TNA IMPACT 07 17 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: New York, NY
Date: July 17, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

*Will Jeff Hardy prevail against Bobby Lashley for the World Heavyweight Championship? Find out here as Impact airs 9 EST!

9:00: Kurt Angle unveils the 6 sided ring. Tazz, standing in the audience, speaks of how the guys in the back want to change wrestling for the better and have the special look in their eye.

Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer enter the ring to huge pops. Bully Ray promises tables. Tommy Dreamer reminisces about how he and Ray got their exposure in that very building. He says that the guys in the back have the desire to go “extreme” for each and every one of the fans.

EC III and Rhyno interrupt and say that Carter isn’t going through a table. Carter then proceeds to give New York City horrible insults as they enter the ring.

Tommy Dreamer reminds them that this isn’t a “PG Era” and that he believes wrestling should be less talking and more action (oooo burn) before attacking. We break for commercial.

9:16: When we return, a tag match between Dreamer/Ray and Carter/Rhyno.

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray vs. Ethan Carter III and Rhyno

Bully Ray and Dreamer are delivering a beating on Carter. Carter escapes Dreamer and finally gets the tag on Rhyno. Rhyno throws Dreamer into a couple turnbuckles and tags Carter back in. Carter hits a back drop, but Dreamer escapes and tags in Bully. Bully drags in Rhyno and he throws him into a turnbuckle while Dreamer throws Carter into the opposite one. They both climb up and deliver punches to their faces. Rockstar Spud comes out of nowhere and distracts Dreamer. Carter knocks Dreamer out. Rhyno and Ray return to their corners while Carter delivers shots to Dreamer. Dreamer escapes Carter as Bully gets the hot tag. Ray powers through Carter and knocks out Rhyno. He delivers a big elbow and tags Dreamer. They hit a double team, but Rhyno interrupts and drags Ray outside. Dreamer suplexes Carter, but Spud interrupts. Dreamer slams Spud, but Carter comes from behind with the roll up. EC III and Rhyno get the win.

Winner: EC III and Rhyno

Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy are shown entering the building.

Austin Aries thanks Kurt Angle for the opportunity to show what he can do. The X Division championship Gauntlet starts next.

9:30: Storm tells Sanada if he keeps listening to his mentor, he will become a choke artist.

X Division championship Gauntlet match – the participants: Eddie Edwards, Manik, Davey Richards, DJ Z, Crazzy Steve, Tigre Uno, Sanada, and TNA X Division champion Austin Aries

Starting with two people in the ring. It will be an over the top rope elimination until there are only two competitors in the ring.

Edwards and Aries start things off with a hook up. They go back and forth until Manik enters the ring. Manik holds Edwards with his feet as Aries runs into Edwards. Aries turns his attention on Manik and knocks him down with a dropkick. Davey Richards enters and they double team the other two opponents. Richards starts on Aries with slaps and kicks while Edwards goes after Manik. DJ Z enters and delivers the hurracarana on Manik over the top rope, but eliminates himself in the process. We break for commercial.

9:42: Crazzy Steve and Tigre Uno are in the match. Sanada enters as well and delivers a springboard chop to Tigre Uno. Crazzy Steve knocks Tigre Uno with a couple clotheslines. Tigre Uno and Crazzy Steve are eliminated. The Wolves are thrown out by Sanada. Sanada and Aries are the only ones left and the match is scheduled for one fall.

Aries puts on The Last Chancery, but Sanada makes it to the ropes. Sanada knocks down Aries and goes for a pin attempt. He climbs for the moonsault, but Aries counters. Aries goes for the knee breaker, but Sanada counters with a tiger suplex. Aries kicks out, but Sanada hits the front slam. Sanada goes for the moonsault again and Aries counters. Aries hits the brainbuster for the win. Aries shows sportsmanship by shaking Sanada’s hand.

Winner and still X Division champion: Austin Aries

EY and Bobby Roode are on the same page tonight for their match against MVP and Kenny King.

James Storm calls Sanada a loser. He beats him up and says Muta and Sanada are frauds.

Dixie Carter has entered the building. We break for commercial.

9:58: Jeff Hardy says he came back because of Kurt Angle.

MVP and King are in the ring. MVP says he’s the toughest man in the building because he’s getting in the ring even though he’s hurt. EY and Bobby Roode enter.

MVP and Kenny King vs. Bobby Roode and Eric Young

We begin with EY and King. EY throws some punches and an elbow. He goes to throw King, but it gets countered. EY flips and lands on his feet on the apron. He tags in Roode who continues the beating King. He throws King in a turnbuckle and runs for him. King counters with a boot and tags in MVP. MVP starts to get bested and soon escapes to the outside for a “time out”. MVP hobbles back in and quickly tags Kenny King back in. Roode tags in EY who powers over King. MVP hits a cheap shot on EY. King tags in MVP who slams EY down. He tags King back in who goes for the pin. He drops a leg on EY and goes for the pin again. King lifts EY on a turnbuckle, but EY counters with a shot. King is knocked down, who tries to come back after EY. EY hits the cross body and tags in Bobby Roode. Roode hits a few clothesline and a spine buster. King tags in MVP, but Roode locks in the cross face. King interrupts, but EY knocks him out. MVP grabs one of his crutches and attacks Roode for the disqualification. We break for commercial while MVP and Kenny King beat down on Bobby Roode and Eric Young.

Winner via DQ: Bobby Roode and Eric Young

Madison Rayne vs. Brittany in a “no disqualification” match

Brittany attacks Rayne during her entrance. Brittany puts Rayne in a hold over the ropes, but gets knocked outside. Rayne flies with a cross body. She goes for a powerbomb on the ramp, but Brittany counters with a back body drop. Brittany drags her back in the ring and goes for the pin. She gets angry and shakes her with her hair. She hits the side Russian leg sweep, but Rayne kicks out. Rayne tries to battle back, but gets sent to the outside again. Brittany goes for the inverted DDT, but Rayne counters with a suplex. She throws Brittany back in the ring and hits her with a couple fore arms, drop kicks, and a boot. She goes for the pin attempt and picks her up, but Brittany counters with a couple slaps in the corner. Rayne soon battles back and hits a packaged DDT. Rayne picks up the pin.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Dixie Carter is asked why she is there tonight. She says it is because she owns the company, of course. After being asked about Bully Ray, she says that he looks like a mean, slobbering Saint Bernard, but inside he really is a toy poodle. He is all bark, but she is all bite.

We break for commercial. Our world heavyweight championship match is next.

Austin Aries will have to make it public if he is cashing in his X Division Championship at Destination X.

TNA world heavyweight championship: TNA world heavyweight champion Bobby Lashley vs. Jeff Hardy

They lock up and Lashley throws Hardy down. They lock up again and Lashley chokes Hardy in the corner. Lashley gets the better of Hardy and suplexes him. Hardy retreats to a counter as Lashley charges after him. Hardy counters with a boot and goes for the Twist of Fate but is unsuccessful. Jeff Hardy knocks Lashley to the floor as Hardy cross bodies him. He sets up the steel steps, but Lashley counters an Irish whip. Hardy jumps on the steps, but Lashley sweeps his feet from underneath him. Hardy hits his head on the steel as we break.

10:30: Lashley is still beating down on Hardy. He throws Hardy into a corner and knocks him with a clotheslines. Lashley lifts Hardy up on the shoulders, but Hardy escapes. He knocks Lashley down and hits the double leg to the groin. After hitting The Whisper in the Wind, Lashley tries to bounce back. Hardy hits The Twist of Fate and then the Swanton off the top rope. He goes for the pin, but Lashley kicks out. Hardy throws Lashley out and drives his head several times in the steel steps. Hardy climbs the turnbuckles and goes for the Swanton, but Lashley moved out of the way, resulting in Hardy crashing on the steps. Lashley rolls in the ring followed by Hardy. Lashley nails Hardy with the spear for the win.

Winner and still TNA world heavyweight champion: Bobby Lashley

Dixie Carter says she is going out to the ring, despite all the warnings of Bully Ray. We break for commercial.

10:49: Kurt Angle books MVP in a falls count anywhere match next week with Bobby Roode. He warns Lashley and King not to interfere.

Rockstar Spud announces Dixie Carter. She enters with Carter and Rhyno on by her side. She looks around with a disgust on her face. She called New York a dump to extremely loud boos. She called Tommy Dreamer a cry baby and says you can’t change perfection. She goes on to say that she is embarrassed that the people cheers for Bully Ray. She calls him a low brow, low class, C rated star. She says she is the one who is hardcore since she is the one who has put him through tables. Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray interrupt with a table with Dixie’s name on it (literally). Ray and Dreamer immediately go after Rhyno and EC III. They throw them and Spud out and set up the table. They corner Carter. Ray climbs up top and Dreamer goes to give her to Ray. EC III counters and gets Carter out of there. Rhyno and Spud carry Carter to a safe place in the stands. Devon comes out. He and Bully hit the What’s Up (Wazz Uppp). Bully orders Devon to get the table. They perform the 3D on EC III through a table. Devon’s back. Carter cowards in the stands as we go off air.