WWE ECW 11 03 2009

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Byron Saxton
Location: Providence, Rhode Island | Date: November 3, 2009

ECW champion Christian + General Manager Tiffany + William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson: Christian said after what happened last week, he wanted William Regal in the ring – and he wanted him RIGHT NOW! When Regal did not appear, Christian said he would go to the back and FIND HIM! ECW General Manager Tiffany came out with her arm still in a sling and said Christian has every right to be upset. Tiffany apologized to Christian, saying he never would have done what he did if she didn’t ban him from getting another title match. Christian threatened to harm Regal, and Tiffany said that was what Regal wanted. Christian said he doesn’t care any more, because he wants Regal in the ring TONIGHT. Regal came out with Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson and asked Christian how badly he wants him in the ring tonight? Regal asked “bad enough to put the ECW championship on the line?” Christian accepted the challenge, but Tiffany said both men already have matches scheduled tonight. Christian said he didn’t care, and told Tiffany to cancel those matches. Tiffany asked Mr. Regal if he accepted the challenge. Regal said “no, I’m the one in control.” Regal said he would accept, but only on his terms. Regal said if he accepts, he wants it to be in front of a deserving crowd, next week in his homeland of England. Christian said “I guess I’ll see you in England, Bill!” Tiffany said the match was official for next week, but Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson are banned from ringside. Tiffany added that Mr. Regal would be in action – NEXT! Regal sent his monsters to the back and made his way to ringside, where Christian managed to get one cheap shot in before the commercial break..

William Regal defeated Goldust: William Regal was dazed from getting kicked in the head by Christian before the match, but he still managed to defeat Goldust!

Zack Ryder + Rosa Mendes: Zack Ryder was checking himself out in the mirror when Rosa Mendes showed up to chat. Rosa babbled on about herself, as her gimmick is being sort of CLUELESS. Ryder daydreamed about Rosa smiling and posing for him, blocking out her voice. Ryder snapped out of it and Rosa asked him if he liked her dress, and he said “you know it!” Rosa said he was “so sweet” and put her hand on his arm. Ryder thens squeezed his bottle of baby oil and it squirted out the top! So much for PG-13..

Shelton Benjamin defeated Zack Ryder: Guest ring announcer Rosa Mendes babbled on about herself before the match until the producer reminded her to do her job and introduce the wrestlers. Zack Ryder now has a crush on Rosa Mendes, so around the 10:00 mark, he was distracted by her putting on lip gloss at ringside – leading to Shelton getting the win!

Paul Burchill & Katie Lea + The Hurricane: Paul Burchill said he had a proposal for the Hurricane to end their issue once and for all. The Hurricane came out and Burchill asked him if he realized that Halloween was over. Hurricane said for some people, Halloween is all year long, just ask your sister! Burchill said the Hurricane was a fraud, and duped the fans into thinking he was a hero. Burchill said he was physically fit, educated, and has family values – yet the mindless souless freaks look up to the Hurricane. The Hurricane said maybe it’s because he doesn’t call them mindless souless freaks. Hurricane said maybe the people just like to have fun (like him), maybe the people like to fly (like him), and chicks dig super heros! Burchill said it wasn’t funny time, and went back to his proposal to finish it once and for all. Burchill proposed one more match, where if he wins, Hurricane unmasks, but if Hurricane wins, he and Katie Lea will leave ECW.. Hurricane accepted the challenge!

Abraham Washington & Tony Atlas + Vance Archer + Tiffany: Abraham Washington talked to Tony Atlas about the planned upgrades to their show. Washington knocked on the General Managers door, and a new wrestler came out and walked off. Tiffany came out and said that was ECW’s newest Superstar, Vance Archer (aka Lance Hoyt) – adding that he was INTENSE!

RAW REBOUND: Featuring Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne..

Vance Archer defeated Logan Jones:

Christian & Yoshi Tatsu defeated Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson: After the match, William Regal attempted a sneak attack, but Christian caught him and they started to fight. Ezekiel Jackson hammered Christian from behind and he was soon joined by Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal in destroying the ECW champion! Regal put Christian in the Regal-stretch on the floor and tore him up!