WWE Monday Night RAW 09 07 2009

September 7, 2009 – Chicago, Illinois
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Alex Riley defeated Jamie Noble..

INTRODUCTION: The voice of Howard Finkel welcomed everyone to the “Price is RAW” with its special guest host….. BOB BARKER!!

“guest host” Bob Barker: Bob Barker came out to a huge standing ovation and he said he wished he had a refrigerator for everyone! Barker said the wonderful reception makes him think they were going to party tonight! Barker thanked his fans for watching him on TV over the years and said if it wasn’t for them he would have had to go out and get a job! Barker said tonight he had the job of being guest host of RAW. Barker asked Howard Finkel for four contestants, so the Fink played the part of Rod Roddy (the famous voice of the Price is Right). The Fink called for Santino Marella to COME ON DOWN! Santino jumped out of his seat and made a hilarious fool of himself running up to the stage. The Fink called for Jillian Hall to COME ON DOWN and she did a freak out sprint as well. The Fink called for Irwin R. Sheister to COME ON DOWN, and he was all business as usual. The Fink called for Chris Jericho to COME ON DOWN, and they scanned the audience with no luck. Finally he came out from behind the curtain with his name tag stuck to his bare chest. Jericho was extremely grumpy and didn’t want to be there. They were bidding on the “Best of SmackDown!” 3-Disc DVD Set coming out on September 15th.. Santino bid was giggling as he tried to buy a vowel, until Bob set him straight. Santino bid $1465 American-style dollars. Jillian said she was a big fan and wanted to sing a song for Bob, so she started singing “And I will always love you!” Jillian eventually bid $75. IRS wanted to know if the bid included taxes. Bob said let’s not think about taxes, and IRS said everyone has to pay taxes. IRS bid $50 including taxes. Chris Jericho was extremely unhappy and he approached Bob Barker, who said Chris’ mother would not be proud of him right now. Jericho obviously never saw Happy Gilmore, because he got up in Bob Barker’s face. Jericho told Barker that nobody calls him Chris, and demanded his respect. Barker told the fans not to boo, because it encourages him. Jericho said he was the best in the world at what he does, and he was ONE half of the tag team champions. Barker heard him say ONE and said Jericho’s bid was ONE DOLLAR! Barker said the actual retail price was $18.90, and since everyone else over-bid, then Jericho wins with a bid of $1! The Fink announced that Jericho won a trip to Hawaii (with the Bella Twins modeling) but only if he wins his match tonight!

Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Chris Jericho: So Chris Jericho loses the free trip to Hawaii..

Bob Barker & Kelly Kelly + DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels): Kelly exposed her terrible acting skills, asking Bob Barker about his new book “Priceless Memories” and all the proceeds going to the “DJ & T Foundation.” Barker said it was named after his wife Dorthy Joe and his mother Tilly. Barker said the foundation goes towards spay and neutering dogs all over the country. DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) showed up and said Happy Gilmore was one of their favorite movies. DX wanted a match with Legacy, but Barker said they would get their hands on them this Sunday. Barker set up a game where DX presses a button that randomly selects two opponents. Michaels hit the button and landed on Chris Masters. Triple H hit the button and it landed on Randy Orton.

Evan Bourne defeated Chavo Guerrero: Bob Barker came on the big screen and said if Chavo Guerrero won his match tonight he would win a new car – a red corvette (modeled by the Bella Twins). Of course, his opponent was – no, not Hornswoggle – it was Evan Bourne! Late in the match, Chavo was setting up for the frog splash when Hornswoggle jumped out from under the ring and shot him with a super-soaker! Chavo jumped down and bullied Hornswoggle, but Bourne snuck up from behind and rolled up Chavo for the 1-2-3 to win the match!

Cody Rhodes: Cody Rhodes said he was still a member of Legacy, but that doesn’t mean that he agrees with what Randy Orton did to his dad last week. Rhodes reminded the fans that Dusty Rhodes didn’t make him a main eventer, Randy Orton did! Cody said that Dusty was an excellent father, but it wasn’t his choice – family or career. Cody said when he makes either Shawn Michaels or Triple H submits this Sunday he’ll have proof that he made the right choice! Cody said as a favor to Orton, he was going to make John Cena tap out right now! Cody repeated the words his father said last week, that there wasn’t anything a father wouldn’t do for his son. Cody came up with his own phrase, there’s nothing this son wouldn’t do for his career!

John Cena defeated Cody Rhodes by DQ: The match ended when Randy Orton interfered and caused the disqualification. John Cena immediately caught him, so Orton slithered out of the ring and Cena FU’d Cody Rhodes in the middle of the ring – what was the point of that?

“guest host” Bob Barker: Howard Finkel called for Chicago White Sox catcher A.J. Peirzenski (remember him from TNA?) to COME ON DOWN to play the “Price is RAW.” The crowd booed Peirzenski, I guess because they were Cubs fans. Peirzenski said he was a huge WWE fan, but was an even bigger Bob Barker fan. They were bidding on a WrestleMania 26 travel package to Phoenix, Arizona next March 2010. Peirzenski bid $1000. IRS bid $2000. Jillian bid $5000. Santino thought he was on Jeopardy and said “what is $1200 American-style dollars.” The actual retail price was $1247 – meaning Santino was the winner! Santino freaked out and hugged Bob, who repeatedly called him “Santinio.” Santino had a chance to win a hot tub, brilliantly modeled by the Bella Twins. Yummy. Santino asked if the Bella Twins came with the tub because he wanted to make some Bella Twins & Santino soup. Barker said Santino will win the hot tub if he wins a Bodyslam match with the Big Show!

The Big Show defeated Santino Marella in three seconds: The Big Show walked down and bodyslammed Santino within seconds.. Bob Barker said they had another “Bodyslam” match opponent for Big Show, and brought out Mark Henry!

“World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry defeated The Big Show: Understandably slow match, which ended with Mark Henry incredibly body-slamming the Big Show!! Montel Vontavious Porter ran down and celebrated with his tag team partner, Mark Henry – who gained a lot of momentum going into their tag team title shot this Sunday at Breaking Point..

Josh Mathews & Bob Barker: Josh Mathews plugged Bob Barker’s book “Priceless Memories” and asked about his most memorable moment. Bob told the story, and they showed a clip, of a contestant running down to contestant’s row and her top fell down exposing her breasts. Then he told some more stories about the injuries he sustained while hosting the Price Is Right on CBS.

IN THE RING: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler hard sell for Breaking Point..

Bob Barker & Chavo Guerrero: Chavo Guerrero complained to Bob Barker about Evan Bourne & Hornswoggle cheating him out of his corvette. Chavo said he wasn’t leaving without his new car! Bob karate-chopped Chavo down to the floor and reminded viewers to help control the pet population by having their pets spay or neutered!

DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated WWE champion Randy Orton & Chris Masters by double submission: Chris Masters almost shocked the world by putting Shawn Michaels in the Masterlock until Triple H broke it up. Triple H & Shawn Michaels forced both Chris Masters & Randy Orton to submit at the same time (sending a strong message to Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase). Actually Masters, the legal man, tapped out, and Orton reached the ropes so he did not technically submit. Legacy then showed up and had a brawl with DX all the way to the backstage area.. Orton snuck out the side and slithered back into the arena while DX and Legacy brawled backstage. The fight spilled out the back door where Legacy hijacked a car and made their escape.

IN THE RING: Randy Orton cut a promo saying Legacy would make DX submit at Breaking Point and he would recapture his WWE championship because it is all he lives for in life. John Cena showed up and they engaged in a short brawl before Orton planted Cena head-first with a DDT off the ropes. Orton then grabbed a chair and pulled Cena to his feet and delivered an RKO directly on the chair!