WWE Monday Night RAW 06 13 2011

WWE RAW (All Star Night) – June 13, 2011 – Long Island, New York

DARK MATCH: Chris Masters defeated Curtin Hawkins by submission with the Masterlock..

GUEST GENERAL MANAGER: Stone Cold Steve Austin..

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin + Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Miz said he was the all time greatest All Star and went on to say he was going to teach Alex Riley a lesson. The Miz went on to call out Stone Cold Steve Austin and demanded an apology. Stone Cold talked circles around the Miz and told him to shut up. Austin continued to rant at Miz’s expense and said he had an itchy trigger finger. Stone Cold said he was impressed with Alex Riley, adding that he might be a bigger Superstar then Miz some day. Stone Cold hyped the Miz vs. Riley match this Sunday. Stone Cold gave credit to Miz for everything he’s done, but he going to set up some counsolling for Miz & Riley – with the legendary Rowdy Roddy Piper! Stone Cold intimidated Miz into leaving the ring against his will. Stone Cold hyped the All Star show, but he was interrupted by Alberto Del Rio! Alberto said he heard a rumor that Stone Cold wanted to see him. Alberto talked about his destiny. Stone Cold booked Alberto against Kane right now!

Kane defeated Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez: They reminded of the heat between Kane & Alberto by showing us the clips from when the Big Show was taken out by Alberto’s car backstage. Alberto still claims it was an accident. The finish saw Alberto apply the Arm-breaker, but was disqualified for not breaking the hold after Kane reached the ropes. Alberto refused to break the hold until the B ig Show ran in and mauled Alberto! Ricardo Rodriguez jumped on Big Show’s back, allowing Alberto to escape. Big Show destroyed Ricardo. Kane tried to pull Big Show off and had to talk some sense into him. Stone Cold came out and said Alberto will face Big Show one-on-one at the Capitol Punishment PPV.

Daniel Bryan & Ezekiel Jackson & Sin Cara defeated Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr. & Wade Barrett1:

Hornswoggle + R-Truth: Back from commercial Hornswoggle is in the ring shooting t-shirts into the audience. He was interrupted by R-Truth who made fun of Hornswoggle giving free shirts to all the little Jimmy’s. Truth hyped his title match against John Cena on Sunday and then attacked Hornswoggle. Truth pretended to change his mind, and shoot Hornswoggle’s hand, but then kicked him in the head! Stone Cold came up on the big screen and told Truth to pick on someone his own size…. someone like JOHN MORRISON!

Sheamus defeated Santino Marella by submission: They made a big deal about Sheamus adding a submission finisher to his repitoir.

World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton + Christian: Randy Orton said it feels damn good to be back on RAW. Orton said he was the World Heavyweight champion and has the opportunity to cause Christian a lot of pain at Capitol Punishment. Orton said he was not satisfied, because he knows Christian is in the building. Orton begged Christian to come to the ring, promising that he just wants to talk. Christian didn’t show up. Orton said he was lieing, and first chance he gets he will hurt Christian. Orton threatened to go backstage and find Christian if he doesn’t show. Christian came up on the big screen and asked why Randy was so angry, since he was practically born into the WWE. Christian said Orton had everything handed to him while he (Christian) had to work for everything he’s gotten in the business. Christian asked who wanted to see him face Orton right now, and the crowd cheered. Christian said the people must have confused him with someone who actually cares about what they want. Orton said it was a shame Edge wasn’t there, he could carry Christian to the ring, just like he’s been carrying him for the last 17 years. Christian agreed to come out, and began making his way to the ring. Christian walked half way down the isle and stopped, before backing up the ramp to the stage. Orton went after him, but a team of security guards got between them. The Anonymous RAW General Manager chimed in with an email, which was read by Michael Cole. The G.M. said he had to get involved because Orton has a concussion. The G.M. said Orton will conpete Sunday, but not tonight. The G.M. suggested that Orton leave the arena right now and waint until Sunday to get his hands on Christian – and if he doesn’t comply he will strip him of the World Heavyweight championship!

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Stone Cold said Christian just avoided an ass-whoopin’ from Randy Orton, so he has to take on Rey Mysterio right now!

Rey Mysterio defeated Christian by disqualification: Booker T joined Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole on commentary for the match. Christian was disqualified for choking Rey Mysterio. Christian continued the assault after the match. Rey mounted a come-back. C.M. Punk ran down and Rey jumped off the top rope onto him! The New Nexus showed up at ringside to mess with Mysterio’s head. They blatantly attcked Rey and threw him back in the ring. Christian hit the Killswitch for good measure!

Stone Cold Steve Austin + Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero: Vickie kissed up to Stone Cold and asked him to book Dolph in a United States title match at Capitol Punishment. Stone Cold agreed to book the match, but if Dolph lost he would have to drop Vickie as a manager. Vickie said Dolph was HER project. Stone Cold reminded Dolph that when he first came to the WWE as the Ringmaster he had Ted DiBiase as his manager. Dolph agreed to the stipulation and Vickie started to cry about it.

R-Truth vs. John Morrison didn’t get started: R-Truth came out first. John Morrison’s music played twice but he failed to appear. The announcers acted like Morrison was playing mind games with Truth. Truth said if Morrison won’t bring the fight, he’ll bring the fight to Morrison. Truth went backstage to look for John Morrison.

R-Truth + John Morrison: R-Truth found John Morrison on the floor getting worked on by a trainer. Morrison said all the little Jimmys came to see a great match, and now they will never get to see the match! R-Truth said at least Morrison can say he got GOT by a future WWE champion! Truth whacked Morrison in the head and then rammed him with a big travel case on wheels!

WWE United States champion Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne defeated Jack Swagger & Doloh Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero:

Rowdy Roddy Piper + Mike “The Miz” Mizanin + Alex Riley: Roddy Piper remembered 25 years ago at WrestleMania 2 in that very building he dropped Mr. T in a boxing match. The Miz immediately interrupted Piper and said he doesn’t live in the past, so it makes him mad when people say he’s the NEXT Roddy Piper. Piper said there will never be another Roddy Piper. Piper called the Miz a Roddy Piper wannabe. Miz said he’s nothing like Piper, because he’s actually been WWE champion – and he WON the main event at WrestleMania! Piper said he never saw the Real World because he was too busy living in the REAL WORLD. Piper introduced and praised Alex Riley! Piper shook Riley’s hand and a massive AH-LEX RI-LEY chant broke out. Piper said Riley took a lot of abuse from Miz, and asked what made him realize he had enough. Riley said he didn’t want it to happen this way, and remembered that the Miz helped him get into the business. Riley said Miz was never his friend, he only used him to remain WWE champion as long as he did. Riley said it finally ocurred to him, why help Miz when he could actually beat him! Piper said when Miz lost the WWE title, Riley gained self respect. Miz reminded everyone that Piper used and abused Cowboy Bob Orton for years. Miz said Riley didn’t dump him, he (Miz) fired him (Riley). Piper pulled his “I change the questions” bit on Miz and said when Riley beats Miz this Sunday it will be AWESOME! Miz wanted to bet Piper that he would defeat Riley at Capitol Punishment. Riley said he thinks Roddy could beat the Miz RIGHT NOW. Piper acted bashful, and Miz offered to put $1000 on the line. Piper said he was tired of getting his butt kicked, but asked “how about $5000?” Stone Cold came up on the big screen and asked the fans if they wanted to see it – HELL YEAH! Stone Cold made it official, Miz vs. Piper with each man putting up $5000 with special guest referee Alex Riley!

Rowdy Roddy Piper defeated The Miz with special guest referee Alex Riley: The Miz wrestled in his suit. Piper looked to be in great shape. Miz punched referee Alex Riley and they started to fight. Suddenly Piper rolled up the Miz for the quick 1-2-3 counted by Riley! Riley tossed the Miz out of the ring and celebrated with Rowdy Roddy Piper!

Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres & Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart & Kaitlyn & A.J. defeated Brie Bella & Nikki Bella & Melina Perez & Alicia Fox & Maryse Ouellet & Rose Mendes & Tamina: It almost immediately broke down because there wasn’t enough time for this match. The ring cleared and Kelly finished off Rosa Mendes for the win! After the match, Eve Torres talked about the Tony Awards in New York, and wanted to show a WWE Diva Tribute to Broadway. All the babyface Divas lined up and did the Rockette’s leg kick move. They probably practiced all day long but still managed to screw it up.

RECAP: Stone Cold Steve Austin announcing “BIG ANDY” Andy Leavine as the winner of Tough Enough…. Vince McMahon slapping him and Stone Cold giving him a Stunner!

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Andy Leavine + C.M. Punk: Stone Cold said now that Andy is in the WWE it’s time to really get Tough. Stone Cold said he was proud of Andy and started to drink beers with him. C.M. Punk interrupted and disrespected Andy Leavine. Stone Cold asked Andy to step out for a minute, and asked Punk if he wanted a beer. Punk was appauled and wanted to give Austin the breathalizer. Punk asked if Austin could say the alphabet backwards, but Austin retorted saying he could whoop Punk’s ass backwards (crowd bursts out laughing). Punk said Austin did one good thing tonight, giving him a match with John Cena tonight. Punk said Austin just set in motion something that will change the WWE forever – and that’s the bottom line because C.M. Punk said so. Stone Cold said the Nexus is not allowed at ringside tonight. Stone Cold said he has another announcement he has to announce to the world right now. See ya later, Punk!

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Stone Cold drove his ATV down the ramp and circled the ring causing near pandamonium as usual! Stone Cold thanked the fans for coming out tonight. The Anonymous RAW General Manager chimed in with an email, which was read by a very nervous Michael Cole. Stone Cold said he was getting sick and tired of the Anonymous G.M. interrupting his show. The G.M. said Stone Cold did a fair job in his/her absense tonight, but all good things must come to an end. The G.M. announced that he would be back next week on RAW. Stone Cold said he was still the G.M. and had an announcement about next week. Stone Cold said next week they would have another three hour show, and it was all about the power of the people. Stone Cold said the people would make all the matches, make all the stipulations, and all the rules! Another email came in from the Anonymous RAW G.M., but the emails kept coming in before Cole could read them. Stone Cold was irritated by the chiming sound the computer makes every time an email comes in. Stone Cold chased Michael Cole away and destroyed the computer by pouring beer all over it and running it over with the ATV a few times! Austin drove the ATV up the ramp and then sprinted back to the ring for some more beers! Stone Cold shook hands with Booker T, who commented “I thought I was gonna get a Stunner right there!”

PRESS CONFERENCE: They showed some more edited press conference clips featuring President Barack Obama taking questions from several SmackDown! stars; Christian, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, the Great Khali, and Hornswoggle. These are getting very lame. No, they were lame from the beginning four weeks ago.

C.M. Punk defeated WWE champion John Cena: Late in the match, R-Truth showed up in the crowd making fun of some Little Jimmys. Truth stole a ‘You Can’t See Me’ hat from the head of a John Cena fan. Cena was distracted and ended up taking a Go-To-Sleep from C.M. Punk! Punk won the match. Truth entered the ring and whacked the half concious Cena with a plastic bottle of water followed by his finisher! Truth snatched the WWE championship belt and brought it into the ring. Truth said this Sunday, he will beat John Cena for the WWE championship – AND THAT’S THE TRUTH! Truth walked out holding the WWE title over his head.