WWE Monday Night RAW 03 15 2010

March 15, 2010 – San Diego, California
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Stone Cold Steve Austin + John Cena: Interesting side note is Steve Austin still raises his fists but no middle fingers. Austin said it was good to be there. Austin said just standing there in that ring makes him want to open a big fat can of whoop ass! Austin said he must be out of shape because just walking down that aisle made him thirsty. The time keeper threw him some beers. Austin said to give him a hell yeah if you’re ready for RAW, and ready for WrestleMania. Austin said no one knows better then Steve Austin the importance of WrestleMania. Austin said he’s had some classic matches like the match against Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13. Austin said that was probably the defining match of his career, passing out in a pool of blood was something he’ll never forget. Austin said he knows from first hand experience that when WrestleMania comes around everybody shows up to do business and you put everything on the line because in this business that is what you do! Austin said having faced Bret Hart on many occasions, he can say Hart is a true artist, and he has tons of respect for him. Austin said this year he never thought he would see it, Bret Hart against Vince McMahon! Austin said he knows a few things about Vince as well. Austin said even though he and Vince never saw eye to eye, whenever they got into the ring together he enjoyed what Vince brought, because he didn’t bring pure athleticism, he didn’t bring a textbook drop kick, or scientific wrestling skills, but he was one of the meanest cut throat individuals and he always enjoyed stepping in the ring with Vince because he always brought his A-game. Austin said tonight they’re here to sign the contract for that match. Austin said Vince is always trying to screw Bret, and everyone he does business with so Austin is there to oversee the signing of the contract, to make sure the match goes right into WrestleMania without any hitches. Austin paused to drink some beer. Austin said he loves being thirsty. Austin said everyone always talks about Vince screwing Bret, but Vince won’t pull the wool over anyone’s eyes tonight, he’s dealing with Stone Cold and it makes no difference to Austin if he has to break his foot off in Vince’s ass and give him a stunner. Austin said they’re going to take care of business tonight and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so! Cena came out. Austin got ready to Cena a stunner when he got in the ring but was just kidding around and walked away.

Unified Tag Team champion The Big Show defeated John Cena: Steve Austin smiled and waved at Big Show while he walked down the ramp for his entrance. Big Show easily took control. Back from commercial Show had a chin lock singed in. Cena got out and went for the STF but Show pushed him out of the ring. Cena got back in the ring and tried for a body slam but Show fell on him! Show got ready for a big splash off the middle rope but Cena moved. Cena tripped Show into the turnbuckle and hit a top rope famouser. Cena got ready for the 5 knuckle shuffle but Batista came out to ringside. Cena hit the 5 knuckle shuffle but walked right into a chokeslam moments later. Show only got 2 and got ready for his knock out punch but Cena dodge it and lifted Show up for the attitude adjustment (Editor’s note: Cena has lifted Show up for this so many times it lost effect) but was distracted for Show long enough for him to get out of it and hit the knockout punch for the win!

Evan Bourne vs. Sheamus never really got started: Sheamus grabbed the mic. Sheamus said before he starts his match-and hit Evan with the microphone! Sheamus hit the bicycle kick, followed by the razors edge. Evan fell out of the ring. Sheamus said as a young fellow growing up in Ireland, he was always fascinated by the WWE, but there was one man who stood out to him more then anyone. A selfish, vicious man who would sell his mother down the river, and even use a sledgehammer to get to the top of the WWE and stay there, his name was Triple H! (Editor’s note: He probably should have said Hunter Hearst Helmsley considering Triple H is short for it). Sheamus said Hunter was successful; he beat greats like Steve Austin, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, and The Rock. Sheamus said over the years it has brought him countless World championships. Sheamus said in less than one year he has ended careers, dominated RAW, and become the WWE champion. Sheamus said at WrestleMania he was supposed to defend his WWE championship, but Hunter ruined that. Sheamus said he thanks Hunter for it because when he came to RAW Hunter was the man he wanted to face at WrestleMania, Hunter is the man who can catapult you to super stardom in the WWE. Sheamus said in 2 weeks time he will get his chance. Sheamus brought up how Hunter said WrestleMania can be a turning point for his career, Sheamus said it’s a turning point for Hunters, because at WrestleMania he is going to beat him so badly Hunter will never be the same again. Sheamus said he bows to no king, but at WrestleMania, he will take Hunter’s throne!

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels + World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho: Shawn asked Austin if thought Shawn could beat Undertaker. Austin said yes, but he doesn’t think Shawn will, and that Taker’s streak will be 18-0. Shawn said he knew at the very least he would get the truth out of Austin, but after WrestleMania 14 when Austin beat him for the championship, everyone thought his career was over, but he proved everyone wrong, and at WrestleMania he will prove them all wrong again. Shawn started to say something about Chris Jericho but Jericho walked in. Chris asked Shawn what he was going to say. Chris said he was the World champion, and he thanked Steve for his match tonight because it gives him one last chance to embarrass Michaels before Taker ends his career for good. Shawn said last week on SmackDown! Taker sent him a message by destroying 4 guys and Shawn is going to send him a message by destroying Chris! Shawn left. Chris asked Austin if Shawn should really wrestle or if they should just take the night off and go have some beers like old times. Chris started laughing like an idiot and Austin told him to get out of his office and go compete.

WWE Diva’s champion Maryse Ouellet defeated Kelly Kelly: Kelly tried out posing Maryse so Maryse attacked her but Kelly took control! Kelly hit the famouser but only got a 2. Maryse hit the French kiss moments later for the win. After the match Maryse kicked Kelly in the ribs and threw her into the barricade outside of the ring. Maryse threw Kelly back in the ring but Gail and Eve came down to the ring to save Kelly! Suddenly Team Lay-Cool came running down to the ring dressed like cowgirls for some reason and helped Maryse! Team Lay-Cool and Maryse joined Vickie Guerrero at the top of the ramp afterwards.

Shawn Michaels defeated World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho by countout : Shawn exploded on Chris as soon as the match started. Shawn charged shoulder first into the steel ring post when Chris moved out of the way, but quickly took control again, even hitting a Lou Thesz press! Chris used Shawn’s momentum to back drop him out of the ring and take control moments later. Chris taunted Shawn, taking things slow with him. Shawn tried to take control but wound up almost getting put in the walls of Jericho. Chris tried for the lionsault but Shawn got the knees up and then hit the flying elbow drop! Shawn got ready to hit the sweet chin music but Chris rolled out of the ring and walked away, not even taking his belt with him. Suddenly Edge came from the back and attacked Chris! Edge threw Jericho through the audience and back into the ring. Edge hit the spear, whispered “Spear” into Jericho’s ear, and left.

Josh Mathews & Randy Orton: Josh told Randy about the triple threat match he’s having at WrestleMania and asked him if that news affected his focus on his match tonight. Randy said if anything it makes him more focus, he would love to beat Triple H! Randy said he doesn’t like Triple H, but deep down he respects Triple H, he takes Triple H seriously, but he doesn’t take Ted DiBiase Jr. or Cody Rhodes seriously. Randy said they’ve never had to exist without him, but they’re going to get their chance. Randy said triple threats mean no friends, no alliances, everyman for themselves. Randy said at WrestleMania Legacy is going to find out that without him, they are both nothing!

Triple H defeated Randy Orton by DQ: Triple H quickly took control of Orton, but Orton managed to Irish whip Hunter into the turnbuckle so hard he went flying out of the ring! Orton tried for the middle rope DDT on Hunter but Hunter got out of it and threw Orton out of the ring! Orton Irish whipped Hunter into the ring and hit a DDT with Hunter’s feet on the steel steps! Back from commercial Orton had Hunter in a chin lock, followed by the inverted backbreaker. Orton got ready for his RKO, but Hunter managed to push him away and hit a clothesline. They began taking turns punching each other before Hunter hit the flying knee, but Orton was able to hit a powerslam moments later to retake control. Hunter hit the spinebuster and went for the pedigree but Orton back dropped him. Hunter tried for a middle rope pedigree but Orton got out of it and just took a normal pedigree. Suddenly Legacy ran down to the ring and attacked Hunter to a perplexed Michael Cole! They threw Hunter out of the ring and began attacking Orton. Hunter got back in the ring and tried to fight Legacy but Sheamus came from nowhere and hit the bicycle kick! Legacy pulled Orton out of the ring and continued to assault him on the outside. Cody hit his cross Rhodes on Orton while Sheamus posed on top of Hunter on the inside of the ring.

WWE Champion Dave Batista defeated Kofi Kingston: Batista totally dominated Kofi the opening minutes of the match. Kofi hit a little bit of offense with some kicks, and even busted Batista open by accident, but Batista quickly regained control, and won moments later with a Batista bomb.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart + Vince McMahon + Stone Cold Steve Austin: Bret took about 2 hours getting into the ring. Vince did his normal power walk down to the ring and took a few seconds to mock Bret. Stone Cold came next and things got started. Austin told Vince to sit. Austin said before they got down to business and since he had both of those guys in the ring, he wants to take care of a piece of business. Austin said last year he was put in the hall of fame and it was one of the happiest moments of his life because after 15 years of wrestling for the fans he liked getting put into the hall of fame. Austin said this year Stu Hart was supposed to go into the hall of fame. Vince tried to get up but Austin told him to sit his ass down. Austin said that for some reason Vince decided Stu doesn’t get to go into the hall of fame. Austin said if anyone deserves to go it’s Stu, he’s trained some of the best wrestlers to ever step foot in that ring. Austin said he was there to officially announce that Stu Hart IS going into the hall of fame. Austin asked Vince if he had a problem with that, Vince said he didn’t. Vince said if Stu gets inducted then that means the entire Hart family will be there, and that him and Bret know that every member of the Hart family is a dysfunctional derelict. Vince said Bret is different; he’s a dysfunctional handicapped derelict. Vince said Bret could not sign the contract and prove that he’s a coward, or he could sign the contract and take his beating like a man at WrestleMania. Vince said if Bret does sign it it’s iron clad, and that if he decides not to show up Vince will sue him for everything he has. Bret said it wouldn’t matter if both his legs are broken, he can and will beat Vince, but he has one problem. Bret said he doesn’t want this to be a wrestling match, this will be a fight, he wants this to be a no holds barred match! Vince said in the immortal words of Steve Austin, hell yeah! Vince said some time ago he stated that Bret screwed Bret, Vince said the last couple of months he’s enjoyed saying Vince screwed Bret, but once again Bret has screwed Bret. Vince told Bret to sign it. Bret signed it. Vince hesitated but eventually signed it. Austin said it is official, at WrestleMania Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon in a no holds barred match! Austin said he’s looking forward to seeing Vince take the worst ass whooping of his life. Austin started to walk away but stopped at the top of the ramp. Austin said there is one more thing he forgot to tell Vince, but he’ll let Bret tell him instead. Vince turned around and Bret had the cast off! Bret said he didn’t need the crutch or cast and stood up. Bret said what he needed was for Vince to think he was hurt! Bret said he wasn’t going to go into a big long explanation about how hard it was to film the stunt where it looked like he broke his leg, but thank God John Cena knows someone in the stunt business! Bret said what Vince needs to know is that he is 100%, and that if Vince tries to back out of this match Bret will sue him for everything he’s worth! Bret said for 13 years Vince has said Bret screwed Bret, but tonight, Vince screwed Vince! Bret asked if anyone wanted a souvenir, but then smashed Vince over the head with the cast! Show ended with Vince laid out in the ring.