TNA IMPACT 11 12 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Date: November 12, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Video package of Bobby Roode as TNA World Champion. It shows MVP, King, and Lashley getting in his face last week. MVP wanted a shot at the belt. Roode accepted it to him and Kurt made it happen. These two fought back and forth but Roode came out as the winner. At the end, Lashley shows up and spears Roode to the mat. MVP goes for a high five but Lashley walked away from him.

Lashley is backstage leaning against some equipment. Kenny King comes to the scene and shakes Lashley’s hand. Lashley asks where MVP is. He doesn’t know. He asks again but King tells him to chill out. He walks away. Lashley throws a garbage can into the large garage door.

The camera shows the arena as the crowd is on their feet. Music plays and here comes James Storm, Manik, and The Great Sanada. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring.

James Storm says they have a revolution and there was a pledge to a man to join the revolution. The time is up and he wants his answer now. Music hits and here comes Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. Davey has a mic and yells Storm’s name so he can look at him. Davey says his answer is… But Eddie grabs the mic from him. He says he will answer for himself. He has been listening to James and a lot of it makes sense. He has to come to conclusion that James Storm is out of his mind. He is a wolf and his answer is NO! James gets back on the mic and says he is really sorry to hear that. He yells, “Boys.” Manik and Sanada go after Eddie. They knock him down and stomp on him. James grabs Davey and wraps his rope around Davey ankle. Manik stomps on the rope. He enters and smashes Davey’s leg. He screams in pain. Referees and officials come out to check Davey. The Revolution leaves the ring and walk up the ramp. Just then, James Storm come outs with a briefcase. He gets back in the ring and hits Eddie in the head with it and then hits Davey’s leg with it.

James opens the briefcase and tells the referee in the ring that this Feast or Fired briefcase gives him an opportunity to fight for the Tag Team Championship with any partner any time he wants. He tells the referee to call for the bell.

James Storm and Abyss vs. TNA tag team champions The Wolves for the TNA tag team titles

James covers Eddie but he kicks out. James hits Eddie with Eye of the Storm and grabs a mic. He tells him to stay out of it. Music hits and here comes Abyss! Abyss walks down the ramp and then gets in the ring. James gets back on the mic and says the newest man part of The Revolution. James tags Abyss as he is on the apron. Abyss enters and does a chokeslam to Eddie. Abyss tags James and he covers.

Winners and New TNA tag team champions: James Storm and Abyss

James holds the Tag Team Championships on his shoulders. He then grabs Davey and hits him with Eye of the Storm. He grabs the belts again and leaves the ring. He turns to face the ring as Manik, Sanada, and Abyss are behind him.


Video plays of footage that we just witnessed.

Music hits and here comes Madison Rayne. She gets in the ring. Taryn Terrell comes out next and marches right in the ring. She slides in and Rayne goes right on attack.

Madison Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell

Madison whips Taryn in the ropes but Taryn fights back with several forearm shots and then takes her down to the mat. She smashes her head into the ring mat. Madison rolls to the outside. Taryn gets on the apron and does a flying cross body. She gets Madison up but Rayne rams Taryn into the ring apron. She turns and walks up the ramp but Taryn grabs her and rolls her in the ring. Madison calls for a time-out but Rayne kicks her in the gut. Madison fights back as she puts her in the corner. Madison goes to her but Taryn fights back with a kick. She climbs up the corner but Madison trips her and she falls back first. Madison now applies a headlock type submission and then knees Taryn in the head several times. She covers twice back to back but Taryn kicks out both times.

Madison hits Terrell in the back several times and then chokes her on the middle rope. Madison takes Taryn into the ropes and knocks her down. She covers but Terrell kicks out. Madison applies a head scissors and stomps Taryn’s face into the mat. She continues the attack and applies a cover but Taryn kicks out. Madison gets her up and rams her in the corner. She does a shoulder block. She does some taunting and then runs to Taryn, but she hits Madison in the chest. She climbs the corner and jumps and hits Madison down. She covers but Rayne kicks out. Taryn continues the attack with loads of offensive moves. She rams Madison’s head into the mat. Rayne gets away and gets in the corner. Taryn runs to her but Madison kicks her in the face. She covers and uses the ropes but Taryn kicks out. Both stand and Taryn does a suplex and then climbs the corner. Madison fights her but Taryn pushes her back. She jumps for a flying cross body but Madison moves. Madison does a roll-up using the tights but Taryn kicks out.

Madison kicks Taryn in the gut and then the head. She taunts some more. Madison lifts her up and goes for the Rayne Check but Taryn gets out of it and does a cutter/bulldog. She covers and wins.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Kurt Angle is on the phone. He asks if they can do that for me. He thanks the person and hangs up. Lashley walks up to him. Kurt asks what he wants. Lashley states, “Bobby Roode.” Kurt says he has the night off as he is doing promotional work for the company. Lashley gets right in the face of Kurt. Kurt says he shouldn’t do that if it was him. Lashley says he will do what he wants… And isn’t that what Kurt wants? Lashley walks away.


Mahabali Shera is walking backstage. Manik comes from behind and hops on his back as he screams his name. He says that is a star’s name in the making. He then talks about being at the bar last night and then saying it is time for him to meet someone. They walk off together.

Kenny King gets in the ring with a mic. He says he is the King of the Night. He goes on to promote his name. He then states his group, Lashley and MVP, aren’t with him right now. MVP is off doing a photo shoot for a magazine and will return next week. King says Lashley is furious and he is furious at the audience and at Kurt Angle. He will get his rematch against Bobby Roode. King says he still has some words for Chris Melendez and wants to squash everything between them. He calls Chris out.

Chris comes out on stage. Mr. Anderson is right beside them. They get in the ring. The crowd chants, “USA, USA, USA.” Kenny says he loves America and is patriotic, but he doesn’t like Chris Melendez. He thinks he is a fraud. Anderson grabs a mic and says Chris is a hero and an inspiration. This guy volunteered to go to war in Iraq. Kenny says God gave everyone a mouth and an @sshole and he is not sure what Ken is using right now. He is talking to peg leg. He says he wants Chris’ attention. It is just him and he wants to fight Chris. He can leave his blonde girlfriend at home. He hopes Chris says yes. Chris grabs the mic and says Kenny wants to run him down, but Ken believes in him and the audience believes in him. He says King will learn that he should be here. He then says Ken is like a fairy tale… He is a good guy like Santa Claus, but all of that is just fake. Just then, King punches Ken and he falls to the mat. King leaves the ring and runs up the ramp. Ken goes after him but stops.


Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell are backstage in Kurt Angle’s office. Gail wants Havok and Taryn wants Havok. Kurt says it will be Havok vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship.

The Beautiful People and The BroMans are coming down the ramp and get in the ring. The Menagerie come out and get in the ring.

Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Jessie Godderz, and DJ Z vs. Crazzy Steve, Knux, and Rebel in an elimination match

Love and Rebel start the match. They go and lock-up. Love hits Rebel in the face several times and then applies the headlock. Rebel sends her in the ropes but Love knocks her down. Love does some taunting but Rebel comes back and knocks Love down. She goes for a split but Love moves and hits Rebel. She covers but Rebel kicks out. Both stand and Rebel whips Love in the ropes. Love hits Rebel but Crazzy Steve distracts her. Rebel does a roll-up. Elimination: Angelina Love

Jessie gets in the ring as well as Knux. Knux does a summersault and then a dropkick to Jessie. He goes to cover but Jessie kicks out. Knux does a hip-up and continues the attack Jessie as he does a cross body to him. Knux grabs Jessie but he runs in the corner and tags DJ. He enters as he jumps in but Knux catches DJ. Jessie does a dropkick. He slides out of the ring and holds the leg. DJ covers. Elimination: Knux

Crazzy enters and does a small package to DJ. Elimination: DJ Z. Rebel and Sky enter the match. They go back and forth. Rebel goes after Sky and covers but she kicks out. Sky sends Rebel in the corner. Love, on the outside, sprays Rebel in the eyes with hair spray. Elimination: Rebel

Rebel rolls to the outside and Knux checks on her. The referee tells them to leave. As he does, DJ Z enters the ring and attacks Crazzy with a back breaker type move. Jessie enters, legal man, and does a military press. He then tags Sky. Sky kicks him in the gut, but he grabs Sky and turns her over onto the mat and kisses her. It is also a cover. Elimination: Velvet Sky. Jessie enters the ring and goes right after Crazzy Steve. Steve tries to put up a fight but he does a huge powerbomb. Jessie does a little cover but Steve kicks out. Jessie goes right on attack with multiple stomps. He then does a huge whip to Steve in the corner. Jessie lifts him up onto the top rope. Jessie climbs the corner. Jessie does a taunt but Steve knocks him down, jumps and hits a tornado DDT. He covers.

Winners: The Menagerie

Eric Young is backstage with Jeremy Borash. Eric says there is a bump and asks if he is okay. JB says Ethan slapped the taste out of his mouth. Eric says that isn’t possible. Rockstar Spud comes into the scene and thanks Eric for what he has done and wonders if he can be in his corner tonight. Eric likes that idea as he knows Ethan will be in Tyrus’ corner. He then goes on to say that the bigger they are the harder they fall. He doesn’t know if that is true, but it doesn’t seem real. Spud thanks the sir, but Eric wants him to call him EY. They walk off.


The Revolution is backstage. James Storm grabs Abyss’ head and says there is a reason for all of this. He starts praising the team, but Mahabali Shera comes into the shot. James asks who that is. Manik introduces him but Storm doesn’t like it. He spits in his way and tells him to leave. He slaps Manik in the face. He then holds Manik’s head and then goes back to Abyss’ head and The Monster smiles.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus come out and get in the ring. Eric Young and Rockstar Spud come out next.

Tyrus vs. Eric Young

Tyrus goes right after EY but he ducks. Tyrus goes after him but EY goes behind him and tries to lock his arms around him but Tyrus turns and puts EY in the corner. He whips EY in the corner but he bounces out and tries to go after Tyrus. Tyrus knocks him down. He then whips him in the corner and does a smash. He whips Eric in the opposing corner. He goes to him and does a huge punch. EY falls to the outside. Ethan walks up to Eric but Spud yells, “Get away from him.” Ethan acts like he is some big guy but he laughs. Tyrus exits and brings Eric back in the ring. Eric stands and picks Tyrus up but EY falls back and Tyrus lands on him. He continues the attack. EY slowly gets up and punches Tyrus, but he grabs Young and does a suplex. Eric gets in the corner and Tyrus does a huge splash. He then takes him up on his shoulder and slams him down chest/face first. Tyrus climbs the corner and goes for a body splash but EY moves out of the way. EY gets to his feet. So does Tyrus. Eric punches Tyrus several times. He runs in the corner and hits Tyrus. He sways. Eric does a flying forearm and Tyrus falls. He stands and Eric lifts him up and hits a body slam. He climbs the corner and Ethan goes after him, but Spud grabs him and hits him in the face. Ethan falls.

Tyrus climbs the corner and attacks Eric but Eric punches him several times and he falls. Eric does an elbow drop. He coves and wins.

Winner: Eric Young

Spud enters the ring and celebrates with Eric. As they do, Lashley comes out of nowhere and gets in the ring. Eric turns and sees him. He pushes Spud out of the way. Lashley runs and spears Eric. He then grabs Spud and does a spin buster version move. Lashley exits the ring and grabs a chair. He enters and locks the arm with the chair. and stomps on it. He then applies a cross face to EY with the chair still around the arm. Just then, Austin Aries comes out with a chair in hand. Lashley exits the ring. Aries grabs a mic. He asks if he is furious. If he wants to send a message… Then he can do it to Lashley to his face instead of being from behind. Lashley is fine with that.


Brittany and Samuel Shaw are backstage. Brittany is all over Shaw. She says she is so interested in him, but she has to tell him something that he may not like. Shaw asks what it is. Brittany says it is Gunner and he came onto her. Shaw starts to breathe heavily and gets into a trance. He walks off. Brittany does a wide smirk.

Samoa Joe walks down the ramp as his music plays. As he does, video plays of him being taken into an ambulance. Joe is in the ring and has a mic. He says something has to be done. Sometimes the hardest decision is the right one and he is making the right one today. Joe says he has been informed by the doctor that he is not medically cleared to compete tonight. In fact, he is not medically clear to compete for a while. When he won the X-Division belt he had one goal and that was to rejuvenate the X-Division. This division was about no limits, about innovation… This division was about the true wrestling fan. Because of this and what he believes… He realizes that there are men in the back who risk life and limb for a shot at the belt. They deserve better. Then there are the fans. Fans support Impact Wrestling week in and week out and they want to see the X-Division. They deserve better. So, tonight… he will make a decision. Tonight, he relinquishes and vacates the X-Division Championship. Samoa Joe puts the X-Division Championship on the top corner. He stares at it. He then states there will be a new champion crowned, but it is leather and gold. He says he will heel and get better and he will get the belt back.


Video plays showing the Hardcore Tag Team match last week featuring Bram, Magnus, Devon, and Tommy Dreamer.

Bram is backstage. He starts to go into his insane faze as he calls out Tommy Dreamer next week in a Hardcore match. He wants him and he wants to see how hardcore he really is.

Samuel Shaw and Brittany come out. They are all over each other. Shaw then puts on his gloves and hides on the side of the stage. Gunner comes out next and sees Brittany on the ramp. She talks to him and they walk down the ramp together. Shaw comes out of the hiding place and attacks Gunner from behind.

Samuel Shaw vs. Gunner in a No DQ match

Shaw continues the attack but Gunner comes back as he takes Shaw off of his feet. He attacks him but Shaw turns it around and hits him. Shaw grabs a steel chair from under the ring. She goes to hit Gunner but he moves and he hits the steel ring post. Gunner grabs Shaw and hits a fallaway slam. He grabs Samuel and rolls him in the ring. There are two chairs in there and Gunner brings in a third. Brittany talks to Gunner as a distraction. Shaw stands and does a dropkick to Gunner as it hits the chair and the chair hits his head. Shaw crawls over to Brittany and kisses her.

Shaw grabs Gunner and goes for a choke hold but Gunner rams Shaw in the corner. He fights him, but Shaw gets out of it and punches Gunner several times. Gunner comes back with a whip into the corner and then a back body drop. Shaw stands and Gunner does a huge closeline to the outside and Gunner falls with him too. Brittany checks on Shaw. Gunner gets up and grabs a chair. Shaw crawls away. Gunner hits him in the back with it. He tosses it in the ring. Brittany starts screaming at him. Gunner goes to Shaw but Shaw lifts him up and smashes his head into the steel steps.

Shaw stands and Brittany kisses him. Shaw moves the steel steps around. Gunner rolls himself in the ring. Shaw gets on the apron and grabs Gunner. He goes for a suplex but Gunner reverses it and does a suplex to Shaw inside the ring. Shaw gets in the corner. Gunner runs to him but Shaw kicks him in the face. Samuel climbs the corner and jumps but Gunner knocks him out of mid-air. Gunner goes under the ring and grabs another chair. He sets all of the chairs on top of each other. He grabs one and hits Shaw in the back with it and then adds that chair to the pile. Gunner takes Shaw to the top rope. Gunner climbs the corner. He goes for a superplex and hits it on the steel chairs!!! Both are down. Gunner slowly goes to Shaw. He grabs him. Just then, Brittany gets on the apron. Gunner pushes Shaw down and Gunner says he has something. Gunner exits the ring. Shaw rolls to the apron. He slowly stands. Gunner grabs him and does a powerbomb on the steel steps. Gunner tells Brittany that is what he gets. Brittany says he was never a friend. Gunner rolls Shaw in the ring.

Just then, Brittany enters the ring and stands tall. Gunner goes up to her but she hits him with a low blow. She pulls Shaw over Gunner but Gunner grabs her ankle and trips her. She crawls away. Shaw stands and hits Gunner in the back with a steel chair. Shaw grabs Gunner and is brings him to his feet, but Gunner lifts him up on his shoulders and does a version of the F-5 onto the steel chairs! He covers.

Winner: Gunner

Brittany enters and checks on Shaw.

Austin Aries is walking backstage. We then see Lashley walking backstage. Their match is next.


Lashley’s music plays and he comes out and gets right in the ring. Austin Aries comes out as his music hits. He gets in the ring.

Lashley vs. Austin Aries

Austin Aries takes off his shirt and throws it at Lashley. He then goes right after him but Lashley tries to fight back. Aries hits him with a dropkick and then goes for the Brain Buster but Lashley gets out of it. He puts Aries in the corner and does several shoulder blocks. He backs up and goes to Aries again but Aries pops up and takes Lashley down. He knees Lashley in the head several times and then goes for the Last Chancery. Lashley gets out of it. He stands and tosses Aries to the outside. He slides out while Aries slides in. He does a baseball slide and then jumps to Lashley, but Lashley catches him. He goes to send him into the steel post but Aries slides out and pushes Lashley in the post. Lashley goes into the corner of the guard rail. Aries runs and does a flying dropkick. He brings Lashley in the ring. Austin climbs the corner and goes for a missile dropkick but Lashley swipes him out of the way. Lashley gets Aries up but Aries fights back with several punches. He goes in the ropes but Lashley hits him with an elbow.

Lashley puts Aries in the corner and does shoulder hits. Aries fights back. He puts Lashley in the corner. Aries climbs and punches him in the head but Lashley pushes him off. Aries stands and Lashley runs for a huge closeline.


Lashley gets Aries up on his feet and does a huge belly to belly suplex. Lashley grabs him as Aries stands and he does it one more time. Aries stands and does a huge slap on the chest. Lashley hits Aries and does another belly to belly and then another belly to belly and then another belly to belly. Lashley looks around as Aries is lying on the mat. Lashley grabs Austin and does another belly to belly suplex. Lashley gets Austin up to his feet and does another belly to belly suplex. Lashley now waits in the corner. Aries slowly stands. Lashley runs but Aries kicks him in the face. He runs again and kicks Lashley with both boots. He climbs the corner but Lashley turns and hits Lashley and climbs the corner. Aries bites Lashley and hits the ears. Lashley falls.

Aries does a huge top rope missile dropkick. Both stand. Lashley goes for a closeline but Aries ducks and hits Lashley with a forearm and then several more. Aries runs in the ropes and hits the disc forearm. Aries grabs him and sets up the Brain Buster but Lashley pushes him back. Aries runs to him but Lashley lifts him up and Aries lands on the apron. He continues with the forearm shots and then rolls over Lashley. He hits another disc forearm. Lashley now goes to the apron. Aries hits a neck breaker through the ropes. Lashley falls to the outside. Aries runs and does a huge suicide dive. Lashley falls to the ground. He stands. Aries rolls him in the ring. Aries climbs the corner. Lashley turns and punches him in the face and then tosses him off the top rope and Aries lands face first on the steel steps.

Lashley exits the ring and grabs Aries. He then slams him back first into the steel steps. He tosses him across the outside. Aries slowly stands. Lashley sets it up and hits the spear on the outside! The referee counts to 10.

Result: Double Countout

Lashley grabs Aries and lifts him up over his head and drops him down on the entrance ramp. He then applies the cross face. Aries is becoming motionless. Officials come out to try to pull Lashley off of him but Lashley gets up and they runs way. Lashley taunts. The show fades.