WWE Monday Night RAW 04 20 2009

April 20, 2009 – London, England
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Chris Jericho + WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat + World Heavyweight champion John Cena: Even though he was drafted to SmackDown! last week, Chris Jericho opened RAW this week – proving why the draft means nothing. Jericho said for a year he has felt like an honest man on an island surrounded by liars. Jericho said he doesn’t feel like that now because tonight was his last appearance on RAW forever. Jericho said things would change on RAW – not for the better – and in six months they will beg him to come back to RAW. Jericho said it won’t happen because he is done with RAW. Ricky Steamboat confronted Jericho and told him he was WRONG. Steamboat said the WWE Universe is not unappreciative. Steamboat said on WrestleMania weekend the fans showed him a lot of appreciation. Steamboat said he wanted to thank Jericho for bringing back his passion to perform one last time. Jericho said Steamboat came out to bask in the glory one more time. Jericho said Steamboat was finished and nobody cares about him any more.. Jericho said he put Steamboat’s parasite friends out of their misery at WrestleMania and now he wants a one-on-one match with Steamboat at Backlash. Before Steamboat could accept the challenge, World Heavyweight champion John Cena showed up.. Jericho said he was finished with Cena, finished with Steamboat, and finished with RAW. Jericho said his last act on RAW was to walk out on Cena. As Jericho was walking away, Steamboat accepted Jericho’s challenge, causing Jericho to grin from ear to ear. Cena said he had a message for Jericho, since Vickie Guerrero wasn’t there tonight, that Edge will not compete tonight, but he (Cena) has to compete tonight. Cena said Jericho’s last act on RAW will be a match with him here tonight!

Batista defeated Chavo Guerrero: Chavo Guerrero said he was officially drafted to RAW. Chavo said he usually pushes his Aunt Vickie around in her wheel chair, but now wants to prove he can push around anybody on the RAW roster. Enter Batista. Quick squash ending with a Batista-bomb! After the match, Chavo apologized to Vickie and promised it would never happen again. Batista came back to the ring and planted Chavo with a second Batista-bomb!

Batista & Shane McMahon: Shane McMahon and Batista talked and made sure they were on the same page for Backlash. There was some left-over tention after what happened on last week’s RAW.

C.M. Punk defeated Kane:

Santino Marella + Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes + Melina Perez: Santino Marella (has drawn in his unibrow again) complained that his sister had to go to SmackDown! to be on the Khali Kiss-cam. Santino said he wanted to apologize to Santina in person, adding that some people actually thought they were the same person. Santina Marella came up on the big screen saying she cannot live up to the family obligation. Santina said she has developed a blister on her lip. Santina said she was in the best country in the world – Italy! Santina said she was looking forward to …. suddenly the tape malfunctioned and it became (even more) obvious that it was a trick. Santino tried to dig himself out of the hole and read a poem about he and his twin sister. Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes came out to confront Santino in the ring. Beth said she talked to Vickie Guerrero and she has set aside some time at Backlash for Santina to kiss the Great Khali. Unfortunately the tape on the big screen continued, and Santino demanded they take his sister off the big screen! Santino said Beth better pray she wins back her title tonight because she will NEVER be Miss WrestleMania! WWE Women’s champion Melina came to the ring to face Beth Phoenix for the last time…

Melina Perez defeated Beth Phoenix w/Rosa Mendes to retain the WWE Women’s title: Late in the match, Rosa Mendes got on the ring apron and yelled at Melina. Beth charged at Melina, who moved, and crashed into Rosa. Melina hit her finish on Beth and scored the pin to retain her title. Melina cried real tears as she waved good bye to the RAW fans.

Shane McMahon & Triple H: Shane McMahon talked to Triple H about keeping his anger in check or Randy Orton will get his way..

World Heavyweight champion John Cena vs. Chris Jericho ended in a No Contest: This long match ended in a no contest when Edge interfered and attacked John Cena. Edge continued the assault and took Cena out with a vicious spear! Edge finished Cena off with a stiff con-chair-to to the head! Edge grabbed the microphone and symbolically counted to 10! If that happens on Sunday, he will become World Heavyweight champion (again).

The Big Show defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Rey Mysterio: The finish saw the Big Show knock Mysterio out with a sick-looking right hand punch. EMT’s ran down to check on Rey, as the Big Show stood there watching. It was all a bit awkward-looking. Let’s hope Rey is okay.

Randy Orton defeated WWE champion Triple H: Late in the fight, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase interfered, followed by Shane McMahon running down to help his brother-on-law. Eventually Batista ran down to help out, but accidentally took out Shane McMahon. Batista took out Rhodes & DiBiase, leaving HHH vs. Orton in the ring. Orton hit an RKO and pinned HHH to make good on his promise!