TNA IMPACT 06 19 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: June 19, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package from Slammiversary. It shows MVP using crutches as he is injured. He announces that Eric Young will face the winner of Kenny King/Austin Aries and Bobby Lashley/Samoa Joe. Bobby won as well as Aries. The two went on to face Young in a Triple Threat match. At the end, Eric Young came out on top.

MVP’s music plays. MVP comes out on crutches. Kenny King and Bobby Lashley are behind him. They meet on the stage. They walk down the ramp. They get in the ring as the crowd boos. MVP grabs a mic and look around. The fans continue to boo. MVP says he will cut straight to the point. The crowd chants, “You can’t wrestle.” MVP says he is right because he has a knee injury. What happened on Sunday was an absolute tragedy. As we know, Dixie Carter went to the Board of Directors. MVP got a reprimand from the Board, so MVP changed the Slammiversary main event. MVP says he is not going to have anyone in suits in Dallas or Nashville tell him how to run his show. We are blessed to have 100% MVP tonight. MVP is starring and is directing tonight’s show. MVP calls out Eric Young so they can have a conversation. Eric Young’s music plays and he comes out.

Eric Young has a mic as he stands on the stage. EY says the only tragedy that happened is that he didn’t punch MVP in the face at Slammiversary. EY says he is on a role. MVP says he gave EY the opportunity to defend for the championship. He said he and Austin Aries planned the whole situation so they didn’t have to fight the monster Bobby Lashley. EY says he and everyone else doesn’t have patience. The crowd runs the show, not him. EY is not going to wait so he will walk down there now and beat him up. MVP says he is injured and EY would fight a defenseless person. Kenny King grabs the mic and says he wants EY right now and he will take the TNA World Championship from hi. Eric says he is fine with that. He calls out Earl Hebner, the referee, to call the match. Earl comes out. He and EY walk down the ramp and get in the ring. MVP leaves the ring after talking to King. Bobby talks to King some more and then exits the ring.

Kenny King vs. TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young for the title

King runs right after EY but EY ducks and goes after King. He takes him down and goes for a cover but King kicks out. Both get up but EY does a headlock. King sends him in the ropes and knocks him down. He runs in the ropes but Eric knocks him down. King gets up and goes in the corner. Eric runs to him but King lifts him up and puts him on the top rope. He hangs there and King kicks him right in the back. Eric falls to the outside. Bobby walks up to him. Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, and The Wolves come down the ramp with chairs to come to the aid. Bobby backs up. Eric stands on the outside but King flies over the ropes and takes him down with a cross body. King brings him in the ring and continues the assault. He applies a headlock. Aries and Joe sit on the chairs on the outside as they look on. The Wolves are standing behind them. Eric gets out of the headlock and punches back. He whips King in the ropes and knocks him down with a closeline. Eric climbs the corner. King gets up and runs to him but Eric rolls through as he jumps. Both turn to each other but King grabs EY and hits a bridge suplex. EY kicks out. King lifts him up on his shoulders. He flips him around but EY does a small package. He gets the win.

Winner: Eric Young

MVP is flipping out on the outside. EY meets up with Aries, Joe, and The Wolves. He celebrates with them.


MVP is at ringside and he is in the face of the bell ringer. He slapped him in the face and the guy falls off his chair. MVP wants him to say he is sorry. MVP says everyone saw the match and he rang the bell for the match to end. He shouldn’t have. Just then, EY, Aries, Joe, and The Wolves run down the ramp and attack Bobby and King. Security come out and try to separate the talent. They do. EY, Aries, Joe, and Wolves are walking up the ramp, but Joe runs into security and attacks Bobby. The security break them up again. MVP and King are in the ring. MVP grabs a mic. MVP asks if they think this is a game. MVP says he runs this company. He is the Director of Wrestling Operations. MVP says they confuse his kindness and weakness. No more people will get involved in their matches. If MVP is abusing his power, then he will abuse his power. MVP says EY will have another championship match tonight. EY will face Bobby Lashley tonight. He will also have security throw everyone out of the arena for that match. The only men who will be in the arena and that will be him, Lashley, and King.

MVP makes another match for the TNA World Tag Team Championships as it will be The Wolves vs. Aries and Joe and another tag team. MVP now wants Earl Hebner. Earl comes out and gets in the ring. MVP says he wants to slap Earl’s taste out of his mouth as he didn’t count three for EY, but he doesn’t slap senior citizens. He tells Earl that he is fired. He wants him to take off that referee shirt. Brian Hebner comes out and defends Earl but MVP says he doesn’t have a heart and if Brian doesn’t leave then he will fire him as well. Earl takes off his referee shirt and grabs the mic and says he loves this business for 37 years but it’s people like MVP that make him hate it. He loves the fans though. MVP tells him to get away. MVP says the championship will come their way tonight. MVP has the referee shirt in hand.

Dixie Carter and Ethan Carter III is backstage. The camera man asks Dixie about the MVP antics that just went down. Dixie says all of his actions are showing what he is all about as she told the Board of Directors. It will all fall in place. Ethan talks about taking Kurt Angle down as well as Bully Ray. He is a hardcore American icon. The camera man asks about Tommy Dreamer. Dixie says she will let him speak and see if he can say what he wrote on his keyboard. Dixie tells Ethan she has a massage lined up for him with Helga. Ethan loves it and goes in the room.


The Wolves walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Next, it is Willow and Abyss. They walk down the ramp. Willow has his umbrella and then runs around the ring. Abyss is behind him but walks to the ring. Willow is absolutely going crazy.

Austin Aries and Samoa Joe vs. Abyss and Willow vs. TNA world tag team champions The Wolves in a triple threat match for the titles

Aries and Willow start the match. Aries goes behind Willow and takes him down. He covers but Willow kicks out. Aries applies a headlock but Willow elbows his way out of it but Aries whips him in the corner. Willow does a hip up and Aries goes in the corner. Aries fights back and tags Joe. Joe enters and takes Willow down. He plants a knee to Willow’s chest. Willow gets up but Joe punches him but Willow hits a chin breaker. He tags Abyss. Joe goes in the corner. Abyss gets on his hands and knees. Willow jumps on his back and flies to Joe. Willow exits. Joe, all of a sudden, applies the Rear Naked Choke. Willow enters and Aries does and Aries applies the Last Chancellory. The Wolves enter and break the holds. The Wolves leave the ring. Joe and Aries leave the ring and Wolves enter it. They then hit a double suicide dive to Aries and Joe. The crowd is going crazy.

The show goes to a split screen as we see Tommy Dreamer enter the building.


Abyss is attacking Joe in the corner. Joe rolls out. Abyss goes after Davey as he is in the middle of the ring. Abyss takes Davey into the corner and starts choking him with his foot. Abyss turns and scares the referee out of the ring. Abyss whips Davey in the ropes but Eddie tags himself in. Eddie jumps in and Abyss chokes him as well as Davey. They get out of it and hit a double dropkick to Abyss. Aries tags himself in and puts The Wolves in the corner and hit a double dropkick to both of them. Davey has Aries in the corner as Eddie punches him in the head. Aries falls. Eddie climbs the corner and plants an elbow to Aries. Davey covers but Aries kicks out. Eddie tags in. He goes after Aries for a short time but tags Davey in. Davey enters and hits a headbutt and a knife edge chop and tag Eddie in. Eddie continues the attack with kicks to the chest. He tags Davey in. He enters but Aries fights back. He fights both of them. Eddie attacks Joe on the corner and then does a suplex to Aries. Davey is in the ring with Aries and they fight back and forth. Aries whips him in the ropes but Davey kicks him in the head but Aries comes back with a forearm as Davey stands. Abyss tags himself in as Davey falls back.

Abyss goes after Aries but Aries hits him with a forearm. He falls back and Joe tags himself in. Joe goes after Abyss and whips him in the ropes and hits a scoop powerslam. He covers but Abyss kicks out. Both get up and Abyss whips Joe in the corner and runs to him but Joe fights back. He climbs the corner and jumps and knocks Abyss down. Abyss reaches and tags Willow. He goes after Joe but Davey tags himself in. Aries enters and Willow tosses him over the ropes onto The Wolves. The three stand. Joe walks to them. Willow climbs the corner and jumps and knocks all of them down. Willow brings Davey in the ring. He does a Swanton Bomb from the top but Davey puts his knees up. Eddie enters and they do a double team move to Willow. Davey covers and wins.

Winners: The Wolves

MVP, Bobby, and King are backstage. MVP is worried about Kurt Angle. King says he handle it but MVP says he couldn’t win his match tonight or his match at Slammiversary. He states maybe it will be a bad situation if Kurt Angle hurts his surgically repaired knee. Bobby, MVP, and King start thinking of plans.

Mike Tenay and Taz recap the situation between Dixie Carter and Tommy Dreamer.

We see Dixie and Rockstar Spud walking backstage. They are coming to the ring.


Samoa Joe and Austin Aries are in the back. Security is backing them up. They have to be removed from the building. Joe and Aries continue down the hallway.

The Wolves are walking backstage. They walk up to MVP and two people who he is talking to in suits. MVP says they can’t leave yet as The Wolves have another match. They will fight against Bram and Magnus. The Wolves are fine with that. They leave. MVP tells the two in suits that when their match is done then he wants them out.

Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud come out on the stage as her music plays. Dixie gets in the ring with the help of Spud. He gives her a mic. Dixie thanks the crowd as they boo her. Dixie wants to celebrate an amazing Slammiversary on Sunday and the incredible win by Ethan Carter III. Did anyone think he would win? Dixie says he beat Ray and destroyed him. Bully isn’t here tonight. Dixie is sorry but she knows he is at home on his Twitta Machine. She states she will never ever go through a table. She goes on to talk about how negative people don’t affect her. He and all of us are pathetic. She then goes on to talk about MVP and how the board will take care of it. The crowd chants “You suck” to Dixie but she says we can embrace her, it’s fine. She goes on to state that there is someone who has been typing some mean things to Dixie and she wants him to come out. Spud says it is “Tommy Dreamer”. Dixie asks if he ever won for her but Spud says he barely did. Dixie doesn’t know who he is. Dixie tells him to come out.

Tommy Dreamer comes out and gets in the ring. The fans chant, “Tommy Dreamer.” Dixie says she remembers him now. Dixie says it is better to see each other in person. Tommy slandered Dixie on social media and at his indy show. She wants him to apologize to her. Tommy thanks Dixie for having him. The crowd chants, “ECW, ECW, ECW.” Dixie says the fans did not go to school as they don’t have the right letters. Tommy states Dixie’s business tactics make him scratch his head. He says social media took off the entire business disagreement. Social media blew it up. He says social media changed the game of television. He says Dixie DMed him one time and invited him to her house. They watched a football game with her husband and kids. Dixie then invited Tommy to TNA and put on a PPV called Hardcore Justice and gave his friends closure.

Tommy says he watches Impact and sometimes feels embarrassed to be a professional wrestler after what he watches. He says people work hard and put their bodies on the line and would die for her. People want to support her but this isn’t the Dixie show. This is not a reality show based off of Dixie Carter. Go to Hollywood for a reality show. Tommy runs House of Hardcore and he listens to the fans. He goes around the world and hears fans say that wrestling has helped them. Tommy says his best moments in wrestling as with his dad and girlfriend. He doesn’t have them anymore, but when he was at Slammiversary, he looked up in the Skybox and saw Dixie, her husband, father, kids, and mother with her. Dixie cheered when Kevin Von Erich applied the claw. Tommy wants people to have their moments, so give them what they want. Dixie walks in toward Tommy with tears in her eyes. She hugs him and then knees him in the groin. He falls. Ethan Carter III runs out and attacks Tommy. He rolls him to the outside. Dixie grabs the mic and says Tommy is an attention seeker and tries to steal promotional time. He is useless and shouldn’t be on the show.

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. King and Bobby stop him. Kurt says he had two knee surgeries in 6 months and doesn’t want a third. He just wants to talk to MVP. King tells Bobby to watch him. Bobby gets in front of Kurt. He has a lead pipe in hand. Kurt tells him, “Nice pipe.”


MVP meets up with Kurt Angle. MVP says he has business to take care of. He will be back later. MVP uses his crutches to walk away. King is beside Bobby. Kurt says, “His pipe is bigger than yours.” King gets upset.

The Wolves are in the ring. Bram and Magnus come out and get in the ring.

TNA world tag team champions The Wolves vs. Bram and Magnus for titles

Bram and Magnus go right after The Wolves. They knock Davey off of the apron. Magnus takes Eddie to the corner and tags Bram. Bram stomps on him multiple times. Magnus tags in and whips Eddie in the ropes but he floats over. He does a hurricanrona and tags Davey in. Davey works on the arm and tags Eddie in. Eddie jumps on the arm and Davey takes Bram off of the apron. They double team Magnus now. Magnus rolls out to recover. Eddie follows him. Magnus ducks. Bram closelines Eddie down. He continues the attack. He rolls Eddie back in the ring. Magnus stomps on him. He tags Bram. Bram rams Eddie’s face in the mat multiple times. He whips him in the corner but Eddie fights back with chops. Bram comes back and goes for a back suplex but Eddie flips over and goes for a tag but Bram tags Magnus and Magnus stops him. Eddie kicks him in the face. Davey tags in.

Davey runs and takes Bram off of the apron. He closelines Magnus and then hits a back elbow. He goes in the ropes and kicks Magnus in the face. Magnus goes in the corner. Davey runs and kicks him in the chest several times. Bram runs to him but Davey moves out of the way. Davey dropkicks Magnus and Magnus accidentally DDTs Bram. Davey climbs the corner and hits a missile dropkick. He climbs the corner and goes for the double foot stomp but Magnus rolls out of the way. Bram hands Magnus a chair. Magnus stands and throws it to Davey. The bell sounds.

Winners: The Wolves

Bram brings a chair in the ring and hits Eddie in the face. Bram tosses Davey out of the ring. Bram sets the chair up around Eddie’s head. Magnus climbs the corner to stomp on it but Willow and Abyss run down the ramp and get in the ring. Bram and Magnus get out of the ring and walk away.

MVP is walking backstage. He walks to Brian Hebner who is on the phone. Brian puts his phone down and we see he is crying. MVP talks about Earl Hebner and how he ma receive a social security check now and go to some strip clubs. Whatever he will do doesn’t concern MVP at all. MVP says Brian can call the main event match tonight. He should love it. Brian doesn’t say anything. MVP says he signs Brian’s paychecks and allows food on his table. He says he wants Brian to count: 1-2-3 against EY. MVP now has business to take care of with Kurt Angle.

We see Taryn Terrell walking backstage. She looks at herself in the mirror and likes what she sees.


Magnus and Bram are walking backstage. Magnus talks about their match against The Wolves. Just then, Abyss and Willow attack them from behind. They fight back.

Gail Kim is in the ring and she introduces Taryn Terrell. Taryn comes out on the stage. She walks down the ramp in heels and a red dress. She gets in the ring and turns to Gail. Gail says she has to be honest. The fans chant, “Welcome back, welcome back.” Gail says she didn’t like Taryn when she came into the company. She didn’t believe she was right for the division, but at Slammiversary last year, they had the Last Knockout Standing match and she proved Gail wrong. Taryn was on a mission to prove she belonged and she did just that. Taryn beat her then and she earned Gail’s respect. That’s why she wanted to welcome her back. Taryn grabs the mic and thanks Gail and the crowd.

Taryn took the year off to have her beautiful baby girl. To come back and earn Gail’s respect is an honor. Those were her best matches of her career. If she remembers correctly… Taryn won the Last Knockout Standing while Gail won the Ladder match. They are tied. They need one more match to see who is the best Knockout. Just then, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky come out. Love says it is a love fest in the ring. Who died and made Gail the boss? Gail lost to Love at Slammiversary on Sunday. Gail is not the Champion. Gail is not the leader of the division. Her opinion doesn’t matter – #GoAwayGail. The Beautiful People get in the ring. Love asks if they are going to junior prom after the show as they are both wearing dresses. Love then apologizes as she didn’t introduce herself to Taryn. Love kicks Taryn in the gut. Sky goes after Gail. Sky holds Gail and Love goes after her but Taryn stands and attacks Love. Gail fights back. They toss The Beautiful People out of the ring.

MVP meets up with Kurt Angle as Kurt is surrounded by guards. Kurt says he wants a moment to talk. He has been watching how everything unfolded since his injury. He understands a lot more after being home alone. MVP asks Kurt when he became a doctor. He tells Kurt that he could join them and watch the match. King gets in the face of Kurt and tells him to leave now or be forced to leave. King pokes Kurt’s head and then pushes him. Kurt tells him to get out of his face and then punches King. He falls. Kurt turns to Lashley and asks what he is going to do. Kurt backs up and looks at MVP and then goes to walk away.


Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim are surrounded by security. They tell them they have to leave. Jeremy Borash is standing there and states he has been there for 12 years exactly and he has never seen it like this. MVP meets up with him and says everyone has left except for Borash. He tells him to go. MVP turns to the camera man in the back and tells him to go. He does as well.

Music plays and here comes Bobby Lashley. MVP and Kenny King are behind him. They walk down the ramp. Eric Young’s music plays. He comes out and walks to the ring.

Bobby Lashley vs. TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young for the title

Bobby and EY walk around the ring. They lock-up but Bobby quickly works on the arm. EY fights back with punches to the face. He runs in the ropes but Bobby jumps over him. EY comes back and knocks him down. Bobby stands and EY closelines him out of the ring. EY climbs the corner and jumps. He hits the cross body on Bobby on the outside. EY rolls Bobby in. EY climbs and jumps but Bobby catches him but EY slides behind and does a roll-up. Bobby kicks out. EY runs in the ropes but Lashley hits a back body drop. Bobby gets EY up and tosses him out of the ring. Bobby exits and continues the assault.


Bobby knocks EY right down with authority. He gets EY up and lifts him for a suplex. He has him up with one hand and then drops him. He covers but EY kicks out. Bobby takes him to the corner and whips him in the opposing corner. EY elbows him. EY fights back with punches to the head. Bobby whips EY in the ropes but EY comes back with a closeline and a dropkick. EY climbs the corner and jumps. He hits the cross body. Bobby kicks out. Both stand and bobby kicks EY in the gut and whips him in the corner. Bobby runs to him but EY moves. Bobby attacks him and whips him again. EY pops up but Lashley holds him on his shoulders. He goes for the slam but EY slides out. EY grabs Lashley and hits the piledriver. He covers. The referee counts but King drags the referee out of the ring. Kings EY on the ropes. Lashley goes after EY but EY ducks and attacks King. EY hits Lashley with a DDT. Lashley slowly gets up. EY turns to him and Bobby hits him with a spear. He covers and wins!

Winner: New TNA world heavyweight champion Bobby Lashley

MVP and Kenny King get in the ring and celebrate with lushly. The crowd is booing hardcore. King grabs a chair and puts EY’s arm in it. King stomps on the chair to try to break the arm. Just then, someone runs over the guard rail. Here is Bobby Roode! MVP sees him and quickly leaves. King turns and Bobby tosses him out of the ring. He stares at MVP. King enters but Roode attacks him and tosses him out once again. Lashley wants to get in the ring but MVP holds him back. Roode yells at the three while MVP holds up the TNA World Championship and hands it to Lashley. EY stands and stays with Roode. The show fades.