WWE ECW 01 19 2010

ECW on Sci-Fi

ECW on Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Byron Saxton
Location: Greenville, South Carolina | Date: January 19, 2010

Tony Atlas + Santino Marella + Vladimir Kozlov: Tony Atlas introduced Santino Marella, who was filling in for Abraham Washington that night (Editors note: Thank God). Unlike Abraham, Santino actually got cheers (Editors note: Maybe they should give the show to him, or better yet, just get rid of it!). Santino thanked the fans and said they were all very generous. Santino explained that Abraham Washington had some type of gastro problem involving his intestines and Tony Atlas burst out laughing. Santino asked Tony how he was doing and said that Tony, as Antonio is an Italian name and Tony reacted with “wow.” Santino gave him some Italian lessons before introducing tonight’s guest, Vladimir Kozlov. Santino told Vladimir to sit more comfortable and “chillax” (Vladimir was sitting stiff as a board), so Vladimir stretched out his legs. Santino said it was very important to him to have a fellow immigrant as his first guest for the show, but Christian, Yoshi Tatsu and The Great Khali were busy so he chose Vladimir! Santino said all jokes aside, he wanted to have someone who’s not so popular with the people because he didn’t want to be shown up on stage his first time. Vladimir said it was true people didn’t like him so much, because he was with a bad crowd. Santino asked him if he was talking about “that son of a gun” William Regal, or that bully Ezekiel Jackson! Vladimir said he was actually referring to a Ukrainian bike gang that he was the leader of, and that those guys were bad news. Santino asked him how long he was a part of it, and Vladimir said 3 beautiful years. Vladimir said he had to stop because someone “knew his face?” (Editors note: I rewatched it over and over and still can’t figure out what he said exactly). Tony Atlas burst out laughing at this but stopped abruptly when Vladimir yelled it wasn’t a joke at him! Santino asked him how his transition to America has been. Vladimir said it’s been good so far, but that people are still scared of him, and he thinks it’s because of Rocky IV! He said people still stop him in the street and ask if he is Ivan Drago (Russian antagonist from Rocky IV). Santino thanked Vladimir, because he was trying to remember who Vladimir reminded him of for the longest time. Santino tried to get him to quote a few lines from the movie, and it looked like Vladimir was having a fun time. Santino asked him what some of the things he liked about America were, and Vladimir answered Chili cheese fries, Hannah Montana, and 24 hour Wal-Mart. Santino agreed and asked if there was anywhere else you could go at 4 in the morning to buy some boots, carrots and lettuce all at the same time! Santino said a light bulb went off in his head, that him and Vladimir have lots in common, and that they should become a tag team! The fans began booing like crazy (Editors note: Now it sounds more like the Abraham Washington show) and Vladimir said no! Santino asked the crowd what they thought, and they booed even louder! Santino kept bugging Vladimir until he yelled “I SAID NO” at him. A scared Santino said “Tony, we’re all out of time right?” and Tony said they had plenty of time! Santino said that was all the time they had for tonight, and began thanking the audience as Vladimir stood there.

Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu: Goldust and Yoshi were walking towards the ring for their match with Caylen Croft and Trent Barretta next!

Trent Barretta & Caylen Croft defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust: Goldust started off in control against Croft, and then Barretta too (after the tag). Goldust tagged in Yoshi and he quickly took control. Barretta took control after leaving the ring and knocking Yoshi off the apron. Barretta tagged in Croft and he wouldn’t let Yoshi get the hot tag to Goldust. They continued to make tags and isolate Yoshi from Goldust, until Yoshi hit a nice kick on Barretta. Yoshi made the hot tag to Goldust and he took control over Croft, hitting his uppercut, reverse atomic drop, and a few moments later a nice powerslam! Barretta broke up the pin attempt and threw Yoshi out of the ring. Goldust rolled up Croft, but the ref was distracted trying to stop Yoshi from coming in the ring! Barretta used the opportunity to hit a clothesline and Croft reversed the pin and won! (Editors note: A freaking clothesline?!)

Zack Ryder & Rosa Mendes: Zack & Rosa walked toward the ring as Josh said they had a major announcement.

Zack Ryder & Rosa Mendes + Savannah + The Hurricane: Zack reminded us that a couple of weeks ago he ended Tommy Dreamer’s ECW career, and that he named himself the new heart and soul of ECW. He said apparently The Hurricane had a problem with it, because he stuck his nose in his business, but that he learned the same thing as Tommy Dreamer, that he (Zack) is the man around here! Zack said that Hurricane just can’t keep up, bro. He said from now on, he wants everyone to refer to him as the new heart and soul superhero of ECW, Zack Ryder! Zack asked Savannah to enter the ring. He told her to introduce him, but Zack said to say it again like she meant it! Savannah repeated herself with some enthusiasm, but Rosa started yelling at her in Spanish! The Hurricane ran down to the ring and attacked Zack! Zack and Rosa retreated and the Hurricane kissed Savannahs hand!

ECW champion Christian defeated William Regal w/Ezekiel Jackson by DQ: Ezekiel got in the ring and stared down Christian before the match (complete with his big Ezekiel Jackson smile). They spent the first half of the match technical wrestling with each other, something not done usually in the WWE. Christian took control after a baseball slide and some fast jabs, followed by a backdrop. Christian started staring down Ezekiel Jackson as the match went to commercial break. When the match came back Christian had Regal in a headlock. They continued to work back and forth on each other, Regal going for lots of submissions and pins. Christian eventually went for the killswitch but Regal countered it with a T-bone suplex! Regal dragged him to the ring post and kicked his head into it! Christian hit the tornado DDT but still couldn’t get more than a 2! Christian hit a missile drop kick, and went for a second one, but Regal moved out of the way! Regal tried for the knee trembler but Christian reversed it into a pin, only getting a 2 count again! Christian tried for another killswitch, which Regal countered, only to be thrown out of the ring by Christian! Ezekiel Jackson ran into the ring and attacked Chrstian! Ezekiel continued to beat down Christian and Regal hit the knee trembler! Ezekiel picked up Christian and hit the urinagi! Ezekiel picked up him and hit a second urinagi as the show ended!