TNA Hardcore Justice 2015

TNA Hardcore Justice 2015
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: May 1, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Josh Lomberger

First Match: 6-man tag team Street Fight match
The Revolution vs. The Hardy Boyz & Davey Richards

All six men were fighting their way to the ring. Richards and Manik eventually pair off in the ring as the others brawl on the floor. Richards in control as we see Matt choking out Abyss and Khoya nailing Jeff with a trashcan lid. The Hardys then into the ring poetry in motion on Manik and then they do it to Abyss but with Richards holding a chair in front of Abyss’ face. Matt then hits a twist of fate on Abyss and Jeff heads up top, but Manik crotches him. This allows the Revolution to take control, Khoya with some sloppy power stuff on Jeff as Manik works over Richards. Rolling suplexes by Manik to Richards follow as Matt and Abyss brawl to the floor. Jeff with a trashcan shot to Khoya, but then Abyss attacks him with a pipe. Matt makes the save with a chair, and they start to take back control.

Manik and Richards back in the ring and Richards with a kick and heads up top, cut off and he climbs. Mat and Jeff over, Abyss and Khoya as well and we get the old tower of doom spot. Abyss looks to deliver some choke slams, grabs Richards but he counters and then dropkicks out the knee of Abyss and hits creeping death. Richards sends he and Khoya to the floor, suicide dive onto Abyss follows. Jeff with a slingshot plancha onto Khoya, Matt hits the side effect on Manik, Richards then hits the double stomp and Abyss stops that and chokeslams Richards. Jeff in and eats a back elbow, Abyss tries the earthquake with the chair, but Jeff hits him in the balls with it. Twist of fate by Matt, Jeff up top and hits the swanton bomb to pick up the victory. James Storm appears and he is not impressed by their performance. He yells at Abyss

Winner: The Hardy Boyz & Davey Richards 

Mr. Anderson Backstage Segment: 

Anderson appears backstage and mocks EC3’s campaign. He has some excitement to bring to us and has a sign, but will not show it. He invites EC3 to the ring with him tonight.

TNA airs a video package about the recent signing of Billy Corgan.

Mr. Anderson and Ethan Carter III Segment: 

Anderson says the crowd is lively tonight and mocked Carter for being boring last week. He wants to kick his ass, and then Carter makes his way out to the ring with Tyrus. Carter says it sucks when someone interrupts your speech, and we get a dueling you can’t wrestle/yes he can chant. Carter says he cannot be copied, and says his campaign is no joke and is very real. Anderson says he knows Carter wants the title, and he needs to win it.

Carter says he leaves people bloodied and he collects scalps while defeating all Hall of Famers. He is undefeated and unbeatable. Carter says his undefeated streak is the most important thing to him, and Anderson reveals a “beat the streak” sign. This does not amuse Carter, and Carter promises to make Anderson a footnote in his record-breaking streak. Anderson challenges him to a match live on May 8th, and they will let the fans vote on the stipulation. Carter says democracy doesn’t work, but if this is what it takes to shut up Anderson, challenge accepted. Carter then tells Anderson to tread lightly. He then leaves.

Second Match: Four Way Ladder Match for the TNA X Division Championship 
Rockstar Spud (c) vs. Kenny King vs. Tigre Uno vs. Mandrews

King attacks Spud as he makes his entrance, leaving Mandrews and Uno in the ring. Uno then hits a dive onto King, Mandrews heads up top and hits a shooting star press to the floor onto King and Uno. He gets a ladder and slides it into the ring. King back in and they trade rights. They fight over the ladder but Uno leaps off the ropes and see-saws it into their face. Uno now gets the ladder and sets it up. Spud in and shoves him off the ladder, and then he sets it up and climbs, but is favoring his ribs, which are hurt due to recent attacks by the BDC. King cuts him off, Mandrews in as well and King misses a charge, leaps off the ladder, but Mandrews counters with a tornado DDT.

Uno in and hit a rack drop, and heads up top. Spud then tosses him to the floor, and he and King are in the ring. King attacks the ribs, lays in the boots as Spud tries to fight back but King then hits him in the ribs with the ladder. King sets the ladder in the corner, Mandrews in and drop toeholds King into a ladder. He sets the ladder, looks to climb and almost has the title but Uno stops him and climbs up with him. Uno then hits a Spanish fly off of the ladder and both men are down. King up and climbs the ladder, Spud crawls over to try and stop him.

King then drops down and they trade punches as Spud tries to fire up. Rapid-fire jabs by Spud, big right and then the enziguri connects. Spud now tries to climb, King is up and also climbs. They trade rights, kicks by King to the ribs and Spud drops. Uno springboards onto the ladder, he and King battle but King tosses him to the mat. Spud again tries to climb and removes the bowtie and bites King and knocks him to the mat. Spud looks to grab the title, but Homicide is in and pulls Spud off and onto the ladder in the corner. King gets to his feet and climbs and grabs the title to become the new champion.

Winner New TNA X Division champion Kenny King 

Eric Young Promo: 

Young says the fans thought they knew him and Angle thought he knew Young. He wanted the real Eric Young, winning the title did change him because it showed him how good he is. He is a world-class wrestler, man and champion. Anyone that stood between him and the title he put them on a stretcher. Lashley, Roode, Aries; they all went out on this. And now we come to Kurt Angle. Tonight Angle cannot duck him because they have a stretcher match, but it is a non-title match. Young sees this as an opportunity, because he will show the world that Angle is a hurt, can be beat and will get hurt even worse tonight. Tonight he does what legends and icons couldn’t do, tonight he ends Angle’s career.

BDC Backstage Segment: 

MVP says rumors of their demise have been exaggerated. They hold their future in their hands, and tonight Ki will end things tonight in his pipe match with Galloway.

Rockstar Spud Backstage Segment: 

Spud, he feels like his title has been stolen from him. He discusses all of the great X-Division champions and aid that he worked 14-years to get onto that list of guys like Lynn, Styles, Joe and Daniels so he could be known as one of the best. He says he will get his title back.

Third Match: TNA Knockouts championship match 
Taryn Terrell (c) w/The Doll House vs. Brooke

Lock u to begin, they battle for position and Brooke gets a side headlock. Terrell escapes, shoulder block by Brooke and then gets an arm drag. A dropkick follows and Terrell rolls to the floor to take a powder. Terrell back in, forearms by Brooke follow and then a neck breaker connects. Brooke hits another and then gets the cover for the two count. To the corner and Terrell eats a back elbow, Brooke to the second rope and hits a clothesline. Marti distracts her, and then Jade trips her up. Terrell grinds her face into the mat, and then slams it to the mat. Terrell works a camel clutch variation, and then slams Brooke to the mat again. Terrell then hits a snap suplex, and then slaps her. Rolling neck breaker by Terrell follows and she covers for two count. She covers again for another two count.

Terrell is frustrated, so she slams Brooke to the mat face first. Terrell then chokes Brooke out in the ropes as Marti and Jade mock her. Terrell now heads up top, but misses the high cross. Brooke to her feet, and she connects with several clotheslines. She hits a forearm, and then a back elbow. Forearm shots in the corner follow and then an x-factor follows. Terrell to the corner and Brooke lies in the boots and then looks to get Asstastic, but Terrell slides to the floor. Brooke up to and flies to the floor, wiping out the Dollhouse. Back in they go, Brooke hits a flapjack and heads up top. Marti distracts the ref as Jade tosses Brooke off the ropes. Terrell hits the cutter and picks up the victory.

After the match Marti and Jade beat down Brooke a bit and stuff a jawbreaker into her mouth. Terrell says Kong couldn’t beat her and Brooke couldn’t beat her, this is their house, the Dollhouse. Gail Kim makes her way out and wants to know what happened to Terrell. Terrell says she doesn’t want to be in Kim’s shadow, and they argue over top of each other. Terrell says it is time for Kim to live in her shadow, because there are three of them and Kim is all alone. Kim says she isn’t alone, and Awesome Kong appears. Terrell throws a fit in the ring.

Winner: Still TNA Knockout’s champion Taryn Terrell 

We found out that the next LIVE PPV! for TNA will be Slammiversary XIII on Sunday June 28th.

Fourth Match: Pipe on a Pole Match 
Low Ki vs. Drew Galloway

Galloway sends Ki to the floor. Galloway follows and continues the attack, slamming Ki to the barricade. Fans then help hold Ki as Galloway lays in some chops. They continue to battle at ringside, and then Ki gets a chair and nails Galloway in the gut with it. Ki then slam shim to the steps, and then follows with chops and head butts. Ki grabs the chair and throws it at Galloway, who moves, gets the chair and fires back onto Ki with chair shots. Galloway then dumps Ki onto the ring apron with a suplex and into the ring they go. Galloway climbs for the pipe, but Ki cuts him off. Kicks by Ki follow, looks for the Ki Krusher, Galloway escapes and looks for a powerbomb but Ki escapes. Running elbow by Ki connects, mounted rights on the corner follow. Ki tries to get the pipe but Galloway hits a tree slam and stops that.

Rapid fire rights and then boots by Galloway, sets up the chair and sets Ki up top and connects with chops. He looks for a superplex now, Ki fights him off and then knocks him to the mat. Galloway by the chair now and Ki hits the Warrior’s Way sending Galloway into the chair. Ki goes to get the pipe, but Galloway is already up and stops that. They battle up top now, Ki with head butt and Galloway with rights and chops. The pipe then falls and Galloway gets crotched and falls into the tree of woe. But he pops up and hits an overhead toss onto Ki. Both men are down, the pipe is down and then Galloway gets it. Galloway to the second rope and leaps off but Ki catches him with a right. Ki now has the pipe, Galloway counters, hits the future shock onto the chair and that is all. The BDC runs down and attacks Galloway post match. The Rising then make the save as we have a brawl.

Winner: Drew Galloway 

Mickie James, James Storm and Magnus Segment: 

Storm hanging out with Mickie and holding Mickie’s baby while the go shopping. Brutus Magnus is in the ring, but James Storm comes out before Magnus has the chance to say five words. Nick tells Storm that he’s starting to piss him off, and he appreciated when he helped out with Bram, but now Storm is overstepping his boundaries. He knows what he’s trying to do, but the fact is that Mickie’s not a member of the Revolution, and all he’s trying to do is drive a wedge between he and Mickie and he tells Storm it won’t happen again. Storm says he’s not manipulating anyone, he helped a friend just like Magnus said a man would. Storm says someone has trust issues because Magnus had a cameraman follow him around and saw them bump into one another in a public parking lot. Storm says he’s known Mickie for a long time, far longer than Magnus, and he says that if their friendship was so innocent, why didn’t Mickie tell him about it? Storm says to ask Mickie about all this, then drops the mic and walks off.

Fifth Match: Stretcher Match 
Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young

Young attacks right at the bell and beats down Angle in the corner. Angle fires back and levels Young with a clothesline, rights follow and then boots in the corner to the knee of Young. Young tosses Angle to the floor, and they brawl around the ringside area. Back into the ring now, and Young posts Angle and he falls to the floor. Young works over Angle in the corner. Angle reverses a corner whip, but Young with the Flair corner flip and slides back in, but Angle connects with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Young to the floor, Angle then looks for a double axe handle off of the apron but Young catches him with a right. Young slams Angle to the steps and then stomps on his head, and then he goes to get the stretcher.

They brawl to the apron and Angle tries to German suplex Young to the floor, but Young escapes with the back elbow. Young then adjusts the shin guard as they head back into the ring, but Angle fires up and hits some clotheslines and then two German suplexes, he then hits a third as Young rips off the buckle pad. Angle keeps his grip as they roll to the floor and then Young hits a low blow with the shin guard. Young looks for the piledriver, but Angle counters and catapults Young to the post. Angle then hits an Angle slam on the floor, and then gets the stretcher.

Angle grabs Young and rolls him onto the stretcher, he tries to strap Young in and Young rakes the eyes to stop that and escapes. Back into the ring they go, and Young looks for the figure four and Angle kicks him off. Young tries the piledriver, countered and Angle rolls into the ankle lock. Young rolls out and sends Angle into the exposed buckle. Young then hits a piledriver, and Angle appears to be out. Young then hits a second piledriver and then drags him to the stretcher. Young straps him in and wins the match.

Winner: Eric Young