TNA IMPACT 09 19 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: St. Louis, MO
Date: September 19, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

The camera man is backstage with Magnus. He said he was this close last week. Magnus says he came up short, but he didn’t like the fact that… Before he continues, Bobby Roode comes into the picture and says he can’t blame anyone but himself. Magnus grabs Roode’s shirt and pins him against a table. Christopher Daniels and Kaz come from behind and attack Magnus. Magnus falls and they stomp on him. Referees and officials come and pull them back. Magnus gets up and wants to fight. The officials have a big brawl on their hands.

A video package plays concentrating on the story between Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson. Bully Ray took care of him last week. It goes on to talk about the Bound for Glory Series. AJ Styles wins, but before the show ended, he called out Dixie Carter. That call out will happen tonight.

The camera shows the crowd in the arena. They are cheering and on their feet. Music hits and here comes Magnus. Magnus walks down the ramp with his hands on his hips. He gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Magnus says his ribs hurt, knees hurt, and shoulders hurt. He hasn’t been able to chew food right for the past week because of the Bound for Glory Series. He wishes AJ Styles the best as he won the Series last week. He has another issue though. Three men inserted themselves in the main event match last week. They also jumped him earlier. They don’t want EGO… this is Mafia country. His family isn’t with him though, so he calls out one person to fight. Kazarian comes out, walks down the ramp, and gets in the ring. Magnus goes right after him. He puts Kaz in the corner and stomps away on him. He continues but Daniels runs down and gets in the ring. He attacks Magnus from behind. Daniels gets him out of the corner and holds his arms behind his back. Kaz goes for a closeline, but Magnus ducks and hits Daniels. Daniels goes down and Magnus tosses Kaz to the outside. Magnus goes after Daniels, but Roode runs in and attacks Magnus. Daniels stands and helps and Kaz enters too. Sting’s music hits and he runs down with Samoa Joe. EGO splits as they get up on the ramp. Sting grabs a mic and says they want a match. 6 man tag tonight! Mafia goes on the ramp and EGO run away.

We see Taz and Mike Tenay. They talk about the main event match last week. We see a video package from the match. AJ Styles wins and then gets on the mic. He talks about making mistakes and pointing them out. He says this is Dixie’s wake up call. They will be face to face tonight.

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky are backstage with TJ Perkins. Chris tells Perkins that he is good and he has guts to go in and ask Hogan for a match against Jeff Hardy. Chris says it took guts asking Sky out. Sabin goes on and says he is proud of Perkins but then states he might not even have the title or a contract if Sabin didn’t cash the title in for the TNA World Title. He says he is a big fan. Perkins has to go. He leaves and Chris tells Sky that they need a better look for this match. They walk away together.

Jeff Hardy’s music plays. He comes out and interacts with the fans around the ring.


Jeff Hardy vs. Manik

Jeff and Manik move around the ring. They lock-up and Manik applies a headlock, but Jeff gets out and works on the arm of Manik. Manik gets out and works on the arm. He takes the legs out from under Jeff and covers. Jeff gets out and takes the legs out and covers Manik. He kicks out and they stand upright. They lock-up and Manik puts Jeff in the corner. He hits him and then whips him in the opposing corner. Jeff pops up and hits a hurricanrana. Manik flies to the outside. Jeff does a baseball slide and then stands on the apron, jumps, and lands right on Manik. He falls. Jeff gets Manik up and rolls him in the ring. Jeff goes for a kick but Manik blocks it. He twists around and kicks him. Manik goes flying back into the corner. Jeff goes for the double boot in the corner, but Manik moves. Manik grabs Jeff and place shim on the second rope throat first. He does a springboard dropkick to Jeff’s head. Manik is on the apron, does another springboard, but Jeff moves. Jeff hits Whisper in the Wind, but Manik kicks out.

Jeff gets up and gets the crowd into it. He waits and then kicks Manik in the gut. Manik lifts him up though and then drops him down for a chinbreaker. Jeff tries to turn it around but Manik does a roll-up. Hardy kicks out. Manik stands in the corner. Hardy gets up and goes to him, but Manik does a neckbreaker. Both get up and Jeff, out of nowhere, hits the Twist of Fate. He takes his shirt off, climbs, and does the Swanton Bomb. He covers and wins.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff helps Manik up in the ring. He raises his arm and then walks up the ramp. Chris tells Sky to stay at ringside. Sabin gets in the ring as Manik grabs his title. Chris raises Manik’s arm and then goes to leave, but he turns around and attacks Manik from behind. He stomps on Manik rapidly. Jeff runs back in the ring and Sabin runs out. Sabin meets up with Sky and raises his arms.

A video from earlier today shows Dixie Carter getting out of her car. The camera man meets up with her. She says there is a lot going on. The camera man asks if AJ Styles is part of that. Dixie turns and says, “A lot going on.” Dixie turns around and continues to walk.


Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky are backstage. Sabin tells Sky that he will be back. She smiles and walks into a room. The camera man asks Sabin why he attacked Manik. He says Manik is the most disrespected guy around. Sabin deserves respect. No one respects him. He has done so much in this business. He tells the camera guy to, “Get the hell out of here.”

ODB comes out. BAM! She walks into the ring with her flask. The crowd pops. Mickie James comes out and holds the title in her hand. She gets in the ring and taunts. Some in the crowd cheer. Mickie then gets in the face of ODB. ODB pushes Mickie but Mickie slaps her hand.

ODB vs. Mickie James (champion) for the Knockouts Title

Mickie takes the legs out from under ODB, but ODB rolls away. Both get up and she closelines Mickie. She walks around, but Mickie takes her down and does a low dropkick to the face after a snapmare takedown. She covers but ODB kicks out. Mickie puts ODB in the corner and knees her in the gut. She whips her in the opposing corner. Mickie runs, but ODB elbows her in the face. ODB climbs to the second corner, but Mickie takes her down and ODB falls back first on the mat. Mickie puts ODB throat first on the second rope and chokes her. Mickie runs into the opposing ropes. ODB turns and spears her. She covers but Mickie kicks out. Both get up and Mickie does a series of kicks and then hits the flapjack. Mickie pops up and bows. She goes to the top rope and flies, but ODB moves out of the way. Mickie gets up as she nearly lands on her feet. ODB grabs her and does a fallaway slam. Mickie rolls out of the ring to recover. She wants to call a time out. ODB reaches out and grabs Mickie by the hair.

ODB goes to the apron, but Mickie takes her legs out from under her and then puts her between the ring apron and the ring. Mickie attacks ODB with multiple punches.



ODB runs to Mickie, but Mickie ducks the closeline and hits a neckbreaker. Mickie covers but ODB kicks out. Mickie does it again but ODB kicks out at two. ODB crawls to the corner. Mickie kicks her in the gut. It’s become a slow match now. ODB reverses the whip as it sends Mickie into the ropes. ODB goes to her but Mickie kicks her in the face. Mickie climbs the corner. ODB grabs her and turns it into a powerbomb. Both are down. The referee counts and both get up around the count of 8. They exchange right hands now. It’s back and forth. Mickie falls to her knees and ODB grabs her boobs! Mickie gets up and does multiple punches. ODB comes back and knocks her down with closelines and shoulder tackles. She grabs Mickie and does a vertical suplex. She covers but Mickie kicks out. Mickie goes to the corner. ODB runs and Mickie kicks her right in the chest. Mickie does a huge round house kick to the face. ODB is down and out. Mickie yells, “GET UP!!!” Mickie grabs ODB to get her to her feet. She goes for the DDT but then changes and drags her to the corner. Mickie climbs, but ODB twists out of it, has Mickie on her shoulders and plants her down face and chest first. ODB covers and wins!

Winner and New Knockouts Champion: ODB

Eric Young and Joseph Park come out and celebrate with ODB. Park has chocolate milk for the celebration. ODB grabs her big bottle of wine of some sort. Just then, Robbie E and Jesse Godderz come out. Robbie E asks what is going on. Robbie says it’s fine to see Young in the ring because he is married to “That”. Park is just a third wheel hamster though. Robbie says congratulations because this is the freakiest three-way in history. Robbie starts to pretend to throw up. Park gets on the mic. He asks them, “Who the hell do you think you are?!” Why is he insulting ODB as champion? He then states that they are insulting marriage between ODB and Young and then says Bro-Mance should not be wearing those outfits in Cleveland. Park says if he wants wearing his suit, he would go and beat them up. Robbie says if he wants a match, then he will fight him. Young grabs a mic and says Park has a suit on but Young doesn’t. Robbie gets in and the bell sounds.

Robbie E vs. Eric Young

Robbie E runs to Eric Young, but Young ducks and does a roll-up. 1-2-3!

Winner: Eric Young

EY, Park, and ODB get on the ramp and walk away. Jesse gets in the ring with Robbie E. Robbie E grabs a mic and says that match didn’t count. He wants a match with Park. He asks Park if he is scared of him. “Are you scared, fat [email protected]?” Park takes his glasses off and then his jacket. He is getting in the zone.


Park is in the ring. Young is in the corner of Park while Jesse is in the corner of Robbie. The crowd is going crazy. The match is next!


Joseph Park vs. Robbie E

The bell sounds and they go to each other. Park ducks and does a roll-up to Robbie. He gets the win.

Winner: Joseph Park

Park rolls to the outside. Eric Young gets in the ring as well as Jesse. They lift Young up on their shoulders and hit a double team move. Young is down. Bro-Mance goes to the outside. They smash Park into the steel steps. He is down. They get back in the ring and attack Young. Park gets in the ring and notices that he is bleeding from his mouth. He turns into a monster. Bro-Mance turns around and Park hits them with a double closeline. He then hits the Black Hole Slam. Park gets up as well as Young. Park snaps out of it. He doesn’t know what is going on. Young hugs him and celebrates with the crowd.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown as they talk about Mr. Anderson. They don’t have an update on him yet. A video plays from No Surrender showing the fallout between Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray. Anderson turns on Ray as Ray was, “All in it for himself.” They faced last week but Aces came out and helped Bully Ray retain. They love their President.

Bully Ray has the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He is walking with Brooke Tessmacher. We will hear from them next.


A video package plays showing AJ Styles winning the BFG Series and then calling out Dixie Carter for her wake up call. He wants to point out all of the mistakes.

Dixie Carter comes out of her office. Hulk Hogan meets up with her. He asks what is going on with AJ Styles. She tells him to hold on as she is reading something on her phone. He says he can help her. She looks up and says she can do it on her own and continues walking. Hogan looks as she walks away.

Bully Ray comes out with Brooke Tessmacher. Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, and Knux come out as well. They get in the ring and raise their arms. Ray grabs a mic and tells them to shut the music off. He then states that it sounds like everyone wants to see him tonight. He knows the crowd is happy for their World Champion. The crowd boos. Ray asks where Anderson is and then realizes he won’t be around. He then asks a question that hopefully most people can answer. “Do you know who I am?” He is Bully Ray… TNA World Champion and the President of Aces & 8s. He says there is someone that he needs to thank. He could have not defended his title for someone special. He taps Garett on the shoulder and then Knux and then grabs Wes’ face. They all like how he is acknowledging them. Ray turns and thanks Brooke. Without her, he wouldn’t be anything. She is his everything. He drilled Ken with a low blow. She did it for Ray. The other members aren’t happy at all. Ray turns and asks them what their problem is. They were smiling two minutes ago. Wes starts flipping out. Ray tells him to shut up and says that he can’t call her, “Just that girl.” He tells Wes to not look at her again. Garett grabs the mic and says Wes is right. They had his backs since day one. Since she came, his judgment is whack. Ray grabs the mic and says he loves Garett’s judgment. Ray grabs Garett’s chest and pins him in the corner. He tells him not to do that again. He made Garett, Wes, and Knux. If they step out line again, he will smack them in the face. Knux grabs the mic and asks Ray if he will smack him. He has been with the group since day one.

He says Ray has a big mouth. In the first year and a half they had 25 members now they only have 4. It’s all about his leadership. It’s all about the club, right? It’s been about Bully all along. He forgot the first rule of the club, “Bros before hoes.” Brooke gets upset. Ray pushes Knux back and the mic falls. Ray picks up the mic and says if he steps out of line or if he refers to Brooke as a, “Ho”… he will knock Knux’s head off. Knux rips his hat off of his head. Ray tells Brooke to go. They get out of the ring and walk up the ramp. Knux goes to Wes and Garett. Ray tells Knux to think with his head.

Sting, Magnus, and Samoa Joe are backstage. He says Kurt is out and Rampage is training. They are down to three. Sting and Joe tell Magnus that he is part of the Mafia. It’s about the group. Magnus stands and is ready for this. They walk out of the room.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring. Music plays and Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez come out. They get in the ring. James Storm and Gunner come out. They have the TNA Tag Titles around their waist. They get in the ring.

Chavo grabs a mic. He says he would love to whip their faces on the mat, he is injured and the doctor did not medically clear him to fight. Gunner grabs the mic and says they are scared. He tells Chavo to shut his mouth. Gunner says he wants to fight, so he will fight someone before he leaves the ring. Gunner asks about Hernandez. What about him? James grabs the mic and says Gunner will fight, sit at ringside and drink some beers.

Gunner vs. Hernandez

Hernandez goes right after Gunner with punches in the face. Gunner gets up and Hernandez whips him in the ropes. Hernandez plows him down with a closeline. Hernandez continues the attack as he lifts Gunner up and puts him on the top rope gut first. Gunner falls to the mat. Hernandez covers but Gunner kicks out. Hernandez whips Gunner hard into the corner and he falls right down. Hernandez gets him up and lifts him to his shoulders. Hernandez does a huge backbreaker. He covers. Gunner kicks out. He runs to do a big splash, but Gunner lifts his legs up to block. Gunner gets up and attacks Hernandez and then runs in the ropes. Hernandez does a battering ram. Gunner gets up in the corner. Hernandez runs but Gunner lifts him up and Hernandez falls on the apron. He walks up the ramp after punching Gunner a few times. He runs and flies over the top rope. He hits Gunner. Hernandez stands and continues with punches and elbows. Gunner stands and does a knife edge chop. Hernandez hits back. He then goes for a suplex, but Gunner reverses it and does a slingshot suplex. Hernandez gets up and Gunner punches him in the gut several times. Gunner then hits a closeline and then puts Hernandez in the corner. Gunner runs and does a big splash. He lifts him up and does a fallaway slam. Hernandez slowly gets up. Hernandez turns. Gunner lifts him up with one arm and does a backbreaker. He covers and wins.

Winner: Gunner

James Storm gets in the ring and celebrates with Gunner while Hernandez rolls out of the ring and Chavo comes to his aid.

AJ Styles is backstage with a baseball cap on. He is on the phone talking to someone.



Music hits and here comes the dancing Daniels, Kazarian, and the aggressive Bobby Roode. All three get in the ring and do their own character traits. Samoa Joe, Magnus, and Sting come out to the Main Event Mafia music. Sting turns around and walks to the back. Sting comes back and grabs a baseball bat. All three enter the ring and EGO leave to clear the way.

EGO (Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian) vs. Main Event Mafia (Sting, Magnus, and Samoa Joe)

The bell sounds and Daniels starts off against Joe. They move around the ring. Kaz gets the attention of Joe. Daniels runs and hits Joe from behind. He puts him in the corner and rakes his eyes. He whips him in the opposing corner. Daniels runs to him, but Joe lifts him up and slams him down with one arm. Joe gets Daniels up and hits him with multiple knees to the gut and face. He puts Daniels in the corner. Daniels sits down and Joe runs his boot across his face. He goes and runs into the ropes to come back, but Daniels slides out. He gets in and tags Kaz. Joe whips Kaz in the ring and then does several knife edge chops. He whips Kaz in the corner, but Kaz jumps on the turnbuckle and flies back, but Joe moves out of the way. He tags Magnus. He gets in and he and Joe do several double team moves. Magnus covers but Kaz kicks out. Magnus tags Sting and the crowd pops. Sting punches him and then does a dropkick. Kaz falls out of the ring. Sting gets out and attacks Kaz as he slams him into the steel steps. Sting brings him back in the ring. He stomps on him and then kicks him in the gut as Kaz stands. Sting whips him in the ropes and does an inverted atomic drop. Sting hits Daniels and Roode off the apron. He goes back to Kaz and then runs into the ropes. Daniels trips him. Kaz does a springboard leg drop. Kaz continues with stomps. Sting rolls out of the ring and EGO have full control.



Sting has Roode in the ring and hits him with continuous punches. Roode comes back with a knee to the gut, a knee to the face and then hits a closeline. He covers but Sting kicks out. Roode tags Kaz. Kaz comes in and punches Sting in the gut. He does a knife edge chop. He hits Sting’s face off of Daniel’s boot. Kaz tags Daniels… or so the referee thinks as he is dealing with the MEM. Daniels takes Sting down and covers. Sting kicks out. Daniels has a headlock on. Sting gets to his feet. Daniels takes him down to one knee though. Sting gets back up and elbows his way out. Sting runs in the ropes, but Daniels stomps him and does a snapmare. He tags Kaz. He flies over the ropes and hits a legdrop. He covers but Sting kicks out. Kaz applies a front headlock now. Sting gets up and rams Kaz to the Mafia corner. He tags Magnus. The referee didn’t see it though. Kaz puts Sting in EGO’s corner. He chokes him with his foot and tags Roode. Roode comes in and punches Sting in the gut and then does a suplex. He mocks Magnus and Magnus enters, but the referee holds him back. Daniels comes in and helps beat up Sting. Roode tags in Kaz and Kaz whips Sting in the ropes. Sting kicks Kaz in the chest. Sting knocks Daniels off the apron and then knocks Kaz down. Kaz tags Roode. Sting crawls and tags Magnus.

Both enter and Magnus goes right after Roode. He knocks Roode down with a closeline and then lifts him up and smashes him down. He covers but Daniels ruins the count. Joe gets in and does several knife edge chops. Daniels turns it around and takes Joe out of the ring. Sting comes in and double teams Kaz and Daniels. Sting comes back and does a double closeline. Roode enters and takes Sting down. Magnus comes in and takes Roode down. He covers but Kaz ruins the count. Joe gets in and attacks Kaz and now Daniels who is in the ring. Joe goes a suicide dive to Kaz after throwing him out. Daniels goes for one, but Sting hits him with a back body drop and applies a Scorpion Death Lock. Magnus comes in the ring, as well as Roode. Roode has the black baseball bat. He goes to hit Sting but hits Magnus with it after Magnus blocking Sting. Sting is thrown out of the ring and he covers Magnus.

Winners: Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian


AJ Styles’ Alone Music hits. He comes out and then it switches to his original one. He gets in the ring with the baseball cap and a t-shirt. He grabs a mic as the crowd cheers. He says he has been here since day 1 in Nashville busting his butt along with many others. the company was put on the map as Dixie Carter’s dad bought her a WRASTLIN’ company. They didn’t have any experience. They didn’t know what to do. There goes the X-Division. Where is Jerry Lynn or a Low Ki… they got traded for MMA stars and stars who wanted a two year vacation and then go back to where they below. Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley and others aren’t here because of the same reason. He’s angry about this. He is p%ssed off! Here’s Dixie’s biggest mistake though. It’s staring her in the face. She wants him to be champion, but unlike what the internet says, he doesn’t have a contract. Anyone who does have a contract in the back doesn’t respect her anyways. He is going to win the title for himself, the band of brothers back there, and for the fans. He is going to make Dixie get on her knees, beg, and then pay.

Just then, Dixie Carter walks out on the stage. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring with a mic. She goes up to AJ. AJ tells Dixie to say something. He thought he would get a tweet or something. Dixie says she knows AJ a long time. He knows when AJ says this in public and he is being honest. As the President of this company, she is held accountable. She is accountable to AJ and she owes him an apology. She says sorry… sorry that she thought he was actually something in this company. He is just a fish in a pond… a pond that is much bigger than him. His whole character was all about marketing. It was all about advertising him. She can’t even remember the last time he had a 5 star match that everyone says he has. He is average. He should be called the marginal one. She goes on and says thanks for all of the stuff he said in the past several weeks because it opened her eyes to see what AJ has become. He is worth nothing. His money came from her dad. Without her dad, he would live in the trailer park. She owns his house. The company wouldn’t be anything without the money. Dixie goes to leave, but AJ gets on the mic and tells Dixie to put her money where her mic is. Dixie turns around and starts yelling. She grabs the headset of the camera man and yells in it to shut AJ’s mic off. His mic is shut off and then the lights go down. She officially turned off the show!