WWE Monday Night RAW 04 25 2011

WWE RAW April 25, 2011 (Draft 2011 Special)
Announcers: Michael Cole & Josh Mathews & Jerry Lawler + Booker T
Location, Raleigh, North Carolina

Team SmackDown! (Kane, the Big Show, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel Jackson, Sheamus, Ted DiBiase, Yoshi Tatsu, Mason Ryan, Daniel Bryan) defeated Team RAW (Vladimir Kozlov, Santino Marella, Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, Heath Slater, Chris Masters, Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston, Brodus Clay): the final four were Big Show and Kofi Kingston for SD! and  Mason Ryan & Evan Bourne for RAW…. Big Show & Kofi Kingston won and earned the 1st pick of the 2011 draft.  .  . …  . John Cena was randomly drafted to SmackDown! – SHOCKING!!

Todd Grisham & John Cena + The Miz:  John Cena gave his enthusiastic thoughts on being drafted to Friday Night SmackDown! and parodied the Rock’s FINALLY JOHN CENA HAS COME BACK TO SMACKDOWN!.  WWE Champion the Miz came in and said after this Sunday he won’t see Cena any more (as in You Can’t See Me).

RECAP: R-Truth turning heel and attacking John Morrison..

R-Truth + John Morrison: R-Truth came out and cut a heel promo about his “friend” John Morrison taking away his title shot.  The crowd kept saying “what?” and Truth got really pissed off (wrong thing to do).  Truth blamed the fans for what happened.  Truth said he realized he spent his entire career trying to be what the fans wanted him to be, but it got him nowhere.  Truth said he danced and rapped with the fans, and added a lot of them needed to get some rhythem.  Truth said the fans singing “what’s  up?” wasn’t putting any titles around his waist.  Truth said for 10 years he chose the fans, but now he’s giving the fans the boot.  PEACE OUT, DEUCES!  The crowd booed and Truth said they should be booing themselves.  Truth said letting go of 10 years of frustration and disappointment felt marvelous.  Truth said for the first time in his life the truth has set him free!  Suddenly John Morrison attacked from behind and mounted Truth with punches to the head.  A bunch of referees came out and pulled Morrison off and dragged him backstage.  Morrison broke loose and wengt after Truth, only to be pulled off again several times.

VIGNETTE: kHARMa (aka Awesome Kong)..

Eve Torres (RAW) defeated Layla El (SmackDown!): They showed a clip of LayCool breaking up during a therapy session on SmackDown!.  Michelle McCool came down to ringside for the match.  Micheal Cole stood up and  started talking as Eve won the match.  Cole called the match boring and said he was a real athlete and walked out so he could  go prepare for his match with “King Kong Flabby” Jim Ross. . . . Meanwhile, at ringside, Layla and Michelle started fighting. . . . Layla started crying, saying “I’m sick of this Chelle!”  Layla tossed Michelle over the announce table onto Jerry Lawler’s lap and started crying like a terrible actress would. . . . RAW won a draft pick… Rey Mysterio was randomly drafted to RAW!

Todd Grisham & Cody Rhodes: Cody said he was going to give Rey a going away present after their Falls Count Anywhere match at Extreme Rules this Sunday – a new mask!

Kofi Kingston (SmackDown!) defeated WWE United States champion Sheamus (RAW): Randy Orton was randomly drafted to SmackDown!.  SHOCKING.

Jim Ross with Jerry Lawler defeated Sir    Michael Cole with Jack Swagger by DQ: Booker T joined Josh Mathews on commentary. Lots of stalling by Cole to open the match, followed by Ross trying to look like a  tough guy.  Cole tried to escape but Lawler tossed him back in the ring.  Swagger blind-sided Lawler and attacked Ross for the DQ.  Swagger put Ross in the Anklelock.  Close-up on Cole`s bloody mouth.  Swagger took off JR`s belt so that Cole could whip him with it!  Until Lawler jumped in for the save, and then he picked up the leather belt and whipped Cole a few times!  The Anonymous RAW General Manager chimed in with an email, which was read by  Josh Mathews.  The G.M. said this Sunday at Extreme Rules, their match will be a tag team country whipping match.

The New Guy & The Miz & Alex Riley: Alex Riley flipped the mic cover over so it was an M (for Miz).  The Miz talked about his triple threat steel cage match at Extreme Rules for the WWE championship.  Miz said if he gets drafted to SmackDown!, Monday Night RAW will be cancelled from TV.

Randy Orton (SmackDown!) defeated Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero (RAW): After the match, the random draft was interrupted by C.M. Punk, who said he and Randy Orton would get nasty on each other this Sunday at Exteme Rules.  Punk said a simple RKO will not be enough this Sunday, and Orton will be a former shell of what he used to be.  Orton said there will be many thing he misses from RAW, but one thing he won`t miss is hearing Punk talk.  Orton said after this Sunday, Punk won`t be talking, walking, eating, sleeping – because he`ll be unconcious.  Orton said he will be the LAST MAN STANDING. . . . . . Mark Henry & Sin Cara were both drafted to SmackDown!.

Rey  Mysterio (RAW) defeated Wade Barrett (SmackDown!): The Big Show & Alberto Del Rio  were both randomly drafted to RAW..

RINGSIDE: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler rejoined commentary along side Josh Mathews & Booker T… Cole had gauze in his mouth, and claimed Jim Ross was getting his broken hand treated backstage because he hit him with his head!

ON STAGE: Theodore Long said the following match will be for the final draft pick of the 2011 Draft..

The Miz & C.M. Punk & Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cenac & Christian & Mark Henry: Late in the match, Mark Henry turned on his team and The Miz was able to pin John Cena.  RAW earns the final draft pick. . . . . . . . John Cena was `RANDOMLY` drafted back to RAW!!!!!!  Cena gave the Miz an Attitube Adjustment and then took off his SmackDown! t-shirt.  Cena awkwardly dumped Miz over the top rope and then put on a RAW t-shirt.  They acted like being drafted  twice in one night was normal.  They make up the rules as they go along, didn`t ya know.