TNA IMPACT 01 09 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: January 9, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

[Q1] A video recapped the failed coronation of Magnus last week… Dixie Carter made her entrance and said she didn’t want to waste one more minute on AJ so she had the contract and he should come out now and get this over with. AJ made his entrance and took a mic, but Dixie wouldn’t let him speak. She said he didn’t get to speak.

Dixie said the contract was for one night and one match only. She said to make sure it was the last time she saw him, she was making the match a no disqualification match. She said she hoped the last time she saw him was when he was being carried from the ring. She shoved the contract at him and told him to sign it.

Styles mocked her tough act and said once again she bet on the wrong horse. He said it was winner takes all tonight and that meant he was once again leaving as TNA Champion. He took the contract and said if she thought the no-DQ stipulation meant her little friends were going to run out and interfere there were plenty of guys in the back who hated her as much as he does.

Dixie said she signed his checks and fed his family for 11 years and the guys in the back were no different. She said they wouldn’t come help him because she owned each and every one of them. Styles called Magnus a paper champion who had his head up Dixie’s skirt.

Magnus’s music hit and he came to the ring. He told Dixie to leave and she did. He said that was the last time Styles was going to call him a paper champion. He said Styles’s time and come and gone and this was his time now. He said after tonight there would be only one champion and that was Magnus. He left the ring.

Styles told them to stop and then signed the contract before throwing it at them. He said he clawed his way to the top with blood, seat, and tears. He said he would leave tonight as champion and asked what Dixie would do then. He said Magnus could ask her if he took his lips on her ass…[C]

[Q2] Backstage, Dixie reminded Gail Kim how important her match was tonight. Kim said she knew and Dixie left. Kim turned to Lei’D Tapa and asked her if she knew what she was going to do tonight and Tapa nodded…

EY and Joe Park made their entrance. Backstage, Dixie asked if they knew how important their job was tonight. Robbie said it was a little intense and Dixie got agitated. Jesse settled things down and Dixie walked off. DJ Zema pissed me off after that…

Eric Young and Joseph Park vs. TNA tag team champions Bro-Mans for the TNA tag team championship

EY started fast and was killing everyone. The big screen came on and showed Kim and Tapa beating down ODB with a kendo stick. EY ran to the back, leaving Park at the mercy of Bro-Mans and their shitty DJ. OK, Zema didn’t get involved, but he did make that stupid air horn sound. Bro-mans hit the Bro-down for the win…

Winners: Bro-Mans

Post-match, Bro-Mans put a piece of the guardrail in the ring and hit their finisher on Park on the rail… Backstage, Samoa Joe walked up to Dixie and told her he hoped she understood that AJ told the truth and there was a locker room full of men who had his back. He was very menacing and got in her face as he said it. She asked if he was threatening her and he said he didn’t threaten women.

Dixie said he needed to concentrate on his match tonight and booked him against EC3. She told him he needs to worry about getting out of that match in once piece. He told her Carter’s blood was on her hands…[C]

[Q3] Joe Park was shown being treated backstage… EY was shown running out of the building with ODB in his arms. He ran into Sting and Sting asked what happened. EY said he had to get her to a hospital and ran off. Sting said, “Dixie” and walked off…

James Storm came to the ring and called out Gunner who also came out. Storm said he’s been in several great tag teams and the best ones broke up over the world championship. He said Gunner was doing it again with the case. Gunner said Storm knew the match was every man for himself and Gunner didn’t do anything Storm wouldn’t have done themselves. Gunner said they should have one more match and challenged Gunner to a ladder match for the case. He stuck his hand out when he challenged Gunner and Gunner shook it without saying a word…EC3 was shown beating up Joe backstage…[C]

EC3 and Joe battled down the ramp to the ring…

Ethan Carter III vs. Samoa Joe

Joe got in all his big spots and set Carter up for a muscle buster. Rockstar Spud ran out and grabbed Joe’s leg. Joe went after Spud and Carter attacked him from behind with a pipe wrench. The ref threw out the match as a no contest at that point. Post-match Carter and Spud worked over the leg with the pipe some more…

Winner: Samoa Joe fought Ethan Carter III to a no contest

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Kurt Angle about his open challenge tonight. Angle said to prepare for his cage match with Bobby Roode next week he was going to have a cage match this week and he felt bad for whoever answered because he was going to see Roode in their place…[C]

[Q4] AJ was shown backstage preparing for his match… A video recapped all the people who had been taken out tonight. Backstage, the doctor told Joe he had to go to the hospital because he might have a broken patella…

Elsewhere backstage Sting found two paramedics treating an unconscious Gunner and James Storm. Sting stormed away and found Dixie. He yelled at her at about it and she said wrestling was a dangerous sport and a business. She told him to concentrate on his match. He said a match wouldn’t keep him from dealing with her, she said there was something else too but for now the conversation was over. She stormed off and Sting said he was tire of her… Angle made his entrance…[C]

Angles stood in the ring and Bobby Roode walked out to the stage and put over their match next week. He asked everyone if they wanted him to get in the cage tonight. The crowd cheered and Roode undid his robe. He told Angle that would be stupid, but he found someone who hated Angle as much as he does. He said actually it was two guys: Kazarian and Christopher Daniels…

Kurt Angle vs. Bad Influence in a handicap steel cage match

Angle caught both guys coming in but their numbers overpowered him. Angle hooked a mall package on Daniels but Kazarian kept the ref distracted. Angle hit a million suplexes on them. Kazarian tried to escape, but Angle hit a German from the second rope onto Daniels. He hit the Olympic slam on Kaz for the win…

Winner: Kurt Angle

Backstage, Dixie yelled in the phone about leaving the cage up. She made a borderline racist Spanish joke and then asked Roode if he was ready for his cage match tonight. Roode stammered around about having to go out against Angle but since he had the one match already he guessed he could go out there. Dixie said it wasn’t against Angle, it was against Sting. Roode flipped out and Dixie told him she had his back. He seemed unsure but left…[C]

Angle was backstage taking pictures with fans. Al Snow pulled up in a car and told Angle to hurry because he had to get Angle to the airport because of an emergency. Angle jumped in and they pulled off…

Bobby Roode vs. Sting in a steel cage match

The first minute was in the last quarter. Roode made the first escape attempt in the door but Sting grabbed his foot. Roode tried to climb the cage but Sting hit a slam from the top rope and tossed Roode into the cage. Sting reversed Roode’s finisher into the Scorpion death drop and then locked on the Scorpion leg lock. EC3 ran out and distracted the ref so Spud could give Roode a baton. He hit Sting with it and walked out the door…

Winner: Bobby Roode

Mr. Anderson was shown arriving at a funeral home. He said something but I missed what it was…[C]

A video recapped Bully Ray playing with fire last week. Anderson walked into the funeral parlor and pointed. He said he saw him sitting there and said they should finish it. Ray was shown sitting in the back and said of course Ken saw him, they were brothers and knew a lot about each other.

Ray said he couldn’t end it because that would be too forgiving. He said people said forgiveness was a strength and asked forgiveness for being so weak. He said next week at Genesis it would be just the beginning for Anderson for what Anderson had taken away from him. Anderson went to the coffin and pulled something out. He turned around to find the parlor empty and he was holding baby blankets…

[Q7] Backstage, Sting told Dixie there was nothing keeping him from being in Styles corner tonight. Dixie reminded him it was contract season and said she always re-signed him quickly and sweetened the pot each year. Sting said her money couldn’t buy him. She talked sweet to him and told him to make the right decision before walking off… AJ and Magnus were shown walking backstage…[C]

Jeremy Borash had old school ring introductions for the main event…

AJ Styles vs. TNA world heavyweight champion Magnus in a no disqualification, Winner Takes All match for the TNA World Championship.

Magnus went to the floor and kept dodging Styles before they could lock up. Magnus teased a leg injury and EC3 and Spud ran out to attack AJ. Magnus tried to get involved and almost took a clash but Carter made the save.

[Q8] Sting ran out and made the save and took Spud and Carter to the back…[C] Bro-Mans and Zema ran out and attacked Sting and AJ. They beat the crap out of AJ and Earl Hebner slow counted so AJ could kick out. Sting finally fought them off and Bad Influence ran out for their piece of AJ. Hebner refused to count the pin and stormed out, but not before knocking Spud down.

Dixie dragged Baby Hebner to the ring to be ref and Earl said he didn’t care and left. Brian slid in the ring and counted a pin correctly but AJ kicked out. Sting recovered and he and AJ took out the heels. They even killed a camera man in the process. Styles locked in the calk killer on Magnus but Bad Influence knocked out Baby Hebner before Magnus could tap.

AJ took everyone out again and hit the clash on Magnus. Earl Hebner ran back out and tried to count, but Bad Influence pulled him from the ring. Styles hit a nasty looking dive on them on the floor. He went back to the ring, but Bobby Roode ran out and knocked AJ down. He hit his finisher three times and Magnus covered. Dixie dragged another ref out who reluctantly made the count…

Winner: Magnus to become the undisputed TNA world heavyweight champion