TNA IMPACT 02 13 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Manchester, England
Date: February 13, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Week #1 from Manchester opens up with highlights from last week focusing on the drama between MVP and Dixie.

Tenay and Taz hype up the card for tonight and then we see Magnus leading Dixie, EC3, and Rockstar Spud into the ring. I just heard all TNA fans collectively sigh (not a sigh of relief either mind you) across the world as Taz’s voice can be heard once again on Impact. Dixie thanks the crowd mockingly for their reaction and then she says that she hasn’t lost one second of sleep because of MVP’s threats. She says no one can believe that she would ever lose control of her company and the likelihood of that would be the equivalent of her having a bad hair day (good lord Dixie). Dixie says she has something that MVP will never have, the World Heavyweight Champion.

EC3 takes the microphone away from Dixie and says that she also has her stunning nephew EC3 in her stable that “officially” ended the career of Kurt Angle last week. Magnus takes the microphone as the fans chant “you sold out” towards their fellow Englishman. He tells them to pipe down because he is their World Champion and he says that it is so good to be back in Manchester. He says it feels so good because that means it will another whole year before he has to come back to Manchester after this around all the lazy slobs here. Magnus says people like the Manchester crowd make him ashamed to be British and he says he definitely is not from “the north” nor is he a “paper champion.” He says that he is a man that recognizes opportunity and there are no opportunities in Manchester unless you count getting smacked in the mouth by the champ an opportunity.

Magnus points to Dixie and says that she is from the land of opportunity and she saw him while flipping through a magazine years ago and came all the way to Britain and signed him to a contract. A massive “boring” chant breaks out and then he says he doesn’t even know who MVP is or what jail cell he came from but they need to get some ground rules established. Magnus says the pecking order in TNA goes 1)The World Champion, 2)The President of TNA, 3)everyone nipping at his heels, and then 4)MVP. Magnus says that he is not for sell so MVP won’t be able to buy him and he would never sell out. That starts the “you sold out” chant again and then MVP’s music hits.

MVP comes out with #1 Contender Samoa Joe and MVP asks if Magnus can’t be bought then that must be he bought Dixie, and if that is the case he hopes Magnus got a discount for all of the mileage and “excessive wear and tear” that’s on her. Good lord that was stiff. MVP points out his good buddy Samoa Joe and reminds Magnus that he is the #1 Contender for his World Title. MVP says Magnus will officially defend the belt against Joe at Lockdown, but before anything else can be said Gunner walks onto the stage!

Gunner apologizes for the interruption but then says that the fans are tired of seeing a paper champion and since Magnus is already ready to work he has a briefcase he’s tired of carrying too! He tells Magnus not to get his panties in a bunch and he’ll give him seven days to get prepared for the match. He says next week he WILL cash in his title shot next week, and the winner can face Joe at Lockdown!

Dixie says Gunner may not even be in control of that briefcase next week because tonight he’s in a match against her nephew. She says the TNA World Title shot is on the line and MVP says that is fine. MVP says if that’s how she wants to play it then that’s fine because her nephew “C3PO” (okay that was pretty funny) has a briefcase of his own and in that briefcase is a shot at the Tag Titles. MVP looks at Gunner and says all the problems that have happened with Gunner and Storm they could probably use a title shot. MVP suggests taking both of those briefcases and hang them from the rafters in a Ladder Match in a winner take all match! Dixie agrees and MVP says he’s sure “C3PO” has some little plan to try and worm his way out of this and if he says anything fishy he will come back out and level the playing field himself!


TNA World Title & Tag Team Titles Shot Ladder Match
Gunner vs. Ethan Carter III

Gunner and EC3 square off and EC3 immediately rolls out of the ring but Gunner follows him. EC3 rolls back in and Gunner follows again but EC3 meets him with a series of stomps and punches. EC3 hits the ropes but runs right into a High Knee and then a Double Sledge. Gunner whips EC3 into the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but EC3 ducks and then attempts a Cross Body Block. Gunner catches him in midair and hits a Fall Away Slam! Gunner heads out to the floor and grabs a ladder but EC3 hits a nasty Flying Dropkick off the apron sending the ladder into Gunner! EC3 sets the ladder up in the ring but Gunner quickly rolls in and pulls EC3 down. Gunner slams EC3 into every corner and then grabs the ladder and slams into the gut of EC3! Gunner leans the ladder in the corner and whips EC3 hard into it! EC3 fights back with a series of right hands and then he side steps a Spear from Gunner sending Gunner headfirst into the ladder! EC3 sets the ladder up in the center of the ring and climbs to the top. Gunner stops him and Powerbombs him off the ladder! Gunner climbs up the ladder but Magnus runs out and shoves the ladder over sending Gunner into the ropes! Magnus starts beating the hell out of Gunner in the corner and then James Storm hits the ring and evens the odds! Storm goes for the Last Call on Magnus but he bails out of the ring! MVP walks out and tells everyone to freeze. MVP asks EC3 if he thought he was playing and then says since EC3 and Magnus are acting like a team he will treat them like one. MVP says this match will continue but this time it will be a Tag Team Match for both briefcases!



TNA World Title & Tag Team Titles Shot Ladder Match
Gunner & “Cowboy” James Storm vs. Ethan Carter III & Magnus

Back from the break Storm sends Magnus into the ropes and Gunner blasts him with the ladder! Storm and Gunner nail EC3 with the ladder and then Gunner sets it up under the briefcases. Gunner reaches the top but Magnus pulls him down and then hits a series of elbows. Magnus slams Gunner’s head into the ladder and then slams the ladder on top of him as EC3 shoves Storm into the ring steps at ringside. EC3 and Magnus lay Gunner out on the ladder and then Magnus lifts the ladder up where it’s hanging in the air between Magnus and the ropes. EC3 then dives off the top rope with a Flying Splash onto Gunner and the ladder in a sick, unique spot! Magnus Suplexes Gunner onto the ladder and then EC3 does the same as well! Magnus picks up the ladder and slams it into Gunner as EC3 was holding him. Magnus hits a Leg Drop on Magnus and then EC3 hits an Elbow Drop. Magnus tosses Gunner out to the floor and then EC3 sets the ladder up under the briefcases. EC3 climbs the ladder but Magnus stops him and EC3 asks him what the hell he’s doing. Magnus tells him to listen to him and then he starts to climb the ladder but EC3 pulls him down as well! They begin shoving each other and then Storm slides in and lays both of them out! Storm clotheslines Magnus over the top and then he and Gunner Hip Toss EC3 onto the ladder! Gunner picks EC3 up but Magnus comes in and kicks Gunner and then tosses him to the floor. Storm hits a big uppercut and then a clothesline that sends both Magnus and Storm to the floor! EC3 gets to his feet and starts to climb up the ladder but then sees Gunner climbing up on the apron. EC3 runs over and swings at Gunner, but Gunner ducks and then hits a Uranage Suplex from the apron into the ring! On the outside Magnus whips Storm into the ring post while Gunner hits a Diving Headbutt off the top on EC3! Gunner climbs up the ladder and pulls down the briefcases!

Winners: Storm & Gunner via pulling down the briefcases

Backstage Mr. Anderson says this beef with Bully isn’t about a biker club or the World Title. He says it’s about the one thing that Anderson has that Bully doesn’t have, family. Anderson shows a picture of his two babies and says it’s about that.


Backstage Bro-Mans walks into Dixie’s office as Spud is lying on the floor putting tape down across the middle of the room. Spud says that he’s splitting the office for her and MVP. Bro-Mans bitch about Gunner and Storm getting the title shot and says that they had a “bro-greement” with EC3 to not cash that shot in “for a really long time.” Jesse says now they have to worry about when Storm and Gunner are going to cash in and Spud assures them that Dixie has things under control.

MVP walks in and says that Dixie’s word means less and less every day because he can assure them that her control is slipping. Spud tells MVP that he has no idea what he’s talking about and he can have Dixie’s lawyers on the phone in minutes. MVP says no one pays to see lawyers and they pay to see wrestlers wrestle and action. MVP says fairness is when things are decided in the ring and if they really wanted to bring lawyers into things he could just go ahead and strip Bro-Mans of the belts. Spud says that is MVP’s idea of fairness and MVP says well he has an idea that’s fair, Bro-Mans have a match tonight. They ask against who and MVP says against the first guys he signed in TNA, The Wolves! It will be Bro-Mans and Zema against The Wolves and their mystery partner…and they will find out when they get to the ring right now! As they bitch and leave MVP laughs and says they really won’t like who The Wolves partner is.

Footage of the Monsters Ball match last week is shown.

6-Man Tag Team Match
Bro-Mans & Zema Ion vs. The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) & “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

The Wolves music is extremely generic. They have some pretty cool matching ring jackets though.


Joe this the ring and the brawl is on! Joe tosses Zema out to the floor while Davey beats Jesse down in a corner. The crowd is going nuts. Davey attempts to whip Jesse into the ropes but Jesse reverses it only to eat the Damage Reflex (Handspring Enziguri off the ropes)! 1…2…NO Jesse kicks out and then he slams Jesse into the head of Eddie Edwards. Yes, that happened. Eddie tags in and headbutts Jesse again before slamming him into Davey’s head. Davey tags back in and then the Wolves slam Jesse into Joe’s head as well! It’s a headbutt fest! The Wolves sandwich Jesse with headbutts and Richards gets another near fall. Edwards tags back in and Jesse rakes his eyes and quickly tags Robbie in. Robbie eats a hurricanrana and then a nasty set of chops! Eddie hits the ropes and slides through Robbie’s legs and then hits a Spinning Back Kick followed by a Shining Wizard! 1…2…NO Robbie kicks out and then Davey tags back into the match. The Wolves whip Robbie into the ropes Davey hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Knife Edge Chop from Eddie and then a Jackknife pin from Davey! 1…2…NO Robbie kicks out again! Davey sets up for a running kick but Zema catches him from behind with a knee. A pissed off Davey grabs Zema’s hair and headbutts him but then Robbie hits him from behind and puts the boots to him. The heels beat on Davey in the heel corner and choke him. Zema tags in and hits a series of elbows followed by a knee to the gut. Zema whips Davey into a drop toehold into the turnbuckles in the heel corner. Zema and Bro-Mans then sandwich Davey in the corner with Running Knees all at the same time! Jesse Press Slams Davey and then Robbie hits the Fist Pump Drop off the top for a near fall. They did a bunch of nice blind tags during that sequence. Joe breaks up a pinfall attempt but Robbie goes right back to work on Davey with a chinlock. Davey tries to fight out of it but eats a back elbow for a near fall. Bro-Mans whip Davey into the ropes and then attempt a double backdrop, but Davey stops and kicks them. Davey ducks a right hand attempt from Robbie and shoves him into Jesse and then dropkicks them both! That spot actually made Jesse DDT his own partner in a cool sequence! Joe and Zema both tag in at the same time and Zema gets clotheslined into the next millennium! Joe hits a series of elbows and then he whips Zema into the corner and connects with an Atomic Drop and a Mafia Kick! Joe hits the Backsplash Senton and then he hits a series of knee strikes! Joe attempts to whip Zema into the ropes but Zema reverses it and hits a knee to the face of his own. Zema bounces off the ropes again but eats the Snap Powerslam! 1…2…NO Bro-Mans interfere but elbow drop their own partner by mistake! The Wolves come in and toss Bro-Mans to the floor! The Wolves hit a Double Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Bro-Mans on the floor! Zema rolls underneath a clothesline attempt from Joe and then he charges at him only to eat a Standing Uranage! Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and Zema taps!

Winners: The Wolves & Joe via submission (Coquina Clutch)

Abyss is shown walking around backstage where he grabs someone standing around by the throat and asks him what he’s looking at.


Backstage Dixie argues with MVP backstage when Velvet Sky walks in. Velvet says that Sabin has taken their whole beef too far and she asks Dixie to call off the match. Dixie says Velvet isn’t being paid to sit on her backside and look pretty so she’s going to have that match. MVP asks Dixie if she’s really okay with a man facing a woman on TV right now. Dixie says she wished MVP was wrestling right now so she could have someone put him through a table. MVP says he’s not wrestling right now because he’s got to focus on cleaning up her mess. Spud says the real reason is because MVP is washed up and he knows MVP was once in a “life of crime” but Spud was a hooligan himself back in the day so if MVP was still wrestling he would put MVP in his place. MVP says that’s fine since he brought his gear tonight and they can wrestle NEXT.

A vignette recapping all of the drama between EY and Abyss is shown. Abyss comes down to the ring with his hood covering his face. Abyss says to keep the lights dim and he says that he never wanted “this” to happen this way, but his “good buddy” Eric Young wanted to prove that Abyss and Joseph Park were one in the same. Abyss screams at EY to come down and see what he’s done.

EY comes out and hesitantly stops before getting in the ring and says he was just trying to help. Abyss asks him what the matter is and asks him why he won’t get closer to him and asks if he’s afraid. EY responds by sliding in the ring and getting in Abyss’ face. EY says he proved last week in Monsters Ball that he isn’t afraid of anything. He says what he doesn’t understand is what’s going on here and he says that he asked EY to help him find Abyss and he did just that.

Abyss pulls out his mask from his pocket and says “this” is the reality of what EY did last week. Abyss says he proved that he really is Abyss and then pulls down the hood revealing his face. EY says what he proved is that he’s his friend and he says that he loves Abyss like all the people do. EY says he proved that Abyss and Park are the same person and when he pulled the mask off he showed him exactly who he is. Abyss asks EY who he is and then says “better yet who the hell are you?!” while screaming in his face. Abyss says unless he’s been there and been him he has no idea what the hell he’s talking about. Abyss shows off his scars and says that he has carved his body to bits and destroyed people’s lives, destroyed careers and left carnage wherever he goes. Abyss says his scars tell the story of his life… but he can’t be that guy anymore. Abyss says that he can’t do what the “Monster” did anymore with a conscious. He says he can’t do the destruction anymore, and he needs help. EY says they’ve come this far and they can finish this thing together. He says he can help Abyss and then he shoves EY away and says he doesn’t need his help or want it! Abyss screams at EY that they are done and then he says what he needs to do is he needs to go away and fix EY’s mistake. Abyss says he needs to find someone who truly understands him and he’s going to fix this. Abyss picks up the mask and then drops it in front of EY before walking out.


Earlier today Christy Hemme was shown arriving when Samuel Shaw walks up and helps her with her luggage. Shaw says that he agrees with what Christy said last week that they should keep it professional and then shakes her hand. Shaw walks away and sniffs his hand, Jesus that guy is weird.

MVP vs. Rockstar Spud

MVP actually lies across the top rope daring Spud to get in the ring. A hesitant Spud finally gets in and attacks MVP as he was climbing into the ring. Spud puts MVP in a headlock and then hits a series of kicks and punches. Spud rakes the eyes of MVP and slaps him hard! Spud bounces off the ropes but gets Press Slammed into the lights. MVP then hits a cross chop and a Facebreaker. MVP hits the Ballin’ Elbow Drop and then the Driveby Kick! 1…2…3!

Winner: MVP via pinfall (Driveby Kick)

A pissed off Bobby Roode is hunting Dixie Carter backstage.


A vignette hyping up a creepy masked wrestler as he walks through the woods and recites some weird poetry airs. At the end it says “Willow is coming.” If you aren’t aware Jeff Hardy used to work under a mask in his early days as Willow of The Wisp. This could be interesting.

Dixie Carter bitches on her phone to someone about MVP when Bobby Roode finally finds her. Roode says he held up his end of their deal and she owes him a damn title shot. Dixie says he lost to Joe last week and now all she sees is a sore loser. Roode freaks out and starts tossing things around backstage and says she promised that she would have his back. Roode says she owes him a title shot and she says she doesn’t owe him anything. Roode tells her to look into his eyes and says she does not want him as her enemy.

Velvet Sky vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin mocks Velvet’s entrance into the ring and even humps the ropes. Sabin says because he is a kind hearted individual and a gentleman he is going to allow her the first shot. He dares Velvet to hit him and asks her what’s wrong she’s getting all the attention just like she always wants so she should love this. Sabin says he doesn’t know what he ever even saw in her and says she’s nothing but a skank. Velvet kicks Sabin in his knee and then he asks why she would do that and she kicks him in the nuts instead! Sabin laughs and says Velvet always was a “no class piece of trash” which is why he came prepared and then pulls out a cup from his pants. Sabin calls her stupid and then eats a low blow from Velvet again! Velvet punches Sabin repeatedly in the back until a huge woman walks out and tosses Velvet away.


This massive woman hits a Big Boot on Velvet and then she puts Velvet in a Full Nelson and tosses her all around the ring. Sabin then covers Velvet and the woman makes the count. That woman is a British wrestler called Alpha Female. She carries Sabin around on her shoulders.

Backstage Bully Ray looks through some of the wrestler’s luggage until he finds Mr. Anderson’s. He takes Anderson’s phone and calls someone who is obviously Anderson’s wife. He asks her if she knows who he is and says this is the phone call she has been dreading her entire life. Bully says, “no…not yet…but he will be.” He says when Anderson comes home to her he will be in a coffin and then he tells her “tell the twins daddy says goodbye.”


In the back Bobby Roode says he just lost his mind earlier and flipped out. He says he can’t handle all the BS anymore, and he it has to come to an end. He says it’s just too much for him right now and it’s over for him. He says he needs some time to think and he’ll talk about it next week. Several members of security walk in and tell Roode he has to leave, per Dixie’s orders.

Footage of all the stuff between Gunner and Magnus from earlier is shown.

A hype package highlights all of the drama between Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray.

Main Event
Casket Match
Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

Bully pulls off his hoodie revealing a red jersey that says “Standard Chartered” which apparently is a Liverpool soccer jersey, I guess they have huge sponsors on their jerseys. Anderson Spears Bully and rains down rights and lefts on Bully! Anderson whips Bully into the corner and connects with a clothesline followed by a back elbow and then a Spinning Neckbreaker! Anderson pulls the jersey off of Bully and rips it up. Anderson chokes Bully with it which receives a pop. Anderson tosses Bully across the ring and stomps on the jersey to a nice reaction from the crowd. Bully rolls out of the way and Anderson follows him.


Back from the break Anderson charges at Bully with a chair but Bully kicks the chair into Anderson’s face! Bully picks up a chair and goes to swing but Anderson uses his chair to blast it into Bully’s face! Footage of Anderson pounding Bully with a chair during the break is shown. Anderson pulls a table from under the ring and tosses it into the ring. Anderson sets the table up but then eats a boot from Bully. That kick busted Anderson’s lip open, or maybe it’s his nose I can’t tell. Bully punches Anderson repeatedly and then paints his own face with Anderson’s blood. That doesn’t sound very sanitary Mr. Bully. Bully picks the casket up and slides it in the ring as the fans chant for Anderson. Anderson climbs up top but Bully crotches him and then pops him with the chair again. Bully climbs up with Anderson and Superplexes him off the top! Bully tosses Anderson into the casket and then goes to put the lid on it but Anderson blocks it. Bully then hits Anderson with the casket lid and then grabs a chair. Bully goes to hit Anderson with it but Anderson punches him in the balls! Bully comes back with a shot to the gut with the chair and then Bully Powerbombs Anderson through the table! Bully grabs Anderson and puts him in the casket again and then he goes for a Piledriver in the casket! Anderson counters into a Mic Check in the casket! Anderson closes the lid and gets the win!

Winner: Anderson via putting Bully in the casket


Backstage MVP asks Dixie if Spud has regained consciousness yet. Dixie says ever since MVP has invested into TNA he’s been using that leverage to insert himself into wrestling operations and that is going to stop. Dixie says she neither of them can tolerate each other so she has a proposal for him. She says she wants to buy his shares back and then she hands the contract to him and says all he has to do is sign it and a significant amount of money will be wired to him. MVP looks it offer and says his portion of the profits in that would be the biggest single payday he’s ever seen. Dixie says that’s because he is a wrestler and she is an entrepreneur which irritates MVP. She tells MVP to take the money but MVP says he didn’t come here for money, he came to make TNA realize its maximum potential. MVP says her offer is a substantial one but “no can do” and then he balls it up and throws it away. MVP says as a wrestler at heart he has a solution. He suggests Lethal Lockdown, two teams of four, his team vs. her team and the winner assumes complete control of TNA. She says absolutely not and she will never give him control over wrestling operations. Dixie says she wants his shares and MVP says he wants control. MVP tells her to make a decision or the offer is gone. She says she’ll give him what he wanted but he’s going to regret it.

1) Ladder Match: Gunner fought EC3 to a NO CONTEST
2) Ladder Match: Gunner & James Storm def. Magnus & EC3 to give Gunner control of both the World Title and Tag Team Title shots!
3) The Wolves & Samoa Joe def. Bro-Mans & Zema Ion
4) MVP def. Rockstar Spud
5) Chris Sabin fought Velvet Sky to a NO CONTEST
6) Casket Match: Mr. Anderson def. Bully Ray