TNA IMPACT 08 14 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: New York, NY
Date: August 14, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Relive the early 2000’s as Team 3D and Hardy Boyz face again here as IMPACT airs at 9 EST!

9:00: Bully gloats about how he fulfilled his promise by putting Dixie Carter through a table. He says that he couldn’t do it without his brother, the best tag team partner, Devon. Devon comes out and says that it is about to get down to the business and hand. Matt and Jeff interrupt and make their way down to the ring. They shake hands while the fans chant for the Hardyz. Matt starts off by reminding everyone of all the history these two teams have had over the years. With huge pops from the crowd, they agree to have one more match tonight. Devon says Testify and they shake hands once again. I feel like I’m 13 all over again, haha!

Rockstar Spud, EC III, and Rhyno don’t look so hot as they make their way through the backstage. We break for commercial.

9:14: Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and Austin Aries are watching Dixie go through the table in slow motion. They are ready to take out the last 3 pieces of trash: Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King.

X Division Elimination Scramble match for the #1 contendership: Tigre Uno, Crazzy Steve, Manik, Low Ki, DJ Z, and Homicide

Tigre Uno and Crazy Steve start things off. They go with forearms

Uno throws Manik off the ropes. He, Uno, goes for the ropes as well, jumps on top, and hits the hurricarana. Manik soon gains momentum and hits a spring board. He gets the win.

Low Ki and Homicide join the match and double team on Manik. DJ Z joins as well by hitting a double boot to Low Ki and Manik. DJ Z rolls Manik up for the 3 count.

DJ Z, busy taunting Manik, gets knocked down by Low Ki and Homicide. Homicide and Low Ki double team on DJ Z until Low Ki gets the pin on him.

Low Ki and Homicide are the last two left. Low Ki runs at Homicide with a forearm. He backs him up into a corner and starts punching him in the head. Homicide counters and throws Low Ki outside. Homicide suicide dives on Low Ki and then throws him back in the ring. He runs Low Ki’s face in the turnbuckle and then hits the running knee. He goes for the pin, but Low Ki kicks out. He hits Low Ki in the gut, but Low Ki soon Irish whips Homicide in the corner. He runs after him, but Homicide escapes. Homicide picks up Low Ki, but Low Ki now gets out of his grip. He hits the Ki Krusher for the win.

Winner and #1 X Division Contender – Low Ki

9:30: EC III, Spud, and Rhyno make their way to the ring. Spud demands a moment of silence for the “tragic” event of Carter going through a table. When the fans do not get what he wants, he goes crazy and says he’s going to knock all of them down. EC III demands Bully Ray to be terminated because of what happened to his aunt. He threatens to stand there all night long. Kurt Angle comes down and tells Spud to shut up. He says that his job is to provide the best show he can. He says that EC III can either wrestle or get out. EC III says he isn’t wrestling, but he isn’t going anywhere, either. He then calls for “New York City’s Finest” to get them to vacate. Spud calls them Dunkin Donut Eating toffles (or something weird like that), which makes the cops angry and they proceed to take the three to “jail”. Oh jeez.

Samuel Shaw blames himself for what happened last week. Gunner says this is between he and Anderson and not worry about it.

EC III, Rhyno, and Rockstar Spud are still being taken to jail.

9:44: EC III, Rhyno, and Spud are STILL being taken to jail. Good gracious. I think that’s enough.

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner

Anderson pushes Gunner and Gunner reciprocates and then they lock up. Anderson gets hold of Anderson by the waist and slams him down. Anderson soon fights back and backs Gunner into a corner. Samuel Shaw interferes and tries to get Anderson off Gunner. Anderson, behind the ref’s back, knocks down Shaw. Shaw gets angry and attacks Anderson, costing Gunner the match. Gunner pulls Shaw off Anderson.

Winner: Mr. Anderson via DQ

Angelina Love asks Velvet Sky if they are okay, since Gail Kim was “twisting her words” last week and if they’ll work together tonight. Sky says not to worry, that one of them will walk out as Knockout’s Champion. Love doesn’t sound too thrilled about that. We break for commercial.

9:56: Apparently Dixie Carter “broke her back” last week.

TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell for the Knockout’s Championship in a fatal 4-way match

Kim started off early against Sky, however, as she was bouncing off the ropes, Love picks her up and slams her down. Kim rolls out of the ring and they begin on Terrell. As Sky was thrown into the ropes, Kim on the outside tripped her and dragged her to the outside. Terrell and Love soon join them outside. Love knocks Terrell down, but Kim soon jumps to the apron and suicide dives on The Beautiful People. The three of them reach their feet, but Terrell soon dives on them as well. Terrell throws Love in the ring for a pin attempt, but doesn’t get it. Sky and Kim soon joins them. Kim gets knocked down, and Love hits a move and goes for a pin attempt. After Terrell kicks out, Sky goes for a pin. Love gets angry with her. As they argue, Kim knocks both of them down. Sky soon fights back and goes for the In Yo Face on Terrell, but Love breaks it up. They both go for pin attempts broken up by the other. They shove each other and Love gets knocked out of the ring. Kim hits the Eat Defeat on Sky for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

10:03: Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King are not worried about Dixie Carter. They focus and make the headlines. Their 6 man tag match is coming up next.

TNA world heavyweight champion Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King vs. Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and Austin Aries

Lashley and Roode start things off. Lashley knocks Roode down and tags in King. Roode hits a few shots and goes for a crossface. King escapes, but Roode is soon back on him. Roode tags in Aries and holds him back. Still behind the rope, Aries delivers a hard slap to King and he bends over. Aries jumps on top of him and then tags back in Roode. Roode takes a few shots and then tags in EY. EY flies at King until King makes it to MVP. EY knocks down MVP and makes it to Lashley. The two stare off until Lashley starts to dominate. He lifts up EY and drops him. He throws EY against the ropes and he gets caught. As Lashley runs after him, he hits his knees as Lashley comes toppling over. MVP and King soon enter the match, but Aries and Roode help to clear them out. Lashley and EY make it back into the ring. Lashley beats on EY once again and tags in MVP. MVP slaps him around and goes for several pin attempts. He tags in Lashley again who suplexes Eric Young. Bobby Lashley goes for a single leg Boston crab, but EY escapes and makes it to Aries. Lashley tags in Kenny King. Aries starts flying at everyone and climbs the top rope. He hits a missile drop kick. Lashley goes for a spear on Aries, but Aries counters and gets him in the Last Chancery. King knocks down Aries, but Roode knocks him down. MVP knocks Roode down, but EY hits him with a pile driver. Lashley knocks down EY and Austin Aries comes at him. Aries climbs the rope, but while the ref’s back was turned, MVP knocks him down with his crutch. Lashley hits his spear on Aries and they get the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King

We hear from Abyss when we return.

10:25: The Wolves says if Team 3D ever wants the titles, they would put them on the line. That would be awesome.

Abyss says Bram has something that belongs to him and demands his presence. Bram answers, along with Magnus, holding Janice. He demands Bram to give Janice back. Bram says no. Abyss asks him if he wants to get Extreme, which he says yes. He says it will be tables, glass, tacks, and other dangerous stuff. They will hang Janice from the ceiling and the first person to get her wins. Oh dear God. This is a freak love show with a piece of wood. Please save us all.

10:37: James Storm says that Sanada is weak, confused, and lost. He, Storm, is his strength. With him, he will be the Great Sanada.

Hardyz vs. Team 3D

10:48: Bully throws Jeff in the corner, but Jeff picks his legs up and hits a hurricarana on Bully. He tags in Matt and they both bring a leg drop down on him. Bully finds his way to Devon, but he gets knocked down as well. Devon soon fights back and knocks down Jeff. Devon picks Jeff up and bangs his head against the turnbuckle. After a few right hands, Devon drives his knee in Jeff’s face. Devon puts on a chokehold, but Jeff soon escapes. Jeff climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle, but Devon drives his fingers in his throat as Jeff comes flying at him. Devon tags in Bully who delivers several elbows. He tags Devon back in who drops a fist on Jeff. Devon hits a lateral press, but Jeff kicks out of the pin attempt. Devon tags Bully back in. They throw Jeff against the ropes, and he kicks Devon in the face. Bully knocks Jeff back down. He lifts Jeff up and locks in a bear hug. Jeff escapes, but Bully soon drives him back down. Bully climbs to the second rope and Jeff meets him up there with a forearm. He hurricanranas Bully down and goes for a pin attempt. Bully powers out and Jeff finally makes it to Matt. Bully tags in Devon. Matt hits The Side Effect, but doesn’t get the pin. He climbs to the ropes and hit a moonsault, but Bully breaks up the pin. Bully gets knocked down and Devon powers through Matt. Jeff knocks Devon down and climbs to the top rope. Matt gets Devon on his shoulders as Jeff hits him with a Twist of Fate spiraling down. They try to get a pin, but he kicks out. They get Devon in the corner, but Devon soon knocks them down. He gets Matt on his shoulders as Bully climbs up for Dooms Day. They hit What’s Up and then order for the tables. While they go out to get it, Matt drops to his knees and Jeff flies at him. Matt gets Devon in the ring and hits The Twist of Fate as Jeff climbs up for a Swanton. Bully interrupts the pin attempt and soon knocks out Jeff. They hit the 3D on Matt for the win.

Winners: Team 3D

IMPACT goes off air with the two teams hugging it out.

Devon and Matt start things off. Matt gets Devon in an armbar and then Devon reciprocates. Devon holds Matt down, but Matt soon makes his way to Jeff. Jeff flies at Devon, but he soon hits the Devon leg drop and tags in Bully. Bully beats on Jeff as we break for commercial.