TNA IMPACT 04 17 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: April 17, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

What does the future have in store for our new World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young? Find out here as Impact airs at 9 EST!

We start things off with the new champion EY as he celebrates with the fans and grabs a mic. He says the belt represents a lifetime of his hard work. He goes on to say that he won the belt for himself but will be a champion for the fans. He also says the days of a “paper champion” is over and that things will change. Eric Young is then interrupted by Dixie Carter who says she is the reason why EY is champion because she saw his potential. EY says that MVP is in charge and that the company doesn’t need her anymore.

She then says that he is going to be the “hood ornament” of her company, which he says he’ll get sick if he’s around her that long.

Dixie says she is going to give him a makeover (sound familiar?) to make him look more champion like material. Bully Ray comes out, apologizes to EY, and says he is there to “take out the trash.” Ray says Carter should be proud of Eric Young for working from the bottom to the top. He reminds Carter that she doesn’t want to tick him off, reminding her of what happens to people like her when tables are in the ring. He, along with the crowd, then serenades Dixie Carter out of the ring. We break for commercial while Bully Ray and the crowd chant for EY.

Velvet Sky (with Angelina Love) vs. TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne in a Knockouts Street Fight title match

Sky and Love with kendo sticks in hand, wait at the bottom of the ramp for Rayne to make her appearance. However, the champion, snuck up behind them and attacked them to get this match underway. Sky soon gets advantage and dominates most of the match with kicks and blows. Sky grabs a trash can and brings it into the ring. Rayne counters and gets ahold of the trash can and attacks Sky with it. However, from behind, Love hits Rayne across the back with a kendo stick. Just when Sky thinks she has gained the upper hand and the match, Rayne comes out of nowhere with a spear. Madison Rayne wins.

Winner: Madison Rayne

EY thanks Bully Ray for what he said. When Ray leaves, Abyss comes out of nowhere and challenges him to a title match tonight. EY accepts and makes it a Monster’s Ball. Looks like we have a World Heavyweight Championship match tonight.

9:30: Spud goes after EC III complaining about his legs hurting. Carter says he is fine and asks if he is afraid (a little bit, Spud says). Carter pumps Spud up saying that they will handicap Willow (Jeff Hardy).

MVP is in the ring and firsts congratulates Eric Young. He then goes on to address Samoa Joe, who is disgruntled and unavailable. Apparently Joe isn’t returning any of his phone calls. The person who interrupts isn’t Joe, though; it is Austin Aries. Aries is “disgruntled” himself. He says that he is tired of sitting on the side lines and is here for answers. MVP reminds him of what he did at Lockdown: chose the wrong side in a sneaky way. MVP then challenges him to a match right now but Aries says let’s wait. Austin Aries vs. MVP scheduled for next week. Sounds like fun.

TNA tag team championship match: The Wolves vs. TNA tag team champions The Bromans

Things start off as The Wolves knock The Bromans off the apron and then throws them into the ring to start the match. Richards and Edwards continue to gain momentum with a tag in and some double tag moves. However, Bromans battle back when Jesse comes in from behind. It is short lived once again as Richards goes up top, but gets knocked down. Jesse gets tagged in as he continues to dominate over Richards by cutting him off from his teammate. After tagging in Robbie again, Richards fights back and makes his way to his partner. Edwards, with the hot tag, knocks both Bromans down and gets slaps in on both in the corner. After knocking Jesse out of the ring, The Wolves hit a double boot on Robbie. However, before they could get the 3 count, DJ Z interrupts and gets the Bromans DQ’d to save their titles.

Winners: The Wolves

Apparently Spud is a dirty hamburger and EC III is a dirty sheet, according to Willow. Ooookkkaaaayyy. Moving on as we break.

EC III and Rockstar Spud vs. Willow in a “2-on-1” handicap match

(Quick note:Spud is hilarious. The way he was fixing his bow tie and imitating EC III was great.)

The match starts off with Willow knocking Spud and Carter down. However, getting a little distracted by Spud outside, EC III gains control (as the legal man) by grabbing him by the mask and throwing him down. After exchanging some blows, Carter tags in Spud. Spud slaps Willow as he’s down, but Willow grabs Spud by the ankle and holds on. Spud hops to his corner and gets the tag. Carter knocks Willow down, but Willow tries to come back with several roll up attempts. EC III knocks Willow down again with a slam and tags in Spud. Carter holds Willow as Spud gets in a couple slaps, but Willow soon kicks Spud. After battling out of the grip of Carter, Willow gets the Twist of Fate on Spud and gains the win. Carter, angry and embarrassed, knocks Willow back down and is about to target his leg. Kurt Angle interrupts, hits the German Suplex on EC III, and runs him out of the ring as we break for commercial.

10:08: Kurt Angle is still in the ring and has a mic. He says that EC III “thought” he ended his career, but Angle will end it when he says it is over. Angle says he is ready for a fight, and this time it will only be the two of them in the ring. He goes on to say that he will break EC’s arm, leg, and ankle. He says that EC III will be taken out in a body bag. Our Olympic Champion has returned.

Winner: Willow

Roode says since Bully Ray took something from him at Lockdown, Roode is taking something away from Ray: tables. At Sacrifice, he will put Ray through a table once again. Tonight, however, he issues an open challenge (excluding Bully Ray) to a match. Interesting.

10:19:A video of Sanada training for his best out of three matches for the X Division title against Tigre Uno.

Kenny King is out next and starts bad mouthing MVP’s management skills by saying that MVP is sitting the “LeBron James of Pro Wrestling” on the bench. He goes on to say that he will sit at the commentator’s table to watch the next match and that whoever wins the X Division title will have to lay it at his feet.

Sanada vs. Tigre Uno: 2nd match (Sanada 1 Uno 0).

Sanada and Uno go back and forth with many athletic maneuvers. Uno springs himself over the ropes toward Sanada, but Sanada moves out of the way. More back and forth athleticism. They are so fast it’s hard to keep up! Tigre Uno finally slams Sanada on his head and then climbs to the top rope. He hits the Saber Tooth 450 Splash and gets the win. Sanada 1, Tigre Uno 1. We will have a 3rd match.

Winner: Tigre Uno

Bully Ray gives himself a pep talk in the mirror as we cut to commercial.

10:32: Bobby Roode offers his open challenge to a table match when we return. Gunner accepts.

Bobby Roode vs. Gunner in a ‘tables’ match

After a few blows and a suplex to Gunner, Roode moves to the outside to go from a table. Gunner, however, counters by kicking the table into Roode’s face. Gunner and Roode both try to run each other’s head through a table propped against the ring, but both resist. Roode goes to run Gunner into the steps, but Gunner counters and Roode hits the steps. Gunner sets up the table at ringside and goes to suplex Roode through it. Roode counters, but Gunner catches himself before going through the table. Roode sets a table in the ring, propped against the turnbuckle. He tries to Irish Whip Gunner in, but Gunner stops himself once again. After knocking Gunner down again, he sets the table up on its legs. Before he can put Gunner through, Gunner counters once again. Gunner tries to set Roode up for the table, but Roode counters again. Roode lifts Gunner on his shoulders to go for the Roode Bomb, but Gunner escapes. They go back and forth, but neither goes through. Gunner hits an off the rope DDT and gets Roode onto the table. He climbs the top rope, but Storm comes out of nowhere for a distraction. Roode throws Gunner toward the table, but it doesn’t break. Bobby puts Gunner through the table with the Roode Bomb. Bully Ray chases Roode and Storm out of the ring when he comes down to the ring to aid Gunner.

Winner: Bobby Roode

EY is shown with his garbage can of weapons. He’s ready for the Monster’s Ball.

10:44: Bully Ray and Gunner are shown back stage when we return. Ray and Gunner vs. Storm and Roode next week.

Abyss vs. TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young in a “Monster’s Ball” match

EY starts off by cornering Abyss with 10 punches to the head. However, Abyss flings EY out of the ring and joins him. He delivers some hits to the head and then grabs a trashcan from under the ring. He throws EY back in the ring and grabs the can. However, EY swings his legs out and kicks the trash can into Abyss. EY bounces off the ropes and goes for a suicide dive, but as he flies out of the ring, Abyss hits his face with another trash can. EY is hurting while we break.

10:52: Abyss has EY in the ring when we return. Abyss hits him with a big boot and then sets up a steel chair in the corner. EY tries to counter with a front drop kick, but Abyss grabs his legs and flings him into the steel chair. Abyss goes outside and grabs his black bag. When we return to the ring, he pours out the tacks on the mat. EY counters with a low blow and after dodging a raging Abyss, he attempts to set Abyss up for a piledriver. He is unsuccessful and Abyss slams him back on the mat. Abyss grabs Janice from out of the ring and charges after EY in the corner. EY dodges and Janice gets stuck in the turnbuckle. EY knocks down Abyss and unhooks Janice. He goes after Abyss, but gets caught and chokeslammed into the tacks. EY barely kicks out of Abyss’ pin attempt. Abyss goes back for more weapons and brings a barbwire board into the ring. He goes to chokeslam EY in the board, but EY counters with a front dropkick into the board. EY climbs to the top and hits the flying elbow. One, Two, Three. Eric Young is still Champion.

Winner: Eric Young

No Magnus tonight. Interesting.