WWE Monday Night RAW 11 07 2011

WWE RAW – November 7, 2011 – Liverpool, England
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

John Cena + The Miz & R-Truth + Zack Ryder: John Cena soaked up the warm welcome, which went from cheers to a mix of cheers and booes. Cena said a lot has been going on in the WWE lately. Cena talked about WrestleMania and the Rock (who couldn’t make it tonight). Cena hyped Survivor Series, where he will team with the Rock against The Miz & R-Truth. Cena said the entire WWE Universe is talking about next week’s RAW because the Rock will be there. Cena said he thinks they should be talking about tonight, because it’s the first time Liverpool has hosted Monday Night RAW! Cena said Miz & Truth are in a tag team match with Cena and a future WWE Hall of Famer. Miz & Truth came out to the stage to interrupt and said last week Cena embarrassed them. Miz said it just upped the anti for Survivor Series. Miz said he’s done something that all the greats couldn’t do, and that’s pin Cena at WrestleMania to retain the WWE championship. Miz said last week will be the last time Cena embarrass them. Miz promised to give Cena a lasting impression tonight. Truth talked about all the little jimmys laughing at him. Truth promised nobody will be laughing after what happens at Survivor Series, and Cena won’t be laughing after tonight. Miz & Truth walked to the ring and surrounded Cena. Cena hyped up his partner tonight, but Miz shouted “it doesn’t matter who you’re teaming with!” Miz & Truth got in the ring and went after Cena, which brought out Zack Ryder to help Cena clear the ring! Ryder is the future Hall of Famer? woo woo woo!

John Morrison defeated Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero: They are pushing a losing streak storyline with John Morrison. Well Morrison squashed that gimmick with a huge victory! Now Dolph is the one on the losing streak.

Mason Ryan defeated JTG: Basic squash match.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Tickets for WrestleMania go on sale!

The Bella Twins + Zack Ryder: Zack Ryder approached the Bella Twins and celebrated the opportunity to be John Cena’s partner tonight!

Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler: Michael Cole said Jim Ross couldn’t make it because he was stopped at the airport due to all the BBQ sauce he was carrying. Cole said next week RAW won’t get Rocked, it will get Coled! (cheese)

WWE champion Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez defeated Kofi Kingston: Alberto continued the assault on Kofi after the match until C.M. Punk came out for a face-to-face confrontation..

WWE champion Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez + C.M. Punk: Alberto talked about Punk being a coward and forcing him to give Punk an opportunity at Survivor Series. Alberto said the British fans are a joke, just like Punk. Alberto gave Punk the opportunity to cancel the match. Punk said Alberto won the title by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on him after Kevin Nash power-bombed him, and then Alberto beat him with a lead pipe at Hell in a Cell – so being a cheap shot artist WORKS! Punk said he was going to do what Alberto has failed to do, and that is make the WWE championship interesting again. Alberto said he was WWE champion and that makes him the best in the world – not Punk. Alberto once again asked Punk if he was going to cancel the match. Punk thought about it and then said “NO!” Alberto attacked Punk and beat him down. Alberto locked in the cross armbreaker but Punk fought out of it. Punk went for teh Anaconda Vice but Ricardo broke it up. Alberto took off and Ricardo took a Go-To-Sleep!

RECAP: The Muppets on RAW last week. (funny)

Jack Swagger w/Vickie Guerrero defeated Santino Marella by submission:

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The beautiful Kelly Kelly on her way to the ring.

Jerry “The King” Lawler + Kelly Kelly + Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart + Eve Torres & Alicia Fox: The King announced that Kelly would be on the cover of Maxim magazine next week. Kelly talked about never giving up and always striving to be better. Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart interrupted and made fun of Kelly (comparing her to Barbie, which ironically is Kelly’s real name). Kelly said she wouldn’t interrupt them if they were on the cover of National Geographic. Beth said she was there to set an example to all the little girls watching that Kelly was a false representation of what it takes to be a WWE Diva. Beth said she was going to show exactly what happens when someone like Kelly gets in the ring with someone like them. The girls intimidated Kelly trying to make her cry until Eve Torres & Alicia Fox ran down. Beth & Natalya took off. Eve said it was Kelly’s moment, and then unveiled the cover of Maxim magazine featuring Kelly Kelly (hot! and by hot, I actually mean airbrushed!)

Kevin Nash: John Laurinaitis came out to the stage and introduced his newest Superstar signing – Kevin Nash. Nash came out to the old nWo music. He has also brown in his beard a little thicker too look more heel. They replayed the assault on HHH by Nash two weeks ago. Nash thanked Mr. Laurinaitis for bringing him back. Nash said he doesn’t owe anybody an explanation to anybody except Triple H. Nash went back to 1995 when he watched HHH walk into a building with Killer Kowalski. Nash said he should have buried HHH then, but Shawn Michaels liked him and they brought him into their clique. Nash said HHH won him over, and they had something so unusual in the business, a real friendship. Nash said he was at HHH’s wedding. Nash said he was at the Royal Rumble this year and he got the biggest pop of the night. Nash said he called up HHH and asked to get the band back together, but he didn’t get a response. Nash said HHH betrayed him. Nash said HHH took their friendship and made a little career out of it. Nash complained about being offered a Legends contract. Nash said he booked himself in a main event match! Nash said he took HHH’s sledgehammer and used it against him. Nash said it felt good! Nash said he just showed everybody how to play the GAME!

VIGNETTE: Brodus Clay..

John Laurinaitis & David Otunga + C.M. Punk + Alberto Del Rio: Otunga asked if Brodus Clay was supposed to debut tonight, and JL said Brodus was too good to waste on Liverpool. Punk showed up and blah blah blah with JL and ended up attacking Otunga. Alberto showed up and aggressively assaulted Punk!

The Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth) defeated John Cena & Zack Ryder: Cena & Ryder did a double five-knuckle shuffle on Miz & Truth. The Miz pinned John Cena while Truth held Cena’s leg from outside the ring.