TNA IMPACT 10 01 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Date: October 1, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Impact opens up with highlights from last week as well as the Roode-Lashley title bout from a few weeks ago. Earlier today Roode is shown arriving to the arena when he is approached by a cameraman.  He says that it has been the longest fourteen days of his life and that he didn’t get the job done at No Surrender. He says that he has a lot on his mind and he will share those things tonight.

Austin Aries comes out to the ring fresh off of his victory in the NYC Gold Rush last week. Aries says that he is going to cut right to the chase and last week he won the opportunity to challenge any champion of any belt in this company at any time. He says that he isn’t a very patient man so he wants to do it right here tonight! Aries says that he knew immediately who he wanted to call out but he thought maybe they should make it an interactive opportunity. He asks the fans if they want him to face Gail Kim (which receives some laughter), or The Wolves, and then he mentions Samoa Joe’s name which results in Joe making his way out to the ring. Aries says he wasn’t done yet but Joe doesn’t seem to give much of a damn.

Joe says that he heard someone say his name and he knows that Aries wasn’t quite done but he wants to make it clear that if Aries challenges anyone tonight then it should be Joe for the belt that they both helped mean something again. Joe says he is the best champion in the company and the most “fightingest” champion in the world. Aries reminds Joe that he is the longest reigning X-Division Champion in the company’s history and that he is a Triple Crown champion in TNA. Aries says the fans seem like they want to see that match and he is okay with that because the X-Division represents everything that is right with the wrestling business. He says that it isn’t about whether you are tall enough or young enough or what your physique looks like, it is about what you do in the ring. Aries says it is about who the best is and no one is better than him. He says he wants the shot at Joe!

TNA X-Division Championship
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe (c) vs. “A-Double” Austin Aries

Aries and Joe lockup with Aries ducking underneath Joe, but Joe catches Aries and puts him in a wristlock. Aries rolls forward into a reversal and then counters into a wristlock of his own. Aries transitions into a side headlock but Joe rolls Aries up in a gutwrench sort of a rollup for a quick near fall. They stare each other down to a round of applause. Tenay talks about their history together in and away from TNA. Aries gets Joe in a side headlock again but Joe shoves Aries into the ropes and runs him over. Joe hits the ropes but Aries catches him with a series of Japanese Armdrags! Aries locks in an armbar but Joe counters with a headscissors. Aries escapes with his headstand which usually is followed up into a dropkick, but Joe saw it coming and instead grabs Aries as he did the headstand and kind of spikes him into the mat Piledriver style. Joe and Aries exchange some absolutely wicked forearms and chops! Aries hits the ropes but runs right into a Running Back Elbow! Joe picks Aries up and connects with a series of jabs taking Aries down in the corner. Joe whips Aries into the opposite corner and then hits a Running Back Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe grabs Aries but he fights back with some forearms to the knee followed by leg kicks. Joe answers with a nasty Knife Edge Chop and a European Uppercut. Joe lifts Aries up to the top rope and after a series of forearms goes for the Muscle Buster, but Aries blocks it and then dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick! Joe simply steps aside and Aries crashes and burns. Joe goes for a Knee Drop but Aries rolls out of the way and targets the knee again with a series of leg kicks. Aries wraps Joe’s knee up in the ropes and slams his own knee into it repeatedly before dropkicking it! Aries cannonballs down across the knee and then puts him in a modified Death Lock. Aries releases the hold only to hit another series of knees and elbows. Aries hangs Joe up in the ropes and then hits a Slingshot into a cannonball over him followed by a Slingshot Somersault Senton over the top and a Leaping Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out!


Back from the break Aries sets up for the Heat Seeking Missile on the outside but Joe catches him in midair with a Leaping Enziguri! Back in the ring Aries and Joe once again exchange stiff shots and Joe absolutely obliterates Aries with a forearm, and then a series of Muay Thai Knee Strikes! Joe goes for a Powerbomb but Aries blocks it and then hits the ropes only to run right into a Snap Powerslam! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch but Aries is able to break it with a Jawbreaker! Aries rolls Joe up, 1…2…NO Joe kicks out but Aries transitions right into the Last Chancery! Joe rakes the eyes of Aries to break the hold but Aries goes right back to a Front Facelock and hits a series of knees. Joe gets up to his feet to block any shot of Aries getting back to the Last Chancery. Aries instead goes for the Brainbuster but Joe blocks it and hits a wicked series of Lariats! Joe goes for one final Lariat but this time Aries ducks and hits the Roaring Elbow! Aries goes for the Brainbuster again but again Joe blocks it and counters with an Atomic Drop followed by a Mafia Kick that sends Aries falling through the ropes to the floor. Joe goes for the Elbow Suicida through the ropes but Aries saw it coming and rolls into the ring as Joe dove out. Aries then dives through the ropes with an Elbow Suicida of his own! Aries rolls Joe back in the ring and then dives off the top with another Missile Dropkick that sends Joe into the corner. Aries hits the IED followed by the Brainbuster! That is it! 1…2……..NO Joe still kicks out and Aries can’t believe it! Aries immediately hits a series of knees followed by the Last Chancery, but Joe saw it coming and as Aries was floating over into the Last Chancery Joe managed to turn himself and catch Aries in the Coquina Clutch! Joe wraps his legs around Aries in a bodyscissors and is forced to tap!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Joe via submission (Coquina Clutch)

In the back Rockstar Spud approaches EC3 and says that he knows everything has been a bit tense but they are best friends. EC3 asks Spud that if he thinks that his failures have earned him EC3’s attention and says that Spud’s failures have earned him nothing. He tells Spud to do his job and follow him to the ring.


Footage of the insane Ladder Match a few weeks ago is shown and then Angle is shown talking to The Wolves. He says he can’t wait to see the final match in the Tag Series and Angle says it will be Match of the Year.

EC3 comes down to the ring with Rockstar Spud and he makes Spud get down on one knee when he hands EC3 the microphone. EC3 asks Spud if he is his best friend and Spud says that he is. EC3 says that he is not his best friend and all Spud is to him is an employee. EC3 says that his friends have trust funds and enjoy yacht clubs. He says Spud spends his time reading coming books or watching wrestling in his apartment. EC3 says the people are not with Spud either which causes a small “Spud” chant break out. EC3 says that Spud sickens him and he makes fun of how Spud looks and dresses. EC3 rips up Spud’s jacket and EC3 asks him why he is doing this. EC3 says that he holds everyone accountable for what happened to Dixie and that includes Spud. EC3 says that Spud failed him and Dixie. EC3 mocks Spud asking him if he is going to cry and then he slaps the piss out of him and screams at him to cry.

Spud gets in EC3’s face but doesn’t hit him and EC3 bursts into laughter. EC3 asks him what he is going to do and then Eric Young’s music interrupts him!

EY says that if EC3 is looking to blame someone for what happened to Dixie then he needs to look no further. EY says there isn’t a guy in the back that wouldn’t take credit for that “masterpiece.” EC3 says that EY isn’t a part of this business arrangement so he needs to leave, but EY says he is here to talk to Spud not EC3. EY says that he has been in Spud’s place before as someone’s punching bag and lackey. He tells Spud to listen to the fans not EC3. EY says this won’t stop until Spud stands up and hits him. He asks Spud if he is going to keep taking the bullying or will he stand up. EC3 dares Spud to hit him and then decks EY!

EC3 beats EY down and a referee runs out as they are going to make this a match.

Ethan Carter III vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

EC3 whips EY into the corner but EY flips over the top to the apron. EY hits a shoulder block through the ropes and then slides through EC3’s legs and hits a dropkick for a one count. EY hits a Headscissors Takeover sending EC3 out to the floor. EY then hits a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto EC3 on the floor! EY rolls EC3 back into the ring but as he climbs in EC3 puts the boots to him. EC3 hits the ropes but runs right into a Thesz Press from EY. EC3 comes back by grabbing EY by the tights and pulling him face first into the turnbuckles. He rains down right hands on EY and then hits a Vertical Suplex for a near fall. EC3 hangs EY up in the ropes and then distracts the referee trying to get Spud to hit EY. Spud refuses and as EC3 argues with him EY rolls EC3 up for a near fall. EC3 comes back with a clothesline for another near fall and then locks in a headlock as an “overrated” chant starts. EC3 transitions into a full out Sleeper hold, but EY fights it off with a Back Suplex and then a series of right hands. EY hits a Flying Forearm followed by a Spinning Clothesline and a Scoop Slam! EY climbs up top and dives off with the Flying Elbow Drop! EY covers EC3 but Spud puts EC3’s foot on the bottom rope to break the count. EY asks Spud what he is doing but then walks into a Jawbreaker from EC3. EC3 screams at Spud to get on the apron and as he does EY dropkicks EC3 into Spud and then goes for the Piledriver, but EC3 hits a low blow as the referee was checking on Spud. EC3 hits a Running High Knee followed by the One Percenter for the pin.

Winner: EC3 via pinfall (One Percenter)

EC3 forces Spud to raise his hand after the match.


Footage of Kenny King’s beat down of Chris Melendez at No Surrender is shown. Backstage Mr. Anderson talks to Melendez about what happened. Melendez says he dealt with guys like King and MVP overseas. Melendez thanks Anderson for helping him out but Anderson thanks him for what he has done for the country. Anderson says that they perceive Melendez as having a weakness because of his leg and he has to stand up to them.

Footage of Havok’s destruction of the Knockout division is shown with some menacing background music.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim (c) vs. HAVOK

As Gail makes her entrance Havok attacks her on the ramp! Gail fights back with a series of kicks and forearms but then Havok runs her back first into the apron! Gail hits a big elbow to the head and then attempts to whip Havok into the ring steps, but Havok blocks it and tosses Gail into the ring post! Havok goes to pick Gail up but Gail kicks her into the ring steps and then jumps on Havok with some huge right hands! Gail hits a Roundhouse Kick and then goes to toss her into the guardrail, but Havok lifts her high up into the air and drops her down across the railing! Havok lifts Gail up to her shoulder but Gail blocks it and hits a Yakuza Kick and then a second one! Gail dives off the apron with a Plancha! Gail punches Havok repeatedly but then Havok blocks a punch and wraps her own arm around Gail in kind of a hammerlock before slamming Gail’s arm into the ring post and then dropping her with a Hammerlock Slam! That looked absolutely vicious!


Referees and medics come down to check on Gail’s shoulder as Havok laughs.


Footage of the Havok beat down on Gail is shown again followed by trainers helping Gail to the back.

A vignette highlighting the Tag Series is shown. The Wolves come down to the ring and I don’t see any noticeable limp from Davey which is surprising. He did get in the ring a bit gingerly though. Davey says that it seems like that ever since this Tag Series started they have been the underdogs with the odds stacked against them, but time and time again they have overcome those odds. Davey says that they have control over the stipulation but before they can announce what it will be Team 3D interrupts them.

Bully says that The Wolves just don’t get it yet and he says that it wasn’t enough that 3D came out and told the world just how great The Wolves are. Bully says now they start running their mouths about the legacy they will leave and how great they are. Bully says they are not great yet and they will never be Team 3D. He says they will never conquer the world of Tag Team wrestling for 20 years the way they did. He says they are good but 3D is great. Bully says they don’t deserve to make the stipulation for the last match so they should just sit outside and leave with the little bit of dignity they have left.

The Hardy Boyz interrupt Team 3D with a new theme music. Matt is wearing an N.W.A. t-shirt hilariously. Matt says that Bully is trying to “bully” his way into convincing everyone that everything he says is the truth. Matt says that nothing ever changes about 3D and Jeff says that he hopes The Wolves have enjoyed this run because they are about to end it! Matt says that Bully is usually full of hot air but he did make a good point tonight. He says that The Wolves are a very good team but Team 3D and the Hardy Boyz are extraordinaire and they are gods in tag team wrestling. He says they are another level above The Wolves and it is time for the legends to settle this. He says that people will be still talking about Team 3D and the Hardyz 20 years from now but questions if anyone will even remember The Wolves.

Davey tells Matt to shut up and he says they are right Hardyz and 3D are great and they were great for 20 years, but the next 20 years belong to The Wolves! Davey reminds them that they have already beaten both teams and he says they will do it again on their terms because their time is now! Bully says he has to give them credit because they have balls and guts. Bully slaps Davey and says his time IS now and they start fighting!

All three teams begin brawling and Bully pulls out a table with Devon! The Wolves grab some chairs while the Hardyz pull out a ladder! Kurt Angle’s music interrupts them and he tells them to chill out. He tells The Wolves to decide the stipulation for the final match as the fans chant “TLC.” Eddie says they have chairs, tables, and ladders already so they can settle this thing in Full Metal Mayhem!

Anderson and Melendez approach King and MVP in the back and King jokes about trying to pull Melendez’s prosthetic leg off. Anderson challenges King to a match but MVP says if he wants to fight then he can fight him.


In the back the trainer checks on Gail and the doctor tells Kurt that she separated her shoulder. The doctor says she shouldn’t wrestle but Gail says she doesn’t care what she says she will wrestle tonight.

Manik w/James Storm & The Great Sanada vs. Shark Boy

Well this is the first time we have seen the man from the deep blue sea in quite some time. This is a bit interesting as Shark Boy was once a member of the Prince Justice Brotherhood super hero knockoff group in TNA and Manik’s new look is very much super hero inspired. Manik charges at Shark Boy before the bell but Sharky sidesteps him and hits a Thesz Press! Sharky hits a Fist Drop and follows up with a series of clotheslines. Sharky whips Manik into the ropes as the announcers make fun of Sharky’s added weight, and then he hits a backdrop. Sharky mounts Manik in the corner and rains down right hands and he laughably runs out of gas as he does the punches and it looks like Shark Boy is playing in to his new gut which adds to the humor. Manik catches Sharky with a Snake Eyes in the corner and then he lays into Sharky with some nasty round kicks. Manik hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a dropkick to the head. Manik looks out to Storm who shakes his head at Manik. Manik hits a European Uppercut and then a Flying Knee! 1…2…but Manik pulls Shark Boy up before the three. Manik hits a Vertical Suplex and then he follows up with a Back Suplex for another near fall and again he pulls Sharky up before the three. Storm again tells him not to pin him yet. Manik grabs Sharky and Storm tells him to finish it as Manik hits the Tiger Buster! Manik climbs up top and hits the Frog Splash for the pin!

Winner: Manik via pinfall (Frog Splash)


In the back Team 3D talk about what just happened with The Wolves and Hardyz. Bully says that The Wolves are crazy and asks what team in their right mind would challenge 3D and the Hardyz to Full Metal Mayhem which is a match that involves tables, ladders, and chairs. Bully says that the Wolves are dealing with tag team greatness, tag team gods and not because they say so but because the fans say so. He says they and the Hardyz are two of the greatest tag teams of all time. He says that the Wolves days are numbered and they will lose those belts. He says they will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame as 25-World Tag Team Champions! Thou shall not mess with Team 3D…OH MY BROTHER TESTIFY!

MVP w/Kenny King vs. Mr. Anderson w/Chris Melendez

MVP mocks Melendez on the outside by limping around. He locks up with Anderson and they exchange waistlocks before MVP takes Anderson down. Anderson reverses it and counters into a hammerlock but MVP gets his foot on the bottom rope. They lockup again and MVP forces Anderson into the corner where he fakes like he is going to clean break but swings at Anderson anyway. Anderson ducks and lights MVP up with a series of chops. Anderson whips MVP into the corner and follows up with a Running Clothesline. Anderson hits another clothesline and then hits a series of Elbow Drops. MVP grabs Anderson by the tights and flings him through the ropes to the floor. MVP taunts Melendez and dares him to punch him while King taunts Anderson. MVP drops Anderson down across the guardrail and then back in the ring he covers Anderson for a near fall. MVP puts Anderson in a chinlock but Anderson fights him off only to eat a Mafia Kick followed by a T-Bone Suplex from MVP! MVP gets a near fall and then puts Anderson in an armbar. MVP hits a Knee Drop and begins working on the arm of Anderson but as he goes or another Knee Drop Anderson rolls out of the way. Anderson hits a series of right hands and they begin exchanging shots until Anderson clotheslines MVP. Anderson hits an elbow followed by the Spinning Neckbreaker and then goes for the Green Bay Plunge! MVP blocks it and climbs up top only for Anderson to catch him with the Green Bay Plunge off the top for a near fall! Anderson goes for the Mic Check but King gets on the apron to distract Anderson. Melendez takes King out but MVP rolls Anderson up and pulls the tights for the win!

Winner: MVP via pinfall (rollup)


Roode comes out and he says that being the longest reigning World Champion in TNA history defines him and he says that he reminds everyone of it not because he is cocky but because it means so much to him. Roode says that you are only as good as your last match and two weeks ago in his last match he challenged Lashley for the World Championship. Roode says that he failed on that night so what he wants to do right now is invited the World Champion out here right now.

Lashley obliges Roode and comes down to the ring along with King and MVP. Roode says that the World Championship means everything to him and two weeks ago he had an opportunity to once again win it. He says that he can look Lashley in the eye and say without question that Lashley is the most dominant champion in TNA history. He says that he watched their match over and over for the last fourteen days and there is one moment in that match that sticks out in his mind. He says that moment is the moment when Lashley hit him with a Spear. He says that when Roode kicked out at two Lashley had a look in his eye that he is never had on his face. He says that Lashley was startled and that was a first. Roode says that he had Lashley where he needed him but he injured his knee and Lashley hit the Spear again. Roode says that Lashley KNOWS Roode could have beaten him. He says that they tore the roof off of the building in NYC and he is asking for one more shot. Lashley looks to MVP who is saying no but the fans begin chanting “one more match.”

Lashley looks like he is about to agree but MVP takes the microphone away from him and says that the answer is no. Roode says that he wasn’t talking to MVP but MVP says that Lashley’s answer is NO. Lashley doesn’t seem too thrilled at this as the heels leave the ring.

The trainers are taping up Gail’s shoulder in the back.


Gail Kim comes out to the ring with her shoulder heavily taped. She says that Havok took her down but she didn’t take her out. She lays the Knockouts Title down on the mat almost like she is drawing a line in the sand and says that if she wants that title she has to come take it!

Havok comes out and Gail meets her in the aisle way punching away!

TNA Knockouts Championship
HAVOK vs. Gail Kim (c)

Gail slams Havok face first into the apron and then tries to pick her up but her arm gives out and Havok begins kicking the hell out of Gail’s arm. Havok tosses Gail into the ring and continues to kick away at the arm of Gail. Havok again puts Gail in a Hammerlock and slams her into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Havok goes for a Corner Splash but Gail gets a foot up and hits a series of forearms. Gail hits the ropes but east a big Gorilla Press from Havok! Havok puts Gail in a Hammerlock again as Gail screams out in pain. Havok goes for a clothesline but Gail ducks and then attempts a Spinning Headscissors, but Havok blocks it and turns it into a Shoulder Breaker! Havok covers Gail for a near fall and Havok couldn’t believe that Gail kicked out. Havok goes back to the hammerlock and then puts her in a sort of Butterfly submission. Gail is able to roll backwards and hit a series of kicks to break the hold. Havok then slams her arm into the mat but Gail fights back with a series of forearms only to get run right over with a shoulder block! Havok attempts a Leg Drop to the arm but Gail rolls out of the way and then dropkicks Havok in the ass sending her face first into the turnbuckles! Gail goes to the floor and wraps Havok’s legs around the ring post in the Hanging Figure Four! Gail charges at Havok in the corner but Havok moves and Gail leaps to the top and dives off with the Flying Cross Body for a near fall! Gail goes for Eat Defeat but Havok blocks it and attempts a Chokeslam. Gail blocks it with a series of elbows and then attempts Eat Defeat again. Havok counters into the Hammerlock Slam! Havok hits the Chokeslam and covers Gail for the merciful pin!

Winner & NEW Knockouts Champ: Havok via pinfall (Chokeslam)


“Final Thoughts” will be up later tonight.

1) TNA X-Division Title: Samoa Joe (c) def. Austin Aries to retain the title!
2) Ethan Carter III def. Eric Young
3) TNA Knockouts Title: Havok fought Gail Kim (c) to a NO CONTEST (Gail retains)
4) Manik def. Shark Boy
5) MVP def. Mr. Anderson
6) TNA Knockouts Title: Havok def. Gail Kim (c) to win the title!

Scheduled for Next Week:
-TNA Tag Title Series Finals Full Metal Mayhem Match: The Wolves (c) vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Team 3D