WWE Monday Night RAW 10 27 2008

October 27, 2008 – Tucsan, Arizona
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

: Mike Knox defeated Jamie Noble..

Chris Jericho + Mike Adamle + Randy Orton: Chris Jericho complained about the conspiracy against him at Cyber Sunday, where Batista, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and Mike Adamle ganged up on him to take the World Heavyweight title from him. Jericho said he would evoke his rematch clause next week and there is nothing the people do or say about it! Mike Adamle walked down and informed Jericho that his match with Batista next week would be inside a steel cage. Jericho jumped out of the ring and stomped backstage, crossing paths with Randy Orton on the stage. Orton got into the ring and complained about getting Stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin at Cyber Sunday. Orton said that he is not fully recovered from his injury, so he will make sure that Mike Adamle doesn’t get away with this. Orton called for Stephanie & Shane to come to RAW next week and fire Mike Adamle – and threatened to QUIT if they didn’t. Orton suggested that he fly to Chicago to meet with Adamle’s wife and children to discover that he failed as a father and husband too. Adamle slapped Orton accross the face, and Orton stared him in the eye before turning around and walking out.

C.M. Punk & Kofi Kingston defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes w/Manu to capture the World Tag Team titles!:

Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix + Roddy Piper & Goldust & Honky Tonk Man + Charlie Haas (as Beth Phoenix): Roddy Piper, Goldust, and Honky Tonk Man came out to be special guest commentators for the match. Santino Marella showed off the Honk-A-Meter, stating that he has a year before he catches Honky Tonk Man’s record. Honky Tonk laughed told Santino that he’s got a long way to go. Santino looked at Piper, Goldust, and HTM and said that’s what happens when you do drugs. Santino asked for a close-up on his girlfriend, Beth Phoenix. Suddenly Beth’s entrance music played and Charlie Haas came out dressed as Beth Phoenix with a replica WWE Women’s championship belt. Goldust remarked, “I don’t like cross-dressers!” Santino got mad at beat up on Charlie Haas for a minute. Goldust & Roddy Piper blocked the exit and Honky Tonk Man entered the ring and smashed a guitar over Santino’s head!

Michael Cole & Batista: Batista talked about crawling and scratching his way back to the top. Batista said the World title was back where it belongs and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Batista addressed his match with Chris Jericho next week and said he is at home in a steel cage. Batista said Jericho will have nowhere to run and he won’t have any excuses.

Mickie James & Candice Michelle & Kelly Kelly defeated Jillian Hall & Katie Lea & Layla El: Kelly Kelly pinned Katie Lea..

John Bradshaw Layfield: JBL said he was all about business and said Shawn Michaels cost him one of the best business deals he has ever had. JBL said he had a deal with Chris Jericho and now that Jericho isn’t champion he has lost a lot of money. JBL threatened revenge on Shawn Michaels.

Rey Mysterio defeated Evan Bourne: Backstage before the match, both men shook hands and wished each other luck. After a great match, Kane walked down and tried to take Rey’s mask. Evan Bourne went after Kane and Rey joined in. Rey & Evan double-teamed Kane until Mark Henry made his way down to ringside. Bourne jumped on Henry, but he was caught and rammed back-first into the ring post. Kane & Mark Henry destroyed Rey & Evan and left them out cold in the ring. Why the hell are Kane and Mark Henry working together?

John Morrison & Mike Mizanin: John Morrison challenged Degeneration-X to a match at next week’s 3-hour episode of RAW. The Miz said they would have a special edition of the dirt sheet on ECW tomorrow to examine the rise and fall of the pre-historic pair (Shawn Michaels & Triple H)..

John Bradshaw Layfield & Shawn Michaels: JBL assaulted Shawn Michaels, who was supposed to be Batista’s tag team partner in the main event.

Batista & Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Jericho & John Bradshaw Layfield: Batista wrestled most of the match by himself and was dominated by Chris Jericho & John Bradshaw Layfield. Eventually, Shawn Michaels limped out to chase Jericho out of the ring and Batista gave JBL a Spine-buster and a Batista-bomb for the win!