TNA IMPACT 05 15 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: May 15, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

How will Eric Young retaliate against MVP? Find out as Impact Wrestling airs at 9 EST!

9:00: EY is shown outside waiting on MVP for some conversation. A limo pulls up and EY opens the door after MVP. Security pulls him off as MVP gets out and smugly watches EY being carried away.

EY comes down to the ring and reveals he wishes what happened was just a dream. He says someone he trusted turned his back on him; someone he thought was different and was going to invoke change. He makes a promise to everyone that what happened wasn’t going to happen on his watch. He isn’t going to wait until Slammiversary.

MVP is shown on the Titan Tron. He says that the true power is being the champion. He says that EY becoming the champion was all a part of his plan and that MVP is going to take it from him. EY says he is a fighting champion and he is fighting MVP tonight. MVP says he will put security around himself to deal with EY. Even if EY does get through security, MVP says he still doesn’t like EY’s chances. Eric Young runs toward the back.

Rockstar Spud drives Dixie Carter to her house. Apparently Bully got there first. A sign that says “Dixie fears Bully” is shown. She gets out of the car.

Willow does another creepy promo about his match tonight against Magnus and Bram.

9:15: Willow, on the staircase, awaits his opponents with umbrella in hand. Magnus and Bram close in on him and they make their way to the ring to officially start the match.

Willow vs. Magnus and Bram in a handicap match

Willow and Magnus start things off. Willow starts off aggressively; Magnus makes his way to Bram. Bram slams Willow and tags Magnus back in. Magnus gets in the arm bar and a gutwrench suplex. Magnus tags in Bram again, but Willow gains momentum. He hits the groin kick and goes for the twist of fate, but Bram knocks him into the ropes (and Magnus trips him). Bram tags in Magnus and tells him to wait. He fishes the crowbar out from underneath the ring. Magnus, refusing to use it, kicks it out of the ring. He picks Willow up, but Willow rolls him up for the pin. Magnus once again leaves Bram in the ring. Is Magnus turning face again?

Winner: Willow

EY makes it into MVP’s office. He isn’t there, so EY trashes the place. We break for commercial.

9:27: There are tables set in Dixie’s yard with “Dixie Fears Bully” sprayed on them. She sends Rockstar Spud and camera guy in the house.

Gail Kim makes her way to the ring. She grabs a mic and says she is out to prove exactly who she is: the most hard working and passionate knock out on the roster. She helped this division. Kim calls out The Beautiful People because she is ready to fight. The Beautiful People answer. Angelina says that Kim is a good wrestler, but she isn’t, and should never be, the champion. Love climbs to the apron and proclaims they accept her challenge while Sky attacks from behind. A ref comes out and starts a match between Kim and Sky.

Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

Sky starts off strong, but Kim soon battles back with an elbow to the face and a drop kick. She sets Sky up in the corner and runs after her, but Sky moves in a way where Kim hits the post. Kim rolls to the outside and Love attacks as Sky distracts the ref. Love throws her back in the ring and Sky puts a bag on her head. After kicking her in the back and hitting another move on Kim, she attempts the pin. Kim kicks out and slaps Sky. Sky gets disgruntled and checks herself out in the mirror. Gail Kim soon hits the Eat Defeat and gains the victory. Love attacks her from behind and then exits with Sky in tow.

Winner: Gail Kim

The Menagerie is up next.

9:42: EC III says he tore Angle’s ACL. He says that when he beat Angle, Angle “passed the torch” to him. EC III says he is the future.

Kazarian vs. Crazzy Steve

Crazzy Steve hands Kazarian balloons. Kazarian takes them and slaps Crazzy Steve and throws the balloons. Kazarian and Crazzy Steve move outside. Kazarian gets in a minor confrontation with The Freak, but The Freak hits him. Crazzy Steve runs around and does some weird stuff. He grabs the balloons and does a cross body on them. They don’t pop, so he stomps on them to pop them. The other members of the Menagerie pose. The ref disqualifies Crazzy Steve. That was a weird segment.

Winner: Kazarian by disqualification

Aries wants to use the restroom, but security stops him. MVP walks out. Aries calls out MVP, mentioning the fact that MVP called Aries out for being dishonest. A security guard gets in Aries’ way and Aries attacks him. MVP orders Austin Aries to be vacated. When MVP is alone, EY attacks him from behind. We break for commercial.

9:56: EY and MVP are still going at it. MVP takes his tie off and chokes EY with it. He drags EY into the arena and throws EY in the guard rail. MVP goes for another punch to the face, but EY dodges. He throws MVP down the ramp to ringside. MVP gets the upper hand once again and attacks EY some more. He throws EY into the ring. Eric Young slowly gets up in the corner. MVP goes after him, but EY fights back. Security breaks up the fight. Eric Young is favoring his arm, but he flies back after MVP. Security breaks them up again, and this time MVP goes after EY. MVP orders security to leave as MVP attacks Eric Young once again. He targets Eric’s arm in a flying arm bar. MVP announces that EY gets his match tonight. MVP vs. Eric Young for the World Heavyweight Championship is the main event.

Rockstar Spud is in Dixie’s house. It seems Bully Ray has been eating and setting up more tables. He hears Ray and ducks underneath the couch. Ray spots the camera man and asks why he is there. Camera man says that Dixie sent them. Ray grabs Spud and locks him in a choke hold.

Mr. Anderson entertainingly announces himself and makes his way down to the ring for his match against James Storm. We break.

Ken Anderson vs. James Storm

10:10: Mr. Anderson starts off strong with a few clotheslines around the ring and then to the outside. He slams Storm’s head into the steps and gets in a few body shots. He throws Storm back into the ring, but Storm fights back by raking Anderson’s arm against the ropes. He attacks Anderson around the ring while they make their way to the ring. The two go back and forth with drop kicks, clotheslines, and elbows to the face. Anderson slams Storm down and sets him up for a finish. When Storm rises to his feet, he cowers around the ref. When Anderson goes after him, he sneaks a low blow. Storm hits Anderson with a DDT and goes for two pin attempts. Storm rolls out to ringside and grabs a beer bottle. He takes a drink and enters the ring. He sets Anderson up to hit him with the bottle, but Anderson counters and goes for the Mic Check. Storm counters as well and hits The Last Call. James Storm wins.

Winner: James Storm

Samuel Shaw is in the looney bin. Somebody is there to see him. He asks if it’s Christy. Ooookay. We break for commercial.

DJ Zema vs. Tigre Uno vs. TNA X Division champion Sanada for the X Division Championship

DJZ throws his knee into Tigre and Sanada to start things off. Tigre Uno and Sanada double team DJZ to knock him out of the ring. Uno sneaks a roll up on Sanada, but he kicks out. Sanada and Tigre Uno go back and forth, but DJ soon comes back and Uno gets knocked out. Both get moves on the other, Sanada doing a hurracarana and a cradle pin (all around the ring). DJZ soon gets the upperhand not only on Sanada, but also on Tigre Uno. Sanada comes back with hard chops to DJ’s gut (which is taped) and some elbows to his back. As Sanada and DJZ exchange chops, Tigre Uno flies on top of them and they all end up at ring side. Tigre rolls DJ back to the ring and climbs back up to the top turnbuckle, but DJ knocks him out of the way. When he turns around, Sanada hits a spring board chop and then gets the pin with a tiger suplex. Sanada retains his X Division Championship.

Winner: Sanada

Bully Ray calls Dixie Carter and tells her she is all alone. We break for commercial.

10:36: Gunner visits Samuel. He says he thinks Samuel needs somebody to talk to.

Dixie Carter tries to get in touch with Bully to make it all go away. She finds Rockstar Spud on the floor. Bully Ray, hiding in the corner, shuts the door. He says that everything that is happening is her fault. He asks if she wants him to go away and she says yes. He says that if she wants that, all she has to do is say, “Dixie Carter fears Bully Ray.” She gets through half of it before EC III attacks Ray from behind. Carter says she doesn’t fear anybody.

MVP vs. TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young in a non-title match

10:46: Eric Young is out first. While MVP is making his entrance, EY attacks. However, MVP soon battles back by targeting EY’s injured arm. He hits it on the steel steps, crushes it with the steel steps, and runs his elbow into it at the guard rail. The match still has not officially started. We break yet again.

10:53: Finally the bell rings when we return. MVP kicks EY’s arm and trash talks him. EY tries to come back, but MVP knocks him down once again. He goes for a pin attempt but fails. He picks up EY and throws him into the post twice. MVP does a little show boating and then locks EY into a hold. Eric Young breaks the hold with a few right hands, but is stopped once again by MVP. He sets EY in the corner to drive his foot in Eric Young, but EY soon gets out of the way. Eric Young hits the flying fore arm on MVP and climbs up top. However, Kenny King interferes and hits The Royal Flush. MVP tells the ref to restart the match, but the ref refuses. King attacks the ref. King holds EY as MVP gets in a few shots. Bobby Lashley runs down, but he attacks EY as well. They attack Eric Young with chairs. MVP holds up Eric Young’s title and celebrates with his buddies.

Winner: Eric Young by disqualification