TNA IMPACT 11 19 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Date: November 19, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Tonight we are coming once again from Bethlehem, PA. We start with a video package recapping what has been going on between Bobby Roode, MVP, and Lashley over the past three weeks. Inside the arena Mike Tenay runs down the matches for this evening.

Bobby Roode comes out to the ring in street clothes with a microphone in hand. Roode says it’s safe to say in the world everyone has a true friend, and Eric Young is his true friend, and Lashley tried to end his career. He said he gets it, Lashley wants a shot at the title and he will get it, but tonight it’s not about the title or pro-wrestling, tonight he wants to fight. He wants no refs, no rules just him kicking the hell out of Lashley. Roode then calls for Lashley to come out right now. Lashley’s music hits and he comes out, Roode meets him on the ramp. Roode is sent in to the wall and security comes out and tries to break them up.

We then see EC3 back stage. He says he is going to give Rock Star Spud the opportunity he needs to become a man.

Another video package showing the carnage Havok has brought to the Knockouts division. We see Taryn and Gail saying they will do what is needed to win the title tonight.

Commercial Break: 9:10

Back from the break it’s time for the Knockouts title match. Out first is Taryn Terrell. We see highlights from Taryn‘s win over Madison Rayne last week. Out next is Gail, the announcers play up her injuries and how she is not 100%. Havok makes her entrance last, the announcers continue to make her look like an unbeatable monster

Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim vs. TNA Knockouts champion Havok for the TNA Knockouts Title in a triple threat match

We start with Gail and Taryn attacking Havok. Havok fights them both off. Havok fires Gail into the corner, then Taryn on top of Gail, then does a splash on both competitors. Havok continues to use punch and kicks on both knockouts. Taryn fires back but it does not work. Havok slams Taryn to the mat. Gail puts Havok in an octopus submission hold, then Taryn joins in. Havok catches Taryn in a cross body then Gail jumps on both to take Havok of her feet outside the ring.

Commercial Break: 9:23

Back from the break Gail is attacking Taryn inside the ring. Taryn goes for the pin and gets a two count. Gail then goes for a small package gets a two count. Taryn goes for neck breaker then gets pulled to the outside by Havok then slams her into the ring barrier head first. Havok then slams Gail to the floor outside the ring. Havok throws both back into the ring. She struts around the ring looking at the destruction she has caused. She pulls both Gail and Taryn together and climbs to the top rope and does a splash on both. Havok goes for the pin on both gets a two count. Gail and Taryn fight back, working together. Gail jumps from the top and drops her leg onto the back of the head of Havok who falls to the outside. In the ring Taryn attacks Gail. Gail gets the upper hand, Gail goes to the top but Taryn catches her, Havok comes back and power bombs Taryn who does the superplex on Gail. Havok puts both knockouts together again but misses the splash. Gail hit’s a DDT then a cross body on Havok and goes for the pin gets a two count. Taryn goes for cross body but Havok rolls thru for a two count. Taryn then attacks Gail she rolls her up for the three count and gets the win.

Winner: Taryn Terrell – New TNA Knockouts Champion

Backstage we see Kenny King and MVP. MVP says he needed time to look over the landscape. He says he is not ok with Kurt Angle trying to tear them apart, and Mike Tenay saying he is a mouth piece. He says what he is ok with is showing people what he is all about.

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Back from the break we see Samoa Joe talking about not being medically cleared to compete last week and vacating the TNA X division Title. We the re-cap how we began the night with Roode calling out Lashley. Backstage we see Roode fired up about his friends being taken out. He says the roles are reversed he is challenging Lashley.

Kenny King makes his way to the ring, then Chris Melendez

Chris Melendez vs. Kenny King

They lock up inside the ring. The announcers focus a lot on the handicap of Melendez. King escapes to the outside of the ring for safety. Back in the ring he takes Melendez down from behind. King and Melendez exchange holds. King hit’s a hip toss, then Melendez does the same. King goes to the outside, Melendez grabs him but King pulls his head of the ropes. In the ring King puts Melendez in a chin lock submission, then hits some cross face shots. The crowd chants USA as King continues to attack Melendez. Melendez then kicks King with the prosthetic leg. He then goes for a suplex and gets a two count. He kicks king again with the leg, he then gets attacked by MVP, and the ref calls for the bell. MVP continues to beat him with a chair. Ken Anderson rushes into the ring and breaks it up as King and MVO run to the back.

Winner: Chris Melendez by Disqualification

Backstage Rock Star Spud says what EC3 wants EC3 gets he will be in the ring as requested.

Commercial break: 9:54

Back from the break we re-cap the match we just saw between Melendez and King. They played up the fact Melendez used the prosthetic leg. We then go backstage and they show Melendez and we hear them say he needs an x-ray. Angle says MVP has gone too far.

EC3 comes to the ring with Tyrus. In the ring EC3 calls says the feel good story in TNA is Rock star Spud. He says Spud has endeared himself to the masses, and has accumulated some friend such as EY and Jeremy Borash. He said he slapped Borash so hard his entire family died. He said he is giving EC3 the chance to fight him tonight. Spud’s music hits and out he comes. Taz makes fun of Spud’s suits. EC3 says he know Spuds apprehensive to come to the ring because Tyrus is in the ring. EC3 tells Tyrus to leave the ring and not to come back in no matter what Spud does to him. Spud gets into the ring and EC3 tells him he is aware he ruined his life and it entertains him. He said Spud gets the first shot, and begs Spud to hit him. Spud says Mr. carter I am not going to hit you in the face, “I am going to kick you right in the balls” and he does. EC3 quickly gets the upper hand and destroys Spud in the center of the ring. Spud tries to fight back but collapses in the ring. Tyrus comes in and slams Spud to the mat. Tyrus kicks Spud around a little bit, then EC3 gets another microphone and says he is going to tear Spud apart piece by piece until he decides to end his career. EC3 says he is going to start with Spuds hair. EC3 got busted open some part during that exchange.

Backstage we see Angle yelling at King. MVP then attacks Kurt Angle. MVP says if he wants to play games lets go.

Commercial Break: 10:09

Back from the break we re-cap the attack on Angle by MVP. Taz says this going to cost MVP a lot including money.

Bram makes his way to the ring. We see a video hyping Bram’s destruction over other wrestlers. In the video he says this is just the beginning, he’s going to take it to a whole new level. Tommy dreamer makes his way to the ring. Bram meets him on the ramp.

Bram vs. Tommy Dreamer – Hardcore Match

Dreamer gets the upper hand, he dives of the ring apron and clotheslines Bram. Back u the ramp Bram slams Dreamer on the ramp. Bram then grabs a trash can and strikes Dreamer with it. They fight back to ringside. Dreamer sends Bram into the ring post. We see Dreamer is busted open. Taz makes a comment about not cheering for Dreamer just because they were part of the same little company years ago, he’s not like the others that attach themselves to Dreamer.

Commercial Break: 10:19

Back from the break Bram is yelling at Dreamer as he lies on the ring steps. Dreamer is busted wide open now. Bram rubs Dreamers blood on himself as Dreamer crawls back in the ring. Bram hits him again with a trash can. Bram then hit’s a side slam as Dreamer hit’s a suplex. Dreamer then hit’s a clothesline and grabs the Singapore cane and hits Bram, then a slide leg sweep and gets a two count. Dreamer then uses the chair to complete a couple moves. He hangs Bram in the ring corner and slams a trash can into his mid-section. He then places it against his head and runs and kicks the trash can into Brams head. Bram then hit’s a leg sweep on the chair and gets a two count. Bram climes to the top rope with the chair jumps off but Dreamer gets his boot up and kicks him in the head, hit’s a DDT, Dreamer gets a two count. Under the ring Dreamer pulls out a steel chair wrapped in barb wire. Magnus comes to the ring and slams Dreamer down. Bram and Magnus continue the beating. Al snow comes out and attacks Magnus. In the ring Dreamer uses a staple gun on Brams hand. Dreamer sets up the barb wire chair in the corner, he tries to throw Bram into it but Bram puts on the breaks, then Dreamer misses the DDT and Bram throws him into the barb wire chair. Bram hit’s the jumping DDT and gets the pin.

Winner: Bram

In the back we see Angle with ice. He says from day one he said if anyone touched him they would pay the consequences.

Commercial Break: 10:33

Back from the break we re-cap last week’s crowning of the new tag team champions Storm and Abyss. Up next the X Division Title Match

Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. DJ Z for the vacant TNA X Division Title match

In the ring Manik attacks Tigre and Ki attacks Manik. DJ Z goes after Ki. DJ Z jumps off the top rope and kicks Manik and Ki. KI the attacks Tigre Uno. Low Ki is perched on the top rope, Tigre Uno goes up but Manik pulls him off. Manik then hit’s a back drop suplex on Tigre Uno. Manik hits an inverted surfboard and Ki hit’s a double foot stomp on Tigre Uno and goes for the pin and gets a two count. Manik goes to jump onto Ki outside but Ki kicks him in the head. Ki, DJ Z and Manik lay outside the ring, and Tigre Uno hit’s a twisting springboard dive on the three. Back in the ring DJ Z hits Ki with a DDT, then Manik flies of the top, then Tigre Uno flies of the top as well, he goes for the pin and gets a two count. On the top rope Ki hit’s a Spine buster type move on Tigre Uno and gets the three count.

Writers Note: This match was full of action I was not possibly able to catch every move during this match, I recommend watching it.

Winner: Low Ki – New X Division Champion

In the back we see MVP on the phone talking Lashley. He says if Angle does what he thinks he will, its bad business for all of them. Tenay points out it was Lashley’s voicemail.

Commercial Break: 10:50

Back from the break Angle makes his way to the ring. Angle grabs a microphone to address the crowd. He said since he took over he has tried to make sure that TNA has the best in ring product possible. He said if MVP wants to attack him from behind that real men do it right in the middle of the ring, and he can come out. He said he had to notify the board of directors and there will be repercussions. MVP comes out and says Angle is multi time champ and gold medalist and now he is reduced to calling his mommy to protect him from MVP. MVP says he is sick of the place and sick of the company. He says he is sick of Angle and his snitching ass. He said Angle tattled on him to the board of directors. Angle then said he was not going to get MVP fired, he then attacked MVP. King enters the ring and attacks Angle. MVP kicks Angle in the head and knocks him to the outside. Then throws him into the ring post. Anderson comes out and attacks King. Lashley then comes out and attacks Anderson. Roode comes to the ring and throws King into the guardrail. In the ring Lashley and Roode fight, the exchange blows as Impact goes off the air.