WWE Monday Night RAW 07 25 2011

WWE RAW – July 25, 2011 – Hampton, Virginia

Rey Mysterio defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin to win the vacant WWE championship!: After the match, the Miz attacked new champion Rey Mysterio from behind. Then Alberto Del Rio came down with his Money in the Bank briefcase and a referee. Rey dove over the top rope onto Alberto, who got up and ran away without cashing in his contract.

Josh Mathews & Rey Mysterio: Rey talked about all the sacrifices being worth it right now. Rey told his family he was coming home with the gold, then he got sprayed with champaign by his friends in the locker room.

RECAP: Triple H informing Vince McMahon that his services were no longer need and that he was taking over control of the WWE.

WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeated Evan Bourne:

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Eve Torres argued with the Bella Twins about pulling their twin magic. Some redneck celebrity came by to attempt to ease the situation. The redneck guy (Keith Stone?) tatooed one of the Bella’s arms so we could tell the difference between both Bellas..

Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres defeated Maryse Ouellet & Melina Perez:

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Triple H talking to R-Truth..

Triple H + Jim Ross + Michael Cole + R-Truth: Triple H said that Vince McMahon was the reason the WWE is the success that it is today. HHH started a “Thank you, Vince!” chant. HHH said he was there to talk about the future, and hyped the crowning of a new champion tonight! HHH said since he’s in charge he can do things a little differently, and there was going to be a second championship match tonight. HHH booked WWE champion Rey Mysterio vs. John Cena for tonight’s main event. HHH said one other thing has been bothering him. The crowd chanted for C.M. Punk. HHH wanted the fans to help him welcome someone back to RAW. The crowd thought it was Punk but it was actually good ol’ Jim Ross returning to RAW! Jerry Lawler was really trilled but Michael Cole was not. JR wanted to shake Cole’s hand, but he was so disgusted that he threw down his headset. Cole climbed onto the announce table with a microphone to address HHH. Cole said HHH was talking about the future, and JR is the walking dead. Cole said he’s done everything the company has asked him since WrestleMania. Cole said he would do anything for this company but he refuses to work with Jim Ross. Cole said JR’s restaurants went belly up because he ate all the profits. Cole said JR made a career out of kissing Vince McMahon’s ass, so now he’s going to kiss HHH’s ass. Cole continued to insult JR and ranted furiously. HHH said he had a feeling Cole was going to be upset. HHH said he wanted to fire Cole, but his severence package would be ridiculous. HHH said if Cole leaves he will be in breach of contract and he’ll surrender all future earnings. HHH said he would let Cole take the rest of the night off and if he shows on on SmackDown! he’ll know Cole wants his job. Cole said he wouldn’t quit under any circumstances, choosing to sit down and do his job. HHH told Cole not to sit down because he might be late for his match. Cole said he was retired and his ring gear was in the Hall of Fame. HHH said he personally selected some gear for Cole and told him to hurry up because he’s next! Michael Cole left to go backstage. R-Truth came out and said HHH was the one who started the conspiracy. Truth wanted to know what HHH was going to do for him. Truth said Little Jimmy cost him the WWE championship and complained about losing Money in the Back. Truth wanted to know what HHH was going to do to fix the conspiracy. Truth does a gimmick that he talks to two imaginary friends, so HHH made fun of him by pretending he had imaginary friends too. Truth called HHH crazy, adding “you might be the game, but I’m not playing!” Truth left the ring while HHH bragged about signing another guy, who wanted a piece of Truth. John Morrison returned to the WWE! Morrison chased Truth back to the ring and beat him up for a few minutes.

Zack Ryder defeated Michael Cole: Michael Cole came out wearing Triple H ring gear and did the water spit gimmick. They hyped Zack Ryder as an internet sensation. Ryder won a very quick match!

Money in the Bank winner Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez defeated Kofi Kingston:

Josh Mathews & Mike Mizanin: The Miz said this entire night has been screwed up. The Miz said John Cena is getting a title match, even though Cena is the reason we’re in this mess in the first place! The Miz complained about Triple H and praised Vince McMahon. The Miz proclaimed that he was the most must-see WWE champion ever, and Rey winning the title tonight was a HUGE MISTAKE!

John Cena defeated Rey Mysterio to win the WWE championship: After the match, John Cena helped Rey Mysterio up to his feet and showed his respect. Suddenly some unfamiliar music played on the sound system, something about Mr. Personality. After a few moments, C.M. Punk appeared on the stage wearing his WWE championship belt and a “Best in the World” t-shirt. Punk walked down to the ring and stood in front of John Cena. They both held their titles up in the air. Punk got the better reaction.