TNA IMPACT 07 03 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Date: July 3, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Impact’s final night from Pennsylvania opens up with highlights from last week focusing on Kurt Angle ascension to Director of Wrestling Operations. The big screen has a Fourth of July theme along with red, white, and blue decorations surrounding the arena. Tenay says tonight will have a “Kurt Angle’s Red, White, and Blue Throw down” theme.

Angle comes to the ring and he talks about Independence Day. He says that tomorrow we celebrate America’s independence but tonight we will celebrate TNA’s freedom. He says there is no more BS or backstabbing going on, and he calls tonight the “Red, White, and Blue Throw Down” like Tenay mentioned. Angle says that he has set up some incredible matches but before we get to those he has something to discuss. He calls Earl Hebner down to the ring which he does dressed in street clothes. Angle says that MVP fired Hebner a few weeks ago and as his new boss Angle is reinstating him and then hands him his referee’s shirt. Angle and Hebner hug as Angle calls him the greatest referee to ever live.

Angle says he had a tough day putting these matches together. He says that EC3 will face Bully Ray in a Tables Match! In a Triple Threat the Wolves will defend the Tag Titles against Bro-Mans and The Menagerie! Angelina Love will face Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title and in the Main Event Eric Young gets his rematch against Lashley for the World Title! Angle tells the fans to sit back and relax and enjoy the entertainment on him, but before he can leave Samoa Joe comes out looking a tad bit pissed off.

Joe sarcastically says everyone should rejoice that Angle is here now to rule over TNA with his “righteousness.” Angle looks a bit puzzled and Joe says that they both know that Angle being fair is a “bunch of BS.” Joe says Angle is no different than his predecessors and he knows it. Joe says that he knows Angle better than anyone else in this company and if there is one thing he knows it is that Angle covets the World Title more than anything else in the world. Joe asks how long it will be before he books himself in a World Title match and he bets that it will be just as soon as his knee is healed. Angle says that Joe knows just as well as he does that he put up with the same BS that Joe did.

Joe says they have to be clear on one fact and that is that Angle damn sure didn’t walk the same path that Joe did. He says that Angle was “bought and brought” in TNA while Joe kicked his way into TNA and he used his face to be his justification to be in TNA and that is how they will always be different. Angle says that Joe acts like he never had any opportunities and says that he has had plenty. Angle says that Joe’s problem is that one night he will come in and beat the hell out of everyone and then the next night he’ll come in and “half ass” it. Angle says not one did Angle ever “half ass” it in the ring because that ring is sacred to him. He asks Joe if the ring means the same to him. Joe says that there is a lot of things that Kurt could say to him but questioning his dedication to wrestling is not one of them.

Joe says that while Angle was trying to get his foot in the door in MMA Joe was busting his ass in places like Pennsylvania trying to rebuild the sport of professional wrestling. He says that while Angle was being flown all across the country in leer jets and driven around in limos Joe was fighting down the street in a guard armory for $40 a night. He gets in Angle’s face and he says that the fans call him the “Samoan Submission Machine” and if he hasn’t heard he IS pro wrestling!

Angle says THIS is the Joe that he and the fans want to see but Joe tells him to be careful what he wishes for. Joe walks out as Angle looks a bit confused at Joe’s reaction.

In the back MVP is talking to someone on the phone when Bobby Roode walks up. MVP taunts Roode and asks him if he wants to fight but as he approaches MVP, Kenny King blindsides Roode slamming him into the wall repeatedly. King beats Roode down before MVP walks over and chokes him with his crutch. MVP says that Roode is not on his level.


In the back Angle checks on Roode as Roode snitches on MVP and King. Angle apologizes but Roode says he doesn’t owe him anything. Roode says if it wasn’t for Kurt he would probably still be sitting at home. Angle says that they haven’t always gotten along and they beat the hell out of each other for six months at one point. He says that he doesn’t like Roode but he respects him. Roode says he isn’t going to the hospital and he wants MVP in the ring tonight. Angle tells Roode to come with him.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Triple Threat Match
The Wolves (c) vs. Bro-Mans (DJ Z and Jessie) vs. The Menagerie (The Freak and Knux) w/Rebel and Crazzy Steve

The Freak is wearing a different mask tonight. Looks kind of like a modified Bane mask, the old school Bane not the more recent one. Instead of white on the mask it is red with black. Bro-Mans attack The Wolves as they get in the ring but then eat Double Big Boots from The Menagerie. Knux tosses Jessie to the floor and Knux teases a dive but then he sees Zema charging at him and Freak. They Double Hip Toss Zema over the top into a Somersault Plancha onto everyone else on the floor! Knux rolls to the floor and tosses Eddie into the ring where The Freak goes for a Vertical Suplex until Davey rolls in and kicks the hell out of Freak with repeated leg kicks. Freak drops Eddie but then kicks Davey and lifts both of The Wolves into the air with a Double Suplex! Freak Splashes Eddie in the corner but as he did the splash Jessie blind tagged him. Jessie puts the boots to Eddie along with Zema before choking him blatantly. Jessie covers Eddie for a near fall and puts him in a Keylock. Eddie fights the hold off but as he hits the ropes Zema kicks him in the back allowing Jessie to connect with a dropkick for a near fall. Jessie tags Zema in and they put the boots to Eddie. Zema elbows Eddie and tags Jessie right back in as they whip Eddie into the ropes. Zema drops down to his back and Jessie Spinebusts Eddie onto the knees of Zema! 1…2…NO Davey breaks up the pin! Zema tags back into the match and Bro-Mans attempt a Double Back Suplex but Eddie blocks it and counters with a Double Rana! Eddie launches to his corner and tags Davey in! Davey lays out both members of Bro Mans with strike after strike. Davey hits the Damage Reflex on Jessie and a T-Bone Suplex on Zema! Knux runs in and attempts a clothesline but Davey ducks it and dropkicks Knux into the ropes. Freak eats a dropkick as well but Freak bounces back and attempts a clothesline. Davey ducks and Freak clotheslines Knux over the top also causing him to flip to the outside as well! Davey charges into an elbow from Jessie but then as Jessie charges at Davey, Eddie pops up out of nowhere lifting Jessie into the air right into the Alarm Clock! 1…2…3!

Winners and STILL Tag Champs: The Wolves via pinfall (Alarm Clock)

In the back Roode tries to get to King as Angle holds him back. Roode screams at MVP and King to jump him now. MVP asks if they are in the principal’s office now since Roode is a tattle tell. Angle says since MVP is in such a mood to fight he is booking him against Roode tonight. MVP says he can’t because of his torn meniscus and Angle of all people should know what that can lead to. MVP says he does have a doctor’s note as well. King says that they just got done beating Roode’s ass already so he shouldn’t want anymore. Roode calls King a joke and they start screaming at each other as Angle books King in a Street Fight against Roode tonight. King and MVP laugh about Roode being a snitch as Angle drags Roode out.


Bobby Roode comes down to the ring and he says thanks to Angle he is back in TNA and he isn’t wasting any time. He tells King to get his ass out to the ring so he can kick it. King asks MVP if he really wants this and since he already hurt Roode’s shoulder he’ll go break his neck now.

Angle walks out and forces MVP to go to the back.

Street Fight
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. “The King of the Night” Kenny King

Both men are in street clothes as the fight starts on the ramp with Roode hitting King with a Northern Lariat! Roode kicks King off the ramp and drags him towards an exit hitting him with a trashcan. Roode tosses King into the exit door but King comes back with a rake of the eyes and then he slams Roode into a nearby wall before slamming a trashcan into him. King and Roode fight towards the fans now near a balcony as King talks trash to Roode. King rakes the eyes of Roode but Roode fights back tries to throw King off the balcony! King holds onto the railing but Roode punches him repeatedly causing King to fall to the floor. Roode climbs down and slams King into the platform that holds the announce table, and then they brawl through the crowd. King fights back and attempts a Running Clothesline on Roode but Roode backdrops King over the guardrail and onto the floor at ringside. Roode grabs a chair but eats it as King Spin Kicks it into his face! King tosses Roode into the ring and covers him for a near fall. King hits a Snap Suplex and floats over into a mount raining down right hands before getting another near fall. King grabs the chair used a few moments ago and then chokes Roode in the ropes before hitting him with a series of crossfaces. King attempts the Royal Flush onto the chair but Roode counters into the Roode Bomb on the chair! 1…2…3!

Winner: Roode via pinfall (Roode Bomb)

In the back EC3 asks how many times he has to beat Bully and how many tables does he have to go through before Bully realizes he will never put him or Dixie through a table because he is the “Hardcore American Icon.”


In the back Roode says he has been sitting at home for two months and his first official night back he gets jumped as he comes in the door. Roode says he and Angle haven’t had the best history but he did him right tonight and gave him what he wanted. Roode says that Street Fight is exactly what he needed to get his head back in the game. Roode says King was first and next is MVP and finally it’s Lashley because he is destined for the World Title again.

Aries approaches Angel backstage and he says that he calls himself the “Common Denominator of Greatness” and not because it is a cute nickname but because he believes it to be true. Angle agrees and Aries says he helps bring out the greatness of others. He says he needs Angle’s help because during MVP’s reign he held Aries down the whole time and never gave him his rematch with Sanada for the X-Division Title. Angle says that Aries is the guy that created “Option C” and now he thinks he can do that whole thing again and get back the World Title. Angle agrees to give Aries his title shot next week. Before Aries walks away Angle says he and Aries need to have that match someday to find out who the greatest wrestler alive really is. Aries smiles and says he would love that.

Brittany comes to the ring and she says that there is something that she really needs to get off her chest. She asks Madison to come to the ring which Madison obliges. Madison says if fighting Brittany is the only way to get through to Brittany then they need to get a referee out there so they can get this over with. Brittany stops her and says that isn’t why she asked her to come out. Brittany says that Madison was right and she was wrong. Brittany says the Knockouts division can be difficult to navigate through and she was naïve in thinking she could do anything with no consequences which Madison warned her against. Madison says she tried to keep Brittany from making all the same mistakes that she did when she first started out. Brittany says that she knows and that she wants to apologize to Madison. She says that she looked up to Madison before she got to TNA and apologizes again. She says that she has learned a very important lesson from all of this. Madison says she appreciates that and if somehow she has learned something from all of this then she will be there for Brittany from here on out. She says that she sees the potential in Brittany and she wants her to succeed. Brittany and Madison hug and Brittany raises Madison’s arm before saying that the real lesson she learned was “never meet your heroes” and then she destroys Madison with a clothesline!

Brittany then says, because “they only disappoint” before punt kicking Madison in the gut! Brittany slams Madison into the ring post and then drags her on the floor and Reverse DDTs her! Brittany lays on the mat and stares down at Madison smiling. “I guess we’re not friends anymore, huh?” says Brittany.

Backstage Bully repeats “over my dead body” over and over and says those are the words that he heard from EC3 and Dixie going into Slammiversary. He says that people say you have to be tough to be lucky and EC3 proved that he was pretty damn tough at Slammiversary, but he knows damn well he was even luckier than he was tough. Bully says if it wasn’t for Spud or Dixie then EC3 would have never walked out of Slammiversary. He says that he guaranteed that he would put Dixie through a table and he swears to God he will keep that promise but tonight EC3 goes through first.


In the back MVP predicts that Lashley will be the most dominant champion in TNA history. He says that EY has tremendous heart but all the heart in the world will not help him against the beast. He asks how many times Angle will throw the gazelle to the lions, and that Angle better remember that he did this and that only Angle is responsible for what Lashley does to EY tonight.

Tables Match
“The Hardcore American Icon” Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray

Bully attacks EC3 as he gets in the ring and absolutely lights him up with chops. Bully whips EC3 into the corner repeatedly from corner to corner before clothes lining him. Bully slams EC3 into the turnbuckles from pillar to post. Bully throws EC3 out to the floor and slams his head against the steps over and over. Bully tosses EC3 back in the ring and attempts a splash in the corner, but EC3 sidesteps him and connects with a Flying Forearm. EC3 whips Bully into the ropes and attempts a backdrop, but Bully kicks him and connects with a series of jabs followed by the Dusty Atomic Elbow! Bully goes to the floor and pulls out a table and sets it up in the ring. EC3 clotheslines Bully as he turns around and then slams Bully face first into the mat repeatedly. EC3 grabs Bully’s chain wrapping it around his fist. EC3 attempts to hit Bully with it but Bully blocks it and chops EC3. EC3 goes back with a clothesline with the chain! EC3 screams that he is a Carter at Bully while raining own right hands in the corner. Bully then grabs EC3 for a Powerbomb but Spud runs in and low blows Bully! EC3 and Spud beat on Bully and Spud is wearing a pink and white suit with hearts all over it. Suddenly we hear “GORE! GORE! GORE!” and the “Man Beast” Rhino hits the ring! We haven’t seen Rhino in TNA in years! EC3 bails to the floor and then Rhino goes to Gore Spud but stops and then turns around and cuts Bully in half with a vicious Gore! The fans boo Rhino out of the building as Rhino taunts them. EC3 makes the money motion with his hands as the fans chant “you sold out.” EC3 Chokeslams Bully through the table!

Winner: EC3 via putting Bully through a table

Rhino celebrates with EC3 and Spud as the fans give them plenty of heat.

Backstage Roode hypes EY up and he tells him tonight is EY’s night to get his belt back. EY doesn’t seem too excited and EY says Lashley is a beast and that he is 0-3 against him. He says that on paper he doesn’t stand a chance but Roode reminds him that no one thought he stood a chance at winning the title. EY says he is going to take what he believes and make it true, he says that he has something that Lashley doesn’t have a huge heart. He says he is taking his title back. Roode says he will be in EY’s corner and he is going to make sure MPV and King are not a factor.


Backstage Rhino says he doesn’t owe anyone anything and sometimes he does things just because he wants to, and you can ask Bully about that because he knows better than anyone right about now.

A vignette hyping up BFG in Tokyo is shown.

A video covering the history of the “Creepy Bastard” is shown including Gunner attempting to help him.

Earlier today Gunner is shown talking to Shaw saying that he has to gain some trust with people in TNA again. He says that he needs to start right now by apologizing to “you know who.” Mr. Anderson walks by and looks shocked as he sees Shaw. Anderson says that Gunner has to be kidding but Gunner tells him to give him a chance. Anderson says he spent months trying to get rid of Shaw and that he doesn’t like him because he is a creepy bastard. Gunner tells Anderson to lay off of him and Anderson tells him to give him one good reason. Gunner talks about his friend that had PTSD and he just needed a chance to get better. Anderson says he appreciates that story and if Shaw has changed so much he will have no problem apologizing to Christy. They walk into Christy’s dressing room which causes her to freak out. They tell her to trust them as Shaw tells her that he is sorry for everything that happened. He says that his problems stem from his childhood and he is getting help and getting better. He walks away as Christy and Anderson look puzzled.

The referee, Brian Stiffler, is in BP’s locker room and they are again flirting with her trying to get him to give them favor in the match tonight. Angelina says that Hebner is just jealous of him because Stiffler deserves to be head referee. Angelina says tonight is a very important match tonight and they need their man to call it for them. Stiffler says he talked to “that old man” and demanded to be assigned this match and Hebner agreed. Velvet tells him that confidence is sexy and Angelina says so is winning. Velvet slaps him on the ass and tells him to that they will see him out there.


Kurt Angle approaches Brian Stiffler and says every time he referees one of BP’s matches they make him and the company look foolish. Angle removes Stiffler from the match and has Brian Hebner take his spot.

We cut to Knux and his sexy ass girlfriend talking to the rest of The Menagerie. Knux says they have to win to make money to save the carnival and he is getting frustrated with his group.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Angelina Love (c) w/Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

This is a rematch from Slammiversary in which it looked like Gail was about to win the title before chicanery with the referee Brian Stiffler went down. BP try to suck up to Hebner like they were doing with Stiffler but it has no effect on him. Gail goes to hit Angelina but she drops down and rolls to the floor. Gail hits a slingshot dropkick through the ropes onto Angelina and then Gail goes after her on the floor. Angelina grabs Hebner to distract him as Velvet shoves Gail into the ring post. Angelina rolls Gail back in the ring and covers her for a near fall before wrapping her up in the ropes and pulling on her hair. Angelina dropkicks Gail to the floor and then distracts the referee as Velvet clotheslines Gail. Angelina rolls Gail back into the ring and covers her again for another near fall. Angelina hangs Gail up in the tree of woe in the corner and puts the boots to her. Angelina grabs Gail by the head and then slams it into the turnbuckles before hitting a Sliding Dropkick for another two count. Angelina charges into an elbow in the corner and then Gail hits a series of forearms. Gail hits the ropes where Velvet trips her as Angelina distracted Hebner. Gail grabs Velvet by the hair and pulls her up to the apron but Velvet catches her with a Jawbreaker onto the top rope. I’m pretty sure Hebner was looking dead at what happened and that is confirmed as Hebner sends Velvet to the back. Gail catches Angelina with an inside cradle for a quick near fall. Gail kicks Angelina and hits a shoulder block followed by a Running Clothesline. Gail whips Angelina into the corner and connects with a Running Body Press! Gail climbs up top and hits a Missile Dropkick for another near fall. Gail tries to pick Angelina up but eats a Jawbreaker. Angelina goes for a front kick but Gail catches her foot and then sweeps the other leg. Gail climbs up top but eats the Botox Injection from out of nowhere! Gail falls to the floor but as Hebner was counting Gail out Angelina stops him and rolls Gail back in the ring. 1…2…NO Gail kicks out and Angelina can’t believe it! Angelina goes for the Botox Injection again but this time Gail blocks it only to eat a Forearm Smash from Angelina. Angelina attempts to whip Gail into the ropes but Gail reverses it into Eat Defeat! 1…2…3! NEW CHAMP!

Winner and NEW KO Champ: Gail via pinfall (Eat Defeat)

A hype video hyping up Lashley vs. EY is shown.


Backstage Angle says tonight has been awesome and this summer is going to be huge for TNA. He says next week all titles will be on the line except the World Title because there will be a Battle Royal to determine the new #1 contender for that title.


Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
“Showtime” Eric Young w/Bobby Roode vs. Bobby Lashley (c) w/MVP

Lashley and EY lockup with Lashley immediately grabbing EY in a waistlock, and then showing off his insane strength by lifting EY way up into the air and slamming him to the mat. Lashley attempts an Elbow Drop but EY rolls out of the way and lays into Lashley with a big right hand. EY hits the ropes and MVP trips him but as Lashley hits the ropes Roode trips him up as well irritating Earl Hebner. Hebner kicks both Roode and MVP out from ringside. Lashley swings at EY but he ducks and hits a series of big rights. Lashley cuts him off and tosses EY into the corner and charges right into a big elbow from EY. EY goes to the floor and slaps hands with the crowd getting under Lashley’s skin. Lashley goes after EY and EY rolls back into the ring and elbow drops Lashley repeatedly as Lashley rolled back in the ring. EY grabs Lashley but Lashley runs him into the corner and hits a series of shoulder blocks followed by a big Forearm Smash. EY fights his way out of the corner and then climbs to the top only for Lashley to Forearm Smash him sending EY out to the floor. EY sells his foot as he hits the floor suggesting an ankle injury. Lashley immediately goes after the injury slamming his foot into the ring apron over and over. Lashley slams the foot against the ring post and back in the ring he hits EY with a Spinning Back Kick followed by a Leg Sweep. Lashley puts EY in a Heel Hook and then Lashley slams EY’s foot into the mat as EY reached for the ropes. Lashley gets a near fall and then tosses EY into the corner. Lashley charges into a boot from EY and then EY climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick but sells the foot as he lands. EY climbs back up top but the injury causes him to take too long allowing Lashley to cut him off. Lashley climbs up with him and they exchange vicious strikes. EY bites Lashley and knocks him off the top before diving off the top with the Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO Lashley kicks out! EY goes for the Piledriver but Lashley counters into the Powerslam! Lashley cuts EY in half with the Spear, 1…2…3!

Winner and STILL World Champ: Lashley via pinfall (Spear)

1) TNA Tag Titles Triple Threat: The Wolves (c) def. The Menagerie and Bro-Mans to retain the titles!
2) Street Fight: Bobby Roode def. Kenny King
3) Tables Match: EC3 def. Bully Ray
4) TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim def. Angelina Love (c) to win the title!
5) TNA World Title: Lashley (c) def. Eric Young to retain the title!

Scheduled for Next Week:
-TNA X-Division Title: Austin Aries vs. Sanada (c)
-TNA World Title #1 Contenders Battle Royal

Until next week… PEACE!