TNA Hardcore Justice (3) 2013

TNA Hardcore Justice
Location: Norfolk, VA
Date: August 22, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package concentrating on Bad Influence and Bobby Roode. Kazarian and Roode picked up their separate wins last week. Will they continue to succeed? Who will fill in for Kurt Angle in the Main Event Mafia? They tried Austin Aries but he said, “No.” Last week showcased Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin in a Steel Cage Match. Ray wins with Tito Ortiz coming out.

Bully Ray and Tito Ortiz are walking backstage. Bully is on the phone. He states that Tito is with him and he is pumped. Ray says everyone will know about him and Brooke tonight. He hangs up the phone and they walk forward. They meet Mr. Anderson. Anderson meets Tito and says he should have brought Tito in a lot sooner. Ray doesn’t understand. Anderson states that Ray hasn’t answered the phone calls or answered the texts. Ray says Anderson is getting sensitive and should worry about himself. Tito is with him and is with everyone in Aces. Ray tells Tito to continue and they walk off. Ken looks a bit disgruntled.

The camera shows the arena and it is jam-packed. Music plays and we see Bobby Roode, Kazarian, and Daniels. They walk down to Roode’s music. They get in the ring and Roode grabs a mic. Roode starts off to congratulate Bully Ray on becoming a 2 time TNA World Champion last week. Ray found a way to screw the system. He found another “friend” along the way. Right now, Ray has a target on his chest. He is the guy with the World Title and he is looking at the three men who will do anything to get it. Roode, Kazarian, and Daniels! One of them will walk into Bound for Glory and become the new TNA World Champion whether he likes it or not. Last week, Roode set the tables, literally. He gained 20 points. He leapfrogged into second place. They are only getting started. He hands the mic to Kazarian. Kaz states that he has a Ladder Match against Styles, Aries, and Hardy. Guess who won! It was Kaz… the handsome devil! Daniels gets the mic now. Daniels says it is 2 for 2. Tonight, Daniels completes the sweep. He has the rear that makes the girls cheer… he is the best street fighter in all of TNA. Roode gets the mic again. They are the 25% of the BFG Series. They have been thinking and they have thought about adding a new member to the group to be 1/3. That member is… Austin Aries! Aries knows Roode. They tagged before. He can trust Roode. He can trust Daniels and Kaz. If he wants to be World Champion, he has to join them. Music hits and here comes James Storm and Gunner. The TNA Tag Team Champions walk down the ramp and get in the ring. James has his great beer bottle with him as well as a mic.

James asks if they said trust. James asks Roode if he said, “You can trust me.” Roode did. James teamed up with him in the past. He knows Roode. It’s all about when he will turn on someone. He will throw them away when he doesn’t need them. So, when that happens, “Sorry about your damn luck.” Roode says James is jealous. James says he will take of his hat and shirt. He has never had to wrestle in jeans, so wait till he changes. James goes in the corner and takes off his shirt, hat, and sunglasses. He drinks some beer, turns around and punches Roode right in the face. Gunner goes after Daniels and Kazarian. He tosses them out of the ring. Roode rolls out of the ring and James follows him. He continues with the attack.

Bobby Roode and Kazarian vs. James Storm and Gunner

The referee sends Daniels to the back. James brings Roode in. He attacks him some more and then tags Gunner. James does an atomic drop and then Gunner shoots off the ropes and hits a closeline. Roode goes down.


Roode gets Gunner and rams him face first into the turnbuckle. He then does it again on the opposing side. He does several knife edge chops, but Gunner comes back with punches. Roode sends him off to the ropes and elbows him in the face. He covers but Gunner kicks out. Roode tags Kaz. He whips Gunner in the ropes and does a spinning heel kick. He covers but James stops the count. Kaz does a sexual taunt and then puts Gunner in the corner. He tags Roode. Roode does a snapmare and then works on the neck. He taunts to say how great he is and then grabs Gunner and hits a suplex. He drops a knee to the chest/face and covers. Gunner kicks out. Roode tags Kaz. Kaz kicks him in the gut and stomps on him. He does a huge leg drop and covers. Gunner kicks out. Kaz slaps the face of Gunner. He tells him to get up. Gunner punches back. Kaz rakes the eyes to stop him. Gunner whips him in the ropes but Kaz kicks him in the chest. Gunner doesn’t move. He lifts Kaz up and hits a huge backbreaker. He tags James while Kaz tags Roode. James punches Roode multiple times. Roode whips him in the ropes but James knocks him down. He continues the offense. Kaz enters but James kicks him in the back of the head. He climbs the corner and plants an elbow. Kaz enters and stops the count that James has. Gunner enters and knocks Kaz out of the ring. James continues the attack on Roode. Roode slowly gets up. James goes for the Super Kick but the referee was in the way. Referee = Earl Hebner. Kaz comes in with an object but James hits him with a Super Kick. Roode low blows James as Earl wasn’t looking. Roode does a roll-up and wins.

Winners: Bobby Roode and Kazarian

Austin Aries is backstage. He states that Sting asked him to join the Main Event Mafia last week. Now, Roode asks him to join him with Kaz and Daniels. He feels like they cost him the match last week with a distraction. Austin doesn’t know. He will decide sometime tonight.


A video plays showcasing last week’s main event match where Tito Ortiz attacked Rampage Jackson from behind. Bully Ray won the match and is now the TNA World Champion.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the next match. Sonjay Dutt walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Music hits and here comes Manik. He comes down with the X-Division Title. He runs to the ring but Dutt jumps out and lands on the ramp. They enter the ring.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Manik

Dutt goes in the ropes and Manik grabs him and locks in a submission hold, but Dutt gets out of it. Manik takes down Dutt by his arm. Dutt gets out and runs in the ropes. He jumps up on Manik and does a hurricanrana. He covers but Manik kicks out. Both get up. Manik goes for a sunset flip, but Dutt flips over and goes for a kick to the face but Manik ducks and does a roll-up. Dutt kicks out. Both get up and Dutt applies an inside lock. He stops and rolls Manik up but he kicks out. Both get up and Dutt takes him down. He applies a headlock. Manik gets up and takes Dutt over. Both get up. Dutt runs to him but Manik moves and Dutt goes through the ropes. He lands on his feet. Manik jumps over the ropes and does a dropkick. He brings Dutt in the ring. Manik climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick to the back of Dutt. He covers but Sonjay kicks out. Both get up and Manik is behind Dutt. Dutt elbows him and turns around. Manik lifts him up as Dutt tries to kick him in the gut. Manik turns it into a powerbomb and covers. Sonjay kicks out. Dutt goes in the corner. Manik runs to him but Sonjay kicks him in the face. He puts Manik in the corner. Dutt runs and does a running dropkick. He does a suplex and covers but Manik kicks out. Dutt lifts him up and does a body slam. He climbs the corner and goes for the moonsault, but Manik moves out of the way. Both get up. Dutt grabs Manik, but Manik turns it around, lifts him up and drops him right on his knee/feet. He covers and wins.

Winner: Manik

Mr. Anderson meets with Aces & 8s backstage. Devon asks Anderson if he talked to Ray. Ken tells Devon that Ray said to take Main Event Mafia down. Devon says they are in a great place to do so. Ken says they have the advantage as it’s going to be 5 on 4. Devon testifies to that. They clink their beers and drink up.

A four way screen shot is shown as it shows Jay Bradley, Joseph Park, Daniels, and Hernandez getting ready for their match.


Hernandez comes out on the stage and goes to the ring.


Main Event Mafia are backstage. They are planning their match for later tonight.

Hernandez and Jay Bradley are already in the ring. Music hits and here comes Daniels! He dances his way to the ring. Music hits and here comes Joseph Park! Eric Young comes out with him. They walk down the ramp. Park looks at the weapons that are on the stage. He doesn’t like them at all. Park gets in the ring.

Jay Bradley vs. Hernandez vs. Daniel vs. Joseph Park in a “Bound for Glory” Street Fight

Jay goes right after Park while Hernandez and Daniels fight. Hernandez sends Daniels in the corner. Hernandez runs and smashes him. He lifts him up and tosses him across the ring. Jay and Park continue to fight. Park punches him in the face and runs in the ropes. Jay kicks him and knocks him down. Jay goes after Hernandez. He bounces off the ropes but Hernandez knocks him down. Jay gets up and Hernandez closelines him over the ropes. Daniels does a roll-up to Hernandez but he kicks out. He does an inside cradle but Hernandez kicks out again. Daniels attacks him with different punches and slaps. He knocks Hernandez down and covers but Jay comes in with a steel chair and smashes it on Daniels and Hernandez. He puts the chair around Hernandez’s neck and smashes him in the corner. He then hits the side of the chair to Hernandez’s head. Jay goes to whip Hernandez but he reverses it and Park is there. He knocks him down. Hernandez and Park work together. They put Daniels in the corner. Park runs and smashes both of them. Jay and Daniels fall. Hernandez and Park walk around the ring to get the crowd wild.


Roode and Kazarian walk out on the ramp. As they do, Hernandez is on the apron on the offense.


Daniels has a kendo stick on the ramp. Hernandez stands and he goes to swing it, but Hernandez grabs it, kicks Daniels and smashes him with it. He goes for a powerbomb, but Daniels turns it into a back body drop on the ramp! Jay sends Park in the corner. He runs but Park moves. Park attacks him, but Jay fights back. He grabs a chair and goes to swing it, but Park takes the legs out from under Jay. He does a Boston Crab! Park releases it as Roode and Kaz are on the apron. He exits the ring and goes after them but they beat him up. Eric Young comes to the air. Roode attacks him though. He continues to beat him up. They send Park face first into the steel post. Jay sends Daniels in the corner and then kicks him with a big boot. He does a hiptoss and runs to him again as he is in the corner, but Daniels kicks him. Jay does a huge low blow and then smashes his back with a steel chair. Jay lifts him up and does a huge back suplex on the chair. Jay gets ready. He goes in the ropes, but Kaz grabs his leg and takes him out of the ring. He and Roode take him down. Hernandez jumps over the ropes and hits Daniels. He sends Daniels in the corner and runs to him. Daniels gets away. He goes in the ropes but Hernandez does a battering ram. He lifts him up on his shoulders but Daniels slides out. Just then, Austin Aries gets in the ring. He attacks Hernandez. He high fives Roode and Kaz. He turns and kicks Daniels in the gut and does the Brain Buster. Aries runs out of the ring and up the ramp as Roode and Kazarian run after him. Inside the ring, Jay has control of Park. Jay hits Park with brass knuckles. Just then, Park sees that he is bleeding from his mouth. He gets up as Jay goes for the elbow shot. Jay runs but Park hits him with the Black Hole Slam. He covers and wins.

Winner w/ 20 points: Joseph Park

Eric Young is hesitant to come in the ring. He slowly comes in the ring and joins hands with Park as he is now “normal”. The crowd cheers.


Sting is standing on his feet while the other members of the Main Event Mafia sit down. Sting says it was a bad week for them. Tito turned on Rampage, Ray won the title, and they still don’t have a member. Rampage stands and says if he sees Tito, he will break his face. Magnus stands and says, “So what,” to Sting. So what if they don’t have a replacement. They are the mafia. They are the elite. If no one will step up, then they step up. Joe stands and says Magnus is right. It’s their time.

A huge video package plays showcasing the history between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. They loved each other. They got married. Hulk Hogan finally accepted him. Ray turned on her and Hulk and announced he was the President of Aces & 8s. Ray will never let Brooke go. He was on the phone last week and says they will tell the world next week.

Music hits and here comes Bully Ray, with the TNA World Title, and Tito Ortiz. As they come to the ring, a video shows Ray winning the title. They are in the ring and the camera shows Taz clapping and he tells Mike Tenay to, “Shut up!” Ray gets a mic. Ray brings up Taz and Tito. It sounds like everyone is happy to see Ray tonight. What? Are they mad? How does it feel to have the curtain pulled over their eyes? How does it feel to be suckered by Ray again? Ray has one question for everyone. He tries to have them shut up, but they keep booing. He asks, “Do you know who I am?” They boo. He asks again and they boo more. He is Bully Ray…. the President of Aces & 8s, and the TNA World Champion. He didn’t say the 2 time reign because he won’t recognize Sabin’s reign. He didn’t beat him…. he beat himself. Everything is right in TNA right now. That leads him to his new friend. “Do you know who this is?” This is the big beach bad boy… Tito Ortiz. Tito mentions Rampage. Rampage knows what the contract was about when he signed it. It wasn’t going to change in the ring. Tito knocked him out last week and he will do it again on November 2nd. Ray says no one knows what he does. They will be shocked again. It’s time for the whole world to know about him and his lover. Brooke, come on out. Brooke’s music plays. She doesn’t come out. Brooke Tessmacher comes out. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

She goes up to Ray and grabs his necklace. Ray moves closer and they kiss each other. Brooke is all over him. Ray gets back on the mic and says he has the hot Brooke with him. Now that he has the bad beach boy with him…Now does he have Taz with him…. does anyone believe Ray can be stopped? There’s one thing left to do. Ray puts his hand out and Brooke takes the ring off his finger with her mouth. Music hits and they all raise their arms.

Gail Kim is shown backstage. She is making her way to the ring. The camera then shows ODB and they fight next.


Video replays showing Bully Ray reveal Brooke Tessmacher as his lover.

Gail Kim’s music plays and she comes out to the ring. After, ODB’s music plays and she comes out to the ring.

Gail Kim vs. ODB

The bell sounds and they move around the ring. They lock-up. ODB pushes Gail back and she falls back first. Gail gets up. They lock-up again and ODB does it again. Gail gets up and walks around. They go to lock-up, but she goes behind ODB. ODB knocks her back. Gail goes in the corner. ODB runs to her. Gail goes to the apron. ODB takes her into the turnbuckle. She brings her in and keeps her in the corner. Gail sits down. ODB does the buster type move in the corner. Both get up. ODB closelines Gail. She lifts her up and does a fallaway slam. ODB hip-ups. Gail rolls out of the ring and walks around. ODB exits and Gail runs and rolls back in. ODB follows. Gail grabs ODB in the ring and does a flying arm bar. Gail kicks ODB and then works on the arm. Gail slams ODB shoulder first into the corner and then sits on it while it is tied up on the ropes. Gail enters and ODB fights back. She climbs the corner. Gail fights back and lifts her up on her shoulders. She plants ODB’s shoulder right to her knee. She covers but ODB kicks out. She applies a key lock but ODB tries to fight back. Gail takes the arm to the ropes and goes to sit on it but ODB does a low blow type move. She takes Gail over the ropes. She continues but Gail whips her in the shoulders. ODB climbs the corner and smashes Gail’s face into the top turnbuckle. ODB jumps and lands on Gail. She covers but Gail kicks out.

Gail kicks ODB in the shoulder. Gail climbs the corner. ODB runs and knocks Gail down. ODB punches her in the gut and then does a huge chop. ODB does a huge superplex!!! It has hurt both of them. ODB slowly turns and covers but Gail kicks out. ODB tries to lift Gail up, but Gail turns it into the crucifix.

Winner: Gail Kim

Main Event Mafia are walking backstage.

The camera now shows Aces & 8s walking backstage. Their match is next.


A video plays showcasing Jeff Hardy as he is in the Bound for Glory Series. He won last year’s Series and says he had his most important title reign because he came back from so much. He says the Series is challenging, mentally and physically. He has worked through it. He says this year is different than last year as he knows how to win and what it takes, but the competition is harder this year. He has been the only person to win the Series and went on to win the title. The biggest thing is to stay healthy.

A video plays showing the Fatal Four Way Match where Austin Aries was about to join Bad Influence and Roode, but ultimately turned on them the last second.

Aries is backstage. The camera man says it looked like everything was cool with him and Roode/Bad Influence. Aries says everything was cool. They asked him a question. He gave his answer. He knows about being champion. He beat Roode for it. Roode is teaming up with people who were never TNA World Champion. Aries doesn’t need Roode or Dixie or management. He only needs his talent.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown as they say Hulk Hogan will be returning to Impact next week. He is seeing lawyer this week. Taz says something is fishy.

A video plays showing Chris Sabin and he gives his thoughts after his match. He says something has to change. They beat the system. They interfered. It was supposed to be one on one. MEM has his side but Tito ruined it. He will be back. He just has to go through some thinking.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces this match. Aces & 8s come out on the stage. They make their way to the ring. Main Event Mafia’s music plays and they come out to the ring.

Aces & 8s (Mr. Anderson, Garett Bischoff, Knux, Wes Brisco, and Devon) vs. A.J. Styles and Main Event Mafia (Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Rampage Jackson)


MEM and Aces go all out and fight each other. All of the fighting ends up outside of the ring. They fight around. Sting has a chair and smashes someone in the back. AJ goes after Anderson. Devon throws water in the face of Magnus. Magnus comes back and takes Devon down with punches and kicks. Rampage takes care of Knux on the steel steps. AJ brings Ken in the ring and does a huge dropkick. Magnus brings Wes in the ring and whips him in the ropes. Wes jumps but Magnus catches him. He drops him right down. Everyone goes to their respected corners now. Magnus tags Joe. Joe enters and punches Wes with rights and lefts. Wes falls down in the corner. Joe gets him up and smashes him face first into the corner. He goes to the opposing corner and does the huge Pelé kick. He covers but Wes kicks out. Joe gets him up, but Wes fights back. He tags Garett. Joe enters and elbows him. AJ tags himself in. He smashes Garett on the back. Garett fights back with punches. He bounces off the ropes but AJ lifts him up and does a huge backbreaker! AJ gets him up and takes him to the corner and tags Joe.


Garett has Magnus in the ring and knees him in the gut. He puts him in the corner and tags Knux. Knux enters and smashes Magnus in the corner. He taunts, but Magnus fights back. He then attacks the members of Aces on the apron. He turns and Knux just throws his whole body at Magnus. He takes Magnus up and plants a back suplex. He tags Devon. Devon bounces off the ropes and plants his forearm across the face. He gets Magnus up and chokes him on the second rope. Devon punches Magnus in the face. He tags Garett. He kicks Magnus in the gut and grinds his face along the ropes. Magnus fights back. He bounces off the ropes but Garett hits the flapjack. He tags Wes. He and Garett double team on Magnus with a body smash in the corner to a closeline. Wes covers but MEM break it up. Wes tags Ken. Anderson stomps on Magnus and covers. He kicks out.

He whips Ken in the ropes. Magnus catches Ken, but Anderson rakes him in the eyes. He tags Devon. Devon does a snapmare and hits a leg drop. He mocks Hulk Hogan and then applies a head vice. Magnus gets up and punches his way out of the vice. Magnus goes in the ropes but Devon hits an elbow and then does a “spin-a-roni” type taunt. Devon tags Knux. Knux punches Magnus in the gut and hits a body slam. He goes to the second turnbuckle and hits a leg drop. He covers Magnus three times but Magnus keeps kicking out. Knux lifts him up, but Magnus reverses it and hits a DDT. Magnus goes and tags Sting! Sting enters and does a dropkick to Knux. He runs and does the Stinger Splash. He hits it again. He kicks the knee out from under Knux. Just then, all of MEM and Aces enter. They fight and it goes to the outside again. They all brawl. Rampage Jackson gets in the ring. Devon enters and he punches him. He punches Garett and then closelines Knux and does a body slam on Wes. Knux enters and knocks Rampage out from behind. Sting knocks Knux down and applies the Scorpion Death Lock. Devon enters and low blows Sting. Knux covers as the referee enters. Sting kicks out. Knux tags Devon. Devon pounds Sting in the corner. He lifts him up and does a body slam. Devon climbs to the second rope. He jumps for the headbutt, but Sting moves. Sting tags AJ. He does the springboard to Devon. He then knocks all of Aces off the apron. He does the slaps and punches to Devon and then the Pelé kick. He covers but Devon kicks out. Anderson gets in and hits AJ from behind. Garett enters. Joe comes in and knocks Ken out. Magnus knocks Garett out. They fight them on the outside. AJ gets Devon up, kicks him, but Garett enters. AJ hits the Pelé kick to him. He runs in the ring but Devon hits him with a huge spear!!! Devon lifts AJ up, but AJ slides out and hits the Styles Clash! He covers and wins!

Winners: AJ Styles and Main Event Mafia – Devon leaves TNA Wrestling

Bully Ray shoots up from his seat and holds his head. He can’t believe it. Sting and Rampage check on Devon in the ring as he is out cold. Aces are furious on the outside. Ray is very angry! Taz is outraged! Main Event Mafia and AJ celebrate in the ring. Just then, AJ leaves the ring and points to Devon. The show fades.