley. He was supposed to team with Eddie Edwards to face oVe later tonight but due to the vicious attack by Sami Callihan on Edwards last week, Lashley will have to go it alone.

Impact Grand Champion Matt Sydal def. Taiji Ishimori to become the new Impact X Division Champion
Ishimori hits a flying knee from the second rope. Ishimori connects with a springboard kick to build momentum. He follows up with a big foot-stomp in the corner for a near fall. Sydal sends Ishimori flying off the second rope with a no-hands Frankensteiner! Ishimori hits a Golden Moonsault from the second rope to the outside, followed by a Hurricanrana on the steel ramp! Sydal connects with flying knees off the top for a near fall! Sydal misses a Shooting Star attempt, allowing Ishimori to hit his signature double knees! Ishimori goes for the 450 splash but Sydal gets his knees up! This time, Sydal successfully hits the Shooting Star to win the match! Sydal retains the Grand Championship and is your new X-Division champion!

Allie arrives to the arena ahead of her Knockouts Championship match against Laurel Van Ness tonight. She says she is ready to win the Knockouts title and when she does, she will dedicate it to her mentor, Gail Kim.

Allie def. Laurel Van Ness to become the new Impact Knockouts Champion
Allie jumpstarts the match by attacking Laurel on the ramp during her entrance! Laurel throws Allie into the steel ring post to gain control. Laurel misses a clothesline and Allie follows up with a German Suplex. Laurel jumps off the top rope but Allie avoids her and connects with a Codebreaker! Laurel places Allie on a chair and charges at her but Allie counters and sends Laurel face-first into the chair! Laurel connects with the Unprettier outside the ring. Laurel tries to win by countout but Allie breaks the count at 9! Laurel attempts to use the Knockouts title as a weapon but Allie counters into a Death Valley Driver, followed by a superkick to win! Allie is your new Knockouts champion!

After the match, Allie steps through the curtain and is congratulated by her mentor, Gail Kim.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Austin Aries before he defends the IMPACT World Championship against Johnny Impact tonight. Aries predicts that he’s going to take IMPACT to places it’s never been before and that starts with retaining the world title tonight.

Lashley and Brian Cage def. oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) w/ Sami Callihan in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match
The brawl begins on the ramp as Lashley takes it to both members of oVe! Lashley tosses them into the ring but gets caught with a baseball bat shot from Callihan. Lashley falls victim to the numbers game as Callihan continues to attack Lashley while the referee is distracted. Lashley begins to build some momentum by suplexing Jake into Dave in the corner. Then, out of nowhere, Brian Cage comes to the aid of Lashley and tags himself into the match! Cage goes on the attack, hitting oVe with a series of strikes and suplexes. Callihan is about to hit Cage with the baseball bat but Lashley spears him! Cage connects with the Drill Claw on Jake to win!

After the match, Lashley extends his hand to Cage but Cage wants no part of it and walks off.

Johnny Impact is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell before he challenges Austin Aries for the IMPACT World Championship tonight. Impact says his one goal has been to win the IMPACT World Championship and it’s going to happen tonight.

Austin Aries def. Johnny Impact to retain the Impact World Championship
Impact uses his parkour skills to launch himself over Aries on the outside and hit him with a superkick. Back inside the ring, Impact hits a unique standing corkscrew. Impact attempts a springboard but Aries sweeps his legs, sending him crashing to the floor below! Impact connects with the sliding German suplex, followed by a double springboard kick for a near fall! Aries locks in the Last Chancery but Impact gets his foot on bottom rope to break the hold. Impact connects with the top rope Spanish Fly for another near fall! Aries slams Impact head first into the ring apron with a Death Valley driver! Aries charges at Impact in the corner but Impact gets his boot up! Impact goes for Starship Pain but Aries avoids it! Aries hits a big running dropkick, followed by the Brain Buster to win the match and retain the IMPACT World Championship!

After the match, Aries and Impact shake hands in the middle of the ring. Then, Alberto El Patron appears on the stage. Crossroads goes off the air with Patron applauding Aries for his victory.

Next week, the Feast or Fired match returns! Three competitors will walk away with title shots but one will be fired! Don’t miss it!