WWE ECW 09 15 2009

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Matt Striker
Location: Hamilton, Ontario | Date: September 15, 2009

General Manager Tiffany + William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson: Tiffany said the WWE Universe was buzzing about Breaking Point, adding that she was proud of the ECW championship match.. She was immediately interrupted by William Regal, flanked by Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson.. Regal said Tiffany looked exceptionally lovely tonight and is doing a great job as General Manager of ECW. Regal said he wanted to talk to Tiffany about what happened at Breaking Point. Regal said Tiffany has an eye for talant, but wondered why Tiffany felt the need to ban Kozlov & Jackson from ringside at No Surrender. Tiffany explained that she wanted to keep the match one on one with no outside interference. Regal said Tiffany’s decision was a little rash, and it caused him unnecessary grief, so it would only be right to grant him another rematch at the ECW championship. Tiffany said she has already decided not to give Regal another shot at the ECW title. Tiffany announced a #1 Contenders Battle Royal in tonight’s main event! Tiffany wished Kozlov & Jackson luck, but Regal wouldn’t be in the Battle Royal. However, Regal would be in action, RIGHT NOW!

William Regal defeated The Hurricane: William Regal was forced to wrestle in his suit. That’s not fair, but he still destroyed the Hurricane! After the match, Paul Burchill slipped in from behind and attacked The Hurricane, planting him with a Dangerous-buster!

Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu: Goldust apologized to Yoshi Tatsu for what happened last week. Yoshi wanted to continue with English lessons, so Goldust gave him some tips (complete with studdering). Zack Ryder showed up and Goldust asked Yoshi another word for LOSER, and he said ZACK RYDER!

Savannah & Paul Burchill: Savannah is developmental diva Angela Fong.. Paul Burchill was not surprised that they had yet another new backstage interviewer. Burchill asked where Gregory Helms was, adding that he was out cold in the ring right now! Burchill said Hurricane is a fake and a phoney and he won’t stop until he exposes and eliminates him!

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Zack Ryder: The Bella Twins acted as dual ring announcers for this match. The Bella’s look hot, but they have not evolved one bit since going to ECW.. in fact, I think they have gone backwards!

Won by Zack Ryder: Participants included Tommy Dreamer, Shelton Benjamin, Vladimir Kozlov, Ezekiel Jackson, Paul Burchill, Goldust, Sheamus, Yoshi Tatsu, Tyler Reks, and Zack Ryder. Burchill was eliminated by Benjamin (and banged his back on the edge of the ring)… Reks was eliminated by Kozlov… Tatsu was eliminated by Jackson… Sheamus was eliminated by Benjamin… Jackson was eliminated by Benjamin… Benjamin was eliminated when Sheamus pulled him out from the floor… Goldust was eliminated by Ryder in an EXCITING spot… Kozlov was eliminated by Dreamer… Dreamer was eliminated by RYDER! WOO.. WOO… WOO!