TNA Genesis 2014 (1)

TNA Genesis
Location: Huntsville, AL
Date: January 16, 2014
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

This will be the ninth edition of Genesis but unlike the previous ones will not air on pay-per-view. This one will air as a weekly broadcast of TNA Impact Wrestling!

Night One of TNA’s “Genesis” Impact special opened with Mike Tenay and Taz sitting ringside, appearing on-camera for the first time in a month. Taz removed his shades as Tenay said tonight’s Impact is dedicated to the memory of Mae Young. Taz offered his thoughts and said their thoughts are with her family.

After a video recap of recent events, including Magnus becoming TNA World champion over original champ A.J. Styles last week, TNA went to a crowd shot of the arena. Standing in the ring was Rockstar Spud as a “Magnus Wears Panties” sign was quite visible facing the hard camera. Spud tried to introduce himself, but was interrupted by boos. Spud channeled Bad News Barrett requesting decorum before declaring this a monumental night for pro wrestling.

Spud got down to business welcoming out TNA president Dixie Carter, who came to the ring to boos. Dixie said everyone has seen what it’s like when you cross the boss – first Jeff Hardy, last week A.J. Styles, and who knows tonight. Dixie said she is ready to play if anyone is game.

Dixie then addressed last week – saying she warned A.J. Styles. But, he did not want to fall in line with everyone else. And where did that get him? “Back to the beginning of his career,” Dixie said. She said she’s thankful that story is over. So, tonight is a new chapter because this individual has earned the respect of everyone. Dixie said this man represents everything she wants representing her company. “He is Magnus,” she said.

Out came Magnus dressed in a suit with one TNA Title belt over his shoulder and the other around his waist. Spud welcomed Magnus into the ring, then Magnus looked around the arena, ignoring the “panties” sign staring him in the face. Magnus said it’s an historic night – pause for a “You Sold Out” chant – because they have put everything in their rear-view mirror.

Magnus said he’s wearing two title belts, which he called a bit obnoxious. He asked Dixie to look around and see that all of this is because of her. For that, he presents her with a title belt as a “Champion of our Hearts.” Dixie blushed holding the title belt before sounding like Vickie Guerrero that she knows she deserves this honor. Dixie then asked some noble servants to come down to the ring to be recognized.

Out came the trio of Robbie E., Jessie, and Zema Ion, then Bad Influence and Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa. Dixie told Spud to hold her TNA Title belt before addressing the group of heels. She commended Bobby Roode before noting all of them will benefit greatly in their next paychecks. But, tonight is the “genesis” of a new company. Dixie said it’s a new TNA. “This is the genesis of Dixie Carter’s TNA,” she said. Dixie said for that to happen, they have to stand tall as a company. And, to accomplish that, her nephew, Ethan Carter III, is going to have to take out the one man standing in their way – Sting.

Dixie welcomed out Ethan Carter III, complete with full ring entrance. ECIII was dressed to wrestle and took the mic in the ring. Carter cleared his throat, but the lights suddenly went out and Sting’s music played. TNA did a light show with the Sting Strobe before TNA cut to a shot of Sting standing in the crowd holding a baseball bat pointing down at ECIII with a big smile on his face.

Back from break, the light display was still going on and Sting was standing in his same position. Sting rhetorically asked if this is the future right here, then said he hopes the pay-off was worth it. Sting said there’s a bunch of wrestlers in the back who wouldn’t take the pay-off because they have honor. He added that it’s really bad to mess with wrestlers, but to mess with wrestlers’ families, Dixie Carter stepped way over the line.

Sting started walking down the arena steps as he addressed “paper champion” Magnus, saying he had no idea that he would sell out, back-stab, and throw in the towel when they brought him into Main Event Mafia. Overall, Sting said this is not a house united, but a house divided, which cannot stand. Sting said before this house comes toppling down, they’re going to do something about it. He said “we” are going to fight tonight. “Wait, wait, wait!” Dixie said, before asking who “we” are.

Sting responded that Dixie needs to look all around the building. A group of babyfaces led by Samoa Joe and James Storm came out on-stage, then charged the ring to start fighting with the heels. Gunner came in late after all the action spilled to the outside, where Magnus had an awkward exchange with Joseph Park. Suddenly, Sting was in the ring. And, alone with ECIII. Sting put his bat underneath ECIII’s throat, then jabbed him in the gut before Impact cut to break.

Back from break, some of the faces were in the ring and some of the heels were on the outside. Samoa Joe took the mic and said they came here to fight. Rockstar Spud then emerged on-stage asking Joe if he really wants to fight tonight. Spud, standing next to referee Brian Hebner, said they’re going to have a 12-man tag match right now. Spud called for the bell.


The action remained on the outside for the most part as a few wrestlers cycled in and out of the ring. Things eventually settled down with wrestlers in the ring and wrestlers on the apron waiting for tags.

EY and Park tried to double-team Jessie, but the heels cut off the attack. The heels then isolated EY in the ring before ODB entered the ring to go after Ion. Taz said she’s “like a dude” before Tapa squished ODB, popping Taz. Things settled down again with Daniels working on Young. Daniels lost control, allowing Joe to tag in for EY. Daniels and Kaz each took offense from Joe, who then found himself alone in the ring as the heels regrouped on the outside. So, Joe smashed the tag champs on the floor. The action then broke down ringside.

Back in the ring, Kaz popped Park in the mouth with a dropkick. Kaz celebrated, then saw Park bleeding from the mouth. Park entered “Abyss” mode as Kaz freaked out about his bad luck. Gunner and Storm then argued over business in the ring, so Park/Abyss clotheslined both of his tag partners. Park/Abyss left the ring, then Joe and Daniels battled in the ring. Joe put Daniels in a rear-naked choke and Daniels was forced to tap out.

WINNERS: Team Joe/Sting at 7:32.

Backstage: Velvet Sky was shown talking to herself. Sky asked what she’s is supposed to do, then Austin Aries appeared in the camera shot and told Sky to think about his proposal. Aries walked off just before Aries’s rival, X Division champion Chris Sabin, walked in demanding to know what’s going on. Sabin flipped out about matters, then told Sky to go to the ring with him right now to deal with their issues in the ring.

Backstage: Kurt Angle was shown walking around with his luggage demanding to know where Dixie Carter is. Angle asked the camera filming him where Dixie is, then shoved the camera aside when no answers were produced.

In-ring: Chris Sabin was standing by with Velvet Sky. Sabin accused Sky of being very selfish as of late. Sabin said he’s her boyfriend and X Division champion – not just for him, but her and them. Sabin demanded answers about secret meetings, but Austin Aries’s music interrupted.

Aries spoke from the entrance ramp that Sabin acts like he’s special with his X Title, but he has a new title for him: “Worst Boyfriend That Ever Lived.” Aries said he might be vegan, but he wouldn’t mind a piece of pigeon pie. Sabin took offense, saying he’s not going to steal her from him. Sabin said this woman is his and she has proved it by doing exactly what he says. Aries responded by objectifying Sky, prompting Sabin to cut him off and tell him to watch his mouth.

Aries responded that they go one-on-one for the X Title next week without Sky’s involvement. Sabin laughed off Aries’s challenge, saying everyone knows he is greater than Austin Aries. Aries then made his proposal: Sky is placed in a cage ringside so that she cannot be forced to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

Sabin didn’t want to put his girlfriend in a cage, but Sky took the mic and said she will do it. Sky told Sabin that she’s sick of being put in this mess, then said she will put everything to the test next week. And, one last thing. Sky told Sabin that if he doesn’t beat Aries next week, she might have to find someone else to spend her time with.

Backstage: Kurt Angle, now dressed to wrestle, found someone in the hallway who did not know where Dixie is. Angle kept his search going.

Backstage: An unidentified agent, Simon Diamond, told someone to shoot everything backstage. That’s probably illegal. Diamond then approached Sam Shaw, telling him he looked good a few weeks ago, but he should probably stop eying Christy Hemme during his matches. Shaw ignored him, then waited for Simon to turn around to beat him up. Simon choked on his spit after taking a beating from Shaw, who noted, “And, it’s Samuel.”

Locker Room: Ethan Carter III was preparing to face Sting tonight when TNA champ Magnus walked in. Magnus called him an insecure rookie. ECIII let his insecurity show by saying he isn’t facing A.J. Styles; this is Sting. Magnus replied that he needs to focus on Sting, not his business. ECIII went back to focusing on himself.

In-ring: For the next bit, Bully Ray was introduced to the ring sans in-show hype on his grudge match against Mr. Anderson. Ray stood on the ring entrance, then a man came charging down the ramp and grazed Ray from behind. Ray fell down, then the camera caught Mr. Anderson as the assailant. Anderson probably would have liked a mulligan on the attack. Impact cut to break with Anderson starting a fight ringside.


Back from break, the bell sounded when both men entered the ring to continue their ringside fight. Meanwhile, Tenay and Taz argued about Taz’s association with Bully. Tenay then noted Anderson is still wearing hospital wristbands a few days removed from the birth of his twin babies. Both men fell to the outside, where they retrieved weapons on opposite sides of the ring. Tenay quietly said this is No DQ, which was not announced ahead of time.

Anderson and Bully met center-ring with weapons in-hand, which led to a stalemate. Anderson then went under the ring, where he retrieved an extra guardrail. Anderson slowly walked toward Ray with a giant target in front of his face, which Ray kicked into Anderson’s body. Ray tried to follow with a running splash, but Anderson moved and Ray face-planted into the rail. Anderson tried to follow with a top-rope splash, but Ray moved and Anderson ate the rail.

Reset, then Anderson dropped Ray with a Mic Check into the rail. But, Ray kicked out of a pin attempt. Anderson then left the ring and retrieved a table from under the ring. Once the table was set up inside the ring, Anderson dropped Ray through a portion of the wood. Anderson covered, but Ray kicked again.

Anderson then went under the ring to retrieve a second table. Anderson again set up the table in the ring, taking too much time, which allowed Ray to snatch Anderson and deliver a high-impact uranage for a near fall. Ray then left the ring and retrieved lighter fluid. Ray trash-talked Anderson, who then snatched Ray and delivered another Mic Check.

Anderson snapped after Ray’s trash-talk about his family, then picked up the lighter fluid. Anderson doused the second table with lighter fluid, then pulled out a Zippo and held up the flame. But, Ray low-blowed Anderson from behind, then delivered a spike piledriver into the mat. Ray covered for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Bully recovered ringside, using ref Earl Hebner as an aid to keep himself on his feet. TNA replayed the finish of the match, then cut back to Ray wandering aimlessly ringside, selling the effects of the match.

WINNER: Bully at 9:32.

Still to come: Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim for the KO Title. Plus, Sting vs. Ethan Carter III. No indication of whether Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode in a steel cage is taking place.

Backstage: Kurt Angle found Al Snow in catering. Angle grabbed Snow and shoved him against the wall, demanding to know who told him to con him last week. Snow said he has a family to feed and refused to answer. Angle threw him down, then kept walking.

In-ring: Kurt Angle’s music played back from break. Tenay said a crazed side of Kurt Angle has emerged after Dixie Carter messed with his family. Angle stormed the ring, grabbed a mic, and demanded Dixie Carter answer him. Angle said Dixie is the reason why he came to TNA seven years ago, but now she’s messing with him. And, she’s gone too far. “So, boss, why don’t you come out here because I want some answers.”

Dixie Carter’s music quickly responded to Angle’s ultimatum, bringing out Carter as the announcers talked about Dixie breaking an “unwritten rule” messing with a wrestler’s family. Dixie entered the ring and walked up to Angle. She said there’s a lot going on here and things are changing. “It’s not seven years ago,” Dixie said. Angle said he can see that because the Dixie from seven years is not here right now. Angle accused Dixie of faking an emergency with his wife and kids. Dixie said she did it because she cares about him and his family. “I was just trying to protect you from yourself,” she said.

Angle stepped back, then re-approached Dixie and told her she’s twisted, warped, and out of her mind. Angle said she wants to screw A.J. Styles so badly that she took out half the locker room. Why? Dixie said Angle needs her to look after him because if he got injured, he wouldn’t be able to make her any money. Dixie said she wants Angle to stand by her side, unlike Jeff Hardy. Dixie said it’s best for Angle and best for her team. Angle told “honey” Dixie that he is not on her team.

Angle then brought up the main event that he’s facing Bobby Roode in a steel cage tonight. Dixie said she thinks Angle is a bit unstable tonight, so she is postponing the match until next week. The crowd booed. Dixie then warned Angle not to get involved in the Sting vs. Ethan Carter III match otherwise his job could be in jeopardy. Angle said this is way bigger than his job, so she can fire him if she wants to, but he’s going to do what’s right.

Dixie said she doesn’t want to have to do this, but she called out security to take Angle out of the ring, saying she doesn’t want to have to do this. Suddenly, Bobby Roode hit the ring and attacked Angle from behind. Dixie told security to let Roode go, then Roode dropped Angle with a Roode Bomb. “Now, please escort Mr. Angle out of the building,” Dixie told security.

Backstage: The audio was off as Jeremy Borash set up a Knockouts interview segment. Madison Rayne started to talk about her Knockouts Title challenge, but Lei’D Tapa and Gail Kim confronted her, then beat her up a little. Madison tried to catch her breath as Gail walked off for the KO Title match.

Backstage: Dixie Carter was back on TV. Dixie shouted at ref Earl Hebner that he’s not refereeing the main event tonight after his actions last week. Earl asked who’s going to ref the match if he’s not. Dixie said he’ll just have to find out, then gave him the night off.

In-ring: Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce the Knockouts Title match. Madison came out selling the effects of the pre-match beat down. To the live audience not privy to the backstage pre-tape, they probably thought she had a really bad stomachache. Gail Kim then came out to defend the title, mocking Madison’s… stomachache.

KO champion GAIL KIM (w/Lei’D Tapa) vs. MADISON RAYNE — Knockouts Title match

Gail dominated early on, taking advantage of the pre-mediated attack. Tapa then involved, so ref Brian Stiffler kicked her out from ringside. Gail angrily responded by wrapping Madison around the ringpost. Back in the ring, Gail gloated about her advantage, which allowed Madison to surprise Gail with a quick pin for the win.

WINNER: Madison at 4:06 to capture the Knockouts Title.

Up Next: Sting vs. ECIII.

Backstage: Sting yanked the mic away from Jeremy Borash. Sting said he doesn’t want anyone’s help tonight, saying it’s all about him getting his hands on ECIII tonight.

Hype Video: TNA broke from the narrative saying they’re introducing “new characters” and “new stories” with “real” emotion and impact. The latest marketing slogan: “A Real New Era Is Here.”

Backstage: Dixie Carter excitedly addressed “The Wolves,” Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, who made their Impact debut dressed in street clothes. Dixie smiled as she booked them in a try-out match next week, riffing on WWE with an insider reference. Eddie awkwardly looked toward Davey, who played the part better saying they’re past a try-out match, then he handed over TNA contracts they signed this morning. Dixie didn’t understand. Davey told Dixie to look it over, then the Wolves walked off. Dixie opened the envelope, which had a document signed by a “new investor.” Apparently this will introduce a new babyface authority figure to counter Dixie, who then got on her phone to figure out what’s going on.

In-ring: ECIII was introduced to the ring for the main event. Sting then came out to the ring and took a victory lap around ringside as Taz hyped “Genesis” continuing next week. Once Sting hit the ring, Hemme introduced a special guest referee … pause, then Rockstar Spud came out.

STING vs. ETHAN CARTER III — Rockstar Spud special referee

ECIII claimed a hair pull early on, prompting Spud to reprimand Sting. Sting then went for a corner punch, but Spud yanked his arm back and reprimanded him again. ECIII attacked Sting from behind to take advantage, but Sting knocked ECIII to the floor moments later. Sting then ran Carter into the guardrail before dumping him on the entrance ramp.

Back in the ring, Spud provided another distraction to allow ECIII to take control of the match. Sting came back moments later with the Scorpion Deathlock, but Spud hopped on Sting’s back instead of checking ECIII for a submission. Sting shook everyone off, then hit a Scorpion Deathdrop. Sting made a cover, but Spud refused to count. So, Sting forced Spud down to the mat.

Sting forced a one count, then a two count, but Magnus showed up ringside and yanked ref Spud out of the ring. Magnus then removed his suit jacket to reveal a referee t-shirt. As Sting complained, ECIII rolled up Sting from behind and Magnus registered a fast count for Carter to win.

WINNER: ECIII at 4:54.

Post-match: Magnus sarcastically applauded Sting, who complained about the events. Sting then grabbed the mic and said he wants to fight Magnus. He said he would do anything. Magnus slowly turned around and mouthed: “Anything?” Magnus started walking to the ring as Impact cut to break.

Back live, Magnus was posturing on the entrance ramp. Sting spoke over Tenay, who tried to reset the show. Sting then cut a promo on Magnus for spitting in his face. He said Magnus disgraced Styles, Hardy, this belt, these fans, and the wrestling business. He said he is a cancer that needs to be cut out. Sting said he just wants one shot at that World Title.

“Oohhh,” Magnus said, waiting for the offer. Magnus said it’s always about one more title shot. He said Sting gave up the right to compete for the TNA Title ever again, and he owes him nothing. Sting responded that Magnus owes himself. “Don’t you want to be king of the jungle?” Sting asked, channeling Styles two weeks ago. Sting asked Magnus if he wants to earn the World Title.

Sting continued that Magnus is a boy, not a man. Magnus then walked down to the ring as a ringside fan taunted Magnus: “You’re not a man.” Magnus entered the ring and said he gets it that Sting is trying to do the reverse psychology. But, he will make him a deal. Sting said he knows that Dixie is considering extending Sting’s contract, much to his objections. So, they should up the ante. If Sting wins, he becomes TNA champ. If Magnus wins, then he tears that contract to shreds and Sting is done. Sting responded by asking Magnus if he would like to gamble. Magnus took it as an acceptance. He said he can’t wait to tear up the contract, career, life, and career right in front of Sting’s “stupid, painted face.” Sting and Magnus went face-to-face, then Magnus backed up and left the ring. No date was given to the match. Sting’s music then played as the announcers recapped the segment. Tenay then said the match will take place one week from tonight.

Announcers: After everyone left the ring, Tenay and Taz recapped the show and hyped Genesis continuing next week. They set up next week’s card – Angle vs. Roode in a cage, Gunner vs. Storm for Gunner’s TNA Title contract briefcase, Aries vs. Sabin for the X Title, and Sting vs. Magnus for the TNA Title with Sting’s contract on the line. Tenay said Genesis rolls on next week.