WWE Monday Night RAW 01 02 2012

WWE RAW – January 2, 2011 – Memphis, Tennessee
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “the King” Lawler

John Cena + Kane: They pushed the ‘mixed reaction’ when John Cena came out. Jerry Lawler said he thought Cena fed off the reaction and it didn’t bother him at all. Cena said he didn’t end 2011 the way he wanted but wished everyone a happy New Year! Cena said it was a time for resolution and he was going to make some changes himself. Cena said he will start wearing less underwear. Cena said his father is now banned from RAW. Cena said his most important resolution happens at WrestleMania when he slaps the Rock and wins the biggest match in WWE history. Cena said one thing that will not change is the same thing that has not changed in 10 years – he will remain who he is and his convictions will remain true. Cena said he won’t judge the fans because they have earned the right to do whatever they want to do. Cena said his issue was with Kane, who wants him to turn his back on the fans. Cena said NO, not tonight, not any night! Cena said he is like all WWE Superstars, if you love him of hate him, there’s no better feeling than being inside the ring. Cena said he will continue to enjoy any emotional response that he gets. Cena said he will start off the year the way he should, by thanking the fans. Suddenly Kane’s music played and Kane delivered a message. Kane said Cena can hold off the inevitable but Cena will soon embrace the hate. Kane added that Cena will witness the true power of hate tonight!

World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes:

VIDEO RECAP: The Miz cutting a promo proclaiming his own greatness – but then assaulted by the returning R-Truth!

John Laurinaitis & The Miz: The Miz wanted to know what John Lauriniatis had to say about what R-Truth did to him last week. Miz asked why John wasn’t going to take action. John reminded Miz that Truth gone because Miz attacked him in the same fashion. Miz played dumb. John said he would look out for Miz tonight and make sure Truth doesn’t attack him again. John said Miz had a match with Sheamus tonight. Miz said he didn’t want to be a sitting duck, but John said “better than a lame duck.” Miz storm off screaming “I will not be a sitting duck!” Truth showed up and acted like a duck “quack quack quack!”

VIDEO PACKAGE: Royal Rumble 1988 (winner Jim Duggan)..

Wade Barrett + Santino Marella: Wade said he doesn’t care about the fans New Year. Wade said he’s already having a great 2012 because it’s been a year without Randy Orton. Wade said Orton was just another victim of the Barrett-barage. Wade predicted that he would win the Royal Rumble and go on to win the World title at WrestleMania. Santino interrupted and came out for the match. Santino reminded everyone that he lasted in last years Rumble longer than Barrett (aka STUPIDO)..

Wade Barrett defeated Santino Marella:

The Miz & The Bella Twins + R-Truth: The Bella Twins were acting like idiot teenagers. Miz was looking around for R-Truth. Miz walked away and and Truth walked out from the shadows.

Sheamus vs. The Miz ended in a No Contest: Sheamus pounded the living hell out of Miz’s chest. Miz jumped out of the ring and ran away through the crowd. Truth was up there with a microphone. Truth said he ran into Little Jimmy! Truth said Little Jimmy doesn’t like the Miz and he need to GET GOT! Truth chased Miz back down to the ring, where he was Brogue-kicked by Sheamus! Truth jumped the rail and bashed the Miz with a water bottle! Truth went back up to the crowd and got a random Little Jimmy to shout “Happy New Year Miz!”

Josh Mathews & Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero: Dolph said he was a big believer in if you got it flaunt it and he flaunts it better than anybody. Dolph cut a promo about wanting the WWE championship!

WWE United States champion Zack Ryder & Eve Torres + Jack Swagger + John Laurinaitis: Zack & Eve were goofing around backstage when they were approached by Jack Swagger, who claimed there was an imposter walking around with the U.S. championship. Zack said just because both of their names end in ER doesn’t mean he won’t send Jack to the ER. Jack said he was born to wear the US title. They almost came to blows before John Laurinaitis got between them. John booked a six man tag team match for the main event.

Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeated WWE champion C.M. Punk by Countout: Late in the match, the corner pad came loose and C.M. Punk accidentally pulled it off. John Laurinaitis came down and instructed the referee to fix the corner pad. Meanwhile, the referee missed Punk pinning Ziggler in the middle of the ring. There was a scramble and Punk went flying over the top rope thanks to Laurinaitis pulling the top rope down. Punk was counted out and Dolph celebrated as if he had won the title! Dolph took the belt raised it above his head. In 2012 can a wrestling character be that stupid to think he won a title on a countout?

VIDEO PACKAGE: Royal Rumble 1995 (winner Shawn Michaels)..

The Bella Twins defeated Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres: The Bellas are looking just as hot as they look dumb. They pulled the switcharoo (aka Twin Magic) on their way to victory.

John Laurinaitis & David Otunga + WWE champion C.M. Punk: C.M. Punk burst into the office and complained about John Laurinaitis trying to screw him. John said Punk’s problem was with Dolph Ziggler, not him. John also said he would be the referee of the title rematch at Royal Rumble. Punk said if John screwed him at the Rumble he will beat him like a BITCH! (also that he would need David Otunga to sue him)

MYSTERY MAN REVEALED: Another mystery man promo played, with the punch line “She has spoken.. It is time.. the end of the world as you know it is here.. now!” followed by freaky effects making it look like an earthquake – followed by the ‘not so shocking’ return of……. CHRIS JERICHO!

Chris Jericho: Jericho returned fresh with a babyface attitude. Seriously he was high fiving the fans and posing for the camera with a big smile. The King noted “have you ever seen Jericho look happier?” Jericho milked the reaction and encouraged the fans to scream. It seemed to go on a little too long and got uncomfortable. Before he could speak a word, they claimed “Y2J” was the #1 Trend on Twitter. Just when you thought he was going to talk, he dropped the mic and milked the reaction a little more. Then he went up to the stage and smiled some more. Why do I feel like I’m being set up.

John Cena & Zack Ryder & The Big Show defeated Jack Swagger & Mark Henry & Kane (no-show): Kane was the last to be introduced, but he did not appear as scheduled. David Otunga came down and announced that Kane would not be participating so it would be a handicap match. Mark Henry & Big Show got carried away and were eliminated by countout. Cena & Ryder easily eliminated Jack Swagger to win and survive for their team. After the match, Kane showed up and Cena went to meet him in the isle. Kane climbed out from a hole in the ring and attacked Ryder. The lights went out and a red light covered the ring. Cena went down and battled Kane, only to be soffocated at ringside! Kane slid into the ring and stalked Ryder. Kane then tried pulling Ryder down the hole in the ring, but Cena jumped up and saved him. Kane disappeared into the hole before it exploded with flames shooting high in the air!