TNA IMPACT 01 24 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: January 24, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts off with a replay from last week’s marriage. Brooke says, “I do.” Bully is asked the same question and he says, “I do!” Right before he can kiss the bride, Taz interrupts. He asks Bully if he really wants to do this. They go back a long time, so he wants to know if he really wants to do this? He then asks if it is hot in here and takes off his coat. He reveals the Aces & 8s vest. The group comes in and attacks and ruins the wedding. Sting tries to come to the aid, but he is no match. They destroy Hulk and Bully. Member hold Brooke to watch the damage. After the video, another video plays showing the moments after the television taping. Bully is dazed while Christian York, Tommy Dreamer and Sting help Hulk Hogan up. Dreamer and Parks come to the aid of Bully. Both can barely walk. Brooke meets up with him as she helps him up the ramp.

The camera shows the announcers Todd Keneley and Mike Tenay.

The camera is backstage and it shows Aces & 8s. It’s a growing group again with so many people. They are in the lot as they start and ride their motorcycles around in circles. The group has a new life in them. The Impact Wrestling video plays showing the top stars in TNA. It ends and we hear music. It’s Aces & 8s. They come through the door by the audience. They make their way through the people as Taz leads the way. They enter the ring and he grabs a mic. There are about 12 people behind Taz. He starts talking. He says people have been asking him all week. He says life is full of opportunities. How can he pass up the machine group? How can he pass the group with an agenda to get revenge? How can he not take direction from a higher power? How can he pass on that? Taz laughs. He starts to mock Brooke and how the show was focused around her. Taz says that wedding was only for them to stand on their faces to take direction from the higher authority. He brings up Dixie Carter. His contract he signed several years ago…well it says that if he gets touched he can own this place. This is Aces & 8s. Deal with the destruction. Brooke and Bully are just small damage, but just wait. Stay out of their way. Their music hits and Taz walks around to the members shaking their hands and talking to them. Other members raise their arms for their new symbol they have.

Jesse and Tara are backstage. Jesse asks Tara if she is ready for a match with Sky? Tara is ready. Jesse shows her a Velvet Sky action figure. Tara asks why he has that. It’s to motivate her. Tara is better than her while Sky likes to show off and kill pigeons while Jesse will be the hottest guy of the year. Tara is now ready and they walk away.


A video package plays highlighting and hyping the main event match tonight. It talks about Daniels and all of his major accomplishments in TNA. He has been in some of the biggest and best matches in TNA. He is on his way to get his first TNA World Title. The video ends and the camera shows Daniels and Kazarian in the back. Daniels is looking in the mirror with his gear while Kaz pulls out a drink for Daniels. The camera guy asks Kaz about his role. Kaz is the manager of Daniels. Daniels goes on to talk about how the girls like his hips and that he will be the next World Heavyweight Champion of the world!

Taz joins the commentator desk. He tells Todd to move over as he can’t stand him the past couple of weeks and then says hi to Mike.

Velvet Sky comes down the ramp to her music and gets in the ring while she let’s the pigeons loose. Tara’s music plays and she has Jessie at her side. He picks her up and they show off their muscles. He drops her and they walk down the ramp together. Tara has the Knockout Title around her waist.

Velvet Sky vs. Tara (Champ) for the Knockout Title

Tara shows off her body to the audience, so Sky goes for a quick cover from behind right when the bell rang. Tara kicks out. Both get up and Sky tries again but Tara kicks out again. Both get up and Sky closelines her multiple times. She then grabs her hair and slams her face down to the mat. Tara rolls out of the ring and regroups. Sky grabs her as she gets on the apron. Sky brings her in to punish her further. She then kicks her in the gut and Tara falls back through the ropes and lands on the outside. Jessie checks on her while Tara can’t believe Sky’s aggression.


The match continues as Sky punches Tara in the face and kicks her in the gut. She whips her in the corner but Tara reverses it. Tara goes to her but Sky kicks her. She climbs the corner and jumps onto Tara for a flying cross body. She covers but Tara kicks out. Sky puts Tara in the corner and punches and kicks her. She whips Tara in the opposing corner. She goes for monkey flip but Tara holds onto the ropes and Sky falls right on her back. Tara covers but Sky kicks out. Tara gets her up and hits a snap suplex. She covers but Sky kicks out. Tara stands and does her standing moonsault. A cover again results in a 2. Tara now applies a rear choke hold. Sky gets up and elbows her way out. She runs but Tara pulls on her hair and Sky falls back. Tara gets her up and whips her around hair first. Tara taunts and then sets Sky up. She climbs the corner, but Sky stands and flips Tara over for a huge slam. Sky falls to regroup. They crawl to each other and punch back and forth. They get to their feet and punch again. Sky bounces off the ropes for a couple closelines and then a head scissors. Sky gets her up and goes for a In Yo Face version move. She covers but Jessie gets on the apron to distract Taryn, the referee. Sky gets up and talks to him. Tara stands and runs to her, but she moves and she hits Jessie. Sky goes for another cover but Tara gets out of it. Sky goes to lift Tara, but Jessie trips Sky and Tara covers. Jessie holds Tara’s foot for leverage. She wins.

Winner and Still Champion: Tara

Open Fight Night returns and it will be from the United Kingdom. A video package plays to hype the special.

Sting is walking backstage and the camera asks about the wedding. Did he recognize anyone from Aces & 8s? Sting says he will say what he has to say in the Impact Zone and that will be shortly.


Kenny King is in the locker room. He is looking in the locker, which there probably is a mirror in there, as he talks to himself. He promotes himself again. Zema Ion comes from behind and asks if he still talks to himself. Kenny says they have to get on the right page. They need to take out RVD as Kenny should be champion. Ion says he was champion before RVD beat him. Kenny leaves as they agree. Ion starts to spray his hair and says he was the best X-Division Champion ever.

Mr. Parks’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring with some paper in his hand. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says he hasn’t been an athletic person. His last athletic part in his life was in the 3rd grade. He is not made to be in the courtroom. He is made to be an active star on Impact Wrestling. He may have not got the win or “W”, but he is here to be the best that he can be. Next week, Impact Wrestling will be from the United Kingdom. It’s Open Fight Night too. Parks says he is ready. He shows his passport. He will be there and will be fighting in his first ever Open Fight Night. Now, who should he pick? He doesn’t way to kayfabe anyone, but he will watch videos and take notes to decide who he will pick. The whole world will witness the Impact Wrestling television debut of Joseph Parks. He will hold his court in the ring and will get the “W”! His music plays and he is ready.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next match. Kenny King’s music plays and he comes out. Zema Ion comes with as they get in the ring.

They are full of ego. Rob Van Dam’s music hits and he comes out with the X-Divison Title. Christian York is at his side. They make their way down the ramp and fireworks explode behind them as RVD raises his arms.

Kenny King and Zema Ion vs. Rob Van Dam and Christian York

RVD and Ion start the match. They lock-up and Ion applies a side headlock. RVD pushes him in the ropes. Ion comes back and kicks RVD in the chest. Ion continues as he runs into the ropes. RVD lifts him up and does a dropkick! RVD gets up and tags York. York enters and attacks Ion for a minute or so and tags RVD back in. York sends Ion in the corner. RVD runs to him and does a huge monkey flip. Ion goes inside out. Ion crawls to the corner and RVD continues with kicks. He pushes Ion out of the ring. RVD bounces off the opposing side, but King grabs RVD’s hair and takes him down. Ion gets in and tags Kenny. King enters and continues the offensive change. He tags Ion back in. Ion grounds RVD with stomps. He gets him up and continues with kicks. RVD rakes the eyes of Ion, but Zema whips him hard into the corner. RVD falls down. Ion climbs the corner and goes for the 450 splash. RVD moves out of the way. They get up. Ion grabs the foot of RVD. RVD flips around and then flips back to kick Ion in the face. He flies back and King tags in. RVD is able to tag York. Both get in and York flies into the ropes. He comes back and knocks King down with a knee to the face. Ion gets in and stops the count. RVD enters and kicks Ion right in the face. They fight while King and York go to the outside. RVD does a body slam and goes for a split legged moonsault. King takes care of York and gets in the ring. He stops Rob. He climbs the corner. He pushes RVD and he goes into the guard rail. York gets in and attacks King from behind, but Ion gets up. Ion does a suplex type move with a bridge. The cover is in.

Winners: Kenny King and Zema Ion

Taz says he is getting a phone call and has to take it, so he leaves the commentary booth.

A car rolls up and it’s Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. They get out of the car and join hands. They walk while the camera man follows them. He asks about the wedding. Bully says they will do their talking in the ring.


Samoa Joe is backstage in the locker room. He closes his locker with Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco. Joe says they won’t be hanging around him like they do with Kurt. Garett and Wes ask about Kurt as they text him and can’t get through. Suddenly, Kurt comes into the picture. He shakes Garett, Wes, and Joe’s hand. They asks about his injury. He says he can still go but he is going to announce something later. Joe leaves and the two tell Kurt that they have his back. Kurt knows he does. He can still kick @ss.

A video package plays replaying the moments leading to the wedding and the actual wedding itself. They say, “I do” and then it leads to Taz revealing himself as a member of Aces & 8s. They attack and lead a destructive path like a hurricane.

Music hits and it’s Bully Ray with Brooke. Ray marches to the commentary desk for Taz, but Mike tells him about the phone call. He just left? Ray is furious. He holds Brooke’s hand as they walk down the ramp. He has her walk the steps first and then he enters the ring. He grabs a mic. He states that last week should have been the greatest night of their lives. It turned out to be a nightmare. A lot of people got hurt. He expected it from Devon, but not Taz. He is a coward. Where is he? His brother and he does this. He doesn’t care if he got hurt, but the people who got hurt around him. The only person who trust him is Sting and they hurt him. The person who he has been trying to gain trust from, Hulk Hogan… and they hurt him. Most of all, they hurt his love, Brooke. He is going to hurt Devon and Taz… the things he is going to do to Aces & 8s… he can’t even say on television. They better sleep with one eye open. He won’t sleep until he attacks all of them. He can’t do any of that until Hogan can lift the suspension. Lift it, Hulk! All of a sudden, Sting’s music hits and here comes The Icon. He gets in the ring and hugs Bully and Brooke. He grabs a mic. He says he will do his very best to drive this thing home. We know Hulk doesn’t do anything half way. He always goes to the top in whatever he does. Right now, he is only half way. He walked Brooke down the aisle and met Bully, but he needs to go all the way. He is the best of all-time, so do this all the way. Next week, they will be in the UK. Sting believes that Hulk will announce that Bully will be reinstated….Bully, his son-in-law. Sting’s music plays and he talks to Bully and Brooke. Sting leaves the ring and the two hug.

Video plays showing the promo from Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Chavo and Hernandez interrupt and they brawl. The video ends and the camera shows them two backstage. Austin says they have to take them out. Who will go against Hernandez? Roode says Austin has speed and has a great finisher. He can do this. Austin says he can’t disagree, but Roode has the power and strength. Roode is the longest reigning champion, so he can do it. Roode jumps up and says he (Austin) beat him. He did… twice, but Roode say sit was a fluke. Ah, a fluke! Austin tells Roode that is why he should fight Hernandez. Austin will be the clean-up guy of whatever is left. Austin leaves. Roode starts to yell as he is the power guy and the power guy should be the clean-up person. Roode doesn’t get his way though.


A video plays hyping Jeff Hardy. It shows some of the big moments in his career in TNA. He wins the TNA World Title and defended it time after time. He beat some of the best in the company.

Jeff is walking backstage with the two titles by his shoulders. Last week, Daniels his the Angel Wings on his title. He won’t take that away though.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces this match. Bobby Roode comes out and slowly walks down the ramp. As he makes his way to the ring, Taz is back at the commentator desk. Music hits and the TNA Tag Team Champions come out. Hernandez has the title around his necklace while Chavo holds his title. Hernandez gets in the ring.

Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez

They walk around the ring and then lock-up. Hernandez pushes Roode right back into the corner. Roode is a bit surprised. They lock-up again, but Roode slides behind him and hits him in the back. He then attacks the ribs. Hernandez goes into the corner. Rodoe continues the shots to the body. Roode whips him in the opposing corner, but Hernandez reverses it. Roode pops out of the corner and Hernandez does a big back body drop. Bobby gets up.

Hernandez lifts Roode for a vertical suplex and it is a long vertical stance! Roode slowly rolls to the apron. Hernandez gets him up, but Roode chokes him on the top rope. He slides back in and hits a neck breaker. He covers but Hernandez lifts Roode in the air and he lands on Earl Hebner, the referee. Roode continues the attack as he works on the neck. Roode rakes his back, but Hernandez punches Roode in the gut twice and then kicks him in it. He runs into the ropes but Roode elbows him in the face. Roode covers but Hernandez kicks out. Roode gets up and hits several knees to Hernandez’s face and chest. He applies a rear choke hold. Hernandez gets up. Roode is on his back. Hernandez runs back to push him in the corner. He walks out and then runs back. Roode lifts him and Hernandez lands on the apron. Roode backs up and Hernandez does the shoulder block over the top rope. He whips Roode in the corner and smashes him. He then picks him up on his shoulders and drops him right down. He gets Roode up but Roode tries to fight back. He runs but Hernandez does a battering ram. Roode goes through the ropes and lands on the outside. He gets to his feet. Hernandez goes for a suicide dive, but Austin Aries runs out and moves Roode out of the way. They start to talk but Chavo grabs Austin and attacks him. Hernandez watches as Roode comes from behind and hits the bulldog. He gets the win. Roode and Austin meet on the ramp as Aries tells him that he helped him to win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Kurt Angle, the cyborg, is walking backstage. He is not 100% but he knows what he has to do. He will address the fans.


A video package plays about Kurt Angle wanting to expose the man who has been in the headlines….Mr. Anderson. What side is he on? As Kurt goes to fight him, Kurt Angle is attacked by Mike Knox and the ball peen hammer. Kurt is taken out on a stretcher.

His music plays and Kurt Angle comes through the curtain. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He says he thought Aces & 8s were going to be temporary, but they are in it for the long haul. He is tired of the attacks and injuries. He turns to Taz. Taz talked about revenge, but Taz doesn’t know what revenge is. Next week is Open Fight Night. Kurt will fight Mr. Anderson and Anderson only. He calls out Ken as he wants to say something to him personally. Kurt waits. Music hits and the lights go out. Mr. Anderson comes through the fans from the Aces and 8s door. He has the group’s vest on. He gets in the ring and meets Kurt face to face. He has a mic. He wants to fight him next week? Do you Kurt? He tries to get Kurt wild. Ken backs up and says he doesn’t want to fight Kurt next week. No, he doesn’t. He wants to fight him now. He punches Kurt in the face. Kurt goes down and Ken continues with punches and kicks. Kurt backs up to the corner. Ken backs up and taunts. He turns and Kurt closelines him down. He then grabs Ken by the ankle but Ken slides away. He leaves the ring and goes by the ramp to the backstage area. Kurt grabs a mic. It will be them two next week. Them two only… one last time… in a Steel Cage! Ken is stunned. He can’t believe it. Kurt has a smile on his face.

Daniels and Kazarian are backstage. Kaz talks to Daniels to get him ready for the match. The screen turns to Jeff Hardy has he holds the two titles. He is walking backstage to go to the stage.


TNA world heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels

Jeff bounces off the ropes and meets Daniels. He closelines Jeff down. He stomps on him. Footage plays from break and it shows Kazarian attacking Jeff at ringside. Daniels works on the face of Jeff as he rakes his eyes. He gets him up and hits a back suplex. Daniels runs behind Jeff. He bounces off the ropes and hits a closeline from behind. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Daniels stomps on him multiple times. He doesn’t let off. Jeff can finally get away for a second. Daniels gets him up and does a headbutt. He taunts while Jeff is lying on the mat. Daniels applies a knee to his neck and then gets him up for a reverse neck breaker. He covers. Jeff kicks out. Daniels applies a rear choke hold. Daniels lifts himself up and applies the knee to the back while the choke is still in. Jeff is able to get up. He elbows Daniels in the gut. He goes to run away, but Daniels pulls his hair and Jeff falls. The referee talks to Daniels but Daniels goes to Jeff for a stomp. He gets him up, but Jeff is able to twist around and closeline Daniels down.

Both get up and Daniels punches him. Jeff punches back. They go back and forth. Jeff comes further with more punches and kicks. He whips Daniels and he hits a closeline and then an atomic drop. He takes his legs out form under him and jumps down with the double leg drop between the legs. He does the boot in the face and covers. Daniels kicks out. Both get up and Daniels whips him in the corner. Daniels runs to him, but Jeff kicks him in the gut. He falls. Jeff climbs the corner and drops down for a splash. Daniels kicks out of the cover. Both get up. Daniels is able to lift Jeff up and drops him right down on the mat. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Daniels twists and turns to apply a chokehold. Jeff puts his foot on the ropes and Daniels breaks the hold. Daniels brings Jeff up to the top rope. Daniels punches him and then meets him on top. Jeff fights back. He lifts him up and does a front suplex! Jeff crawls and covers. Daniels puts his foot on the ropes to stop the cover. Both get up. Jeff goes for a Twist of Fate, but Daniels twists out of it. He lifts Jeff up and hits Angel Wings. He covers. Jeff kicks out!

Daniels can’t believe it. He jumps up to the top for BME, but Jeff slides out of the way. Daniels lands on his feet. Jeff climbs the corner for Whisper in the Wind, but Daniels moves. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Daniels now sets up for another Angel Wings, but Jeff turns it into a hurricanrona. Both get up and Jeff hits the Twist of Fate. Daniels bounces back into Kaz as he was standing on the apron. Daniels comes back and Jeff hits another Twist of Fate. Jeff climbs the corner and does the Swanton Bomb. He covers and wins.

Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

Taz says he is going to be a good announcer and get an interview with Jeff. He walks down the ramp and says he has a question for Hardy. What is Jeff going to do when Aces & 8s destroy everything around him and he is the only one down on the ground? Jeff questions what he is talking about. Just then, a masked man enters the ring from behind. He has the ball peen hammer and smashes the back of Jeff’s leg. Jeff goes down. The masked man quickly leaves. Taz says he was going to tell him to turn around. Jeff crawls to the corner. He screams in agony from the hit. The referee enters and checks on him. The show fades.