WWE Monday Night RAW 08 02 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

August 2, 2010 – San Antonio, TX (TAPED)
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Edge + R-Truth: Edge said he tried, but last week things became clear that he has to start going with his gut. Edge said his gut wants him to listen to one person only; himself. Edge said after he came back from the Rumble he listened to the fans, and they let him down, just like his SummerSlam team is letting him down. Edge said he doesn’t respect John Cena, trust Chris Jericho, have faith in The Great Khali, and he barely knows Truth or Morrison. Edge said he agrees that Nexus needs to get taken down. Edge said he does things his way which is why tonight he challenges Wade Barrett. Edge said he doesn’t want anybody coming down and sticking their nose in it. R-Truth came out. Edge said he doesn’t want anyone coming out. Truth asked Edge if he actually thought challenging Wade would do anything. Edge said it’s bigger than Wade but he doesn’t want to rely on anyone. Truth said if Edge doesn’t want to listen that’s fine but he will listen to him (Truth). Truth said Edge has been in a ton of matches but he’s never had to fight for everything. Truth said they’re fighting for what they love to do, their lifestyle. Truth said they’re fighting for the WWE Universe. Truth said they need to do this together, otherwise Nexus wins. Truth said Edge needs to stop thinking about himself and pull his head out of his ass. Truth said that was the truth. Edge said Truth was clever. Edge said to kill a snake you chop off its head so tonight he’s going to take out Wade so Nexus crumbles. Edge asked if he would have to spear Truth out of the ring. Michael Cole got an email and read it off a piece of paper next to the computer saying if this is what Edge wants, then he will honor his request. Truth said Edge was on his own (pretty sure that’s what Edge wanted…).

Edge vs. Wade Barrett ended in a No Contest: Wade put Edge in the corner with a head butt but Edge managed to stun him on the ropes. Edge stayed in control until Wade hit Edge with a big boot. Wade booted Edge off the apron and attacked him on the outside. On the inside Wade kneed Edge in the head and choked him on the middle rope. Edge and Wade knocked each other down with clotheslines after Edge escaped a headlock. Edge ducked a clothesline and hit the Edge-O-Matic for 2. Edge got ready for the spear but Wade rolled out. Wade signaled for his crew and Nexus came running down. Edge ran away and the match was thrown out.

Edge + John Cena + Chris Jericho: Edge was looking for John in the back. Edge found him and asked where he was. John said he listened to Edge and didn’t come out. John told Edge to realize that the only way they have a chance is with 7 on 7. Edge said good luck because he quits! Chris Jericho showed up behind John. John asked if it was quitting season. Chris said if anyone needs to quit it’s John because he’s just as big a problem as Nexus is. Chris said if his team has any chance of winning John needs to leave. Chris said if John doesn’t want to do it he’ll make him do it. Chris said they should have a match; loser leaves the team for good. John asked Chris if he was crazy. Chris said yes or no and John said fine.

John Morrison & The Great Khali & Runjin Singh + David Otunga & Michael Tarver: John asked Khali if he’s seen the Magnificent Seven or 7 Samurai. John said if they don’t work together they’ll lose and to think about it. John wished Khali good luck on his match tonight and left. David and Michael showed up. Michael said they didn’t attack him because they respect him. David said if Khali loses tonight John Cena will want to replace him. Michael said if Khali wants to be respected and appreciated; the doors are always open.

Alicia Fox & Jillian Hall & Tamina defeated Natalya Neidhart & Gail Kim & Eve Torres: Gail and Jillian started off. Jillian threw Gail across the ring by her hair for 2. Jillian tagged in Alicia. Alicia hit a northern lights suplex for 2. Gail kicked Alicia in the stomach and managed to take her down. Gail got the hot tag to Natalya. Natalya destroyed Alicia until Tamina broke it up. Gail jumped onto Tamina on the outside but Jillian threw her into the steel post. Eve took out Jillian with a drop kick and Tamina took down Eve. In the ring Natalya had the sharp shooter ready for Tamina distracted her long enough for Alicia to hit the axe kick and win. After the match Alicia said she was the greatest reign in Diva’s championship history. Alicia said no matter the match, she has beaten all of them. Alicia said there isn’t a Diva on the whole roster who is comparable to her. Melina came out and Jillian threw Alicia back into the ring. Melina dodged a clothesline and destroyed Alicia with a leg lariat.

WWE champion Sheamus defeated Goldust: They showed clips from the feud Sheamus had with Goldust in ECW. Sheamus basically squashed Goldust and finished him off with the Road Kick and High Cross (Razor’s Edge). After the match Sheamus said last year he was in a war with Goldust trying to make a name for himself. Sheamus said there’s no trying anymore, there’s just sheer and utter dominance. Sheamus said whether you like it or not, he’s a 2 time WWE champion standing on top of the world. Sheamus said he didn’t need to grab a briefcase nor was he born a third generation superstar. Sheamus said he got here with his own hard work. Sheamus said Triple H, a man Randy Orton couldn’t beat had his career ended by Sheamus. Sheamus said he’s going to do the same to Orton at Summer Slam. Sheamus said he never gets the credit and respect he deserves. Sheamus said he doesn’t need any of that, all he needs is the title; which he already has.

John Cena defeated Chris Jericho: Chris took a cheap shot early on to take control. Chris ducked a shoulder block and Cena went flying out of the ring. Chris Irish whipped Cena into the steel steps and told him to stay down. Cena made it back in the ring and Chris began punching and choking him. Chris went for a tackle but ran into the ring post. Cena hit the blue thunder driver but Chris jumped up and hit the codebreaker right after. Cena went flying out of the ring and Chris had to carry him back in. Back from commercial Chris was still in control. Cena went for the STF but Chris got out of it and went for the Walls, which were reversed. Cena went for the AA but Chris grabbed the top ropes. Chris managed to send Cena out of the ring again. Chris hit the springboard drop kick, sending Cena off the apron. Chris hit a flying elbow off the top rope for 2 back in the ring. Cena missed the bulldog and was hit with a lionsault. Chris went for a superplex but was knocked off the turnbuckle by Cena. Cena hit the famouser off the top rope. Cena went for the AA but Chris reversed it into the Walls. Cena managed to reverse it into the STF and Chris tapped immediately. After the match Cena asked Chris for one minute. Cena said they just had a great match. Cena said he doesn’t want Chris to leave the team. Cena said Chris can go toe to toe with anybody in the ring. Cena said he’s not going to bed, the choice is his. Cena said if Chris comes back in the ring they’ll agree to co exist and handle Nexus. Cena said or Chris can walk out and let everybody down. Chris started to come back to the ring but then shook his head and left.

Edge + Chris Jericho: Edge was sitting in the locker room when Chris stormed in. Edge said he didn’t blame Chris for walking out because John Cena needs them, they don’t need him. Edge said he respects Chris for what he did. Chris said since they’re being open and honest, he respects that Edge quit the team too. Chris said they were doing just fine before they got involved with Nexus. Edge said they’ve been through a lot together, but together they could own this place. Edge said they should let bygones be bygones. Chris and Edge hugged. Michael Cole got an email that said next week Edge and Chris Jericho will team together against John Cena and Bret Hart. Michael said Nexus will be lumberjacks.

Josh Mathews & Randy Orton: Josh asked Randy if he was concerned about Sheamus. Randy said Sheamus needs to do his homework because he’s given Triple H a 6 week vacation before. Randy said he wants Sheamus to be ringside during his match with Miz to see what he can do. Randy said the good news is Miz won’t be in good enough shape to cash in his contract but the bad news is in 2 weeks he’ll do the same thing to Sheamus.

The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Maryse: Khali threw Ted into the corner and smacked him on the chest. Ted drop kicked Khali in the leg and put in a front chancery. Khali easily got out of it and clotheslined Ted. Maryse distracted the ref long enough for Ted to poke Khali in the eye. Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield came down to ringside. Khali chopped Ted on the top of the head and put in a vice grip to win.

Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg + The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) : Will and Mark talked about their movie and The Bellas came in and were completely drawn to Will. Will wasn’t very interested and Mark was surprised.

Randy Orton defeated WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Miz said Randy made a mistake last week. Miz said it was a life altering world bending moment in the career of Randy Orton. Miz said now Randy doesn’t have a shred of positivity in his future. Miz said Randy will pay for what he did and at SummerSlam his best case scenario is that he beats Sheamus. Miz said right after his moment will happen. Miz said Randy only delayed the inevitably of him becoming WWE champion. Miz said he will be WWE champion, because he’s The Miz; and he’s awesome! Miz hit Randy with a cheap shot and began attacking him in the corner. Randy retaliated with a big clothesline. Randy stomped on Miz’s gut several times. Randy stomped on his face but missed a knee drop. Miz hit a big knee lift for 2. Randy took control again with his stomps and knees. Randy clotheslined Miz out of the ring. Sheamus came out at the top of the ramp. Back from commercial Randy was punching Miz in the head and wrenching on his neck. Miz hit a jawbreaker and kicked Randy in the face. Miz was in control until Randy hit the inverted backbreaker. Miz threw Randy into the turnbuckle. Miz hit the running corner clothesline for 2. Randy hit Miz with a big uppercut but collapsed after. Randy exploded and hit the powerslam. Randy went for the DDT but Miz threw Randy over the top rope. Miz went for a clothesline back in the ring but Randy ducked it and hit the RKO for 3. Sheamus charged the ring but stopped when Randy looked at him.