WWE Monday Night RAW 11 03 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Buffalo, NY
Date: November 3, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a video package looking at last week.

– We’re live from Buffalo, New York with JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Lilian Garcia is announcing. “No Chance” hits and out comes Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to a big pop. Vince asks if we’ve missed him and fans pop. Vince says things have been in good hands since he left but fans boo The Authority. Vince jokes it sounds like they’re under-appreciated. Vince hypes the WWE Network and plugs the current free month offer. Vince plugs Survivor Series being free. Vince plugs Team Cena vs. Team Authority but says we need to raise the stakes. Vince wants the next generation to feel what he feels and understand what true power feels like, true power you’ve earned. Vince says he remembers when he beat the US government and that was a great accomplishment. Then there was Ted Turner, Time Warner and WCW. He beat them too, laid it all on the line. Then there was the fictional battle with God. Vince proposes Team Cena vs. Team Authority but if Team Authority loses, they will no longer be The Authority. Fans cheer.

Vince says this would mean that The Authority is no longer in power if they lose. Triple H and Stephanie don’t look so sure about this. Vince asks them to take a walk and “No Chance” starts back up. As they’re leaving the ring, the music hits and out comes Dean Ambrose. Vince shakes hands with Ambrose and they have some friendly words. Ambrose glares at Triple H and hits the ring as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Vince is backstage with Stephanie and Triple H talking about how good it felt to be out there. There’s some tension between Vince and Triple H. Stephanie and Triple H both tell Vince that they have everything under control. Vince jokes about Triple H’s tie being crooked. Stephanie tells Vince to be safe heading home as he hops in the limousine.

– We get a video on Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt.

Cesaro vs. Dean Ambrose

We return to the ring and Dean Ambrose is waiting. Cesaro is out next. Good back and forth match until they end up on the outside. The lights go out and it appears Bray Wyatt is interrupting. We go right to commercial.

Back from the break and we see Wyatt watching from the stage in his rocking chair. Cesaro takes control and keeps Ambrose grounded. Cesaro ducks the big clothesline and nails a German suplex for a 2 count. Cesaro with big forearm shots to the face now. Ambrose makes a comeback and Cesaro runs into a boot. Ambrose with a crossbody and right hands. Ambrose with a big forearm and a bulldog for a 2 count. Ambrose with more offense on Cesaro until he runs into a big boot. Ambrose bounces right back with the big clothesline for a 2 count as Wyatt laughs. Cesaro counters the tornado DDT with a big uppercut for a close 2 count. Ambrose sends Cesaro over the top rope. Ambrose runs the ropes and dives out onto Cesaro. Ambrose points up at Wyatt. Ambrose brings Cesaro back in and goes to the top. Cesaro brings him to the mat and goes for a backslide for 2. Ambrose nails Dirty Deeds for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

– After the match, Ambrose looks up at Wyatt. The lights flash again and Wyatt is gone, nothing but an empty rocking chair.

– Triple H and Stephanie are backstage. She says Vince taught her that you can’t let people see you sweat so they have to be all smiles when they go out. She’s nervous and says they have to put the best Survivor Series team together. Triple H brings up Randy Orton but Stephanie isn’t sure about it. Triple H calls Orton.

Jimmy Uso vs. The Miz

We go to the ring and out come The Usos. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and The Miz is out with Damien Sandow. Miz takes control early on but fans chant for Sandow to come in. Miz runs into a kick but takes Uso back to the corner for a beatdown. Uso nails a Samoan Drop. Miz dodges the Rikishi splash in the corner and turns it around. Miz comes back in but gets hip tossed. Miz nails Uso with a kick. Uso ends up diving out onto Sandow and Miz. Sandow gets superkicked by Jey Uso and fans boo. This leads to Miz taking advantage and hitting the Skull Crushing Finale on Uso for the win.

Winner: The Miz

– We get a look at Mark Henry and Big Show.

WWE United States champion Sheamus vs. Tyson Kidd in a non-title match

We go to the ring and out comes WWE United States champion Sheamus for his first match of the night. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Tyson Kidd is out with Natalya. We see Rusev’s challenge to Sheamus from SmackDown. Back and forth early on. Kidd with a kick to the gut. Sheamus comes back with an Irish Curse backbreaker. We see Rusev and Lana watching backstage. Sheamus drops knees now. Sheamus goes to the second rope for a big knee drop and a 2 count. Kidd makes a comeback and drops Sheamus for a 2 count. Kidd unloads in the corner. Kidd with forearms, elbows and a big kick now. Kidd keeps Sheamus grounded. Sheamus comes back and slams Kidd on his head. Sheamus goes for the Cloverleaf submission but Kidd eventually makes it to the bottom rope. Kidd blocks a move on the apron and springboards in with a missile dropkick, sending Sheamus out the other side of the ring. Sheamus catches a kick and hits the rolling senton on the floor. Kidd still fights back and puts Natalya in between him and Sheamus as a shield. Kidd rolls in real quick and wins by count out.

Winner by Count Out: Tyson Kidd

– After the match, Sheamus comes in the ring and drops Kidd with a Brogue Kick. Natalya checks on Kidd as Sheamus leaves and we get replays.

– WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler is walking backstage. Back to commercial.

WWE Intercontinental title match: Seth Rollins vs. WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler

Back from the break and out comes WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler. Triple H, Stephanie, Seth Rollins, Kane, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble are out next. We see a recap of Vince’s appearance to start the show. Stephanie cuts a promo and knocks Cena. She says they are winners and will put together the strongest Survivor Series team ever. Rollins will lead the team with Kane, she says. Triple H whispers something to her. Stephanie says their partner will be Randy Orton. Triple H tells Ziggler he’s free to side with who he wants. Triple H points out that every time Ziggler seems to rise to the top, there’s always someone in his way. Triple H says Ziggler probably does bust his ass harder than anyone in the back but says Ziggler doesn’t get credit for it, John Cena does. Stephanie wonders where Cena is tonight. They go on and try to talk Ziggler into telling Cena no. Dolph yells that he wants all of The Authority gone; he wants them out of power. Triple H says that’s too bad, he really wanted to give the fans what they want but Ziggler won’t let it happen. Triple H books Ziggler in a title match against Rollins right now. Triple H’s music hits and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and the match is underway. They go to the mat and trade holds. Rollins drops Ziggler with a shoulder and takes control. Ziggler finally fights back out of the corner but Rollins nails a clothesline for a 2 count. Ziggler with another comeback and a dropkick for a 2 count. Rollins counters and hits a suplex for another pin attempt. Rollins keeps control and mocks the fans. Ziggler dodges a move and nails a dropkick. Ziggler gains momentum and hits a splash in the corner. Ziggler with more shots in the corner. He goes for the splash but Rollins drops him face first into the turnbuckle. Rollins with a 2 count. Rollins with a headlock now.

Ziggler breaks the hold and clotheslines Rollins to the floor. Rollins drives Ziggler into the apron. Rollins drops Ziggler’s face over the apron as we go to commercial. Back from the break and Rollins has Ziggler down on the mat. They end up colliding in mid-air. Ziggler makes a big comeback and nails a neckbreaker before dropping a big elbow for a 2 count. More back and forth, Rollins with a close 2 count after the powerbomb into the turnbuckle. Ziggler hits the Fame-asser but can’t get the pin. More back and forth. Rollins with an enziguri for a close 2 count. Ziggler dodges a Curb Stomp. Noble and Mercury run interference and Ziggler gets decked while the ref has his back turned. Rollins throws Ziggler into the turnbuckle and hits a Curb Stomp. Randy Orton runs in the ring from behind and drops Rollins with a RKO. Noble and Mercury jump on the apron but Orton stares them down. Orton leaves the ring and Kane asks him what he’s doing on the ramp. Kane comes in the ring to check on Rollins with The Stooges. We go to commercial.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler by disqualification

– Back from the break and we get a replay of what just happened. Stephanie is telling Triple H about not trusting Orton. Orton comes in and wants Rollins in a match tonight. Orton isn’t down with being a co-captain with Rollins. Orton goes on and on at Stephanie until Triple H yells at him to stop. Triple H says he needs Orton on Team Authority. Triple H gives Orton the match for tonight and says they need to settle their beef and when this is over; they’re going to war together at Survivor Series.

– We get a vignette from Luke Harper.

– Still to come, Henry vs. Show and Rollins vs. Orton. We see Show interrupting Miz TV with Henry on SmackDown. Back to commercial.

Ryback vs. Titus O’Neil

Back from the break and Titus is cutting a promo about wanting a spot on Team Authority. Ryback interrupts and comes out to a pop. Back and forth to start but Titus takes control. Titus works Ryback over and talks trash after a big boot to the face. We see The Authority watching backstage. Ryback ends up hitting the Meathook clothesline and Shellshocked for the win.

Winner: Ryback

– Renee Young is backstage with Big Show. Show cuts Renee off and makes it known he will be on Team Cena if Cena needs him. Show starts talking about Mark Henry turning on him. Show says a part of him wants to just knock Henry out of his life. He walks off and we go to commercial.

Mark Henry vs. Big Show

Back from the break and Big Show is out first. Mark Henry is out next. Show takes Henry to the corner and unloads. Show whips Henry hard into the corner and he goes down. Show continues but runs into an elbow. Henry with a big splash in the corner now. Show drops Henry with a big kick. Show with an elbow drop and a 2 count. Show kicks Henry out of the ring. Show follows and Henry rams him into the ring post twice. Show comes right back with a big spear and they both go down on the floor. Show brings Henry back in and drops big elbows to the back. Show with a leg submission now. Henry manages to get the bottom rope and break it. Show with big chops now. More back and forth. Henry takes Show down for a 2 count as we see The Authority watching backstage. Henry hits a World’s Strongest Slam for a 2 count. Henry kicks Show out of the ring and throws him into the steel steps. Henry nails Show in the head with the steps for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Big Show

– After the bell, Henry grabs Show and drops him on top of the steel steps with a World’s Strongest Slam.

– Triple H and Stephanie send Kane to check on someone and see where his head is at. Triple H is confident Rollins and Orton will be on the same page after tonight. We go to commercial. – Back from the break and WWE Divas champion AJ Lee is out for commentary. Renee Young is backstage with Brie Bella. Nikki Bella interrupts and didn’t give Brie permission to do the interview. Nikki taunts Brie. Nikki yells at Brie to go to the ring. Renee goes to end the segment but Erick Rowan appears. He grabs some of Renee’s hair and twirls it. He lifts the sheep mask and says “pretty.” Renee thanks him and hurries off. Rowan pulls the mask back down and we go to the ring.

Nikki Bella vs. Emma

We go to the ring and out comes Nikki Bella with Brie as AJ looks on. We see Emma waiting in the ring. The match starts and we get some CM Punk chants. Nikki ends up cutting Emma off and hitting a spinebuster for a 2 count. Emma finally makes a comeback with clotheslines and a crossbody. Emma dodges in the corner and sends Nikki into the turnbuckle. Emma with her submission on the ropes. Emma charges but runs into a dropkick. Nikki with the Rack Attack for the win.

Winner: Nikki Bella

– After the match, Nikki has Brie go over and slap AJ. AJ drops Brie and runs in the ring for Nikki but Nikki escapes to the stage. AJ stands in the ring as CM Punk chants start but so does her music. We go to replays.

– Still to come, Orton vs. Rollins. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a new vignette for Xavier Woods. He appears to be a preacher and there’s a choir in the background. It says “a new day is coming…” at the end.

Zack Ryder vs. Rusev

We go to the ring and out comes Lana and Rusev while Zack Ryder waits. Rusev takes control of Ryder and slams him to the mat to start. Ryder fights to his feet but Rusev whips him into an opposite corner. Rusev runs into knees. Ryder with a missile dropkick to the back. Rusev stops a Broski Boot with a big kick to the face. We see The Authority watching backstage. Rusev stomps on Ryder’s back and applies The Accolade for the easy win.

Winner: Rusev

– After the match, Lana and Rusev cut a promo on the United States Title. Sheamus comes out and says he takes pride in wearing the title around his waist. Sheamus says they’re delusional if they think they’re taking the title to Russia. Sheamus says when RAW goes off the air, Rusev is in for the fight of his life. Sheamus raises the title up as his music hits. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole hypes the Network. Stephanie approaches Lana and Rusev backstage. She wants Rusev on Team Authority at Survivor Series. Stephanie reminds them that Rusev is getting a title shot after RAW. Lana says they’re going to confer with Vladimir Putin and get back to Stephanie. They shake hands.

Fernando vs. Stardust

We go to the ring and Stardust is making his entrance with Goldust. Los Matadores and El Torito are also in the ring. The Miz and Damien Sandow are out for commentary on this one. Torito ends up knocking Goldust into Miz and Sandow. This leads to Fernando getting the win over Stardust.

Winner: Fernando

– We get replays of what’s happened with The Authority tonight, including Vince’s return. Still to come, Rollins vs. Orton. Back to commercial.

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

Back from the break and Triple H, Stephanie and Kane are at ringside. Randy Orton is out first. Seth Rollins with his Stooges are out next. Orton dominates early on and they end up on the floor as we take a commercial. Back from the break and Orton makes his way into the ring where Rollins is. Rollins attacks and sends Orton right back to the floor. Rollins launches himself out but Orton dodges it and sends Rollins to the floor. They come back in and go to the corner. Orton with a right hand and a big clothesline. Orton runs into an uppercut. Rollins drops him into the turnbuckle. More back and forth. Orton dumps Rollins to the floor and slams him into the announce table. Orton back drops Rollins on top of the table. Orton takes apart the announce table and Triple H tries to talk him down. They fight back in the ring and Rollins goes to the top but Orton cuts him off. Orton nails a superplex for a 2 count. Rollins dumps Orton back to the floor and nails a dive through the ropes right in front of Triple H. Rollins brings it back in the ring and springboards in with a knee to the face. Rollins with a 2 count. Rollins goes for the powerbomb but Orton backdrops him. Rollins comes right back with an enziguri. Orton blocks a Curb Stomp with a powerslam for 2. Orton nails the second rope draping DDT. Rollins counters the RKO with a backslide for the win out of nowhere.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– After the match, the Stooges and Kane hit the ring. Mercury and Noble try to be on normal terms with Orton. Triple H and Stephanie clap from ringside as Kane shakes Rollins’ hand. Orton has words with Triple H and he’s upset. Triple H tries to calm Orton down. Orton shakes Noble’s hand first, then Mercury’s and Kane’s. Fans chant for a RKO next. Rollins tries to calm things down with Orton. He apologizes and they shake hands. Orton says he’s sorry too and drops Rollins with a RKO. Orton tosses the Stooges and Kane out of the ring. Orton goes for a punt kick on Rollins but Triple H runs in between them and tells Orton to stop. Triple H tells Kane and the Stooges to back off. He tries to calm Orton down in the middle of the ring. Orton walks past Triple H and bumps his shoulder. Triple H stops him and gets dropped with a right hand. The Authority attacks Orton and they beat him down. Orton fights off the Stooges and Kane, clearing the ring. Orton goes out of the ring and attacks Rollins on top of the announce table. Orton drops Mercury with a RKO. Kane and Noble hold Orton while Rollins nails a Curb Stomp on top of the announce table. Triple H comes back over and tells them all to stop. Stephanie tells Triple H to finish Orton. We see Orton’s forehead is busted open. Rollins tells Triple H they don’t need Orton any more. Triple H tells them to finish Orton. The Authority positions part of the steel steps as Triple H and Stephanie walk off. They lay Orton over the steel steps and Rollins nails a Curb Stomp from the top of the announce table. RAW goes off the air with Rollins standing over Orton.

– The WWE RAW Backstage Pass post-show opens with Cole, JBL and Lawler. Trainers and EMT’s are out tending to Randy Orton, who is still laid out at ringside. Orton is loaded onto a stretcher as Rusev’s music interrupts.

WWE United States title match: Rusev vs. Sheamus

WWE United States champion Sheamus is out next as Rusev looks on from the ring. Lilian Garcia does formal ring introductions and here we go. They tangle and go to the corner. Rusev smiles. They lock back up and end up in the corner. Sheamus ends up hitting the forearms on the apron but Rusev blocks the second half. Sheamus with headbutts. Sheamus knocks Rusev off the apron. Sheamus goes for the battering ram off the apron but Rusev catches him and slams him on the floor. They come back in and Rusev keeps Sheamus down. Rusev ends up dropping Sheamus with a heel kick to the jaw. Rusev takes control and beats Sheamus up now. Sheamus finally catches Rusev with a big slam and they’re both down. They get up and trade blows in the middle of the ring. Sheamus staggers Rusev and knocks him to one knee. Rusev charges but Sheamus runs him over twice. Sheamus with a shoulder in the corner and a high knee. Sheamus with more offense. Sheamus gets dumped to the apron but nails the forearms to the chest again. Sheamus nails the Battering Ram for a close 2 count.

Sheamus goes to the top but Rusev throws him to the mat. Rusev with a big charge in the corner and a fallaway slam. Rusev covers for 2. Rusev stomps on the back and applies The Accolade. Sheamus fights the hold but Rusev re-applies it. Sheamus fights to his feet and breaks the hold. Sheamus nails White Noise for a 2 count. Fans chant “this is awesome” now. They slowly get up. Sheamus calls for a Brogue Kick but Rusev moves and Sheamus gets hung up on the top rope. Rusev nails a kick to the back of the head and another, sending Sheamus to the mat. Rusev stomps on the back and applies The Accolade for the win after Sheamus fought it but passed out in the hold.

Winner and New WWE United States champion: Rusev

– After the match, the Russian flag drops down and Rusev celebrates with his United States Title. Lana joins him as Sheamus tries to recover on the mat. The show ends with Rusev and Lana celebrating with their gold.

Source: http://www.ringsidenews.com