WWE Monday Night RAW 06 06 2011

WWE RAW – June 6, 2011 – Richmond, Virginia

DARK MATCH: “The American Nightmare” Drew McIntyre defeated Chris Masters..

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Tough Enough Final 2 + Vince McMahon: The show began with the LIVE conclusion of the Tough Enough show which aired right before RAW. The final moments of the competition spilled over onto RAW, where Vince McMahon was interrogating the final two with Stone Cold Steve Austin standing in the ring observing. Vince said he already made up his mind as to who he was going to pick, but Stone Cold shot him down saying Vince doesn’t get to pick the winner. They did a drum roll and eventually Stone Cold announced “and the winner of Tough Enough, because I said so… BIG ANDY!” Andy Leavine’s lifelong dream has come true, were the words said by Michael Cole. The runner up guy shook hands with Stone Cold, Vince McMahon, and the winner before bowing out of the ring. Vince said he’s not sure he wouldn’t have chosen the other buy, but welcomed Leavine to the WWE with a stiff slap across the face! Austin came to Leavine’s rescue but then gave him a Stunner! Vince had a big grin on his face as Austin proclaimed “welcome to the WWE you son of a bitch!” then proceeded to throw a beer bash with Mr. McMahon!

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Vince McMahon + R-Truth + The Mic + WWE champion John Cena: R-Truth came out to the Saints Go Marching In in a ridiculous confederate uniform. Vince showed a clip of Truth throwing a soda at a John Cena fan last week. It was later announced that Truth had to apologize this week or he would lose his title shot at Capital Punishment. Truth proceeded to offer his apology to Little Jimmy & Big Jimmy. Stone Cold said Truth outta be sorry about dressing up like a jackass. Truth said he did his homework, and knows he’s in Richmond, Virginia – the capital of the confederacy. Truth blabbed on some more but ended up insulting the live audience. Stone Cold said that stuff happened 150 years ago and has nothing to do with today. Truth went on about separating from the WWE, but will keep his title shot. Truth said he has been the victim of a company-wide conspiracy and asked Mr. McMahon if that was true. Vince made fun of R-Truth’s name. Vince said he may not get answers from him, but he may get them from someone else. Truth tried to spell conspiracy and failed. Suddenly the Miz showed up wearing a suit saying “really… REALLY?” The Miz said he deals in reality, and the reality is if it wasn’t for his idiotic former protege, Alex Riley, he would still be WWE champion. The Miz said he deserves one last championship match. Alex Riley came out and the Miz got nervous. Riley said the only thing Miz deserves is a third straight week of beat-downs. Next WWE champion John Cena came out. Cena talked circles around everybody in the ring and praised Alex Riley for standing up to the Miz. Cena focused on R-Truth to hype their title match at the PPV. The Anonymous RAW General Manager chimed in with an email, which was about to be read by Michael Cole. Mr. McMahon told Michael Cole to shut up! Vince booked R-Truth & The Miz vs. Alex Riley & John Cena tonight! Vince added a special guest referee to the match – STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!

Santino Marella w/Vladimir Kozlov defeated Michael McGillicutty w/David Otunga: Santino won with the Cobra! Santino & Vladimir celebrated their victory.

Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly defeated The Bella Twins (Nikki & WWE Diva’s champion Brie Bella): They were saying Kelly & Beth were upset about the insensitive comments made by the Bella Twins about KHARMA when she announced that she was temporarily leaving the WWE to have a baby.

Booker T & Trish Stratus + Jack Swagger: Booker T was showing Trish his new secret move that he’s been working on. Booker said he would call it the Trish move. Jack Swagger interrupted and said if he was a Tough Enough trainer all of the contestants would have been winners. Swagger challenged Booker T to get in the ring with the All-American American – if he’s still got it. Booker accepted the challenge and said when it was over Jack would be asking himself one question – CAN YOU DIG THAT SUCKA?

The New Nexus (C.M. Punk & Mason Ryan): C.M. Punk came out and sat down on the stage to explain how he has beaten Rey Mysterio hundreds of times, but still agreed to wrestle him again tonight. Punk said he would wrestle Rey again to prove that the Nexus faith was forever.

Rey Mysterio defeated C.M. Punk w/Mason Ryan:

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler (who are not getting along) hyped the Capital Punishment PPV and showed more footage from the now-lame edited press conference with spliced in clips of President Obama.

John Cena & Alex Riley: John Cena said he remembers Alex Riley costing him the WWE champion more than once and warmed him not to cross him tonight.

Albterto Del Rio + Ricardo Rodriguez (as “Big Show“): Alberto once again claimed Big Show getting hit by his car two weeks ago was an accident. They showed a clip which Alberto said proved it was an accident. Alberto asked the Big Show to come out and accept his apology. Alberto said Big Show was afraid of him. Ricardo Rodriguez came out dressed as Big Show with a pillow down his shirt and walking on crutches. He had a bald cap on and was eating a hot dog. He was also wearing a baseball glove, which I didn’t understand. Alberto said Big Show wasn’t hurt and it was his way of avoiding paying for the damage to his car. Alberto said Big Show got what he deserves because bad things happen to bad people. Alberto told “Big Show” to go home to his wife and never disrespect him again. Alberto looked into the camera all serious and told Big Show not to make him his enemy because he will get hurt. Alberto concluded by repeating his line about bad things happening to bad people. Ricardo Rodriguez then did some announcing for Alberto’s conclusion. Jerry Lawler said if bad things really did happen to bad people those two would be hit by a bus before they left the parking lot.

VIDEO PACKAGE: WWE United States champion Kofi Kingston..

WWE United States champion Kofi Kingston defeated Zack Ryder (w/Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero): Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero were at ringside supporting Zack Ryder – and joined in on commentary for the match. All they talked about was Tweeting and going after the United States championship at Capital Punishment.

Booker T defeated Evan Bourne by countout: Jack Swagger is trying to rebound from an embarassing loss to Evan Bourne last week. Michael Cole talked about Jack Swagger’s Twitter account. After a while, Jack Swagger was knocked out of the ring, where he yelled “I don’t need this!” and intentionally allowed himself to be counted out. After the bell, Evan Bourne ran down and hit Swagger from behind. Swagger chased him into the ring where Booker hit him with a Scissor Kick. Evan Bourne then connected with the Air Bourne (Shooting Star Press). Evan & Booker then performed the double Spinerooni!

The Miz & R-Truth defeated John Cena & Alex Riley by reverse decision: Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special guest referee for the match. The finish saw Alex Riley pick up a briefcase and it looked like he was going to turn on John Cena. Riley instead whacked the Miz and then Stone Cold hit him with a Stunner! Cena connected with the Attitude Adjustment for the 1-2-3 to win the match! Stone Cold called for some beers, which he shared with Cena & Riley. Riley rolled out of the ring and left (knowing his roll). The Anonymous RAW General Manager chimed in with an email, which was read by Michael Cole. The G.M. said the referee blatantly overstepped his authority by interfering in the match; therefore Cena & Riley were disqualified and the winners were Miz & Truth! Another email came in which informed Stone Cold that he would be the special guest General Manager for next week’s three hour WWE All Star Special. Stone Cold then dragged Michael Cole into the ring and gave him a beer bath and a Stone Cold Stunner!!! Cena then picked him up and hit him with an Attitude Adjustment! Jerry “The King” Lawler called it the greatest RAW EVER!