WWE Monday Night RAW 09 13 2010


WWE Monday Night RAW

September 13, 2010 – Cincinnati, Ohio
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Zack Ryder

John Cena & Randy Orton & Josh Mathews + Eve Torres: John and Randy were staring each other down. Josh said every match would be determined by a spin of the RAW roulette wheel. Josh explained how the wheel worked. Josh got ready to spin the wheel but John told him to get his hands off the wheel because he wanted Eve Torres to do it, referring to her as lady luck. It landed on a Tables match. Randy walked away. Josh said last time John was in a table match he lost the championship to Sheamus. John thanked him for that. John said tonights different because it’s a new season of RAW. John said tonight he feels lucky.

Chad Ochocinco + WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin + Alicia Fox: The guest star that I have no interest in said hey. Chad said there’s never been a guest star as handsome as himself. Chad said tonight is going to be an unforgettable night. The Miz came out. Miz welcomed Chad to RAW. Miz said RAW is his show. Miz said they both say what they want when they want, because they can. Miz said Chad is a 6 time pro bowl wide receiver and he is Mr. Money in the bank and the U.S. champion. Miz said they actually have nothing alike because Miz is a champion! Miz said he will defend his championship this Sunday but Chad will never win a championship. Chad told Miz he had two words for him and said child, please. Chad said Miz hasn’t been here in a while because they won a championship last year. Chad said they’re going to the play offs this year. Miz really’d him. Miz made fun of Chad about football some more and Michael Cole laughed loudly. Miz asked Chad if his number 85 meant the number of passes he’ll drop this year. Miz said the team and Chad are overrated because he’s The Miz and he’s awesome! Michael got an email saying enough talk because it was time to determine Miz’s match tonight. Alicia Fox spun the wheel backstage and it landed on submission. Michael got another email saying Chad would choose Miz’s opponent. Chad said 85 represents the number of ways his opponent can tap him out. Chad said his opponent is Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan defeated Alex Riley w/Mike “The Miz” Mizanin : The match had already started during the commercial. Daniel kicked the hell out of Miz but then missed a running drop kick, hurting his leg. Miz started targeting Daniel’s leg. Miz put in the figure 4 but it was reversed quickly. Daniel went for the LeBelle lock but Miz got away. Miz grabbed the mic and said he had a hernia. Miz said to ensure that he can defend the title on Sunday he needs to pull out of the match. Miz said he didn’t forfeit, he’s hurt. Miz said if Daniel wanted to compete he can go against Alex Riley. Alex put in a stretch muffler but Daniel easily reversed it into the LeBelle lock and won. After the match Miz attacked Daniel. Daniel gained the upper hand and made Miz tap out.

Jillian Hall & Edge: Jillian spun the wheel and started singing “You Spin Me Right Round” with Edge. Then it went to commercial.

Edge defeated Evan Bourne : The match turned out to be a body slam challenge. Edge went for the slam but Evan started kicking Edge. Edge went for the slam again but Evan hung on to the ropes. Evan got out of it again and kicked Edge in the face. Evan went for the body slam but Edge turned it into the Edge-O-Matic. Edge picked up Evan and hit the body slam. Edge hit Evan with a spear after. In related news, I can’t wait to see the new movie Buried, starring Evan Bourne. Michael Cole got an email congratulating Edge. Michael said since Edge took advantage of Evan after the match he has to compete in a second body slam challenge against Mark Henry.

Mark Henry defeated Edge: Edge went for the body slam but tipped over. Mark hit the body slam right after for the win.

R-Truth & Eve Torres defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse Ouellet: During the commercial Gail Kim spun the wheel, landing on this horrible match idea. Each time would pick one member to sing and one member to dance. Truth debuted some crappy song while Eve danced. The fans seemed to enjoy it. Ted said this was stupid. Ted said they didn’t want to hear him rap. Ted said he should just forfeit, but he’s not because Maryse knows he is full of surprises. Ted asked for a spotlight. Ted sang really terribly while Maryse danced around. After the contest Ted and Maryse attacked Eve and Truth but wound up getting knocked out of the ring.

William Regal & The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) & Chad Ochocinco + Goldust + WWE champion Sheamus: William landed on a trading places match against Goldust. Trading places means they need to dress like each other. Sheamus showed up and Chad said if John Morrison beat him next then he would take Chris’s place this Sunday. A Bella spun the wheel and it landed on a falls count anywhere match. Sheamus made fun of Chad’s name and said tonight he was going to show him what good reality TV is. Sheamus said unlike Chad’s team he actually backs up his banter. Sheamus left and Chad talked to the Bella’s about a pillow match.

Edge & Zack Ryder + WWE champion Sheamus: Zack asked Edge what the general manager’s problem was, and asked if Edge stole his girlfriend. Edge called Zack a tool and said he couldn’t steal his girlfriend if he didn’t even know who the GM was. Zack got mad at him for calling him a tool and said he would drop the hammer. Edge said he was going to win the title, hold it and go MIA. Sheamus came in and said Edge shouldn’t hold his breath. Zack yelled burn but everyone stared at him so he walked away.

John Morrison: They showed John Morrison do some parkour backstage and then put on his glasses.

WWE champion Sheamus defeated John Morrison : Sheamus beat the hell out of John but got rolled up for 2. John slid underneath Sheamus and hit a drop kick, but was thrown from the ring moments later. John managed to hit a hurricarana on the outside and kneed Sheamus in the jaw for 2. Sheamus was back dropped over the dasher board and hit with a suicide dive. Sheamus hit the Irish curse backbreaker on John and hit him with a gord buster right onto a rail. Sheamus missed the kick and knocked a speaker over. They began fighting on the stage with Sheamus in control. Sheamus tried to throw John off but he landed on his feet and hit the springboard kick off the stage. Sheamus went for a brainbuster but John got out of it. John jumped off one of the mini trons for 2. Chris came up behind John and hit him in the back with a chair, giving Sheamus the 3. After the match Chris got in the ring.

Chris Jericho: Chris was sitting in a chair in the middle of the ring. Chris said he’s not going anywhere until he gets what he wants. Chris said he will sit there all night long until he gets the restitution that he deserves. Chris said he’s sitting there until the GM sends an email saying he is back in the 6 pack challenge. Chris said expecting John Morrison to replace him is lunacy. Chris said if he doesn’t get what he wants, then he quits. Chris said he will go home and watch as the WWE burns up in flames. Chris said if they don’t think he’s serious, then try him. Chris said before he leaves he is going to find the GM and expose their identity to the entire world. Michael Cole got an email and Chris yelled at him to just read it. Michael said the GM doesn’t like ultimatums and there is no chance in hell that is going to work. Chris laughed and said if the GM expects him to believe that it is Vince McMahon he’s wrong. Chris said Vince wouldn’t hide behind a computer screen and would realize that his best star needs to be in the PPV this Sunday. Michael got another email and Chris told him to shut up and read it. Michael said there’s something Chris should know, the 6 pack challenge is now an elimination match. Michael said Chris is back in the 6 pack. Chris said a deal is a deal and he’ll let the show continue. Chris said he guarantees he’ll be walking out the WWE champion. Michael got another email saying not to interrupt him. Michael said Chris is back in the 6 pack provided he wins his match tonight. Michael said since Chris is the best in the world he’s going to compete in a handicap match against The Hart Dynasty. Michael said the match is going to be contested inside a steel cage.

Chris Jericho defeated WWE Tag Team champions The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya) : The match had already started. THD were just toying with Chris. David hit the running powerslam and they followed up with the Hart attack. Tyson and David went to escape. David got out but Chris pulled Tyson back in. Tyson hit Chris with a cross body for 2. Chris took control and tried to get out the door but Tyson crawled under his legs. Chris pulled Tyson back in the ring. Tyson took control on Chris with a bunch of kicks. Chris tried climbing out really quickly but Tyson stopped him. Tyson went for a flying move but Chris grabbed his legs and went for the walls. Tyson managed to roll Chris up and then lock in the sharp shooter. Chris made it to the ropes and reversed it. Chris threw Tyson upwards and he nearly got out. Tyson went for a hurricarana but Chris turned it into the walls and Tyson tapped.

Goldust defeated William Regal : Goldust looked really weird dressed like William Regal. William Regal looked a lot like Goldust and was pretty funny. William told Goldust to hold on and did the breathing in thing. Goldust put on the brass knuckles and knocked out William for 3.

Randy Orton defeated John Cena: Chad introduced the special ring announcer for the night, himself. Chad explained how the match worked. Orton too control and tried to suplex Cena over the top rope onto a table but Cena pushed him away. Back from commercial Cena and Orton were punching each other. Orton managed to hit the inverted backbreaker. Orton almost knocked Cena off the apron but he hulked up and took over. Cena went for the AA but Orton turned it into a DDT. Orton pulled a table into the ring and set it up at the turnbuckle. Cena hulked up again and hit the 5 knuckle shuffle. Orton got out of the AA and hit a clothesline followed soon by the scoop slam. Cena put in the STF and Nexus came running down to the ring. Nexus beat up Cena and Orton hit Tarver with an RKO. Cena hit Otunga with the AA and threw Wendy out of the ring through a table. Wade hit the waste land on Cena. Justin and Wade set up a table. Justin went up top and Orton pushed him off, sending him through a table. Wade took down Randy and tried to hit waste land but was knocked through a table. Orton got ready for the RKO but Chris and Edge came running down to the ring. Orton fought off both of them and dodged a spear, causing Chris to get speared through the table. Sheamus came down to the ring and took down Orton. Sheamus knocked Cena off the apron. Cena hit Sheamus with an AA on the floor. Randy tried to go for the DDT on Cena but Cena lifted up Orton into the AA. Orton reversed the AA into an RKO, putting Cena through the table.