WWE Monday Night RAW 02 03 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Omaha, NE
Date: February 3, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up live from Omaha, Nebraska as Michael Cole welcomes us. We go right to the ring and out comes WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Cole is joined by JBL and Jerry Lawler. They talk about Orton being upset over Elimination Chamber as he makes his way to the ring. Orton takes the mic and CM Punk chants start up from the crowd but don’t last long. Orton talks about how the Elimination Chamber match is unfair to him. Orton asks how many times he has to beat the various Chamber participants. Orton bets the fans want to see someone else win the Chamber and they agree. Orton says he’s going to be victorious in the Chamber and then victorious at WrestleMania XXX when he defeats that jacked up freak Batista. Orton says they were equals in Evolution but Orton is plain better than Batista now. Orton says they all need to realize he’s the greatest Superstar ever and the main attraction of RAW. Triple H‘s music hits and out he comes with Stephanie McMahon to the stage. Punk chants again but they don’t last long this time either.

Triple H and Stephanie talk about Orton complaining. Triple H wonders if they should put their faith in someone else. Stephanie says Orton will have to face each Chamber participant in singles matches over the next few weeks. Stephanie can’t believe she’s saying this but if Orton’s opponent tonight should win, they might have to consider him for the face of WWE and that is Daniel Bryan. Triple H looks to be leading a “yes!” chant but doesn’t look too enthused.

– Cole and the announcers talk about The New Age Outlaws and The Brotherhood. The steel cage match will be coming later. Tonight’s cage match must be won by pinfall or submission.

The Shield vs. Rey Mysterio, Big E Langston and Kofi Kingston

We go to the ring and out comes The Shield through the crowd for a six-man match. We get a look back at The Wyatt Family costing The Shield the main event last week. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Rey Mysterio. We see Kofi Kingston and WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston waiting at ringside. It’s going to be Big E and Dean Ambrose starting out. They trade holds. Big E tosses Ambrose into the corner and spears him. Big E goes to work now and tags in Kofi.

Kofi and Seth Rollins go at it now. Kofi with a big dropkick and a 2 count. Kofi catapults Rollins into the corner and hits a big right hand. Kofi with another pin attempt. Ambrose comes back in and beats Kofi down. Roman Reigns comes in and drops Kofi with a right hand. Rollins tags back in for some double teaming. Ambrose comes back in and they keep Kofi grounded on the mat. Ambrose with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Rollins comes back in and drops Kofi’s neck over the top rope. Rollins with a scoop slam but he misses a splash. Rey tags in and comes off the top with a senton. Rey decks Reigns and takes Rollins back down. Rey rolls through on Rollins and kicks him in the face for a 2 count. Rey ends up on Rollins’ shoulders but Reigns tags in. Reigns leaps and clotheslines Rey off Rollins’ shoulders. Its Reigns and Kofi in the ring as we go back to commercial.

We see during the commercial Reigns hit the big super dropkick on Rey’s head as he hung off the apron. Reigns is in control of Rey in the ring now. Ambrose tags back in and keeps Rey down. The referee has to pull Ambrose off him. Ambrose with a big shot to the face for another 2 count. Rey fights back. Big E and Reigns tag in and Big E unloads. He sends Rollins to the floor and runs over Reigns. Big E with a shoulder thrust on Reigns in the corner and a big overhead throw. Big E runs the ropes and splashes Reigns for a 2 count as Ambrose and Rollins breaks it up. Kofi takes out Ambrose. Rey dumps Rollins. Ambrose tosses Kofi and Big E tosses Ambrose. Big E turns around to a Superman punch from Reigns. Reigns readies for a spear but Ambrose tags himself in. Ambrose nails his finisher on Big E for the win.

Winners: The Shield

– After the match, Reigns stares Ambrose down and comes in the ring. Rollins gets in between them. The lights go out and it’s The Wyatt Family on the big screen. Bray Wyatt tells The Shield to come out, come out wherever they are. Bray cuts another bizarre promo and says their moment is closer than they think. He will build his empire by the sea and smile from his throne as his enemies go down. Luke Harper speaks and says Bray has always been The Shield’s king. Erick Rowan tells The Shield to run. The lights go out again.

– Still to come, Orton vs. Bryan in the main event. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Bad News Barrett is out for a segment. The bad news is that we stuffed our face with so much junk during the Super Bowl that we probably won’t make it to see next year’s Super Bowl. Jerry Lawler stands up and tells Barrett he has some news… he hopes Barrett won’t be around next week.

– The announcers plug the WWE Network and lead us to a preview for WWE Countdown.

– Still to come, Batista will speak.

Christian vs. Jack Swagger

Out next comes Christian to a big pop. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Jack Swagger is in the ring with Christian. Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter watch from ringside. They go at it and Christian dumps Swagger out to the floor. Christian with the baseball slide. They tangle on the apron and Swagger trips Christian face first. Swagger sends Christian into the steel steps and brings it back in for a 2 count.

Swagger works over Christian in the corner and slams him for another 2 count. Christian fights back but Swagger slams him in the corner and then to the mat for another 2 count. Swagger slaps Christian around and keeps control. Swagger comes off the second rope but Christian gets his feet up. Christian with a missile dropkick out of the corner. Swagger cuts off the comeback with a big knee to the gut. Christian makes another comeback and comes off the top with a crossbody but Swagger catches him. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock but Christian fights out. Swagger blocks Killswitch. Swagger yanks Christian off the corner but Christian blocks a Swagger Bomb with a kick. Christian rolls Swagger up for the win.

Winner: Christian

– After the match, Zeb enters the ring and gives Swagger some tough love. We see Cesaro at ringside shaking his head at Swagger’s performance.

– We see Brock Lesnar destroying Cody Rhodes and Goldust last week. We see the steel cage being lowered around the ring.

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles: Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. WWE tag team champions The New Age Outlaws

The only way to win this match is by pinfall or submission. We go to the ring and out first come WWE Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws. They cut a promo on the way to the cage and get the crowd hyped. Out next comes Cody Rhodes and Goldust. We go to commercial.

Goldust and Road Dogg start the match off going back and forth. It was announced that Betty White will be the special guest host for next week’s RAW. Cody and Billy Gunn come in with more back and forth. Road Dogg tried to go out the door at one point but you can’t win by escaping in this one. Gunn and Cody go at it some more with Gunn in control. Dogg tags back in for some double teaming. Dogg continues working on Cody’s arm. Cody comes back with a big clothesline and a 2 count. Cody works on Dogg’s arm now.

Cody keeps control and goes for a pin attempt. Goldust tags in for some double teaming after mocking Road Dogg. Goldust works on the arm also. Road Dogg comes back and takes Goldust to the corners. There were some CM Punk chants in this match but they didn’t last long. Goldust with right hands in the corner. Goldust ducks clotheslines but misses a crossbody and flies into the cage wall. Gunn tags in and stomps away on Goldust as we go to commercial with “we want Punk” chants.

Back from the break and The Outlaws have Goldust in their corner. Dogg throws Goldust face first into the cage wall. Goldust ends up countering Gunn and they both go down. Gunn stops Goldust from making a tag and nails a huge right hand for another 2 count. Dogg tags back in but Goldust nails a spinebuster. Cody and Gunn tag in at the same time. Cody unloads and tosses Gunn into the cage. Cody keeps control and dropkicks Dogg into the cage. Cody blocks a Fameasser but Dogg stops CrossRhodes. Goldust powerslams Dogg. Gunn tosses Goldust into the cage. Cody nails a Disaster Kick on Gunn for a close 2 count. Fans boo the referee and Cody argues with the referee but it was just a close count. Cody looks up around the top of the cage and the crowd cheers as he climbs up. Dogg climbs up with him but Cody kicks him to the mat. Cody goes to the top of the cage and goes for a big moonsault on Dogg but barely connects and lands hard. Gunn takes advantage and nails a Fameasser for the win.

Winners: The New Age Outlaws

– Still to come tonight, Batista will speak. Also, Orton vs. Bryan in the main event. We go to commercial.

– Announced for later is Dolph Ziggler, Xavier Woods and R-Truth vs. The Wyatt Family.

Zack Ryder vs. Titus O’Neil

We go to the ring and Zack Ryder is waiting. Out next comes Titus O’Neil with his new theme song. We see footage from SmackDown where Titus turned on Darren Young.

Titus keeps control and out comes The Miz. Miz picks up a headset and isn’t happy with Titus getting the spotlight. Miz slams the headset down and walks off. Ryder fights back but Titus levels him. CM Punk chants start up again. Titus misses in the corner and Ryder lays him out for a 2 count. Ryder nails the Broski Boot and goes to the second rope. Titus catches him in mid-air and hits a few backbreakers and then just tosses Ryder to the mat. Titus barks and splashes Ryder in the corner before hitting his finisher for the win.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

– Back from the break and out comes Fandango with Summer Rae. We get a Black History Month video for Ernie Ladd. Santino Marella is out next for a Dance Off. Santino says he’s a dancing freak and Fandango doesn’t want to have a competition against him. Santino proposes a Dance Off between Summer and someone in the audience. We see NXT Diva Emma and Santino picks her. Santino says he knows Emma from NXT. Fandango’s music hits and Summer dances first. Santino laughs at her and introduces Emma again. Emma’s music hits and she does her trademark dance next. Fans cheer for Emma as the winner. Emma dances some more and shakes Santino’s hand. She and Santino dance around the ring as Fandango and Summer leave. We see Cole trying to do the Emma dance.

– The announcers hype the Network some more and we get a preview for Legends House.

Sheamus makes his way out as we go to commercial.

Sheamus vs. Curtis Axel

Back from the break and Curtis Axel is out with Ryback. We get the usual Ryback chants. Back and forth. Sheamus takes control and hits the forearms on the apron in front of Ryback. They go to the floor and Sheamus slams Axel into the announcers table. They come back in and Axel works on the shoulder and sends Sheamus shoulder first into the ring post.

Sheamus tries to fight back but Axel keeps going to the shoulder. Axel keeps control and goes for a pin attempt. Fans start chanting for CM Punk again. Sheamus finally fights back and beats Axel into the corner. Axel blocks White Noise but Sheamus drops him anyway. Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

– We see Batista walking backstage. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes Batista. Before he can speak, Alberto Del Rio interrupts and comes to the ring. Batista says he doesn’t have an issue with Del Rio; he’s not why he returned. Del Rio says while Batista was waiting on his movie agent to call, Del Rio was winning titles. Del Rio says being famous doesn’t make you a champion, having cajones does. Del Rio says Batista isn’t an animal; he’s a filthy Chihuahua who’s afraid of Del Rio. Del Rio says he’s going to hurt Batista until he begs. Batista laughs and says he has no problem. Del Rio nails a cheap shot and beats Batista down. Batista comes back and sends Del Rio escaping to the stage. Batista tells Del Rio to bring it but Del Rio just smiles from the stage. Del Rio teases going back to the ring as Batista’s music plays but he backs off.

– Still to come, Orton vs. Bryan in the main event.

Dolph Ziggler, Xavier Woods and R-Truth vs. The Wyatt Family

We go to the ring and out first comes Dolph Ziggler. R-Truth and Xavier Woods are out next. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes The Wyatt Family. Erick Rowan starts things off with Woods and beats him down after a pep talk from Bray Wyatt. Woods counters a move and starts kicking and chopping Rowan. Rowan grabs him but Truth tags in and they double team Rowan and finally bring him down. Truth drops a leg drop for a 2 count. Rowan slams Truth back into the corner and Luke Harper tags in. Truth fights them off but Rowan whips Truth into a big boot from Harper.

Bray tags in and unloads on Truth. Bray taunts Ziggler and turns around to splash Truth in the corner. Harper comes back in and does the gator roll on Truth. Fans chant for Ziggler to come in. Harper drops Truth with a headbutt but Truth nails a heel kick. Ziggler comes in and unloads on Harper. Ziggler with a big dropkick and right hands in the corner. Ziggler nails a neckbreaker and a big elbow drop for a 2 count. Ziggler drops Harper again but Rowan breaks the pin at 2. Rowan tosses Ziggler into the corner. Woods dropkicks Rowan out of the ring. Bray chokeslams Woods. Truth kicks Bray out. Harper nails a big clothesline on Ziggler. Harper tags in Bray. He turns upside down in the corner before hitting Sister Abigail on Ziggler for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

– After the match, The Shield appears on the big screen. Ambrose says they’re not afraid of all the monster talk and sheep masks. Rollins says Bray is so delusional, a figment of his own imagination. Rollins says they can’t hang with The Shield. Reigns says they are in The Shield’s yard and they don’t play games. Playtime is over at Elimination Chamber. Bray laughs at them in the ring. Bray says he welcomes the war and tells The Shield to bring it to him.

– Still to come, Orton vs. Bryan in the main event. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a vignette from Alexander Rusev and Lana.

Naomi vs. Aksana

Back from the break and Aksana waits in the ring with Alicia Fox as Cameron and Naomi make their way out. Before they get started, WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee comes out with Tamina Snuka. AJ joins commentary as Tamina stands guard.

Naomi and Aksana go back and forth. Naomi smacks her own rear and takes Aksana down. Naomi rolls around the ring with Aksana in a leg lock. Naomi with a 2 count. Aksana counters and slams Naomi on her face. Aksana stomps away on Naomi’s knee. Aksana with a suplex and a 2 count. Aksana with more offense and another 2 count. Aksana with a chinlock now. Naomi makes a comeback but Aksana cuts her off with a knee to the face and a 2 count. Aksana pounds the mat in frustration. Naomi trips Aksana on her face. Naomi with a split-legged moonsault in the corner for the win.

Winner: Naomi

– After the match, Alicia Fox attacks Naomi but Cameron makes the save. Cameron whips Alicia into a Rear View from Naomi for the win.

Daniel Bryan vs. WWE world heavyweight champion Randy Orton in a non-title match

Back from the break and out comes Daniel Bryan to a big pop for the main event. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton is out next. Back from the break and Orton vs. Christian is announced for SmackDown. Fans chant for Bryan. They go at it and Orton goes out. Orton comes back in and attacks but Bryan drops him. Bryan works on Orton’s arm now. Fans chant for CM Punk now as Orton drops Bryan and stomps on him. Orton yells at fans as they chant for Bryan. Orton drops him with a shoulder tackle and poses to more boos.

Bryan comes back with a takedown and tries to stomp on Orton in the corner but is backed off by the referee. Bryan wraps Orton’s leg around the ring post and slams it. Bryan runs and dropkicks Orton’s knee into the ring post. Bryan comes back in and continues working on Orton’s leg. Orton bites Bryan to get him to let go of his leg. Orton with uppercuts now. Bryan backslides Orton out of nowhere for a 2 count. Bryan goes back to work on Orton’s hurt leg.

Orton goes to the floor for a breather but Bryan meets him and unloads. Bryan tosses Orton over the announcers table and into Michael Cole. Bryan brings it back in the ring and takes him to the corner. Bryan takes Orton to the top and climbs up for a big hurricanrana. Bryan covers for a 2 count. Bryan with a modified surfboard submission now before stomping on Orton’s leg. Bryan keeps control and applies a single crab. Orton crawls for the ropes but Bryan drags him back. Orton finally makes it to the rope and breaks the hold. Orton rolls to the floor and sells the knee injury. Bryan comes out but Orton kicks him and slams him on top of the fan barrier. Orton brings Bryan back in and covers for a 2 count. Orton starts stomping now. Orton unloads in the corner but Bryan turns it around with kicks. Bryan counters and ducks a clothesline but Orton nails a powerslam. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Bryan is kicking away. Orton blocks a kick and nails a big throw. Bryan lands on his shoulder. They go back to the floor and Orton whips Bryan into the steel steps. Orton brings it back in for a 2 count and gets frustrated. Orton goes back to working on the arm. Orton keeps control but Bryan kicks out of another 2 count. Fans chant for Bryan as Orton focuses on the arm. Orton climbs up for a superplex but Bryan counters and blocks it. Bryan sends Orton to the mat with headbutts. Bryan nails a missile dropkick but lands on his bad shoulder. More back and forth. Bryan finally gets the Yes Lock applied. Orton gets his foot on the ropes and breaks the hold. Bryan with dropkicks in the corner. Orton blocks the third with a dropkick of his own. Orton nails the draping DDT but Bryan blocks the RKO. Bryan nails the top rope headbutt but Orton kicks out at 2. Kane comes out and gets on the apron but Bryan takes them both out. Kane charges but Bryan sends him into the steel steps. Bryan nails the flying knee on Orton and covers him for the non-title win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

– After the match, Kane and Orton beat Bryan down. Kane chokeslams Bryan as the fans continue to boo. Kane makes the ring explode and his music hits. Orton stands alongside Kane and raises his titles as RAW goes off the air.

Source:  www.ringsidenews.com