TNA IMPACT 04 11 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Date: April 11, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package. It starts with the AJ Styles story and how he isn’t the same anymore. Aces & 8s are trying to get him in the group but Hulk says TNA needs the dangerous AJ. The video switches to Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. It hypes that match for later tonight. It switches to the Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell story. Brooke Hogan fired Taryn as a referee but hired her as a Knockout. Taryn isn’t afraid to fight. It switches to Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray as they fight tonight. Ray still wants Brooke Hogan around and wants her to watch the match tonight. She can’t stand him.

Jeff Hardy is walking backstage. He turns the corner and Hulk Hogan meets up with him. Hogan asks if he is ready for this match tonight. Jeff says he is born ready for this match. He asks if Bully is ready. Hogan informs him that he will be taking the belt back from Bully. Jeff and Hogan walk together down the hall.

A video package plays showing the stars of Impact Wrestling. After the opening promo, the camera shows the arena filled with fans. They are live in Corpus Christi, Texas. The camera shows weapons around the stage as it is for the Full Metal Mayhem match later on. Mike Tenay, Taz, and Todd Keneley run down the line-up for tonight.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces this first match. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez come out and walk down the ramp. A boxing legend is with them as he holds and waves the Mexican flag. He gets in the ring and waves it as Chavo and Hernandez taunt from the corner. They get down and exit the ring with the boxing legend. They go near the announcer’s table. Just then, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries run in knock both of them down. Roode and Austin go after Chavo and Hernandez. Roode whips Hernandez into the steel steps. Austin brings Chavo in the ring.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries (Champs) in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the TNA World Tag Titles

Roode gets in. Both work on Chavo. Roode whips Chavo in the corner. Austin runs and does a flying dropkick. Roode pins and gets the first fall.

Fist fall: Austin and Roode

Austin goes on the apron. Roode waits and then tags Austin. Austin climbs the corner. He jumps but Chavo moves. Chavo does a roll-up and gets the pin.

Second fall: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Austin tags Roode. Roode enters and goes right after Chavo. He leaves Chavo in the corner and Austin chokes him on the ropes. Roode comes back and does a back suplex. He works on the leg. He tags Austin. Austin flips over the ropes and lands right on Chavo. Aries taunts. He goes after Chavo again. He covers but Chavo kicks out. Aries puts Chavo in the corner and does a chop to the chest. He tags Roode. Roode enters and takes Chavo’s face to the turnbuckle. He whips Chavo in the opposing corner. He runs to him, but Chavo elbows him in the face. Chavo goes for tornado DDT but Roode tosses him. Chavo lands on his feet and then dropkicks Roode. Both are down. Chavo crawls to his corner and Hernandez finally gets up. He tags him. Hernandez jumps over the ropes and hits Roode with a shoulder block. He gets up. Aries enters. He knocks Aries down. He goes after Roode again. He takes Roode down. He does a military press on Aries. He is on fire. Hernandez leaves the ring and goes on the ramp. He turns and runs toward the ring. He jumps over the ropes and takes out Roode and Aries with a flying closeline. Hernandez gets back on his feet.


Aries jumps from the top rope and lands on Hernandez on the outside. Aries lands on his feet but Hernandez falls right down. Roode gets out of the ring and brings Hernandez in. He covers but Hernandez kicks out. Roode applies a headlock. As he does, the camera shows the Spanish announce team. Hernandez gets up, but Roode does a snapmare and then tags Austin. Aries gets up on the top, jumps, and elbows Hernandez in the back. He covers but Hernandez kicks out. Aries tags Roode again. He enters. Hernandez tries to fight back but Roode punches him down. He turns and knocks Chavo off the apron. He turns back and Hernandez punches Roode in the gut. Roode fights back. He gets Hernandez up and tags Aries. They go for a double closeline, but Hernandez does it himself. All three are down. Austin rolls to the apron. Hernandez tags Chavo. Roode gets up and runs, but Chavo hits him in the gut and then springboards in. He then knocks Austin off of the apron. He falls back into the steel guard rail. Roode rolls out of the ring. Chavo jumps over the ropes and lands right on both men. Chavo brings Roode in. Austin comes in too and Chavo does two suplexes to him. Roode tries to break it, but Chavo pushes Aries away and does the three amigos to Roode. He climbs the ropes for the Frog Splash, but Aries pushes him down. Roode does a roll-up with the tights, but Chavo kicks out. Roode applies the crossface. Hernandez enters. Roode breaks it and tosses Hernandez out. Aries enters. Hernandez lands on his feet on the apron. He runs and jumps over. He knocks Aries and Chavo down. Roode runs and throws Hernandez out. He pins Chavo but Chavo kicks out. Roode can’t believe it. Chavo attacks Roode as well as Hernandez as he enters. Chavo climbs the corner. Aries climbs with him. Hernandez and Roode get up. Aries falls off the corner. Hernandez grabs him and Roode and hits the double suplex. Chavo jumps and hits the Frog Splash. He gets the pin.

Winner and New TNA Tag Champs: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Brooke Hogan is walking backstage. Joey Ryan meets up with her. Ryan talks about an apology and then goes right into refereeing tonight’s Knockout match. He already has his referee gear on. Brooke says she found someone else to referee, but thanks. Joey starts to talk about how big of a man he is. Brooke likes it and starts to get closer, but then pushes Joey away. She tells him that he embarrassed her last week. She talked to Hulk and tonight they will see who the bigger man really is. Brooke leaves. Joey doesn’t understand that there might be someone bigger than him.


Video plays showing Aces & 8s arriving at the arena in motorcycles. They park them and get off. They meet together and get ready to go inside.

Music plays and Joseph Parks comes out. He gets in the ring with a suit and tie. He grabs a mic. He thanks the crowd. He asks and got several minutes of TV time tonight. The crowd starts booing. Parks says he has a problem with Aces, more particular, Bully Ray! What Ray had these guys do is wrong and it stops now! The word that comes to Parks mind is, “Justice.” Justice will be served when Jeff Hardy climbs that ladder and brings the title back to Impact. Justice doesn’t end there. He doesn’t know if Ray forgot what Parks did before he became a wrestler, but he knows law. That is why he has, “This.” This is papers. Parks wrote a document that will officially end Brooke and Ray’s marriage. It will be filed in his district. Just then, Devon walks through the crowd. He gets in the ring. He grabs the papers. Parks says he has this time as TNA officials gave it to him. Devon rips the papers up and then takes the mic. If Parks has a problem with Aces and Bully, then he has a problem with Devon. He doesn’t know what rock Parks crawled up from, but stay out of the family business. He tells Parks he has been warned. Devon walks away. Parks picks up the rip pieces of papers. Devon turns around and takes a chain out. He wraps it around his fist. Parks shows that he has all of the paper scraps and turns around. Devon punches him with the chain right in the gut. Parks falls instantly and Aces’ music hits. Devon leaves.

A video plays hyping the Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim story. Taryn was fired and then hired. She can now attack anytime she wants. She went after Gail. Gail isn’t going to take that. Taryn wants revenge though. The video shows the match last week where Gail pinned Taryn in a tag team match. She has the upperhand so far.

The camera shows Gail Kim stretching backstage. It then switches to Taryn Terrell as she is stretching. Their match is next.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next match. Gail Kim’s music plays and she comes right to the ring. She gets in and taunts from the corner. Music plays and it’s Taryn Terrell! She comes out and comes to the ring. Christy Hemme announces the referee for the match… ODB! Her music plays and the crowd pops. She walks to the ring with the flask in her hand. Gail exits the ring and goes to walk away. A fan catches her attention. ODB exits and picks Gail up and puts her on the apron. Taryn brings Gail in and the bell sounds.

Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

Taryn does a suplex and then covers but Gail kicks out. Both get up and Gail whips Taryn into the corner. Gail runs but Taryn elbows her. She climbs the corner, but Gail takes the legs out from under Terrell. She falls on the mat. Gail stumbles back and then goes to Taryn again. She keeps her in the corner and punches and kicks her. She then walks away as she shoos ODB away. Gail goes back to Taryn, but Taryn attacks her. She can’t keep up as Gail knocks her right down. She brings Taryn to her feet, lifts her up and slams her chest first on the mat. Gail then chokes Taryn on the second rope. ODB counts. Gail gets right in the face of ODB. She turns and goes to Taryn. Taryn is able to whip Gail into the corner. Taryn goes to her, but Gail slides behind her and does a roll-up. She uses the tights. ODB sees it. She stops counting. Taryn pushes Gail and she goes right into the corner. Taryn does a roll-up and gets the pin.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

ODB and Gail are right in the face of each other. Gail is furious. She leaves the ring. ODB isn’t happy and runs right after her. They go to the back. Taryn gets on the ramp and Christy Hemme meets her. She asks about her first win. Taryn says she likes to play but who wants to play with her? The crowd does a huge pop.

Adam Pearce and Magno are backstage as they wait for the Gutcheck Challenge voting.


A video plays showing Al Snow, Bruce Prichard, and Danny Davis talk about the Gutcheck match that happened last week. Al and Bruce talk about how they have been in this business for a long time, but they also bring up the way Adam cheated. Bruce liked it but Al didn’t. Does he want it as bad? He can fight but can he talk? It’s a tough decision this time.

The three judges are with Adam and Magno backstage. Bruce talks to both of them. He says everyone was coming up to them before they even fought. Magno has his whole life ahead of him while Adam fought for a while. Magno will have his career decided later but Adam’s time is over. He shakes the hand of Bruce and walks away as the crowd boos.

A video package plays showing AJ Styles and how he made a 180 degree flip. Will he be with Aces or will he be on the TNA side? He has to make a decision later.

Hulk Hogan is backstage. The camera man asks him about Bully Ray. Hulk says Ray is a big deal as the power flipped and they need to get the title back. AJ is on Hulk’s mind now and he needs to address this. The camera guy asks Hogan about Sting. Hogan says nothing and walks away.

The camera meets up with AJ Styles who is walking outside. AJ pushes the camera away. Mr. Anderson comes to AJ from behind and hands him an Aces’ vest. He tells him to think about it as they are thinking about him. AJ looks at the vest as he walks away.


The camera shows the historic boat on the dock at Corpus Christi.

A video plays hyping the TNA World Title Match for tonight. It is Full Metal Mayhem! Jeff says the whole locker room is behind him. He hopes Bully is ready.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits and here comes The Hulkster. He comes down the ramp. The crowd roars. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He taunts in the ring and the crowd gets even louder. They start chanting his name, “Hogan, Hogan, Hogan.” He guesses that the TNA Impact arena is on fire tonight. That is why he is out there to handle business. Tonight is Full Metal Mayhem and everyone is being called out. He is out there for one thing only and that is AJ Styles and his answer. AJ’s music hits and here he comes. AJ walks slowly down the ramp with jeans a leather jacket. He has the Aces’ vest in his hand. He gets in the ring and meets with Hulk face to face. Hulk tells AJ they are in a crazy war right now. He wants to know what side he is on… Aces or TNA. AJ takes the mic from Hulk and says, “Let me tell you something, brother!” James Storm’s music plays and he comes out on stage with a mic. He says he isn’t out there to drink beer or to give him something to decide on. James gets in the ring and tells AJ that they are going to fight. Music hits and here comes Bad Influence. Both stand on the apron. Daniels has his apple-tini. Kazarian is on the mic and tells the country singer to get out. Kaz sees all the poop in the ring. Kaz and Daniels are sexual and intelligent. Hogan is taking out the company. Aces wants to take out the guy who has been there for 11 years. Both sides are bad. Daniels says they want him on his side. AJ doesn’t get it. Daniels knows Claire Lynch story was bad, but wasn’t it bad when Dixie Carter didn’t believe in him and Hogan didn’t trust him…. as well as these hypocrite fans that turned on him. Join them. Join the brothers. They won titles together. They all went for titles together. All three of them team and go against the world. Storm heard enough. He slams his mic down. He starts yelling at AJ. He tells him to go with Hogan. The fans chant, “Hogan.” AJ stares at Storm and then walks away. He meets with Daniels and Kaz. He stares at them and then walks past them. Hulk calls AJ and says he can’t make the decision so he will make the decision for AJ. It is James Storm vs. AJ Styles next week! AJ turned to look and then turned to the back and walked away.

Joey Ryan is walking backstage with a sucker in his mouth. His match is next.


The future road schedule of TNA is shown as they head to several different states over the next couple of months.

Kurt Angle is backstage. He says the feud between TNA and Aces have just begun. It starts tonight with Jeff Hardy winning the title. He will be part of it next week. He asked Hogan for a match next week. It will be Kurt vs. Wes and Garett in a handicap match. Kurt will show why he is the baddest SOB!

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces Joey Ryan to the ring. Joey’s music plays and he has his swag with him as he gets in the ring. Joey checks on Christy in the ring as video shows him refereeing a match last week. Music hits and here comes Rob Terry! Joey’s mouth drops. He isn’t happy now.

Joey Ryan vs. Rob Terry

Joey hides behind the referee but the referee tells them to face off. Joey runs into the ropes and comes to Rob, but Rob hits him with the shoulder. Joey falls. Rob runs into the ropes and knocks Joey down again with a shoulder. He brings Joey up and tosses him across the ring. He brings him up in the corner and doe a huge chop to his chest. Joey walks away in pain. Rob has him in another corner and does another huge chop. Joey walks away in pain again. Rob puts him in another corner and does another chop. Joey walks away to the other corner. Rob grabs him and whips him hard in the opposing corner. Joey falls. Rob gets him up and hits a body slam. He waits. Joey gets up in the corner. Rob runs to him, but Joey lifts his legs. Rob catches them, drops them and slams right into Joey. He lifts Joey up on his shoulder and does an inside powerslam. He taunts and wants to end it. Joey slowly gets up. Rob picks Joey up on his shoulders. He lifts him and does a spinebuster type move. He covers and wins.

Winner: Rob Terry

Magno is backstage waiting to hear his fate. It will be next.


Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan are walking backstage. Hogan talks about a new marketing team and how they have a suite upstairs. He will be watching the match up there and wants Brooke to join him. Brooke says she has to go out there. She has people with her that will protect her. Hogan let’s her go. She leaves. Matt Morgan comes into the picture and asks if this what it came down to. Hogan should have made Matt #1 Contender. Let the mistakes continue and pile up as, one day, they will all come crashing down on him. Matt is right in the face of Hogan and tries to make him flinch.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and introduces the others, Danny Davis, Bruce Prichard, and Al Snow as they are the three judges for Gutcheck! Jeremy introduces Magno to the ring. Magno comes out. He gets in the ring. Jeremy has Davis start. The fans chant, “No, no, no.” Danny hasn’t made a decision on him yet. If he was in OVW, he would have made him a star, but they are on Impact Wrestling shown all over the country. He has to agree with the fans then. No Jeremy gives Magno the mic to cut a promo. Magno starts out in Spanish and wants people to know him as Magno on Impact Wrestling while they know him with other names and promotions. Bruce gets on the mic and says Magno has the look to be marketable but he is inexperienced and can hurt someone who has experience like Adam. He can’t speak for Al but he will give his answer in English and Spanish. No Adam shakes the hands of the judges and thanks him.

Aces are outside on their motorcycles. They are hyper. They have their cycles going. They are crazy. Anderson asks if he is ready. He then says he is with Aces and when you are with Aces, you do not walk alone. Ray is ready to take out Jeff. He wants to take out Jeff on his own. He wants Aces’ word that he will be the only one there. He has to do this for him and for the group. Aces go wild once again. Bully Ray walks away.

Jeff Hardy is shown backstage as he is walking to the stage as the match is next!


Next week is Mickie James vs. Ms. Tessmacher and the winner will be the #1 Contender for the Knockout Title. Also, Kurt Angle vs. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff. Finally, James Storm vs. AJ Styles.

The camera shows the arena as we gear up for Full Metal Mayhem! Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces this match. Music plays. Here comes Jeff Hardy! He comes down the ramp with his colorful facepaint. He then goes around the ring to interact with the fans. We see Brooke on the left corner of the ring. Jeff goes all around to the fans. He walks up steps connected to the ramp and gets in the ring. He taunts from the corner. Bully Ray comes out as his music, the Aces’ music, plays. Ray makes his way through the crowd. He comes through the barricde. He sees Taz and shakes hands with him. He then moves a table that is set-up on the outside. He gets on the apron and then sees Brooke. She was shaking her head. Brooke turns around and goes to her by the railing. He is so glad she made it. She kicks the railing. Ray blows her a kiss. He gets in the ring.

Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray (c) for the TNA World Title in a Full Metal Mayhem Match

The bell sounds and they move around the ring. Ray does a taunt to Brooke. He turns and Jeff meets him with a kick to the gut and a Twist of Fate. Ray bounces up to the corner. Jeff runs and smashes him in the corner. He attacks him with punches and whips him in the other corner. Jeff grabs a chair and smashes it twice on Ray’s back. He then grabs a ladder and brings it in. Ray gets up in the corner. Jeff sets up the ladder in the opposing corner. He whips Bully into the corner face and chest first. Jeff sets up the chair. He runs, jumps on the chair, and does a double leg smash into Ray. Ray falls and lands face first into the chair. The ladder then falls on Ray. Jeff sets up the ladder and climbs. Ray gets up and pushes the ladder. Jeff lands on his feet. He goes to kick Bully, but Bully grabs his leg. Jeff twists around and knocks Ray down. Both get up. Jeff runs to Ray, but Ray lifts him up and does a huge back body drop to Hardy. Hardy goes over the ropes and lands on the ramp. Ray goes to Jeff and takes out his chain. He whips it to the side of Jeff. Ray gets in and sets the ladder up. He climbs. Hardy gets in and climbs the ladder. Both fight back and forth. Ray hooks Jeff and lifts him up. They fall back for a huge superplex from the ladder! They are lying on the mat. Ray starts to move.


Ray climbs the corner after a table is set in the ring. He has Jeff with him, but Jeff gets away. He grabs a chair and smashes the chair to the side of Ray. Jeff moves the tables and then sets the ladder up facing the opposite way. Jeff climbs the corner and goes to suplex Ray, but Ray blocks it. They get off the corner. Jeff goes to suplex Ray in between the ladder but it falls. Ray beats Jeff down. He sets the ladder up again. He lifts Jeff up and then slams him down chest first between the ladder. Jeff is down. Ray clears the ring as he throws a chair in the direction of Brooke. She yells. Ray then tosses the ladder out. Bully sets the table up and mocks Hulk Hogan with taunts. Ray stomps on Jeff and then goes on the outside. He is on the ramp and grabs another ladder. He brings it in and sets it up in the corner. He tells the referee that he will put Jeff through the table, he will climb the ladder, get the belt, and Earl Hebner, the referee, will raise his hand. Ray gets Jeff up but Jeff fights back with punches. Ray whips him in the ropes, but Jeff runs into him and knocks him down. He grabs Ray’s legs and does a double legdrop between them and then a dropkick to his face. Jeff grabs a chair and smacks Ray. He falls through the ropes. Ray goes to the guard rail. Jeff runs, jumps, but misses. He lands right on the railing. Ray tells Brooke that she is stupid as they are right there. Brooke gives him the finger. Ray smashes the face of Jeff’s in the steel steps. Ray goes back to Brooke. He is cut above the eye. He wants a kiss from Brooke. Brooke slaps him across the face. Jeff gets up and goes after Ray. He smashes Ray face first into the steps and then goes to set him up on the table, but the table breaks. Jeff does a leg drop and then finds another table. He goes all the way up to the stage to get it. Jeff goes after Ray. Ray fights back. Jeff does a Twist of Fate though. Ray falls back on the table.

Jeff climbs the corner after taking off his shirt. He jumps and does a Swanton Bomb on Bully! “Holy sh%t, holy sh&t!” Both are down. The crowd is going crazy. Jeff crawls away. Ray is still with the table. Jeff gets up using the guard rail. He limps to the ring. He rolls in. He moves the table in the ring and then grabs the ladder in there. Jeff sets it up in the middle. Ray meets Taz as the announcer’s table. Taz hands him the ball peen hammer. Ray takes it and puts it in his pants. He gets in the ring. Jeff is on the ladder. Ray climbs with him. They fight back and forth with punches. Ray takes out the hammer and hits Jeff right in the face. Jeff falls back and goes through the table in the ring. Ray grabs the title and unhooks it. Brooke can’t bare to see. She leaves her seat.

Winner and Still TNA World Champ: Bully Ray

Aces come out from the crowd and meet with Bully as he gets off the ladder. Video plays showing the replay. Ray grabs a mic as Aces are in the ring. He asks if they know who he is and if they know who they are. They are Aces & 8s and he is the TNA World Champion! “When you ride with the Aces & 8s, you never walk alone!” All of the members raise their arms. Ray is in the middle holding the TNA World Title high in the air. They then go to Jeff and talk trash to him. Jeff is still lying there holding his head. Ray spits on him and then walks around the ring. The show fades.