TNA IMPACT 02 27 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: London, England
Date: February 27, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

The show opens with Gunner searching backstage for James Storm. He tells the camera that when Storm shows up, he won’t have a chance in hell. Mike Tenay announces that Dixie Carter isn’t at Impact tonight. She has given match making power to Magnus, Rockstar Spud, and Ethan Carter III.

In the arena, MVP’s music hits and he heads to the ring for the championship match contract signing. MVP says that jealousy sealed the Lockdown main event last week. He reiterates that Samoa Joe will face TNA Champion Magnus at Lockdown. MVP introduces Joe. Joe’s music hits and he heads to the ring. We see a replay from last month when Joe choked out Magnus for a win. MVP then introduces Magnus, who also comes to the ring. We see a replay of Magnus’ victory over Gunner via help from James Storm. MVP asks Magnus where his “sugar momma” is tonight. Magnus says that Dixie is not here because he reminded Dixie that London isn’t what it used to be. He says that it has degenerated into crime and debauchery. He says since he left, the city has gone straight to hell. Magnus says that the only person he needs to handle his business is himself. MVP says that he is going to cut to the chase and asks each wrestler if they have anything to say before they sign the contract. Neither speak. MVP tells Magnus that “Magnus Rules” will not be in effect at Lockdown. MVP states that the match will be conducted under “Joe Rules,” meaning the match can only be won by submission or knock out. Magnus takes the contract from MVP. Magnus tells Joe that he is an unrefined, dangerous animal. Magnus says that dangerous animals get put down. But he, the TNA Champion, is an articulate, refined representative of the industry. He says that this is why Joe will never again represent TNA as world champion. Magnus signs the contract. Joe and Magnus face off in the ring. Magnus taunts Joe and Joe attacks him. Joe strikes Magnus repeatedly in the corner. Referees come out and hold Joe back. Joe escapes and attacks a fleeing Magnus on the entrance ramp.

We go to a video showing the Wolves beating the BroMans for the TNA Tag Team Championship at a live event in Morgantown, West Virginia. Backstage, the BroMans say that they have to get back at the Wolves and start looking for Bobby Roode. They ask to be on Team Roode at Lockdown. Roode says that the BroMans will face Bad Influence and the Wolves in a three way tag match. Roode says that if Bad Influence wins, they will be on Team Roode. If the BroMans win, then they will be on the team. The match is next. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial and all three teams are in the ring ready for action.

TNA tag team champions The Wolves vs. Bad Influence vs. The BroMans in a non-title 3-team triple threat match

The match starts with Daniels and Robbie E. Immediately, Davey Richards tags in through Robbie while he back is turned. Daniels takes control on Richards. Richards hits two arm drags. Richards goes for a rollup, and then goes right into a submission. Kazarian comes in to break in up but Edwards cuts him off and puts him in a surfboard. Both botch their submissions. Richards goes for a pin and only gets two. Richards kicks Daniels in the corner. He goes to Irish whip Daniels but is reversed. Daniels tags in Kaz. Richards takes control of Kaz and tags in Edwards. Edwards comes in off the top rope with a double axe handle. He tags Davey back in who comes off the rope with the same. They perform a double team on Kaz. Kaz begs for mercy but Richards attacks. Richards hits the rope but is kicked by Daniels. Richards knocks Daniels off the apron, Richards hits the ropes again but is tripped by Daniels. Kaz hits a leg drop on Richards. Kaz tags in Daniels. They double team Richards. Daniels taunts the BroMans by extending his hand for a tag and taking it away. Kaz is tagged in. They got for a double back drop but Richards reverses. He tags in Edwards. Edwards takes out Bad Influence. He goes for a cover on Kaz but Robbie saves it. Bad Influence hit a double team on Edwards. They go another but Richards drags Daniels out of the ring. Kaz battles Edwards, but Edwards takes control. The BroMans break up another pin. Edwards hits a suicide dive on Daniels. Richards tags in before Edwards hits the foot stomp on Kaz from the top rope. Richards follows with the same, but Robbie tagged in right as Richards left the top rope. Robbie comes in and dumps Richards out of the ring. Robbie covers Kaz for the three count.

Winners: The BroMans

Backstage, EC3 says that he has picked one of the greatest wrestlers that England has ever produced to wrestle him tonight, since Dixie gave him the power to do so. EC3 says that he will become the new face of American wrestling as Kurt Angle’s career comes to a close.

Back from commercial and Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are talking backstage. Roode says that he knows MVP offered Aries a spot on Team MVP. Roode asks Aries if he can trust MVP. Aries replies by asking if he can even trust Roode. Roode asks him if he’d rather have Dixie or MVP running TNA in the future. Aries says that he knows that Roode hates Dixie. He says he knows that it’s about the 10% of the company that Roode will get for the win. Roode says that Aries needs to make the right decision. Aries says that he always does.

We go to the ring and Ethan Carter III makes his entrance. Doug Williams comes to the ring as EC3?s opponent. On the mic, EC3 tells Doug that just like the United States is going to win the World Cup in soccer, and that he is going to defeat him tonight.

Ethan Carter III vs. Doug Williams

Williams opens the match with a couple punches. EC3 whips Williams to the corner but is hit with a back elbow. Williams keeps control with strikes on EC3. EC3 fights back and whips Williams to the corner. EC3 charges him, but runs into a big boot. Williams comes off the top rope and hits another back elbow. Williams grabs EC3 from behind, around the waist, but EC3 throws a low blow. EC3 hits the One Percenter, rolls him over for the pin, and gets the three-count.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

After the match EC3 continues to beat down Williams in the ring. He puts him in a leg lock and refuses to let go. He finally let’s go and the crowd boos him.

Backstage, James Storm has arrived at the arena. He looks to be heading to the ring. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, James Storm is heading down the ramp to the ring. We see another replay of Storm turning on Gunner last week. Storm says to Gunner that he does not run or hide from anyone or anything. He says that he’s in the ring to tell him why he did what he did. Gunner’s music hits and he heads to the ring. Storm says that he did screw him last week and that he had planned it since Gunner climbed over him to grab the world title briefcase. Storm says that he wanted Gunner to feel how it felt to have his hopes and dreams disappear. He says that he was offended that Gunner handed him the tag title briefcase. Storm says that before Gunner teamed with him, Gunner was nothing. He says that Gunner never thanked him for making him what he is. Gunner says that he made himself. Gunner says that Storm can do what he does because of the sacrifices he and other made in the Marines. Storm says that no one cared if he lived or died. Gunner says that his family cares, as well as the fans. Storm says that nobody owes Gunner a thing. Gunner attacks Storm and they fight outside of the ring. Storm misses a chair shot and then jumps the rail and escapes through the crowd. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Gunner says backstage that Storm can run and be coward, because there is only one way out of the arena. He tells Storm that he’s going to have to get through him to leave.

In the ring, Magnus has the mic and tells Joe that if he wants to cheap shot him, then he can prove himself against Bad Bones, who is in the ring with him. Joe’s music hits and he runs down the ramp to the ring.

Bad Bones vs. Samoa Joe

Bones attacks Joe, but Joes fights back with a flurry of strikes. Joe hits multiple knee shots to the face and stomps Bones in the corner. Joe his a huge kick to the head on Bones. Joe puts Bones on the top turnbuckle, grabs him for a Muscle Buster, and hits it. He goes to the Rear-Naked Choke and Bad Bones taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe taunts Magnus, who looks on from the outside. Up next is Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame Ceremony. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, as MVP asks Austin Aries backstage what his decision is for Lockdown. Aries says that he got an interesting proposal from Roode earlier, and that he’s not sure. They argue about who is telling the truth about why Aries should join their team. Aries says that he’s not just about the money, he’s about being great. Aries says that he wants to see if MVP has the same drive. Aries says that he wants to be the referee for MVP and Roode’s match tonight. MVP agrees.

In the ring, Jeremy Borash introduces the HOF Ceremony and Kurt Angle’s induction. Borash describes Kurt Angles accomplishments and credentials. We see a video package of Kurt Angle. Borash introduces Kurt Angle. Angle’s music hits and he heads to the ring. Borash presents Angle with a Rolex on behalf of the fans and TNA Wrestling, and inducts him into the HOF. He hands Angle the mic. The crowd chants for Angle. Angle says thank you to all the fans in attendance. He says that it’s quite an honor, but the TNA HOF isn’t about Angle and it isn’t even about TNA. He says that the HOF is about the fans. He says TNA wouldn’t exist without them either. Angle states that he was supposed to accept the award in October, but he wasn’t in a good place in his life, professionally and personally. He said that he had to do some soul-searching and change some things in his life, but after four and a half months, he was ready tonight, in London, England. He says from getting clean, to all of the amazing matches he’s had, all he can do is thank the people that helped him along the way. He thanks God for giving him the ability to do what he does. He thanks his Wife for being his rock and his kids. He says that he wants to make his family proud. He thanks the wrestlers backstage. Finally, he says that he wants to thank the fans. The fans chant for Angle, again. He says that it’s a great night to be Kurt Angle.

EC3?s music hits and he walks out onto the stage. EC3 sarcastically tells Angle that the ceremony was such a touching moment. EC3 says that he has a touching tribute video of his own to show. We see a video of EC3 taking out Angle three weeks ago. He says that Kurt is depriving the fans of the truth. He says he isn’t telling the fans the big news. Kurt asks what the big news is. EC3 asks if Kurt really wants him to break the news. Kurt invites EC3 into the ring to deliver the news. EC3 agrees and heads to the ring. Angle says that he is curious to hear the news. EC3 gets in the ring and stands at the podium. EC3 shows the camera a piece of paper that says he beat Sting and hurt Kurt. EC3 says that he is sad to inform everyone that an unnamed source has stated and confirmed that Kurt Angle has suffered a torn MCL and ACL. He says that Angle will have to have surgery and it is unconfirmed if Angle can ever perform again. This due to EC3?s attack on Angle. EC3 says that it’s time for Kurt to officially retire. Angle asks EC3 why he would get in the ring knowing that he was going to tear his throat out. EC3 says it’s because Angle has a torn ACL and MCL. Angle says that if you’re going ask a source, why not ask THE source. EC3 says it’s because the Internet’s always right, or at least it is 50% of the time. Angle says that his medical condition is that he does not have a torn ACL or MCL and asks EC3 if he really wants to be in the ring with Kurt Angle right now. EC3 says that he really doesn’t. Angle stares him down. Angle says he knows EC3 is new in TNA and trying to make a name for himself. He ask EC3 why he would pick Kurt Angle. Angle then punches EC3 in the face. EC3 rolls out of the ring and Angle watches him walk away. Angle gets back on the mic and tells EC3 that the new investor gave him a HOF gift in the form of a match. He tells EC3 that they will be facing each other at Lockdown in a cage match. We go to commercial.

The Beautiful People vs. Lei’D Tapa and The Alpha Female

Chris Sabin and Gail Kim are on the outside of the ring before the match begins. Tapa starts with Rayne. They fight back and forth, but Kim grabs Rayne from the outside. Rayne rolls out and chases Kim around the ring and back into it. Rayne gets cut off by Tapa as she re-enters, but fights back and tags in Velvet Sky. Tapa tags in The Alpha Female. Sky hits Alpha with a flurry of kicks. Alpha grabs Sky by the throat, but Sky fights back. Sabin gets on the apron and Sky throws him into the ring. Sky hits Sabin with a low blow. Sky tags in Rayne and Tapa tags herself in. Rayne tries to knock Tapa to the ground with running forearm strikes. Tapa stays on her feet. Tapa gains control. Tapa goes to the second rope and misses a splash. Sabin gets on the apron and distracts the ref. Gail Kim comes in and lays out Rayne. Tapa hits a big move on Rayne and goes for the pin. She gets the three-count.

Winners: Lei’D Tapa and The Alpha Female

After the match, Sabin gets in the ring and celebrates. Velvet Sky confronts him, but Kim, Tapa, and the Alpha Female jump Rayne and her. ODB’s music hits and she hits the ring. ODB gets rid of everyone and clotheslines Tapa out of the ring. Velvet tries to attack the Alpha Female, but Sabin pulls her out of the ring.

We see a promo for MVP vs. Bobby Roode for later tonight. We then see a promo for Tiger Uno’s debut.

Backstage, Samuel Shaw is asked if last week was a mistake. Shaw says that Christy Hemme was in trouble and he helped her. He says that he’d do anything to help her and that no one understands that. Shaw says that he’s going to make everyone understand right now. He walks away and we head to commercial break.

Back from commercial, where Samuel Shaw is making his way to the ring. We see a recap of Shaw’s attack on Mr. Anderson and the “help” he gave Hemme last week. Shaw grabs a mic and quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson by saying, “To be great, is to be misunderstood.” He tells Hemme that he thinks she has misunderstood him. He asks her to come into the ring. She shakes her head no, from where she is seated outside the ring. He asks again and she gets in the ring slowly. Shaw says that he enjoyed their time together and that he thinks she did as well. He says that he’s respected her space, but that there’s certain men that are not respecting her wish. He says that he sees how men look and lust after her and that he is simply here to protect her. He says that these men want one thing from her and that he wants more. Shaw says that he wants everything. Shaw walks toward Hemme, but Anderson’s music hits and he walks out onto the stage. Anderson has a black eye and a cut on his face. Anderson starts to walk toward the ring. Shaw yells at Hemme that Anderson is one of those guys he was talking about. Anderson tells Shaw to shut up. He tells him that he is creepy. Anderson tells Shaw that his relationship with her is not real. Anderson asks the crowd if anyone wants to see a real a$$ whoppin’. Shaw says that he is not creepy. Shaw says that woman like Christy Hemme are always available. Hemme slaps Shaw across the face. Shaw stands there, stunned. Anderson hits the ring, but Shaw grabs Hemme and hides behind her. He then pushes Hemme into Anderson, knocking them both down. Hemme rolls out and Shaw puts Anderson in a choke hold. Shaw chokes Anderson out in the ring while Hemme watches from the outside.

We see a vignette for Willow. Backstage, we see James Storm heading to meet Gunner as we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, we see Gunner and Storm fighting backstage by a semi-truck. They brawl into the back of the truck. Gunner blasts Storm with the door of the truck. They continue to fight in a parking lot. Gunner gives Storm a hip toss on the concrete. Backstage personnel, along with Al Snow separate them. They yell back and forth at each other about their matchup at Lockdown.

We see recap videos of Abyss and Eric Young. Backstage, Young says that he hasn’t heard from Abyss and that he needs help. Young says that everyone should hope that the guy he was in the ring with that night doesn’t come back.

Back to the ring and Austin Aries is introduced as the special referee for tonight’s main event. Aries comes out in a referee shirt and black trunks. Bobby Roode’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. MVP’s music hits and he also makes his way to the ring. We go to commercial break.

Bobby Roode vs. MVP

The bell rings as we come back from commercial. They lock up and push each other around the ring. MVP is pushed to the corner and Aries separates them. The crowd seems split. MVP goes to a headlock and takes Roode over to the mat. They sit in the headlock, but Roode reverses and puts MVP in a head scissor. MVP gets out of it. They chain wrestle and Roode pushes MVP in the back. They stare each other down. MVP goes to another headlock. Roode shoots him off to the ropes and is planted by a shoulder tackle. They trade reversals with MVP landing clothesline at the end. MVP hits a big boot on Roode in the corner. MVP goes for a Tornado DDT, but Roode throws him to the ground. Roode picks MVP up and hits a neckbreaker. Roode goes for the pin, but only gets two. Roode takes control and hits a knee drop. He goes for another pin and gets two again. Roode goes to a chinlock on the mat. MVP fights back and throws Roode to the corner. Roode hits him with a boot and then hits and elbow from the second rope. Roode gets another two-count. Roode hits a suplex. Roode goes for a knee drop, but misses. MVP strikes Roode, and then throws him to the corner for a clothesline. MVP tosses Roode across the ring. MVP then hits a cross-chop and drives Roode face into his knee. MVP then hits the Ballin’ Elbow. MVP hits a Fisherman’s Suplex into a pin, but only gets two. MVP tries the playmaker, but Roode reverses. Roode then hits a spinebuster on MVP for a two-count. Roode argues with Aries about the count. Roode puts MVP up for the Roodebomb, but MVP gets out of it and then hits the Playmaker. MVP goes for the pin, but Roode kicks out. They trade forearms on their feet. MVP hits the ropes and misses a clothesline and Roode kicks him in the head. Roode charges MVP and is hit with a drop kick to the knee. MVP goes for a Yakuza Kick on Roode, but Aries hits a spinning elbow on MVP. Roode hits the Roodebomb, covers MVP, and gets the three-count.

Winner: Bobby Roode