WWE Monday Night RAW 04 26 2010

WWE Monday Night Raw

April 26, 2010 – Richmond, Virginia
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler & Matt Striker


#1 – Kelly Kelly was drafted to SmackDown!
#2 – The Big Show was drafted to SmackDown!
#3 – John Morrison was drafted to RAW
#4 – R-Truth was drafted to RAW
#5 – Edge was drafted to RAW
#6 – Kofi Kingston was drafted to SmackDown!
#7 – Christian was drafted to SmackDown!
#8 – Chris Jericho was drafted to RAW

2010 Supplemental WWE Draft (The Next Day)
The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh were drafted to RAW
Chavo Guerrero was drafted to SmackDown!
Cody Rhodes was drafted to SmackDown!
Natalya Neidhart was drafted to RAW
Chris Masters was drafted to SmackDown!
Ezekiel Jackson was drafted to RAW
Goldust was drafted to RAW
Hornswoggle was drafted to SmackDown!
JTG was drafted to RAW (but they changed their mind)
Rosa Mendes was drafted to SmackDown!
The Hart Dynasty was drafted to RAW
Montel Vontavious Porter was drafted to SmackDown!

Unified Tag Team champions ShowMiz (WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & The Big Show) + Bret “The Hitman” Hart: Miz said last night he and Big Show were forced to face 3 different tag teams, and now because of that they’re being forced to give Hart Dynasty a tag team title shot. Miz said the Hart Dynasty were handed everything because of Uncle Bret. Miz said Dynasty should mean they actually win championships. Miz said they were trained by Stu Hart, an old 80 year old. Miz said Stu never trained them how to face a 500 pound monster or a technical wizard. Miz said Stu trained them how to be losers. Miz said Bret is the biggest loser of them all. Miz said Bret lost a deal and has to come out and declare to the world that ShowMiz is the greatest tag team in WWE history. Miz said then they’ll prove it because they are ShowMiz and they are awesome! Bret Hart came out. Bret said he’s a man of his word. Bret said ShowMiz is the greatest tag team of all time. Bret said the Mountie was the greatest IC champion of all time. Bret said David Arquette is the greatest WCW champion of all time. Bret said Miz is a horse faced idiot. Bret said he can say whatever he wants but talk is cheap, it’s all about the results. Bret said tonight they will have no other choice but to declare Hart Dynasty the new tag team champions!

The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natalya & Bret “The Hitman” Hart) defeated ShowMiz (WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & The Big Show) to win the Unified Tag Team titles: Tyson and Miz started off. They chain wrestled a bit with Tyson winning the exchange. Tyson tagged in David and he hit Miz with a long standing vertical suplex. Miz left the ring but ran into a shoulder block from David. Back from commercial Miz had David in a chin lock. David was able to hit a belly to back suplex and get out of it. David got the hot tag to Tyson who hit Big Show with a springboard dropkick. Big Show hit Tyson with a big boot, followed by picking him up and hitting a big head butt. Show chopped Tyson in the chest and then stood on his back. Show threw Tyson across the ring and then tagged in Miz. Tyson ducked a clothesline and rolled up Miz for 2, but then was hit with a big neckbreaker. Miz locked in another chin lock. Tyson kicked his way out of it and tagged in David. They wrestled back and forth before David leveled Miz with a powerslam. Miz tried to jackknife pin David with his feet on the ropes but Bret pushed his feet down. Show tried to corner Bret but Tyson jumped onto Show while David nearly rolled up Miz for the 3! The Hart Dynasty hit the Hart attack and followed up with Tyson hooking the sharpshooter in on Miz! Miz tapped, making The Hart Dynasty the new tag champs! During the commercial Show punched Miz in the head!

Josh Mathews & World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger + Edge: Josh asked Jack how he felt after last night. Jack said last night screams world champion and he did exactly what he said he would do. Jack said he went toe to toe with the viper and then watched him slither away. Jack said he’s not only the most naturally gifted champion, but also the most educated. Jack said he has a perfect GPA of 4.0 in finance. Jack said if he was on Wall Street the country would not be sinking into debt, it would be flourishing like his career. Edge showed up and said Jack should be worried about the fact that Edge beat Chris Jericho in a steel cage last night and now is next in line for the championship. Edge said Jack’s GPA is a 4, but if he doesn’t get drafted back to RAW that’s how many days he has left as a champion.

Team SmackDown! (Michelle McCool & Layla El w/Vickie Guerrero) defeated Team RAW (WWE Diva’s champion Eve Torres & Maryse Ouellet): Layla and Eve started out. Layla did some jumping jacks so Eve kicked her in the midsection. A “We want Mickie” chant broke out in the audience. Eve tried to tag in Maryse but Maryse kicked her in the stomach so they began fighting on the outside. Eve got back in the ring and ran into a drop kick from Layla. Layla tagged in Michelle who leveled Eve with a clothesline. Eve tried fighting back several times but basically got squashed. Maryse finally tagged in and walked right into a big boot from Michelle for 3. SmackDown! got a diva draft pick, and it ended up being Kelly Kelly! A diva I don’t really care about.

SmackDown!’s C.M. Punk w/Straight Edge Society (Luke Gallows & Serena) defeated RAW’s Evan Bourne: Punk kneed and kicked Evan at the beginning of the match but Evan managed to hit a hurricarana followed by some knees before running into a tilt a whirl back breaker from Punk. Punk began kicking Evan again but Evan was able to grab Punk’s leg and turn it into a roll up for 2. Evan was able to counter a vertical suplex with some knees and level Punk. Punk rolled out of the ring and Evan springboard cross body blocked Punk and Gallows! Evan threw Punk back into the ring and took him down and got ready for Air Bourne. Serena distracted the ref and the hooded man from last night knocked Evan off the turnbuckle so Punk could hit the G2S and win the match. SmackDown! got another draft pick, and it turned out to be The Big Show. A superstar I don’t really care about.

The Big Show & SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: Teddy congratulated Big Show on being drafted to SmackDown! Teddy said he couldn’t wait and asked Show for a handshake and asked if there was anything he needed. Show stared at Teddy menacingly before putting his arm around Teddy, smiling and saying he was good. Teddy started dancing around and singing.

Sheamus + Randy Orton + WWE champion John Cena: Sheamus said the good news is Triple H will not be drafted to SmackDown! Sheamus said the bad news is Triple H will never wrestle again. Sheamus said he’s sure Triple H would love to lead the WWE but he made the mistake of underestimating Sheamus. Sheamus said Triple H’s career ended because he made it end, and now he’s moving on. Sheamus said he wanted Triple H out of the WWE, and now he got him out, so now he wants the WWE championship. Randy Orton came out. Randy said nobody has despised Triple H as much as he has. Randy said he’s done terrible things to Triple H and his family, but when it was time to fight he did it like a man, face to face. Randy said he didn’t jump him from behind with a lead pipe. Randy said if that’s how he’ll handle his business, that’s fine, he got the job done. Randy said that doesn’t mean Sheamus deserves a title show. Sheamus said Randy had his WWE title match last night (actually it was World Heavyweight title), but he lost. Sheamus told Randy to get out of his ring before he puts him on the sidelines like he did to Triple H. Randy said he’s got a better idea, he hits Sheamus with an RKO and then punts his head off! Sheamus said he doesn’t deal with losers, he’s going to face Cena for the championship, and there’s nothing he can do about it! John Cena came out. John said they seem to have a bit of a problem. John said they both think they should be the #1 contender but can’t decide who gets the shot. John said he can’t think of a better opportunity to introduce tonight’s guest host! No one came out. John pulled out his phone and said he had a call from WWE global, he also said that’s the reason he wrestles in short. John pretended to have a phone call, the guest host went to the wrong draft. John made fun of Sheamus on the phone and said he looked like mayonnaise with eyes and ketchup hair. Sheamus said this was serious business. John said he was told at the beginning of the night that the only person who could name a contender was the WWE champion. John said nobody gets a free shot; you need to earn your shot. John said there would be a match tonight to decide the contender, Sheamus vs. Randy Orton! John said they better hope they don’t get drafted. Sheamus and Randy tried to hit their finishers on each other and Sheamus ran away.

Team RAW (Ted DiBiase Jr. & Santino Marella & Mark Henry & Montel Vontavious Porter & Yoshi Tatsu) defeated Team SmackDown! (Rey Mysterio & Kane & Shad Gaspard & Drew McIntyre & R-Truth): Santino and Rey had a stare down. Santino turned away and Kane took Rey’s place, and jabbed Santino in the face when he turned back around. Drew tried to throw out Tatsu but Tatsu managed to use his momentum against him and throw Drew out of the ring before being thrown out himself by Shad. Surprisingly no one was eliminated during commercial. MVP tried to powerbomb Rey out of the ring but Rey managed to throw MVP out of the ring with a headscissors. Moments later Santino eliminated both Shad and Truth before being chokeslammed by Kane. Mark Henry picked up Kane and tried to throw him out but Rey hit Mark in the gigantic gut with a 619 and Kane threw him out. Ted was able to send Kane out moments later. Rey and Ted ended up fighting back and forth for a minute or 2 before Ted was finally able to big boot Rey off the apron, giving the victory to team RAW. Santino tried to celebrate with Ted before Ted grabbed him and hit Dream Street. RAW got 3 draft picks, John Morrison, R-Truth & Edge! So RAW gets 3 great wrestlers, and SmackDown! gets Kelly Kelly and The Big Show. This isn’t really fair for SmackDown!

Chris Jericho + Heath Slater + Christian: Chris said last night at Extreme Rules he was the victim of an unfair and merciless attack at the hands of the deranged Edge. Chris said Edge attacked him and tried to break his leg. Chris said he didn’t deserve that and he doesn’t care if Edge gets drafted, he wants Edge to be found and suspended immediately. Chris said he is too good to lose to anybody in the entire arena. Chris said it’s not completely Edge’s fault that he lost, part of it is his own fault. Chris said he was off his game and mentally shaken by the fact that he lost to a nameless faceless rookie on NXT last week. Chris said he is still the best in the world at what he does. Chris said he’ll never lose to an unaccomplished rookie again. Chris said Heath Slater owes him an apology for costing him the match to Edge last night. Chris demanded Heath come down to the ring and apologize. The horrible NXT theme song blasted through the arena as the ugliest rookie on NXT made his way down to the ring. Heath said he’s sorry that Chris wasn’t able to beat Edge last night, or himself. Heath said Chris won’t beat Christian either. Christian came down to the ring for their match. Heath threw Chris out of the ring and bolted to the outside.

SmackDown!’s Chris Jericho defeated RAW’s Christian: Christian wrenched Jericho’s bad leg, sending him to the outside, followed by a dropkick. Back from commercial Jericho had a chin lock hooked in. During the commercial Jericho had backdropped Christian over the top rope to take control. Jericho missed his lionsault; giving Christian some momentum. Christian tried to hit the killswitch but Jericho pushed Christian away. Christian tried to hit the missile drop kick but Jericho caught his legs and almost turned it into the walls of Jericho. Jericho hit an enziguri for 2. Jericho tried to hit the bulldog but Christian reversed it into an inverted DDT. Jericho nearly hooked in the walls again but turned it into a catapult instead. Jericho finally hooked in the walls moments later. Christian managed to make it to the ropes. Christian tried to hit Jericho with a nice cross body but Jericho reversed it into a Code breaker for 3! Jericho beat up Heath after the match and hit the Code breaker on him too. SmackDown! drafted Kofi Kingston. Kofi ran down to the ring and hit Jericho with the trouble in paradise!

SmackDown!’s World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger defeated RAW’s John Morrison: Jack took down Morrison fast but Morrison kicked him away. Jack took Morrison to the turnbuckle and Morrison began kneeing Jack in the gut. Jack took Morrison down and began rolling him around on the ground. Jack tried to big boot Morrison but he moved and pele kicked Jack in the head. Jack took down Morrison in a headlock. Finally Morrison kipped up and drop kicked Jack out of the ring before corkscrewing himself over the top rope onto Jack. Jack was able to tackle Morrison through the ropes back in the ring. Back from commercial Jack had Morrison in an arm bar. Morrison managed to roll up Jack for a 2 and followed with a kick to Jack’s midsection. Jack hooked in an abdominal stretch at the ropes, and then kicked Morrison in the side of the head. Morrison finally managed to gain some momentum and hit the standing shooting star press for 2. Jack tossed Morrison across the ring and tried to hit Morrison with the Vader bomb but Morrison rolled out of the way and catapulted Jack into the turnbuckle before hitting the springboard kick. Morison followed up with a knee to the face. Jack tried to hit the gut wrench but Morrison reversed it into a Russian leg sweep. Morrison got ready for the starship pain but Jack grabbed him and hit the gut wrench powerbomb for 3! SmackDown! drafted Christian, yes!

Ted DiBiase Jr. & Carlito Colon + R-Truth: Ted wanted Carlito to join up with him. Carlito said he’d rather sit on the sidelines than work with Ted. Ted went up to R-Truth and welcomed him to the show. Ted said he was looking for a confidant, someone to watch his back, and carry his bags. Truth got angry and said Ted wanted himself a Virgil, just like his father. Ted said he was nothing like his father, he was Jr. not senior! Ted said they would have a different relationship; Truth would do what he told him to do and get paid a lot of money for it. Truth seemed interested. Truth said to get back to him and then smacked Ted in the face and said he didn’t play that way.

RAW’s Hornswoggle defeated SmackDown!’s Dolph Ziggler by countout: Hornswoggle ran out of the ring and Dolph chased after him. Dolph threw him back in the ring but Hornswoggle wouldn’t let him get back in so he got counted out. Dolph ran into the ring and hooked in the sleeper hold from hell on him. Jerry “The King” Lawler got in the ring to check on Hornswoggle. RAW drafted Chris Jericho.

Batista + Sheamus + Randy Orton + WWE champion John Cena: Batista said he’s the #1 contender. Batista said he should be WWE champion. Batista said he’s the man and Cena can defeat him. Batista said last night was a joke. Batista said no one embarrasses him like that. Batista said Cena owes him a match and he’s not leaving that ring until he gets one. Sheamus came out. Sheamus said he doesn’t think so. Sheamus asked him when he would get it through his skull that he lost. Sheamus said Batista is exactly like Orton, they’re both losers. Randy Orton came out. Randy said ever since they have been in Evolution together he’s had to listen to Batista whine and complain. Randy said he would beat Sheamus and then face Batista right after. Sheamus said neither of them deserves a shot at the WWE championship; it belongs to him and him alone. John Cena came out. Cena said the solution is very simple, the match is now a triple threat match.

Batista defeated Randy Orton and Sheamus to become #1 Contender: Batista got out of the ring and let Sheamus and Randy fight. Randy and Sheamus fought back and forth until Sheamus hit a powerslam. Batista broke up the pin and threw Sheamus out of the ring. Randy stomped a mud hole in Batista. Batista finally raked Randy in the eyes to take over and then went back for Sheamus. Batista threw Sheamus into the announce table and got back in the ring only to be attacked by Randy. Sheamus got up on the apron so Randy threw him face first into the ring post. Batista got Randy in a snapmare and then kicked him in the head for 2. Batista locked in a rear chin lock so Sheamus got in the ring and broke it up. Randy punched Sheamus in the chest multiple times and threw him back out of the ring. Batista hit a big spinebuster moments later. Back from commercial Batista was out of the ring while Sheamus and Randy fought in the ring. Randy left the ring and then kicked Sheamus in the midsection and threw him against the announce table but got tacked into the apron by Batista moments later. Batista put Sheamus back in the ring and clotheslined him for 2. Sheamus knocked Batista out of the ring and hit a returning Randy with the urinage backbreaker for 2. Randy started clotheslining both of them and followed up with a powerslam on Batista. Randy tried to rope DDT Sheamus but Sheamus threw him over the top rope. Batista hit a belly to back suplex on Sheamus so Randy pulled him from the ring and pinned Sheamus for 2. While Batista was getting back in the ring Randy kicked Batista and hit him with the rope DDT. Randy got ready for the RKO but Sheamus kneed him in the side of the head. Batista speared Sheamus for 2. Batista got ready for the Batista bomb but got caught in the inverted backbreaker from Orton. Batista walked right into a bicycle kick from Sheamus right after! Randy powerslammed Sheamus and got ready for the RKO. Randy hit Sheamus with the RKO but then walked right into a spear from Edge! Batista pinned Randy for 3!