WWE ECW 01 20 2009

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sci-Fi Network
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
Location: Chicago, Illinois | Date: January 20, 2009

Todd Grisham & Matt Hardy + ECW World champion Jack Swagger: Todd Grisham showed clips of the Jeff Hardy “accident” on SmackDown! where pyro blew up in his face on the stage. Matt said Jeff was recovering and suffering from first degree burns from the accident. Grisham asked if it was all a coincidence, and Matt said it was obvious that it wasn’t an accident. Grisham brought up Matt losing the ECW World title to Jack Swagger last week. Matt said Swagger is better than he originally thought. Swagger came out in a black suit, strutting to the ring with the ECW championship over his shoulder. Swagger said it felt good to be ECW champion. Swagger said he was the new face of the franchise, and said if Matt thinks he can take the ECW title away from him, then his brother won’t be the only one going down in flames. Matt knocked Swagger out of the ring and went after him with furious intentions. A team of referees pulled Matt off and held his arms, allowing Swagger to get one cheap-shot in before leaving with his ECW championship..

Ricky Ortiz defeated Adam Evans: Matt Striker actually mentioned Steve Cox during his commentary!

Theodore Long & Tiffany & Tommy Dreamer + Paul Burchill & Katie Lea: Theodore Long told Tommy Dreamer that he didn’t have to put his career on the line to get a title shot. Dreamer said that it was something he just has to do. Paul Burchill interrupted and said “sorry Tommy, but some of us have career’s that don’t need saving!” Burchill demanded a rematch with DJ Gabriel. Theodore Long said Burchill will get a match with somebody of his choosing… NEXT!

The Boogeyman defeated Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea by DQ: The Boogeyman was getting the best of Paul Burchill when Katie Lea interfered, causing the disqualification. Katie Lea tried to escape but the Boogeyman caught her and pushed her back into the ring. The Boogeyman pulled out a handful of worms, but big brother Paul pulled Katie out of the ring to save her!

John Morrison defeated Mike Mizanin and Fit Finlay and Mark Henry: The match started with all three heels picking on Fit Finlay, before Mark Henry predictably went out on his own. A few minutes later, Mark Henry was knocked out of the ring and he walked out on the match. Hornswoggle interfered when the Miz & Morrison were taking advantage of Papa Finlay. Finlay recovered and hit the Celtic Cross on the Miz, but John Morrison jumped in and pinned the Miz to win the match!