TNA IMPACT 06 27 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Peoria, IL
Date: June 27, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package concentrating on the Bound for Glory Series. It shows the 6 matches that went on last week. Magnus is on top of the leader board. The video switches to Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan. Hulk announces that Ray and Brooke are done, but Ray doesn’t think so. Main Event Mafia is coming back as Sting and Kurt Angle are the current members. Who else will join?

The camera shows the arena and the crowd is on their feet. They are cheering. Music plays and here comes the Main Event Mafia music! Sting comes out and walks down the ramp. Sting gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He does his “Woooo!” He says he told Bully Ray that the Main Event Mafia will rise and grow. He promised Ray that what he experienced last week is just a touch of what is in store for him. He went to the cornerstone of the original MEM and that is Kurt Angle! Kurt comes out with the MEM music. He has a suit on and makes his way to the ring. Two guys with suits stand together in the ring. Sting points to Kurt as the crowd cheers. Sting hands the mic to Kurt. Kurt says they are the original MEM members from nearly 4 years ago. The whole concept of the group was that each member had to be a former World Champion. They fought for power and for the title. They did whatever they want and no one could stop them. Sadly, that seems to be Aces & 8s. They stepped it up to a whole new level. They are more violent than any other group. Also, because of them, Sting can’t fight for the World Title again. Also, because of them, Kurt is out of the BFG Series. Kurt turns to Sting and says they are family and they stick together. This is a new MEM. Kurt goes on to say that they are both Hall of Famers. They have two goals. The first is to destroy Aces and the next one is to make sure Ray is not the champion anymore. They are going to fight fire with fire and we will see another member revealed tonight! Their music hits and the crowd pops. Some bow down to the two stars. They get out of the ring and walk up the ramp.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on the camera. They talk about the whole Aces and Main Event Mafia story. They go through the line-up for tonight.

A video plays showcasing the Ultimate X Match at Slammiversary this year. It was Sabin vs. Suicide vs. Kenny King. It was a great battle with each having their own spots. It all came down to Chris Sabin as he won the title and became the new X-Division Champion. Chris is shown afterwards saying this is probably the biggest moment of his career.

Chris is shown walking backstage. Just then, Doc comes out from a tractor trailer. He grabs Sabin and brings him in the truck. Anderson and him pin him against the side. Bully Ray tells Chris to relax as he doesn’t want to get that knee hurt again. Ray wishes Chris for the best tonight and tells him to do the right thing. The right thing is to not cash in his title to fight Bully Ray for the TNA World Title. Chris can do his high flying stuff, but Ray is champion and a bad person. He doesn’t want to get involved with this bad person. Ken and Doc let him go. Chris is out of the trailer. Bully says he got the message.


The camera shows a Gutcheck participant Adam Ohriner as he is preparing for his match tonight. A video then plays about him and how he got to this point. Adam never wrestled in high school. He didn’t have any amateur background. He was lucky to get lots of votes from the Gutcheck voting system. He is lucky to be here.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the first match. Suicide’s music plays and here he comes. He gets in the ring. Kenny King’s music hits and here comes the king. He comes down the ramp with a cocky and arrogant strut. He has a big mouth on him as he tells it like it is to the fans in attendance. Sabin’s music plays and here comes the X-Division Champion!

Suicide vs. Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin (Champ) for the X-Division Title

All three move around the ring. King hits Chris and then goes right after Suicide with punches to the face. He goes to Chris again and then back to Suicide. He whips Suicide, but Suicide reverses it. King hits Suicide as he runs toward him. King knocks Suicide down, but Chris comes over and takes King down. He gets Suicide and puts him in the corner. King runs and knees both of them. He pushes Suicide out. He goes after Chris. Suicide climbs the corner. King turns and Suicide jumps. He lands right on Kenny. Suicide whips King in the ropes, but he holds onto them. Suicide kicks him and King falls to the outside. Suicide goes on the apron and does a summersault on Kenny. Chris jumps over the top rope after both get up. He lands on both of them. Chris brings King back in the ring.


Chris kicks King in the gut and puts him in the corner. He lifts him to the top. He has him looking backwards. Suicide runs to them, but Chris moves and Suicide falls in the corner. Chris has King bend over. He runs away and then comes back for a baseball slide into both stars. He goes for a cover but he gets a 2. Chris goes after King as he lifts him up on his shoulders, but Suicide comes to the air and takes Chris face first into the turnbuckle. He covers but Chris kicks out. King goes after Suicide now. He puts Suicide on the top rope. Chris comes over and knocks King off. Chris climbs but King comes back and power bombs Chris but Chris does a superplex to Suicide. King covers Chris but he gets a two count. King lifts Chris up on his shoulders, but Chris slides out and kicks Suicide out of the ring. He goes back to King. He lifts him up for the Hail Sabin, but Suicide enters and stops the count. He tosses Chris out of the ring. He grabs King from behind, but King elbows Suicide in the head. He does a huge kick. He punches Suicide in the face and puts him in the corner. He chokes him. King does a taunt and then whips Suicide in the corner. Suicide jumps up and floats over King. He kicks him in the gut and does a small package on King. King kicks out. Both get up and King kicks Suicide and lifts him up on his shoulders. He goes to flip him but Suicide slips out and does a roll-up. He gets the win!

Winner and new X-Division Champion: Suicide

Suicide celebrates with the title in the ring. Chris can’t believe it. We see a replay and then it shows Suicide celebrating more. Just then, Hulk Hogan’s music plays. Suicide freezes and turns to the stage. Hulk brings out TJ Perkins. Hulk says he is one of the hardest working guys in the back. He works hard to put food on the table for his family. He has always been Suicide. This person in the ring stole the suit. This gets Hulk furious. He wants to know who it is. Suicide leaves the ring and runs through the crowd. Hulk walks forward but can’t believe it. He is confused. So are TJ and Chris. What’s going on?


The show returns and we see a replay of the ending of the X-Division match. It also shows the segment with Hulk and TJ Perkins confronting Suicide.

Hulk Hogan is shown in the back. He says he doesn’t know where the person is or who he is, but he is giving the person till the end of tonight to reveal himself.

Ryan Howe is shown backstage. He is warming up for his match. A video plays showing Ryan and how he got to this point. He said he got into wrestling from music. He is full of energy. He is excited. He doesn’t care who he has to go through. It’s about getting a contract with TNA Wrestling. He learned early on that you can’t be nice in this business.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces the Gutcheck participants. Ryan Howe comes out as he plays a guitar on the stage. He has some quick fingers and puts on a performance. Is his performance on the stage going to be like his performance in the ring? Ryan turns his guitar over to a worker on the side of the ramp and he gets in the ring. Adam Ohriner comes out next. He gets right in the ring.

Ryan Howe vs. Adam Ohriner in a Gut Check Match

Adam takes Ryan right into the corner and then tosses him halfway across the ring. Ryan gets up and goes to Adam. They go back and forth, but Adam gets the upper hand as he whips Ryan in the corner. Ryan goes in the corner hard. He falls down. Adam gets Ryan up and does a powerslam. He covers him but Ryan kicks out. Adam punches him in the face. He gets up, but Ryan punches him in the face. Adam whips Ryan in the corner, but Ryan jumps to the top, flies back, and lands on Adam. Both get up. Adam comes back with a huge closeline. He covers him but Ryan kicks out. He puts Ryan in the corner and does several shoulder blocks. He backs up and runs to Ryan, but he moves and Adam eats the corner. Ryan fights back with punches and kicks and then he goes for dropkicks. He covers Adam, but Adam kicks out. Ryan gets him up and goes for a neckbreaker, but Adam pushes him in the ropes. Ryan does an uppercut. Ryan bounces off the ropes again, but Adam does a scoop powerslam and gets the pin. He wins.

Winner: Adam Ohriner

Kurt and Sting walk through a doorway. Sting tells Kurt that they are better off this time around than the last time. He guarantees it. Sting walks into the locker room and Kurt follows.


The BFG Series leader board is shown and we see Magnus at the top while number 2 slot has many people with 7 points.

TJ Perkins is shown backstage. He is sitting in a chair holding his head. Bully Ray comes up to him. He tells him to relax and asks him if he knows who he is. Ray laughs and says that is a stupid question. Ray tells TJ that he is a good little wrestler, but did Kurt and Sting put him up to this. TJ says no. Ray re-asks the question. He gets right in the face of TJ. TJ says he has worked hard to get to this point and he was jumped backstage. Ray says there are a lot of mind games going on. TJ says he told him everything he knows. He doesn’t know who attacked him. TJ goes to leave, but Ray grabs his arm to stop him. He then tells him that he can leave. TJ does. Ray is getting quite crazed.

A video package plays showcasing the whole story between Mickie James and Velvet Sky. Mickie beat Sky for the Knockout Title, but she did it by going after the knee of Sky. Sky wants a rematch. She got a doctor’s excuse, but Mickie attacked it once more. Sky is cleared and now gets her rematch!

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the next match. Velvet Sky’s music plays and she comes down the ramp. She lets the pigeons loose. She taunts from the corner. She is ready for this!


Mickie James’ music plays and the Knockout Champion comes out on the stage. She gets in the ring with a lollipop in her mouth. She grabs a mic. She wants to apologize. She said the title brings out the violent side of people. It changes people. It changed Mickie, but also Sky. She got hurt. The thing is, when Sky was champion, they were friends, but now Mickie is champion and they aren’t friends. Mickie tells Sky she can walk away before this match starts. She doesn’t want her to get hurt. ODB looks on as she is the referee of the match. Mickie tells her to not be the mule. Mickie turns and Sky runs to her and spears her down. She pounds her head into the mat.

Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James (Champ) for the Knockout Title

Sky gets Mickie up and puts her face first into the turnbuckle. She takes her to the opposing corner and makes her go face first. She goes to the other corner and goes face first and then the final corner. She does shoulder blocks and walks away at the count of 4. She comes back and Mickie puts her in the corner and kicks her in the gut and then does a side Russian leg sweep. She covers but sky kicks out. Mickie exits the ring and fixes her hair. Mickie gets on the apron. She drops as Sky walks to her. Mickie takes the legs out from under Sky and pounds the back of the knee into the ring apron. Mickie enters and works on the leg and covers. Sky kicks out. Mickie gets her up and does a snapmare. She bounces off the ropes and does a dropkick. She covers but Sky kicks out again. Mickie works on the leg again. Sky gets out of it. Both get up and Mickie pounds Sky into the corner. She does multiple shoulder blocks. She backs up. She goes back to Sky, but Sky kicks her in the face. Mickie grabs the leg and locks a hold in, but Sky kicks her away. Sky comes out and knocks Mickie over with closelines and elbows. She goes in the corner and kicks Mickie right in the chest and then does a bulldog. She covers but Mickie kicks out. Both get up and Sky punches her and whops her in the ropes. Mickie slides out under the ropes. She goes to the commentators and wants water. Sky gets out of the ring and goes around her head and does a hurricanrana. Both get up and Sky does a spear to Mickie. She pounds her head into the floor mat and gets Mickie back in the ring. Mickie does a round house kick to Sky’s leg. She does a DDT but Sky kicks out.

Mickie gets up while Sky holds onto her leg. Sky slowly gets up. Mickie kicks her in the gut again and screams for her DDT. Sky twists out of it and kicks Mickie in the gut and goes for a neckbreaker. She covers Mickie but Mickie kicks out. Sky can’t believe it. She waits for Mickie. Mickie is up and Sky kicks her in the gut. She goes for the In Yo Face, but Mickie pushes her back. Sky comes back and goes for a hurricanrana, but Mickie stops it. She takes Sky down and locks in a sharpshooter/Boston crab and then bends back to grab Sky’s head. What a submission! Sky taps and Mickie retains.

Winner and still Knockout Champion: Mickie James

Mickie celebrates on the ramp with the title. She walks to the back while Sky slowly comes out of the ring. She limps up the ramp. Christy Hemme meets Sky on the ramp. She asks her what she is thinking. Sky starts to cry. She said she thought her knee was okay. She fought so hard. She wanted the rematch. She is just heart-broken. Sky can’t talk anymore. Sky’s music plays. She cries while she limps up the ramp.

A replay of the X-Division match plays and the moments after with Hulk Hogan and TJ Perkins. Who was playing Suicide tonight?

Another video plays showing the segment with Sting and Kurt Angle in the ring. Kurt says there is a new member of the family that will join them tonight.

Kurt Angle and Sting are backstage. Sting pats Kurt on the back. Just then, Bobby Roode walks past Kurt. He stands there to get ready for his match. He continues. Kurt and Sting look at each other after staring at Roode. They start to smile.


Hulk Hogan is backstage with the referee that called the X-Division match. Hulk tells the guy that he knows more about these guys than any other. He asks him if he knows who this guy is. The referee says that the person was just like Suicide. He couldn’t tell. Hulk tells him to look for this person. The referee is on the search.

Magnus’ music plays and he comes out. He gets in the ring. After he is in the ring, Bobby Roode’s music plays. He comes out with his jewel robe. He slowly comes down the ramp.

Magnus vs. Bobby Roode in a Bound for Glory Series Match

They walk around the ring. Magnus pumps the crowd up and then they lock-up. Magnus pushes Roode in the ropes but Roode turns it but Magnus turns it back to put Roode in the corner. Magnus backs up. They walk around and lock-up again. Roode applies an armlock, but Magnus gets out of it and applies an armlock of his own. Roode reverses it and takes Magnus down. He goes to his head, but Magnus gets out and applies an armlock as Roode is on the mat. They get up and Roode applies a headlock. Magnus whips him in the ropes, but Roode does a shoulder to Magnus. He falls. Roode goes in the ropes, but Magnus hits him with a knee. Magnus grabs Roode’s legs as he is on the mat, but Roode squirms away and gets out of the ring. Roode walks back and forth. Magnus goes to the edge of the ring, but Roode pulls him out of the ring. Magnus punches him and then smashes Roode’s face into the apron. He brings him back in the ring. Roode gets up and kicks Magnus multiple times. He puts him in the corner face first. He kicks him in the gut. He does a knife edge chop and the crowd does a “Woooo!” Magnus falls. Roode sets up and does a catapult in between the ropes to choke Magnus on the ropes. Roode slides out of the ring and smashes Magnus’ chest on the apron. He then hits his elbow to Magnus’ chest. He gets in and goes for a neckbreaker. Roode hits it. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Roode applies a headlock on the mat. Magnus gets to his knees and gets to his feet. He punches his way out of it. Roode punches him in the face. Magnus punches back. It is back and forth. Roode applies a headlock, but Magnus does a back suplex. Magnus gets up. Roode does too. Magnus hits several closelines and whips Roode in the corner. Roode kicks him in the chest. Magnus fights back though and Roode goes in the corner. Roode kicks him as Magnus walks toward him. He climbs the corner. He jumps, but Magnus catches him and does a suplex.

Magnus climbs the corner. Roode goes toward him and does several knife edge chops. He punches him as Roode is on the second rope. Magnus knocks him down. He jumps, flies, and hits the elbow in Roode’s heard. He covers but Roode kicks out! Magnus can’t believe it. He gets Roode up but Roode whips Magnus in the corner. Magnus comes out and Bobby hits him with a spinebuster. He waits. Magnus gets up. Roode kicks him in the gut and goes for the Fisherman Suplex, but Magnus blocks it and lifts him up and drops him down. He covers and wins.

Winner and 7 points: Magnus

James Storm and Gunner are walking backstage. We will hear from them next.


Bully Ray, Doc, and Mr. Anderson are outside of a locker room. Ray tells them to head in. They go and Doc starts to throw stuff. Chavo Guerrero, Robbie E and Jessie are there. Ray asks if they were Suicide. They aren’t. None of them are. No one talked to Kurt or Sting. Ray tells Jessie to lay off the carbs and tells Chavo that he is speaking English. They leave. Robbie tells Jessie that Ray is right about the carbs.

Gunner and James Storm are in the ring. James says that tag team wrestling is like a science, but they aren’t scientists. He did say that he was called chemists from Jack and Coke and a hint of Lime and so forth. He goes on to mention Gunner as they are tag team partners. Just then, music plays and here comes Robbie E, Jessie, and Tara. They get in the ring. Robbie grabs a mic. They think they are tough, but Robbie E and Jessie are the toughest people in the locker room. Robbie knows Gunner has tattoos and drinks beer, but not choosing Robbie to be his tag partner was a big mistake. Too late as the train sailed down the road. “This train sailed down the road.” Jessie and Robbie are the future of tag team wrestling. Tara says Jessie are perfection. Robbie says they are called Bro-Mans! James thought they said Bro-mance. James says he has been drinking too much but he knows they said Bro-mance. Jessie says they are Bro-Mans. Jessie says they have Tara, and that is his girlfriend. James says that is what they call a butterface. He learned that from a bar. The crowd chants, “Butterface.” Jessie goes to punch James, but Gunner punches Jessie right in the face. He falls instantly. Robbie gets down and helps him. He pulls him out of the ring. He and Tara check on Jessie. James tells Gunner that he didn’t have to knock him out, but, “Sorry about your damn luck!”

Sting and Kurt are backstage. Sting says they are forming the MEM and the whole Suicide mess. Sting is loving this night. Kurt mentions that they should talk to this mystery guy. Sting likes it and agrees. They go to find the person.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the main event match. Aces & 8s music plays and here comes Mr. Anderson. He comes through the crowd and goes up to Taz. He gets in the ring. Samoa Joe’s music plays and here comes The Samoan Submission Machine. He comes down the ramp.

Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe in a Bound for Glory Series Match

Both move around the ring and they lock-up. Joe puts Anderson right in the corner. He backs up. They move around the ring again. They lock-up but Anderson puts Joe in the corner. He knees him in the gut and punches him in the face. He does so several times. Joe comes back with multiple punches. He backs Ken in the corner and punches and now kicks him. Ken slides down in the corner. Joe continues to stomp on him. Joe gets him up and whips him in the opposing corner. He runs to him to smash him and then does an enziguri. He continues, but Ken comes back and knocks Joe in the corner and then tosses him out of the ring. Ken exits and kicks Joe. He gets Joe up and pounds him back first into the apron. He brings him back in the ring. Ken covers him. Joe kicks out. Ken applies an armlock. Joe gets to his feet and punches Ken in the face. It breaks the hold. He whips Ken in the ropes. Ken ducks Joe and does a neckbreaker. He covers but Joe kicks out. Ken stands and does a taunt. He gets Joe up on his feet and hits his chest. Ken climbs the corner, jumps, but Joe does an atomic drop and then kicks him down. He does a back splash and covers but Ken kicks out. Joe has Ken up and does a back body drop. Just then, Doc and Knox run out and are at ringside. Joe is distracted. Ken kicks Joe in the gut and does a DDT. He covers but Joe kicks out. Ken gets him up to his feet. He punches him and goes into the ropes, but Joe does a scoop powerslam. Just then, Kurt and Sting run out. They attack Doc and Knox as they jump on the ramp. They go through the ring and get out to go ringside. Sting goes after Knox while Kurt fights Doc. They go through the crowd. In the ring, Joe has Ken and applies a Rear Naked Choke. Ken taps.

Winner and 10 points: Samoa Joe

Sting meets with Joe in the ring. Kurt enters too. They surround him. Joe hugs Kurt and then hugs Sting. They raise their arms and then Joe gives the sign of the M with his hands. Main Event Mafia music plays. Joe is the newest member of the group! The MEM continues to grow! They leave the ring as the crowd pops.

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage. He wants to know who played Suicide tonight. He will find out.


Kurt and Sting are backstage. Joe meets up with them. They call him, “The Killer.” Sting hands him a suit as he is now part of the group. Kurt says he is going to like the way he looks in it. Joe leaves and Sting says, “I guarantee it.” Sting and Kurt laugh as the group expands!

Hulk Hogan’s music plays. Here comes The Hulkster. He comes out and the crowd roars. He gets in the ring and looks around. People in the crowd are bowing down to him. Hulk grabs a mic. He says this show was supposed to be about the X-Division Champion and who will be going after Bully Ray at Destination X on July 18th. He wants to know who this person is. Come out or Hulk will take that title away from him. Music plays and here comes the fake Suicide. He comes down the ramp. He jumps over the ropes and gets in the ring. He acts just like the real Suicide. He grabs a mic. He has the X-Division Title around his waist. Hulk says he has been around the block several times. He fought giants and slammed them. He also knows when to take an opportunity. This person did it, but it is not about cheating. He wants this guy to pull the mask off. The person shakes his head no and Hulk asks if that is his final answer. He shakes his head yes. Just then, Bully Ray comes out as Aces’ music plays. He comes through the crowd and grabs a mic. He gets on the apron. He tells Hulk, his dad-in-law, that they are actually on the same page, for once. He wants to find out who this person is. He tells the person to take the mask off!

In fact, Ray says he doesn’t care who is under the mask. He wants to know what he is going to do with the title. Is he going to cash it in? Ray says he put the fear of God in Chris Sabin. No, he put the fear of Bully Ray in Chris Sabin. He tells the fake Suicide to put his tale between his legs and walk away. Hulk is tired of all of this and demands that he takes the mask off. Suicide gets on the mic. He says he was in the darkness. He was in pain. The torment was spread. In life, they have options. Do the easy things or the right things. He says Ray comes out and asks the people know who he is, but the question is, “Does he know who he is?” He is the man who created Option C. The person takes the mask off and it is Austin Aries! Aries says he beat Bully Ray before and he will do it again for the TNA World Title! Aries raises the title and mask. Ray is shocked and so his Hulk. The show fades.