TNA No Surrender 2010

Total Nonstop Action – Pay-Per-View
September 5, 2010 – Orlando, Florida


The Motor City Machins Guns defeated Generation Me (Tag Team Titles)
Douglas Williams defeated Sabu (TNA X-Division Title Match)
Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne (Knockouts Grudge Match)
The Monster Abyss defeated War Machine Rhino (Falls Count Anywhere)
Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Nash & Sting
A.J. Styles defeated Tommy Dreamer (I QUIT Match)
Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy ended in a No Contest (Semi-Final Match)
Mr. Anderson defeated Pope D’Angelo Finero (Semi-Final Match)

TNA No Surrender

The Motor City Machins Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated Generation Me (Max & Jeromy Buck) to retain the TNA World Tag Team titles: They said London Brawling couldn’t make it to the show, so TNA management decided to give Generation Me a huge opportunity on PPV. Another great match from these two exciting tag teams. The Guns won and retained their championships again. Generation Me turned heel after the match! They attacked the Guns and kicked Sabin out of the ring. They double-teamed Shelley and gave him a DDT off the ring apron onto the floor!

Douglas Williams defeated Sabu to retain the TNA X-Division title: Midway through the match, Sabu pulled out a table from under the ring and set it up at ringside. Williams caught him and managed to get the action back into the ring. Sabu regained the advantage and then jumped out of the ring to search for something else under the ring. Sabu found a chair and brought it in the ring, but referee Earl Hebner warned him not to use it – so Sabu threw the chair down. A minute later, Sabu set up the chair and did the triple-jump moonsault (technically didn’t use the chair as a weapon). Sabu bounced off the ropes and Williams tripped him head first into the chair. Moments later, Williams kicked Sabu between the legs to topple him. Williams put Sabu in a submission and then bashed him on the back with knee smashes. Sabu fought back and hit a second rope springboard DDT, and followed up with a second rope springboard elbow – but couldn’t get the count. Sabu did one more jump off the chair onto Williams. The referee pushed the chair aside, but Sabu grabbed it and set it up again. Williams capitolized on Sabu’s obsession with the chair and regained the advantage. Williams ended up on the floor, and Sabu lost his balance doing a springboard, but adapted to the circumstance. Sabu slid back in the ring and did a flip over the top rope and crashed through the table! That looked ridiculous because he missed by a mile. Williams wanted to use the chair, but the referee pulled it away from him. With the refs back turned, Williams clocked Sabu with the X-division belt and stole the pin to retain his championship!

Christy Hemme & Mr. Anderson: Christy Hemme pointed out that The Pope doesn’t trust Mr. Anderson, but Anderson made fun of Hemme saying he didn’t care if the Pope didn’t trust him. Anderson said he was focused on tonight and the fans would stand on their feet and chant “We Are A$$holes!”

Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne: Madison Rayne came in on the back of Tara‘s motorcycle. For those who missed it, Tara was revealed as the mystery biker chick on the last episode of iMPACT. Tara kissed Madison on the lips during their entrance. Both girls came out to the Beautiful People entrance music. Both Angelina & Velvet molested the middle rope as they entered the ring. I’d rather see a tag team match. Velvet went for a pin but Tara pulled her out of the ring. Tara threatened to knock out Velvet with the helmet but Angelina came to her rescue. Velvet got back in and hit Madison with the DDT to win this short match!

Christy Hemme & Jeff Hardy: Christy Hemme said Kurt Angle was the greatest wrestler in the world and Jeff Hardy agreed. Hardy said his friend never lost the TNA championship so he’s going to win tonight in honor of Rob Van Dam!

“The Monster” Abyss defeated “The War Machine” Rhino: They brawled on the floor a little, before spilling out of the iMPACT Zone and into the backstage area near an amusement park of some kind. They eventually brawled their way back into the ring where trash cans were used as weapons. They brawled on the floor some more, then back to the ring. Abyss set up one piece of metal guard rail in the corner and threw Rhino towards it, but Rhino stopped himself! Rhino fought back with a cookie sheet and then GOREd Abyss in the corner. Rhino gave Abyss an impressive belly-to-belly suplex into the middle of the ring and set up for the finishing GORe! Abyss caught Rhino and choke-slammed him on top of a trash can. Abyss only got a two-count, and started to freak out. Abyss found Janice on the ramp and brought her to the ring. For those who have been living under a rock, “Janice” is a 2X4 with dozens of spikes sticking out of it. Rhino GOREd Abyss cause him to drop Janice. A small part of the crowd started chanting “this is awesome!” Abyss set up the guard rail again in the corner and prepared to Power-bomb Rhino onto it, but Rhino countered and took Abyss down with a clothesline. Rhino wanted to GORe Abyss through the guard rail, but Abyss moved and Rhino hit it head-on. Abyss hit a Black Hole Slam and scored the pinfall to win the match! Abyss said “THEY” will reveal themselves at Bound For Glory on 10.10.10

Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Nash & Sting: During a pre-match video package, Samoa Joe made it clear that he wasn’t fighting for Jeff Jarrett. Nash said he can’t blame Joe, pointing out that he taught him well. . . . . Sting was wearing Wolfpac red and black colors. Late in the match, Jarrett grabbed Sting’s baseball bat and smashed Sting with it! Jarrett then held off Nash on the floor while Joe took out Sting with the Rear Naked Choke!

TNA Television champion A.J. Styles defeated Tommy Dreamer: A.J. Styles tried to ambush Tommy Dreamer on the stage during his entrance and the match immediately started. They beat each other up for a bit and Dreamer focused on Styles’ arm. Styles countered with a thumb to Dreamer’s eye socket. Styles pulled a fork out of his knee pad, but Dreamer caught him. Dreamer stretched Styles in the crossface to work over his arm. Styles wrapped Dreamers ankle in the guard rail and wrenched on it. Neither man would say I QUIT. Dreamer’s leg was really screwed up at this point. Styles put Dreamer in the Figure-4 as a tribute to Ric Flair. Dreamer showed his heart and turned the Figure-4 over reversing the pressure. The fans started chanting “use the fork!” (a spoof on “use the force!”) so Tommy picked it up and attempted to stab A.J. but instead took a Pele-kick to the head! Styles went to fly through the ropes but Tommy whacked him with a kendo stick (left over from the previous match). Dreamer whacked Styles with the stick and then hit a Pump-handle with the stick between A.J.’s legs. Dreamer took off his shirt revealing flashy new ring gear. Dreamer applied a crossface with the kendo stick across A.J.’s face (disgusting). Tommy pulled on the stick until it folded and broke. Styles pulled a second fork out of his knee bad and stabbed Dreamer right in the eye! Taz freaked out. Styles then stuck the fork into Dreamer’s eye and he screamed like a little girl before screaming I QUIT!!

Christy Hemme & Kurt Angle: Christy Hemme reenforced the stipulation that if Kurt Angle loses he has to retire from wrestling. Angle said losing was not an option. Angle said Jeff Hardy was a great wrestler but he’s not Kurt Angle. He said “I’m Kurt Angle, the greatest wrestler in the world!” Angle promised to win tonight and go onto Bound For Glory and win the TNA World Heavyweight title..

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy ended in a No Contest: After some great action, Kurt Angle had Jeff Hardy in the Anklelock, but Hardy refused to tap out because he was wrestling in honor of his friend RVD. Suddenly the bell rang and Jeremy Borash announced that the 20:00 time limit had expired! The crowd hated that, and demanded five more minutes! Eric Bischoff came down and conferred with Dixie Carter (who sits in the front row at all PPVs). Bischoff added five more minutes on the clock and restarted the match. Angle went right after Hardy’s ankle again. Hardy fought through the pain and foolishly went for a move off the top rope. Angle caught him and executed an Super Angle-slam (off the top rope)! Angle went for the cover but Hardy kicked out. The crowd chanted “This is Awesome!” Angle charged Hardy, who back-flipped Angle straight over the top rope to the floor with 1:00 left on the clock. Angle made it back into the ring just before getting counted out. A double clothesline took out both wrestlers. Bischoff looked frustrated, but I don’t know why. The solution is simple – sudden death! Angle made a cover with three seconds left but Hardy kicked out. Bischoff ordered five more minutes to be put on the clock and the crowd popped. Why not sudden death? Paging Dr. Logic. Angle got his second wind and went after Hardy again. Angle charged Hardy in the corner, but Hardy moved and Angle hit shoulder-first onto the ring post. Hardy then turned up his intensity and tried to finish off Angle. Hardy bashed Angle into the ring steps and Angle came up bloody. Hardy wanted a countout victory but Angle made it back in the ring. Hardy went for a Boston-crab to put pressure on Angle’s back. The blood flowed from Angle’s head as Hardy cinched down – causing a pool of blood to form. Angle countered into an Anklelock but Hardy reached the ropes. Angle pulled Hardy back to the middle of the ring and locked it in good. Angle yanked on Hardy’s ankle as blood continued to pour out of Angle’s head from the pressure. Hardy held on and time ran out. Eric Bischoff got in the ring and told Angle to to get medical attention. Some medics cleaned up the blood on Angle’s head while Bischoff talked to (presumably) Hogan. Bischoff said the trainers have told him the cut is too deep and they had to declare the match a no contest. Angle was furious and stormed off unsatisfied. Amazing match!

Christy Hemme & Pope D’Angelo Dinero: Christy Hemme talked about the question mark surrounding who will go to Bound For Glory out of the last match. The Pope told Hemme to put her money on the Pope to win the TNA World Heavyweight title at Bound For Glory. The Pope cut a promo on Mr. Anderson to hype their match coming up next! Yeah, the main event. ZZzzzzz.

Mr. Anderson defeated “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero: Tough spot for these two, as it would take a miracle to top the previous match. It was a good match, but not main event quality. The finish saw The Pope miss the D’Angelo Dinero Express and Anderson followed up with a Mic-Check for the WIN! Mr. Anderson will be in the World Heavyweight title match at Bound For Glory!