TNA IMPACT 09 26 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Little Rock, AR
Date: September 26, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package looking at the Magnus and Bobby Roode rivalry. It became EGO vs. Main Event Mafia. EGO wins after Magnus took a baseball bat shot to save Sting. It switches to the Aces & 8s story where the club is falling apart. Bully Ray is leading the pack and is leading it without anyone else behind him. It switches to AJ Styles and his promo he cut last week. He calls out Dixie Carter. He will make her pay. Dixie Carter gave her response and cut AJ Styles off and ended the show.

Dixie Carter is walking backstage. Sting meets up with her. He welcomes her. She pulls out her phone. He says she has her phone so she must have gotten his texts. He asks her why she did what she did last week. Dixie says not to worry as Dixie knows what she is doing. She walks away and Sting looks on.

The camera shows the arena and the audience is going crazy. They are on their feet cheering like no other. Music hits and here comes Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher. They wrap each other up on the ramp and then continue down to the ring. Ray hands her the title and grabs a mic. He wants his music off right now. He states that he is not often lost for words, but Dixie Carter shocked the hell out of him. Did you hear the way she put AJ Styles in his place? He says it was awesome and great. Ever since AJ won the Series, Ray was staying up at night thinking of ways to beat Styles. He doesn’t have to worry about how to beat him anymore. Dixie is inside AJ’s head. AJ should just kiss the ground Carter walks on. Ray states he doesn’t always agree with her, but she was the one who made AJ who he is today. Without her, AJ wouldn’t be there preforming for the morons. Wait… he forgot something. “Do you know who I am?” Just then, music hits and here comes Knux. He uses the Aces & 8s music. He has a mic and says he knows who Ray is. Knux gets in the ring with Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff behind him. Knux states Ray is focused on Bully business. He is focused on the title rather than the group and who is in it. He is too worried about his hoe than his bros.

Ray gets on the mic and tells Knux something one time and one time only… do not call her a hoe! The crowd starts chanting it louder and louder. Ray gets furious. Knux loves it. Ray covers Tessmacher’s ears. He tells them to not call her it, but they continue. Knux tells Ray to not worry about that too much because they fight Main Event Mafia to take care of club business. Them three… not Ray. Bully Ray tells them to get in line and to knock the smirks off their faces. Garett keeps it on. Ray states he makes the decisions. He is President and they are all little sidekicks. They saw what he did to D-Lo and what he did to Mr. Anderson. He did the same to Devon, his brother. He could do the same thing to them. Fall in line. If they lose tonight, then “Lights Out” for one of them tonight. One of them, if they lose, will be out of the club. Ray exits the ring with Tessmacher as music plays. Wes, Garett, and Knux look on.

Taz and Mike Tenay are shown on the camera. They discuss the line-up for tonight. As they do, video plays showing ODB beating Mickie James last week for the Knockout Title.

Joseph Park is backstage. He puts shaving cream on his face as he sings, “Sweet Caroline.” Eric Young and ODB come into the scene and ask what he is doing. He could cut himself with the razor. Park says those razors are so dull. Park says he is worried about him. EY tells him to not to shave before the match anymore. Park still has to get ready so he hurries up. EY grabs the razor but ODB tells him to not even think about it. She loves some beard!

Robbie E and Jessie Godderz come out on the stage as their music plays. Gail Kim comes out after. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring.


Joseph Park, Eric Young, and ODB come out on the stage. As they walk to the ring, video plays showing their segment they were in last week. It ended with Park being cut open and taking down Jessie and Robbie.

Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, and Gail Kim vs. Joseph Park, Eric Young, and ODB

Gail Kim starts the match against ODB. They meet each other in the middle of the ring, exchange a few words and Gail tags Robbie. Robbie talks to her and then ODB turns and tags Park. He gets in and Robbie pushes Park back into the corner. Park pushes Robbie down. He gets up and goes after Park, but he whips Robbie in the ropes. He lifts him up and drops him down on his face and chest. Robbie gets up and tries for a body slam, but Park lifts Robbie up and hits the slam. He covers but Robbie kicks out. Park gets up and goes into his opponent’s corner. Gail and Jessie hold Park as Robbie runs and smashes into him. Robbie tags Jessie. They double whip him into the corner chest first. He falls to his knees after. Jessie chokes him on the middle rope and then hits a dropkick as Park gets to his feet. Jessie goes for a whip, but Park reverses it. He goes for a back body drop, but Jessie holds on and tries for a sunset flip. Park stops and jump up and goes to sit down on Jessie but he moves. Jessie tags Robbie. Robbie goes right to Park with a low dropkick and then a cover. Park kicks out.

Robbie chokes Park and then punches him several times. Robbie gets up and waits. He then slaps Park’s head. Park gets up to his feet and then lifts Robbie up and hits a Samoan drop. Park reaches over, but Robbie grabs his leg. Park tags EY, but the referee was looking at Jessie as he comes in the ring. No tag. Robbie tags Gail Kim. She enters and goes after Park with a couple kicks. Park tries to tell her to stop. She slaps him and he starts hulking up. Robbie E comes in and hits Park from behind. Gail tags Jessie and he enters and he and Robbie go after Park, but Park closelines them down. Park tags EY. He climbs the corner and does a cross body on both Robbie and Jessie. EY continues. Gail Kim enters and goes after him, but ODB gets in and tosses Gail out on the ramp. Robbie starts doing some fist pumping as ODB stares at him. She grabs his head and bits it. Park runs and closelines him out of the ring. They have Jessie down. Park climbs the corner and jumps for a splash. EY is on another corner and does an elbow drop. ODB does a splash and pins Jessie.

Winners: ODB, Eric Young, and Joseph Park

The camera man is backstage with Austin Aries. He asks Aries what is next for him after the BFG Series. Aries says he was taking some hot pictures for But, instead of telling him, he will go to the ring and tell everyone.


Hulk Hogan is walking backstage. The camera man asks him about the Dixie/AJ segment from last week. Hulk had to look at the transcript as he couldn’t believe it. He is there to fix it. Hulk walks away.

Austin Aries’ music plays and he comes down the ramp and gets right in the ring. Aries says he loves the welcome as that is what he likes to hear. He then goes on to say that people ask him what is next as the BFG Series is over. Last year, he faced Jeff Hardy in the main event. It doesn’t matter where he is at on the card as he is main eventing anywhere he goes. He is greatness. Music hits and here comes Kenny King. King comes on the stage with a mic. He says that is music to his ears as when those trumpet plays from his theme song, he knows he can say whatever he wants. Kenny says he has something to say that has been bothering him. Aries tells him to say it right now. King goes on to talk about how Aries makes headlines, but King was making headlines last year. King was taking down the competition to win the X Division Title, King keeping the competition down to keep his title, but then he had it stolen from Chris Frail Sabin. It was, however, stolen from a person in a mask… and that as Aries. King is now in the ring and goes to Aries’ face. King says he is the future and Aries has to look out for him. Aries says he never signed up to this newspaper with all of these headlines in it. Aries says he has his wrestling gear on, so if King wants to fight, fight! Aries takes his shirt off. King says the same thing Hillary Clinton says before she goes into bed with her husband… Home boy, you don’t want any of this. King, suddenly, punches Aries in the face. He falls. King continues to attack, but Aries gets up and kicks King. He leaves the ring. Aries grabs a mic and wants a referee out here. No one gets away from punching him. A referee does come and Aries climbs the corner and jumps and lands on King on the ramp. He continues the fight as both stand.


Aries is punching King on the outside. King climbs the steps to the ramp. Aries follows.

Kenny King vs. Austin Aries

The bell finally sounds. Aries grabs the shirt of King, wraps it around his neck and tosses him in the ring. King goes to the corner. Aries follows and punches him in the face many times. King is busted open. King falls and goes to another corner. Aries does more punches, but King lifts Aries up and drops him on the ropes. Aries falls to the outside face and chest first. King goes to the outside and brings Aries back in. He goes after Aries with kicks and punches. Aries goes to the corner. King whips him into the opposing corner and then does a huge splash. Blood is gushing out of his face. King jumps up and goes for a leg drop, but Aries moves out of the way. Both get up and Aries slaps him in the chest multiple times. He whips him into the opposing corner and then does an atomic drop. He whips King in the ropes, but King holds on. Aries runs and King does a back body drop. Aries holds onto the ropes, gets back in, and takes King up and drops him down on his knee. Aries does the spinning elbow drop. He gets King up and goes for the Brain Buster, but King gets out and slaps Aries in the face. He does punches, but Aries punches back. Aries goes for a huge elbow strike, but King ducks and hits a spin kick. He covers but Aries kicks out.

King lifts Aries up on his shoulders. Aries gets out of it and goes on the apron. He snaps King’s head back. Aries climbs the corner, but King takes him off his feet and then kicks him right in the head while being on the top rope. King goes up and does a huge superplex. King covers but Aries kicks out. Aries goes to the corner. King runs for a dropkick, but Aries moves. He runs and does the dropkick. Aries lifts King up and hits the Brain Buster. Pinfall and 3 count!

Winner: Austin Aries


A video of Lei’D Tapa airs. She is coming soon!

Austin Aries is walking backstage with a towel on his head. Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky meet up with him and tell him congratulations on his win tonight. He then states that it is great he is in the X Division again. It was cool to see him fight for the World Title after cashing in the X Division Title, but Sabin did it and it was better and more memorable! Sabin says he is greater than the greatest man that has ever lived. He will make history by becoming the 7 time X Division Champion. Chris and Sky leave. Aries says he is going to test his “greater than the greatest man that has ever lived”.

Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Sting are backstage. Magnus throws his gear on the floor. They ask him what is wrong. He says EGO. They made him lose the BFG Series. They are getting into his brain. Joe tells him to let it go. That is what they want to do. Magnus goes to leave and find them, but Sting tells him that the MEM was made to get rid of Aces & 8s. They are close to pushing them over the edge. They need to focus on that. Magnus agrees.

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage.


A video plays showcasing the ending of last week’s Impact Wrestling. It show AJ busting his butt in the company for 11 years. He has done it all. He wants to make Dixie Carter pay now. Dixie Carter comes out and plays the sympathy role. She turns and rips AJ a new one. He is an illusion. He is nothing without Dixie and her family. Dixie Carter built TNA. She built AJ’s house and owns it. AJ starts to talk back, but Dixie had enough and is done. She ends the show.

Music plays and here comes Hulk Hogan! The crowd stands and they cheer. Hulk taunts to the fans as they are on their feet. He gets in the ring. He grabs a mic and the crowd continues. They aren’t stopping as he looks around. Hulk Hogan gets on the mic and says he knows the time when it is so fine to be in Little Rock. To hear the roar, he knows he is powerful. He needs the power for something that is extremely deep. He has been in TNA for 4 years and he has formed an opinion on Dixie since day one. He has been GM for about two years. He has seen the backstage politics explode, but no one should ever air dirty laundry. He asks the crowd if they think AJ Styles should stay in this company. They cheer. He restates the question and they cheer even more. Hogan thought of the same response. He knows AJ is in the back and wants him to hear the love. The crowd chants, “AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ!” Let’s cut the crap now. He is going to take AJ and Dixie Carter and fix it. He is going to bring AJ out here later tonight and fix it for him, for himself, and for everyone. Hogan exits the ring and the music plays. He goes to the back.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown and they do some talking about Hulk, AJ, and then Aces & 8s and Main Event Mafia. They turn to Bound for Glory. A video plays and it is about the return of Kurt Angle! He is coming back at Bound for Glory!



AJ Styles is walking backstage. The camera man asks AJ what he thought of what Hulk said. AJ heard and has no problem hearing him out. “See you out there, Hogan.”

Chris Sabin comes out on stage and Velvet Sky is beside him. They walk down the ramp. Chris helps Sky to ringside while he gets in the ring. Manik comes out next with the X Division Title around his torso. He holds the title up and gets in the ring. He wants Chris right now but Earl Hebner (referee) holds him back.

Chris Sabin vs. Manik (champion) for the X Division Title

Manik goes right after Sabin and takes him down. Chris pushes him to the side. Both get up and Manik continues to beat him up. He takes Chris down and covers him. Sabin kicks out. Both get up and Sabin tries to leave the ring, but Manik holds his leg. Sabin gets up and fights back. Manik grabs Chris and whips him in the corner. Sabin jumps up and Manik goes under him. Chris lands on his feet but falls as he hurt his knee. He rolls out of the ring and Sky follows him around as he crawls and limps. Manik goes to follow but then gets in the ring. Sky then helps him around the side. Chris stops and then pushes Sky into Manik as Manik goes to the outside. Chris gets on the apron, runs and kicks Manik’s head off. Chris brings Manik in the ring and Manik goes to the corner. Sabin goes to him, but Manik attacks Chris. He comes back and takes the legs out from under Chris and locks in a leg submission. Manik unlocks the submission and trips over Earl Hebner. Manik pushes him out of the way. Chris gets up and goes after Manik. He kicks him and hits several leg drops. He gets Manik up and puts him on the top rope. Chris climbs too. Manik lifts Sabin up and drops him face and chest first on the mat. Manik waits. He jumps and does a missile dropkick to the head!

Manik gets Chris, but Chris does an uppercut. Manik does several kicks and punches and then takes Chris down and does a summersault on him. He covers but Sabin kicks out. Both get up and Sabin whips Manik in the ropes. He holds on. He does a drop toe hold and Sabin falls on the middle rope. Manik jumps and does a leg drop to choke Sabin even more. He gets in, but Sabin goes after him. He covers but Manik kicks out. Manik gets up and does a catapult to Chris and he goes right in the corner. Manik applies the same leg submission hold. Chris crawls and Sky puts her hands to Chris. Chris doesn’t let to as Manik grabs Chris’ leg. He pulls him back and Sky gets in. Chris lets Sky go and does a roll-up. Manik reverses it and has Chris down. He gets the three count.

Winner and Still Champion: Manik

Manik celebrates in the ring while Sky looks on in the corner. Sabin gets up and attacks Manik from behind. Just then, Austin Aries runs out and Sabin and Sky leave. They go up the ramp. Manik and Aries look on.

Aces & 8s, Wes, Garett, and Knux, are backstage. Wes says the club is falling apart. What is happening? Garett talks some sense into him. Knux says he is in it and says they can’t afford to lose another member. Garett says they can’t afford to lose another brother. Knux and Wes get fired up. They are ready.


A video plays showing the hype video of Kurt Angle’s return! He will be returning at Bound for Glory!

Bobby Roode, Daniels, and Kazarian are backstage. They can’t believe Kurt Angle is going into the HOF. Roode knows three people who should go into the HOF. They have done more in the past three months than Kurt did in his entire career in the company. He has done nothing in the MEM. Daniels goes all out and insults Sting, Joe, and Magnus. Kazarian says they should hurt Magnus again with another loss. It would hurt his ego. Kaz and Daniels do a Dr. Evil laugh. They want Roode to join in, but he walks away. They are fine with it.

Music plays and here comes Aces & 8s. They come down the ramp and get in the ring. Main Event Mafia comes out next and gets in the ring.

Aces & 8s (Wes Brisco, Garett Bischoff, and Knux) vs. Main Event Mafia (Magnus, Sting, and Samoa Joe)

Magnus and Knux go right after each other. The bell never hit. Magnus puts Knux in the corner and hits hi with punches and kicks. Knux gets away and tags Wes. He gets in and Magnus takes him up and drops him right down in a sitdown suplex. Wes gets away and tags Garett. Magnus gets Garett up and does a huge suplex type move. He covers but Wes and Knux come in and break the count. Joe and Sting enter and take care of Knux and Wes. They fight them on the outside. Magnus has Garett down. Magnus climbs the corner. EGO comes out and they knock Magnus off the top rope and stomp on him on the outside. Sting goes to them but they run away. Knux grabs Sting and brings him in the ring. He attacks him with Wes and Garett. They go to the apron as Garett is left to fight Sting in the ring.


Sting has Garett along the ropes. He puts Sting’s face on the top rope and drags it across to get to his corner.


Wes has Sting in the corner and kicks him multiple times in the gut. He tags Garett. Garett enters and does a body slam on Sting. He tags Knux. Knux gets Sting to his feet and punches him. Sting punches back. Knux hits Joe on the apron and then hits Sting with a big boot. He punches Sting in the head as he is down on the mat. He tags Wes. They put him in the corner and Wes runs and closelines him. Wes covers but Sting kicks out. Wes applies a headlock. Sting gets to his feet. He elbows his way out of it. Wes knees him in the gut and then puts Sting’s head on the middle rope for a choke. He covers but Sting kicks out. Wes does it again but nope. Wes puts him up and punches him in the gut. He whips Sting in the opposing ropes, but Sting holds on and makes Wes walk to him. Sting closelines him down. Sting gets up. He tags Joe. Joe enters and Wes it up. He knocks Wes down and then Garett enters but he takes him down and then Knux off the apron. Joe kicks Wes and then does a back splash. He covers but Wes kicks out. Joe send him in the ropes but Wes kicks him. Wes goes back in the ropes, but Joe does a scoop powerslam. Garett enters. Sting enters. Knux enters. Sting does a Stinger Splash to Knux and Garett in the same corner. Sting does the Stinger Splash to Wes in the opposing corner. Joe applies the Rear Naked Choke Hold. He takes Wes down and he taps.

Winners: Sting and Samoa Joe

Wes is lying in the middle of the ring while Sting and Joe walk up the ramp. Garett is peaking up from the apron and is shocked. Just then, Bully Ray comes out and Brooke Tessmacher is behind him. Ray gets in the ring. Wes slowly gets up and turns. He sees Ray. Bully grabs a mic. Ray asks Wes what did he told him. He said if anyone of them lost, it would be “Lights Out”! He tapped out. He lost. He is a disgrace to the colors. Hand over your vest right now! Wes shakes his head “No”. Ray wants him to hand it over now. Wes looks on and says “No”. Ray asks if he is really saying “No”! The crowd chants, “No, No, No!” After all Ray has done for him, he is saying no? He points to Knux and Garett and says to get the vest off of him right now. He doesn’t pay them to think… do as I say! Take it off of him right now. Garett and Knux look at each other. They look at Wes and then Bully. Ray runs and closelines Wes down. He asks what happened to the both of them. Where are their balls? Ray gets Wes up and does a huge piledriver! Wes looks like he broke in half. They play his music, but he yells for it to be off. He tells them to take the vest off or he will do it again. Knux and Garett get Wes up and they take it off. Hand it to Bully. Garett goes to hand it, but Ray wants Knux to. Knux takes it and Ray tells him to hand it over. Is Knux really going to get the people go inside his head? Hand it over! Who are you going to listen to… Ray or the fans? Knux hands it to Ray. Knux and Garett lift Wes up after.

Hulk and AJ are walking backstage with a split screen. They are heading to the ring.


Hulk Hogan is in the ring already. He has a clipboard in hand. He has a mic. He says there is a lot of bad blood between AJ and Dixie. He wants to call out the man for Team TNA as he fights against Bully Ray at Bound for Glory. Music hits and here comes AJ Styles. He comes down with his leather jacket and hood. He takes the hood off as the music changes. He has a baseball cap on under it. He gets in the ring and meets with Hulk. Hulk hands AJ the mic and Hulk grabs another one. Hulk says he has been around the block a few times and the place was so crazy that he couldn’t spit out how great it was for AJ to win the BFG Series. He knows AJ is going to win the title at the PPV. He can’t have a champion without a contract though. Here is the contract. Hulk already signed it. He hands it to AJ. AJ goes to sign it, but he goes to talk. Before he can say anything, Hulk tells AJ that they love him and want him to get the title. AJ looks at the contract and signs it. He says, “I’m yours.” Just then, Dixie carter walks out and apologizes for the interruption. Dixie gets in the ring.

She doesn’t want to be rude, but she wants to remind Hulk the reason why she brought Hulk into TNA. She brought him for the opportunities to make things great. He taught her so much and he opened a lot of opportunities. However, he is just an employee. She will improve Hulk though as an employee. She turns to AJ and says he has to get down on his knees and beg. The reality is staring him in the face. Dixie says he is just another marginal figure. She grabs the contract from the clipboard and rips it up. Hulk has no idea what is going on. Dixie turns and yells at AJ to get out of the ring. AJ goes to talk back, but Dixie overrides him. He tosses the mic at her feet and leaves the ring. Dixie says she probably knows Hulk is mad, just like everyone, but no one has lived like Dixie. They don’t understand the decisions she make. The 99% who attacked her for the last 4 or 5 months need her. The 1% are the creators. Hulk is holding his head. Dixie understands what Hulk is doing, but he should have run what he was going to do with her before he came out. She goes on to state that they know what it takes to take the company to another level. Does he want to be part of it? Dixie asks Hulk whether he is going to be on Team Dixie or sit on the sidelines with AJ. He will give Hulk a week to decide, and she knows he will do the right thing. Dixie leaves the ring and walks backstage. Hulk Hogan looks on. He is stunned. He doesn’t know what to do. He looks around as the crowd chants, “Hogan, Hogan.” Hulk is dumbfounded. The show fades.