IMPACT Wrestling 07 05 2019

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The show opened with a video package (view above) of Previously On Impact.

This is the final IMPACT before Slammiversary this Sunday on pay-per-view!

TJP vs. Ace Austin

Ace begins to wear down TJP with a headlock but TJP escapes in a unique way.

TJP flies over the ropes but Ace avoids it, causing him to hit hard on the apron.

Ace launches himself through the air with a Space Flying Tiger Drop to the floor!

Ace hits TJP with his signature papercut between the fingers!

TJP connects with a springboard dropkick, followed by a huge crossbody off the top rope!

Ace attempts to pin TJP with a hold of the ropes but the referee stops him. TJP comes right back with a modified gutbuster for a near fall.

TJP locks in the knee bar to submit, forcing Ace to tap!

TJP def. Ace Austin

Kiera Hogan vs. Madison Rayne

Jordynne Grace joins Josh Mathews and Don Callis on commentary.

Kiera taunts Grace at ringside, but the distraction allowing Madison to take control in the ring.

Madison connects with the Ripcord Cutter for a two count.

Kiera attempts to use the ropes for leverage but Grace gets up from the announce desk, forcing her to break the pin attempt!

Kiera hits a modified swinging neckbreaker to win!

Kiera Hogan def. Madison Rayne

After the match, Grace hits the ring but Kiera retreats up the ramp!

Backstage, the Deaners replace the Desi Hit Squad’s special tea with a brew of their own!

Father James Mitchell attempts to get Havok and Su Yung back on the same page before they both compete in Monster’s Ball with Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Championship. Mitchell tells Su that their goal is to make Havok the next Knockouts champ!

Rohit Raju w/ Raj Singh & Gama Singh vs. Laredo Kid

Laredo attempts a springboard but the bottom turnbuckle snaps off! He goes for it again and connects with a springboard Moonsault.

Laredo takes to the sky once again with a springboard crossbody!

Laredo remains in control with a super powerful dive through the ropes into the guardrail!

Gama distracts the referee, allowing Raj to distract Laredo! This gives enough time for Rohit to recover and avoid a top rope corkscrew.

Rohit hits a double foot stomp off the top rope to win.

Rohit Raju w/ Raj Singh & Gama Singh def. Laredo Kid

Moose is in the ring to give his final words before he faces Rob Van Dam this Sunday at Slammiversary. He talks about following a similar career path as RVD but says he’s doing it better. Moose shows a video of him standing over one of RVD’s best friends, Sabu. RVD has seen enough and hits the ring! RVD brawls with Moose until security breaks it up!

Dez vs. Wentz vs. Trey – Loser Won’t Represent Rascalz in Tag Team Championship Match at Slammiversary

Trey hits Wentz with a Hurricanrana through the ropes to the floor.

Wentz launches himself off the back of Dez and over the top to hit Trey with a huge splash on the outside!

Dez hits a top rope delayed corkscrew on Wentz but Trey breaks up the pin attempt!

The action is nonstop as these three tag team partners know each other extremely well.

Wentz hits Dez with a standing Shooting Star for a very close near fall!

Trey hits a springboard double cutter for a near fall on Dez and Wentz!

Dez throws Wentz into a Shooting Star on Trey! They both pin him to win, meaning Trey will not advance to Slammiversary against LAX!

Dez & Wentz def. Trey – Loser Won’t Represent Rascalz in Tag Team Championship Match at Slammiversary

Tessa Blanchard is seen arriving to the venue with a baseball bat in hand!

Killer Kross previews his match with Eddie Edwards this Sunday at Slammiversary.

X-Division Champion Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Johnny Impact & John E Bravo

Johnny hits Swann with a swinging neckbreaker on the floor.

Johnny tags in Bravo and he begins to lay the beatdown on Swann. Johnny bodyslams Bravo onto Swann for a two count.

Swann counters Johnny’s Impact Edge attempt into a modified DDT!

Willie counters a Spanish Fly into a neckbreaker off the top to Johnny!

Willie hits Johnny with a standing Moonsault but Bravo breaks up the pin attempt. Bravo distracts Willie, allowing Johnny to lay him out with the Disaster Kick.

Bravo is trapped in the ring with his opponents! Willie hits him with a stunner, followed by the Phoenix Splash from Swann to win!

X-Division Champion Rich Swann & Willie Mack def. Johnny Impact & John E Bravo

On the roof, Tessa Blanchard interrupts Sami Callihan’s party and attacks oVe with a baseball bat! What’s going to happen when they meet one-on-one this Sunday?