WWE Monday Night RAW 08 23 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

August 23, 2010 – Los Angeles, California
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

WWE champion Sheamus: Sheamus said the one thing he’s noticed about Americans is that their children are spoiled brats. Sheamus went down to the floor making fun of children in the audience for being spoiled and lazy. Sheamus said the biggest most spoiled child is Randy Orton. Sheamus said Orton couldn’t beat him at SummerSlam so he attacked him after the match and assaulted him on RAW while the fans chanted “RKO”. Sheamus said despite what Orton did he is not the WWE champion. Sheamus said he and the GM haven’t been on the same page but in 4 weeks time Night of Champions is coming up and he urges the general manager not to give into Orton. Sheamus said Orton shouldn’t be rewarded for what he did; he should be put in prison. Michael Cole received “another” email from the GM saying that the GM has no problem with Sheamus. The GM felt that Sheamus should be rewarded. A couple of crew members brought out a throne. The note said that Sheamus gets to decide his new challenger, there would be a series of matches and Sheamus would watch and evaluate them, and announce his opponent at the end of the night. The note said that the first of the matches begins right now.

Edge defeated R-Truth: Truth hit a headscissors takedown early on and knocked Edge out of the ring. Edge dodged a top rope plancha, taking control of the match. Edge focused most of his attention on Truth’s back, but Truth fought out of a submission and they hit each other with cross body blocks. Truth had a large burst of offense, but eventually walked right into an Edge O Matic. Truth jumped over Edge’s spear and went for the axe kick, but Edge moved and hit the spear for 3. After the match Edge said that Sheamus can sit on his stupid little throne bragging, but until he beats the rated R superstar; he hasn’t beaten anybody.

Chris Jericho defeated The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh: Chris punched Khali in the face and was thrown around the ring on his second attempt. Khali missed a leg drop and Chris went straight for the bad knee. Chris went for the walls but Khali turned it into a vice grip, Chris managed to get out of the ring quickly. Chris went for the code breaker but was thrown to the ground by Khali. Chris dodged a big boot and managed to lock in the walls. After the match Chris told Sheamus not to take what Edge said to heart, because he’s the best in the world at what he does. Chris told Sheamus to pick him as the next opponent to the WWE championship. Chris turned around and was chopped off the top rope by Khali.

Josh Mathews & John Cena: Josh asked John what happened last week with Miz on RAW. John said it was petty and he doesn’t regret choosing Daniel for his team at SummerSlam. John said it was Miz who almost cost them the match and he showed his true colors again by attacking Daniel last week. John said Miz has had an even worse attitude problem since he won the MIIB ladder match and tonight he will shut it.

WWE Diva’s champion Melina Perez defeated Jillian Hall: Jillian said she’s been the Diva’s champion before (for like a minute) and will win it again tonight. Jillian started singing like a moron but Melina came out right away. Melina used her flexibility to her advantage in the opening moments but wound up missing a double knee to Jillian’s back. Jillian attacked Melina’s back and even did a surfboard. Jillian missed a leg drop off the middle rope and Melina hit the last call while she was getting up to regain the title. After the match Lay-Cool came on the TitanTron. Lay-Cool said the reason they attacked Melina is because they’ll be at the 900th episode of RAW and they have an offer she can’t refuse. I guess Lay-Cool has been watching the Godfather in their spare time.

Josh Mathews & WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Josh asked Miz to respond what John said about him almost costing Team WWE the victory. Miz said he did nail Daniel Bryan in the back of the head but John put the entire team at risk when he chose Daniel over him. Miz said John Cena wants to talk about egos. Miz said at SummerSlam Sheamus could barely move after his match but he didn’t cash in the MIIB briefcase because he was thinking about Team WWE. Miz said John could have told him what was going to happen backstage but instead chose to embarrass him in front of the world. Miz said tonight he is going to show John that there are consequences behind his action. Miz said he doesn’t think Sheamus will pick him but it doesn’t matter because he can pick Sheamus whenever he wants.

WWE champion Sheamus & The Nexus (Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel & Skip Sheffield & Heath Slater & Michael Tarver & David Otunga): Sheamus asked Nexus what they wanted. Michael Cole got an email saying that the GM was highly impressed with Nexus last week and Nexus can compete for titles again. Wade told Sheamus their truce was over.

WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin defeated John Cena by DQ: John was in control for the majority of the match with Miz getting brief offense in from time to time. Miz knocked John off the top rope right before commercial and had a headlock put in after. Miz dodged a bulldog and hit John with a big knee lift. Miz hit his running clothesline but John hulked up right after. Miz managed to reverse the AA into a back neck breaker combo. John got out of the skull crushing finale and put in the STF but Miz made it to the ropes. Miz went for another skull crushing finale and John went for another AA but Miz managed to get out of the ring. Daniel Bryan ran up behind Miz and knocked him down before throwing him back into the ring. John hit the AA and was disqualified and Daniel locked in the crossface.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov defeated Jimmy & Jey Uso w/Tamina: Santino and Jimmy started off. Jimmy easily beat down Santino and tagged in Jey. The Uso’s both took turns beating up Santino until he hit a backdrop on Jimmy and tagged in Vladimir. Vladimir beat the hell out of Jey and Santino clotheslined Jimmy out of the ring before taking a big kick. Vladimir caught Jey by the leg and hit the urinage for 3. After the match Tamina stopped Jimmy from attacking Santino. Tamina smiled at Santino and blew him a kiss after the match.

Randy Orton defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. (w/Maryse) and John Morrison: Maryse distracted Morrison early on so Ted could knock him out of the ring and Sheamus left the stage. Randy beat on Ted until Morrison pulled Ted out of the ring and hit a springboard kick off the apron. Orton put in a headlock but Morrison fought out of it eventually and hit a drop kick before being thrown out of the ring by Ted. Ted took control over Orton and when Morrison returned to the ring Ted hit a neckbreaker on him. Orton beat the hell out of both of them and hit the DDT on Ted. Randy was pushed away when he went for the RKO and Morrison kicked him in the face. Ted knocked Morrison out of the ring and went for dream street but was thrown from the ring. Morrison went for a springboard maneuver but Randy turned it into the RKO. After the match Randy hit Ted with an RKO too.

Josh Mathews & WWE champion Sheamus: Josh asked Sheamus why he walked away during the match and Sheamus said he didn’t need to see it because he’s already made his decision.

WWE champion Sheamus: Sheamus said he is still the Celtic warrior and has a huge announcement. Sheamus said he’s not waiting until Night of Champions to defend the title because he wants to defend it right now. Sheamus said he saw a lot of competitors tonight who were worthy of a title match but you can’t succeed without opportunity and despite what he’s seen tonight he’s decided to go left field and make a new number one contender. Sheamus said it’s a man who has never had an opportunity; Zack Ryder.

WWE champion Sheamus defeated Zack Ryder: Zack said he appreciated the offer but Sheamus made the biggest mistake of his life because everyone knows Zack will win. Sheamus hit Zack with the road kick 1 second into the match to win. After the match Sheamus said he knew everyone was impressed. Sheamus said he wanted to reference some rules and regulations. Sheamus said he doesn’t have to defend the title for another 30 days so he’s taking Night of Champions off. Sheamus said he’s even going to take the whole month off and go visit the family. Wade Barrett came out and said legally speaking Sheamus doesn’t need to defend the title but he won season 1 of NXT meaning he gets a title opportunity at a PPV of his choice. Wade said he’s choosing to take it against him at Night of Champions. Michael Cole received an email saying that the match at Night of Champions will happen but that’s not all. The email said that not only Wade will get an opportunity but 4 other deserving superstars will too. At Night of Champions Sheamus will defend the title in a 6 pack challenge with Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Wade Barrett, Edge, and John Cena. All of those wrestlers got in the ring together. Sheamus pushed Wade into everyone else and they attacked him. Sheamus threw him out of the ring and walked into a code breaker. Chris walked into a spear, Edge walked into an AA, and John walked into an RKO.