WWE Monday Night RAW 05 30 2011

WWE RAW – May 30, 2011 – Omaha, Nebraska
Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Drew McIntyre defeated Chris Masters..

R-Truth + WWE champion John Cena: The show began with R-Truth going on a rampage at the merchandise booth because John Cena’s face was on everything. The problem was there was some technical difficulties and we couldn’t hear what was going on. The segment was cut short and Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole had to cover for the problem by saying it just adds to the conspiracy theory. Truth eventually came out to the arena complaining about fans wearing John Cena t-shirts. The sound on the mic was cut again (I’m sure Vince was freaking out at this point). Truth knelt down beside a young boy wearing a John Cena “Never Give Up” t-shirt. Truth then started picking on the dad, who was also wearing a Cena t-shirt. Truth went to the ring and continued ranting (but we still couldn’t hear what he was saying). I’m sure he was talking about never getting a title shot. John Cena finally came out and put an end to the muted rant. It would have been funny if the sound suddenly began working for Cena, but it didn’t. Oh I spoke too soon. The sound was activated less than a minute after Cena arrived on the scene. Truth and Cena exchanged words, mostly with Truth blaming Cena’s fans for holding him back. Truth said ever since he stopped rapping and dancing nobody likes him. Cena said if Truth wants a match he’s got no problem knocking some sense back into him. Truth said that’s what he wants and now all the little Jimmy’s get to watch him beat Cena down. The Anonymous RAW General Manager chimed in with an email, which was read by a normalized Michael Cole. The G.M. made the match official for tonight, but there will be no “little Jimmy’s” allowed at ringside. Truth assumed it was a joke and told Cena he’s gonna GET GOT!

Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeated WWE United States champion Kofi Kingston:

Ricardo Rodriguez & Alberto Del Rio: Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio. Alberto came out and showed a video of the Big Show getting run down by his car – then claimed it was an accident. Alberto said everyone makes mistakes, but then pointed out that bad things happen to bad people. Alberto told the fans he was a nice guy but business is business, so Big Show owes him money to repair his car. Alberto sarcastically told Big Show to GET WELL SOON.

Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly defeated The Bella Twins (Nikki & WWE Diva’s champion Brie Bella):

Michael Cole + Alex Riley + The Miz: Michael Cole talked about the Miz firing Alex Riley last week from his personal services contract. Cole then announced that the RAW General Manager signed Riley to a RAW contract (even though he was drafted to SmackDown! last month. Cole showed a clip of Miz firing Riley, and Riley attacking his former mentor. Alex Riley came out to new entrance music (80’s style rock song). Cole called Riley a back-stabber and asked him how he could do that to his mentor. Cole reminded Riley then there are impressionable viewers all over the world, and asked how Riley thought they felt. Cole suggested that the Miz was emotional affected. Cole said the Miz is his friend and he was emotionally scared by what happened. Cole said Riley may not realize it, but the Miz thought of Riley as a brother. Cole said he had one question; how can Riley justify his actions of last week. Riley said he’s never felt better in his life (crowd cheers). Cole said if he was Riley he would get down on his knees and beg for the Miz’s forgiveness. Cole said Riley has no idea what the Miz could do to him. Riley told Cole to shut up, saying he has a big mouth just like the Miz. Riley added that Cole was also arrogant and annoying, just like the Miz. Cole said he was none of those things and neither is the Miz. Cole said Riley was a BASTARD. Cole turned to walk away but Riley grabbed him and threw him down! Riley yelled at Cole and threatened him until the Miz showed up and attacked from behind. The Miz screamed that he “made” Alex Riley. Miz continued the beat-down until Riley hit a spear. Miz tried to retreat, but Riley went after him and beat on him at ringside. Riley hit some crowd-popped moves on the Miz, who eventually jumped the rail and ran away. Riley stood in the ring and got a big positive response from the audience!

C.M. Punk w/Mason Ryan defeated Rey Mysterio:

VIDEO PACKAGE: Stone Cold Steve Austin on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE hyping the Tough Enough Finale.

KHARMA + The Bella Twins: KHARMA was in the ring with a blank look on her face. KHARMA said ever since she was a kid she had two dreams; 1) to become a WWE Superstar….. KHARMA remembed trying out for Tough Enough Season 2 and was told by Jim Ross that she was too fat to be a WWE Superstar. KHARMA said she took that advice and sent to Japan and trained at all the dojos. KHARMA said she then went to every wrestling promotion on the planet and this year WWE finally welcomed her. KHARMA said he second dream was to become a mother, and then announced that she was pregnant. KHARMA said it was a high-risk pregnancy, and cannot risk losing her child by competing. KHARMA thanked the fans for allowing her to share her dream. The Bella Twins interrupted and made fun of KHARMA being pregnant. One of the Bella’s said she thought KHARMA was just fat. The other Bella said congratulations for finding a guy to hook up with. The Bellas continued to hit KHARMA with insults. The Bella asked if the baby had ears yet, and then started making a “your mama so fat” joke. KHARMA made a move towards the twins and they scattered. KHARMA said she hopes the Bellas are still around when she returns in one year, because she will have a new DREAM. KHARMA left and the Bella’s freaked out in fear.

VIDEO PAKAGE: They played more clips of the press conference featuring Barack Obama talking about the Capital Punishment PPV. Actually it was a clevely edited piece using Obama clips. Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole then talked about all of the invited guests, like every politician and sports star in Washington.

Evan Bourne defeated Jack Swagger:

R-Truth defeated WWE champion John Cena by countout: They were fighting throughout the crowd and Truth ran back to the ring and beat the count to win the match. After the match, Truth went over to the fan he was harassing earlier and threw soda in his face! Truth quickly ran away when Cena came to the rescue. Cena apologized to the fan and wiped his face with his sweaty wrist band.