WWE Monday Night RAW 06 02 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Date: June 2, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL

Tonight’s WWE RAW Pre-show opens up with Josh Mathews, Booker T, Alex Riley and special guest Xavier Woods. We get a look back at Payback and how The Shield eliminated Evolution. We also see their post-match press conference. We see Cameron and Paige coming out for a Superstars match. More talk about The Shield and Evolution from the panel.

– We go to the ring to get a look at the match. Cameron offers a handshake but hits Paige with a cheap shot. Cameron with a face plant and a 2 count. Cameron goes to the top but misses a crossbody. Paige then got the win with the PTO. We get a look back at John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt from Payback. We also see Cena’s post-match conference. The panel talks more about Cena vs. Wyatt as Big E comes out for a Superstars match. The Usos vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan is announced for tonight’s RAW. We go to Network commercials.

– We come back and get a look at the Payback segment with Stephanie McMahon, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. More talk from the panel. Booker predicts Stephanie will take action against Nikki Bella. We go to more Network promos. We see JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler making their way out as the panel talks about tonight’s tag team match. That’s it for the pre-show.

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a look at The Shield vs. Evolution at Payback last night. We go right to the ring and out comes Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton. Orton is the only one dressed to wrestle. Triple H is sporting a big black eye. The music stops and a “Bluetista” chant can be heard. Triple H takes the mic. He says they always say it’s darkest just before the dawn. He says funny thing is The Shield thinks they won. Fans think they won. Everyone thinks this is over. Triple H says we don’t get it. He says he doesn’t lose. He never loses, he wins always. Triple H says this will not be over until The Shield exists no longer. Fans boo. Triple H says that will happen tonight. A CM Punk chant starts up as Batista takes the mic from Triple H. He doesn’t want another match with The Shield. He’s been there and done that. Batista wants what Triple H promised him – a one-on-one title shot. Triple H grabs another mic and says there’s a reason he’s the leader here. There’s a reason he’s the boss. Triple H says he sees the bigger picture in play. Batista doesn’t care about The Shield or HHH’s plan. Batista says he earned a one-on-one title shot and he wants it tonight. Triple H reminds Batista that Daniel Bryan can’t compete. Even if he wanted to, he can’t give Batista a shot tonight. Triple H says he would probably choke anyway. Triple H apologizes for that comment and says things are a little stressful tonight.

Triple H says he doesn’t want to go down as the guy who couldn’t beat The Shield. He says The Shield must go down and until that happens, nobody gets anything. Batista understands but says he quits. Batista drops the mic and fans cheer. Batista exits the ring and fans start a “yes!” chant. Triple H tells him to get back in the ring. Triple H asks if he’s going back to Hollywood. Triple H says when his movie craps out, don’t come crawling back. Batista heads to the back and he is gone. Triple H tosses the mic and we go to the announcers.

– Lawler says The Shield is here tonight and we will hear from them later. Cole wonders how Stephanie McMahon will react to Brie Bella tonight. Up next, Sheamus and Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro and Bad News Barrett. Back to commercial.

– We come back and get a replay of Batista walking out. Tom Phillips caught up with him outside of the building and Batista says he’s just tired of empty promises so he’s done.

Rob Van Dam and WWE United States champion Sheamus vs. Cesaro and WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett

We go to the ring and RVD waits with United States Champion Sheamus. Cesaro is out next with Paul Heyman. Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett is out next. We get a sidebar video of Barrett bragging about beating RVD at Payback. Sheamus and Cesaro start the match beating on each other. Cesaro runs into a big boot in the corner. Sheamus nails a battering ram for a 2 count. Sheamus with an uppercut. Cesaro fires right back and Heyman has joined commentary. Cesaro with a big gutwrench slam on Sheamus. Cesaro turns it around and tags in Barrett. Barrett works Sheamus over until RVD makes a tag. RVD drops Barrett with a kick for a 2 count. More back and forth. RVD goes for a thrust kick out of the corner but Barrett levels him in mid-air. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Barrett tags in Cesaro. Cesaro goes to work on RVD and hits a big running uppercut in the corner. Cesaro with a 2 count. Cesaro with a headlock now. Cesaro keeps control of RVD and stares down Sheamus. Barrett comes back in for some double teaming. Barrett with a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count. Barrett goes to the second rope and nails a big elbow drop for a 2 count. Cesaro tags back in and they keep RVD from making any offense. Cesaro kicks away in the corner. Cesaro runs into an elbow. RVD with a leg scissors for a 2 count. Cesaro runs right back over RVD for another pin and another. Cesaro with a submission now.

Cesaro with a cheap shot on Sheamus on the apron. RVD takes Cesaro down. Barrett and Sheamus tag in at the same time. Sheamus unloads and hits a high knee and a clothesline. Sheamus swings for Cesaro but he ducks it. Sheamus with a big powerslam for Barrett. Cesaro runs in but catches a powerslam also. Heyman gets up from commentary to coach Cesaro. Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick but Cesaro ducks and escapes the ring. Sheamus turns around to Winds of Change from Barrett for a 2 count. Cesaro and Heyman are leaving now. Fans boo and Barrett gets upset. Barrett goes for Wasteland on Sheamus but it’s blocked. RVD tags in and blocks a kick, allowing Sheamus to nail a Brogue. RVD goes to the top and nails the Five Star Frogsplash for the win.

Winners: Rob Van Dam and Sheamus

– After the match, RVD and Sheamus celebrate in the ring while Heyman and Cesaro look on from the stage. We go to replays.

– Still to come, The Usos vs. Rowan and Harper in a non-title match. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes Damien Sandow in an Indianapolis Pacers jersey. Sandow also has a basketball with him. Sandow says he’s Lance Stephenson, a star player for the Pacers. Sandow jokes on the Pacers for getting knocked out of the NBA playoffs. Sandow says LeBron James is the best basketball player in history and this gets huge boos. He also rips the Pacers and the city of Indy. We see Pacers player Chris Copeland at ringside. There’s a basketball goal set up in the ring. Sandow starts dribbling the ball and warming up with it. Copeland shakes his head. Big Show‘s music hits and out he comes. Sandow asks Show how dare he interrupt his performance. Sandow asks Show if he has skills. Show actually did play college basketball. Sandow tosses Show the ball and dares him to make it to the hoop. Show throws the ball at Sandow’s gut and knocks him out with a knockout punch. Show slams the basketball in the hoop, breaking the backboard. Chris Copeland is shown clapping now. Show heads to the back as we go to replays.

– Still to come, we will hear from The Shield tonight. Back to commercial.

Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas

We come back and Kofi Kingston is in the ring. We get a look back at Kane attacking him at Payback. Bo Dallas is out next so they can have the match that didn’t happen at Payback. Bo takes the mic and says there’s only one reason why Miami Heat beat the beloved Pacers – because every person on the Heat, especially LeBron, Bo-lieved. The bell rings and they lock up. Bo with a headlock. Kofi gets free but Bo drops him with a shoulder. Bo goes to ringside and brags. Bo comes back in and offers a handshake. Kofi doesn’t want any part of it. They lock up again and trade holds. They run the ropes and Kofi takes Bo down with a big elbow. Kofi with a dropkick that sends Bo out to the floor. Bo comes back in and Kofi offers a handshake. Bo accepts but goes for a kick. Kofi catches it and nails a big kick to the face. Bo with a swinging neckbreaker.

Bo comes back with a big backdrop and a knee to the face. Bo with another big knee to the face and more bragging to the crowd. Fans start chanting “Bo-ring” now. Kofi comes back with a missile dropkick. They trade shots and Kofi hits another dropkick and a flying right hand in the corner. 2 count for Kofi. Kofi catapults Bo out of the corner and nails a big crossbody for 2. Kofi runs into an elbow but hits another kick to the face. Bo catches Kofi in the corner and drops him on the top rope. Bo hits the running Bo-dog out of the corner for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas

– After the match, we go to replays and come back with more posing from Bo. He tries to check on Kofi but gets brushed off.

– The announcers talk about what happened with Evolution earlier tonight.

– Renee Young is backstage trying to get a word with Triple H but Stephanie McMahon comes out instead. Stephanie says Triple H is busy but she’s headed to the ring to make a big announcement. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes Stephanie McMahon to the ring. She doesn’t look to be in a good mood tonight. We get a look back at Brie Bella slapping her at Payback. Stephanie calls Bryan a little man and says he wouldn’t do what’s right, what’s best for business and give up the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Instead, she says Bryan stood impotently by as his wife Brie fell on the sword. Stephanie says Brie should have been fired weeks ago on the spot when she put her hands on Stephanie. Stephanie says she gave them chance after chance and got nothing but a slap to the face for it. Fans cheer and start a “yes!” chant. Stephanie says that’s ok because she’s tough, she’s a McMahon. Stephanie wonders if Bryan can wake up every day and live with Brie being crushed about not getting to live out her dreams. Stephanie says this is bigger than one person; it’s about the WWE World Heavyweight Title. She announces Kane vs. Bryan in a Stretcher Match for Money in the Bank, if Bryan can compete. If he can’t compete, the Money in the Bank match will be for the title. John Cena’s music hits and out he comes.

Cena comes out to mostly boos and Stephanie points this out. She congratulates him for his win at Payback and praises the match with Bray Wyatt. CM Punk chants start up. Cena talks about the WWE Universe and they start dueling chants. Cena says what’s not best for business is the situation with the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Cena says he’s a 14-time champion and knows what it feels like to win a title, lose a title and be forced to give up a title due to injury. Cena agrees that WWE fans deserve a fighting champion but says no one person is bigger than that title, including a spoiled, jealous ego-maniac named Stephanie McMahon. Fans cheer and Stephanie mocks them. Cena says Stephanie needs to face facts – Bryan is good. Another “yes!” chant starts up. Cena continues to praise Bryan. Stephanie keeps talking about Bryan not being able to compete and asks why doesn’t everyone understand that. She says popular or unpopular, she will do what’s best for the company. Stephanie jokes about Stephanie having breast implant surgery years ago. Cena says Stephanie has let her personal affairs get in the way of what’s best for business and in doing so, she’s made an embarrassment of the legacy of the WWE World Title. She’s wasted the time of the fans and made an embarrassment of herself, Cena says. Cena says if he were to give Stephanie a job evaluation right now, he would give her a 0. Cena says she sucks. A “you suck” chant breaks out. Cena says the fans give her a 0 too. Stephanie says she doesn’t care. Stephanie says she’s going to give Cena an opportunity tonight. She announces Cena vs. Kane for tonight and that match is up next. Stephanie says payback is a bitch but so is she. Her music hits and Stephanie heads to the back. As she’s heading up the ramp, the stage explodes and out comes Kane.

Kane vs. John Cena

Cena gets ready for a fight as Kane makes his way to the ring and we go to commercial. We come back and Kane is working Cena over with right hands Cena fights back with a kick and a big right hand but Kane runs over him with a big boot. 2 count by Kane. Kane stomps on Cena now. Kane takes Cena to the corner and keeps control. Kane nails a big sideslam for another 2 count. Kane with another big kick to the face and right hands. Cena fights back and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Kane grabs Cena for a chokeslam but it’s blocked. Cena takes Kane down with a pair of shoulders. Cena with the big slam. Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and nails it. Kane blocks the Attitude Adjustment and beats Cena back into the corner. Kane with knees to the gut and more offense. Kane unloads on Cena in the corner and won’t back off so the referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: John Cena

– After the bell, Kane pulls Cena out to the floor and whips him into the steel steps. Kane scoops Cena for a Tombstone on the steps but Cena slides out and shoves Kane into the ring post. Cena grabs half of the steps and launches them at Kane, knocking him down. Cena’s music hits and officials order him to the back as Kane is laid out on the floor. Kane finally sits up. He tosses the steps around and rips apart the announcers table. Kane beats the table with a chair and throws the chair across the ring. Kane storms off to the back.

– The announcers talk more about what happened to Evolution earlier tonight and we get another replay. Renee catches up with Randy Orton backstage for comment. He says things got heated and Batista took his ball and went home. He says he talked with Triple H and they are still on the same page. Orton says he is still the face of WWE and has been granted a match against Roman Reigns for tonight. We go to commercial.

Los Matadores vs. Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater

We come back and Los Matadores are in the ring with El Torito. 3MB comes out with Hornswoggle and he’s wearing an afro wig to hide his bald head. Drew starts off with Fernando and they go at it. Slater tags in but gets caught. Fernando works him over but Slater turns it back around. Hornswoggle ends up on the apron to dance around. Torito sneaks up and rips his wig off, exposing the horrible looking haircut. Slater is distracted, allowing Matadores to roll him up for the quick win.

Winners: Los Matadores

– After the match, Matadores and Torito, who is wearing the wig now, taunt 3MB from the ramp.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio in a MITB qualifying match is announced for later. Back to commercial.

Handicap Match: Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox and Aksana

We come back and out comes Nikki Bella. This match was made by Stephanie McMahon. Out comes her opponents Aksana and Alicia Fox. Aksana starts out and goes at it with Nikki. Alicia tags in and they double team her in the corner. Nikki fights back and drops Alicia for a 2 count but Aksana breaks it up. Alicia comes back and levels Nikki out of nowhere for the easy win.

Winners: Aksana and Alicia Fox

– After the match, Alicia attacks Nikki and throws her out of the ring. Alicia runs the ropes like a maniac and flips around. She hits the corner and taunts the crowd. Aksana goes back to the floor and stomps on Nikki. Alicia comes over and hits a backbreaker on the floor. More stomps from Aksana. Alicia swings Nikki and tosses her into the fan barrier. Aksana gets another shot in before they head to the back.

Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger

We come back and Zeb Colter is in the ring with Jack Swagger. He starts ripping on Adam Rose and the Rosebuds, saying they all need to be sent to prison. Zeb says tonight, Swagger is going to run Rose out of the country. Zeb gets a big “we the people!” from the crowd. Out next comes Adam Rose with his Rosebuds. The bell rings and Rose takes it to the corner. Rose breaks and spanks Swagger on his backside. Swagger gets upset and beats Rose down. Rose counters and spanks him again. They run the ropes and Rose drops Swagger with an elbow. Rose works Swagger over in the corner now. Rose climbs up but Swagger sets him on the mat and nails a big boot. Swagger takes Rose to the corner and keeps control. Swagger slams Rose for a 2 count. Swagger with a headlock as the Rosebuds look on from the ramp and fans begin to hum the Rose theme song.

Swagger misses in the corner and then runs into a big boot. Rose fires away with right heads and an inverted atomic drop. A CM Punk chant breaks out as Rose hits a swinging neckbreaker. Rose with the splash in the corner. Rose nails the Party Foul facebuster for the pin.

Winner: Adam Rose

– After the match, Rose goes to celebrate with the Rosebuds as we get replays.

– Byron Saxton is backstage with The Usos. They talk about getting involved at Payback and cut a promo about how they’re not going anywhere. We go to commercial.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs. WWE tag team champions the Usos in a non-title match

We come back and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are in the ring. Cole mentions that Bray Wyatt is not here tonight. WWE Tag Team Champions the Usos are out next for this non-title match. Rowan starts off with Jimmy Uso, who has his ribs taped up. Rowan takes him to the corner and starts going at the ribs. Uso fights out of the corner and staggers Rowan. Uso runs into a big forearm and goes down. Rowan beats Uso back into the corner and tags in Harper for some double teaming. They trade shots but Harper beats Uso to the ropes. Uso ducks two clotheslines and nails a crossbody and a heel kick. Uso with a right hand and a thrust into the corner as Jey Uso tags in and hits a big splash on Harper. Jey unloads in the corner and mounts Harper with right hands. Uso with more offense until Harper nails a dropkick. Rowan tags in for some double teaming. Rowan stomps and drops a big knee. Rowan with a big shot to the back. Uso fights back but Rowan drops him. Rowan keeps Uso down on the mat now. Uso fights up and out but Rowan falls down on him for a 2 count. Harper comes back in to keep control of Jey. Uso tries to fight back but Harper drops him with a right hand. Rowan comes back in and drops a big elbow. Rowan with a scoop slam and more offense. Rowan goes for another elbow but misses. Rowan gets right up and splashes Uso in the corner, sending him back down. Uso slides out of a hold and finally tags in Jimmy. Jimmy unloads on Rowan and staggers him. Rowan goes for a pin but Rowan misses a leg drop. Uso with a low dropkick to the face and a 2 count. Uso counters again and dropkicks Rowan out to the floor in front of the announcers. Harper comes in and gets double teamed and sent out to the floor also. We go to commercial with The Usos getting hype in the ring.

Back from the break and The Usos are down outside of the ring. Rowan and Harper dominated all during the commercial. Harper rams Uso into the apron and nails a big clothesline on the floor. Harper brings it back in the ring and drops a series of elbow drops on Jimmy for a 2 count. Harper throws Uso into the corner and drops him with another right hand. Rowan tags in and stomps away on Uso. Rowan knocks Jey off the apron but gets hit with right hands by Jimmy. Rowan drops him again with a knee. Rowan with more knee drops and offense in the corner. Rowan lays Jimmy on top of the turnbuckles and beats on him.

Rowan turns Jimmy upside down in the corner and continues the attack. Rowan charges but Uso lifts himself up and Rowan hits the ring post. Jimmy goes to the top and hits a corkscrew on Rowan. The crowd rallies for The Usos now. Jey tags in as does Harper. Uso comes off the top and takes him out. They go at it and Jey hits a big right hand off the ropes. Uso with more offense. Harper catches a kick but Uso counters with a kick to the face. Jey with the big Rikishi splash in the corner, and another. Jey covers for a 2 count as Rowan breaks the pin. Harper back and drops Uso with a boot to the face for a 2 count. Jey nails a missile dropkick on Harper and a Samoan Drop. Uso goes to the top but Rowan hits him. Uso leaps out to the floor and takes out Rowan instead. Harper runs the ropes and dives out onto Uso. Jimmy runs the ropes and leaps out onto Harper. Jimmy rolls Harper back in. Jey goes to the top for a big Superfly splash but lands on Harper’s knees. Harper goes for the big discus clothesline but Uso kicks him in the face for a very close 2 count. Jey knocks Harper out of the ring. Rowan launches Jimmy to the floor. Jey rolls Rowan up for a 2 count. Rowan with a big side chokeslam on Jey for the win.

Winners: Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

– After the match, we go to replays. Harper and Rowan leave and we see Bray’s empty rocking chair that they brought out to ringside during their entrance.

– Still to come, Orton vs. Reigns. Up next is a MITB qualifying match with Ziggler vs. Del Rio. Back to commercial.

Money In the Bank Qualifying Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Back from the break and Alberto Del Rio waits in the ring as Dolph Ziggler makes his way out. They lock up and go at it. Del Rio takes Ziggler to the corner and beats him down. Fans chant for Ziggler. Ziggler with a roll up out of nowhere for 2. Ziggler fights back and nails a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Ziggler drops a bunch of elbows and covers for another 2 count. Del Rio comes back with a kick and an arm breaker. Del Rio with a kick to the shoulder and a 2 count. Del Rio with right hands to the head for another pin attempt. Del Rio works on the arm again now.

Fans chant some more for Ziggler but Del Rio keeps control and focuses on the arm. Ziggler fights back to his feet but Del Rio catches him. Ziggler blocks a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker with a dropkick. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and nails a crossbody. Ziggler with more right hands. More back and forth now. Ziggler kicks Del Rio’s leg out and nails the Fame-asser for a close 2 count. Del Rio catches Ziggler with the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a close 2 count. Del Rio with a knee and a kick to the back. Del Rio goes to the top but Ziggler runs up and plants him face first into the mat for another close pin attempt. More back and forth. Del Rio applies the cross armbreaker and Ziggler taps out. Del Rio is going to Money In the Bank.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

– We get a look at what happened with Cody Rhodes and Goldust at Payback. We see them talking backstage and apparently Cody has hand-picked Goldust’s partner for tonight. We go to commercial.

Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. Goldust and Sin Cara

Back from the break and Ryback waits in the ring with Curtis Axel. Goldust is out followed by his partner Sin Cara, who was hand-picked by Cody. We see Cody backstage watching. Axel and Goldust start things off. Goldust takes control with an inverted atomic drop. Axel turns it right around and tags in Ryback.

Back and forth now. Cara comes in and takes Ryback down. Goldust comes back in and keeps control. Fans chant “Goldberg” as Ryback takes Goldust to the corner. Goldust fights right out but misses a clothesline. Ryback sends Goldust flying out of the ring with a shoulder. Axel tags in and rams Goldust back into the barrier. Axel brings it in the ring for a 2 count. More tags between Ryback and Axel as they keep Goldust down. Double teaming and more tags from Rybaxel. Goldust gets a fist up on Ryback as he comes off the second rope. Cara tags in and springboards into Axel. Cara unloads on Axel and nails a crossbody. Cara with kicks now. Cara with a springboard back elbow and a close 2 count as Ryback breaks the pin. Goldust takes Ryback out and sends him to the floor. Axel sends Goldust to the floor. Cara kicks Axel in the face and goes to the top. Cara misses the senton. Axel nails the Axehole for the win.

Winners: Ryback and Curtis Axel

– After the match, Goldust and Cara recover as we see Cody backstage watching.

– Up next, there will be a Hero of The Russian Federation Ceremony to honor Rusev for his win at Payback. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and the ring is set up for some sort of ceremony. There’s a podium and three men in suits. Justin Roberts introduces Lana and out she comes to the stage. She says America acts like we’re the heroes of the world, the knight in shining armor that saves the day and always does the right thing. USA chants start up and Lana gets upset. She tells them to stop and they get louder. Lana tells them to shut up. She says America denies our heroes the basic rights. She says Edward Snowden is a true hero and we see his picture on the big screen. She says he’s able to practice free speech in Russia now. She says they honor heroes and cherish them in Russia. She praises Russian President Vladimir Putin and we see him on the big screen now. Lana says Russia will honor a hero tonight. She introduces Rusev and out he comes.

Rusev comes out in a suit and waves the Russian flag as they head to the ring for the ceremony. Rusev steps up on the podium and fans boo. More USA chants start up. Lana tells the crowd to show some respect and stop the chants. One of the men holds the Russian flag. Lana says we’re about to witness the Hero Federation Award Ceremony. A ministry official named Dimitri presents Rusev with a golden star medal. The man says on behalf of the great and powerful nation of Russia and its people, they bestow upon him their highest civilian honor. The man takes the medal out of a box and places it around Rusev’s neck. They shake hands. Rusev says something we can’t understand and he gets the “what?” treatment. Lana says long live Mother Russia and long live the Super Athlete Rusev. She tells everyone to stand as the Russian national anthem is played and confetti drops from the ceiling.

– Still to come, Orton vs. Reigns. Back to commercial.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

Back from the break and out comes The Shield for promos. Dean Ambrose says they’re beaten and bruised up but they feel good. Seth Rollins says Evolution lost because they weren’t 1 like The Shield. Reigns says they lost because they weren’t brothers. Reigns tells Orton to get his ass out here so he can break his jaw. The Evolution music hits and out comes Randy Orton and Triple H. Triple H is dressed in a suit and carrying his sledgehammer. Rollins sees this and goes to ringside to grab a few steel chairs. Triple H says if they haven’t figured out, he adapts. He says last night was plan A and tonight is plan B. He says there’s always a plan B. Ambrose and Reigns get ready to fight. Rollins cracks Reigns in the back with a steel chair. Ambrose is shocked. He goes for Rollins but Rollins beats him down with the chair too. Orton and Triple H look on smiling as Rollins unloads on Ambrose with the chair. Rollins breaks the chair over Ambrose and a “you sold out” chant starts up. Ambrose goes to get up but Rollins nails a curb stomp into the chair. Rollins grabs a chair and exits the ring. He stops and stares at Orton and then looks at Triple H. Rollins stares at the chair and hands it to Orton. Orton enters the ring and beats on Reigns with the chair. Orton delivers one huge shot to the back and laughs at Reigns. Orton takes Reigns’ vest off. Triple H and Rollins make their way in the ring now.

Winner: No contest

Orton lifts Reigns up and the fans boo. Reigns is out on his feet as Orton drops him on top of the chair with a RKO. Triple H puts his arm around Rollins and fans boo some more. Another “you sold out” chant. Rollins, Triple H and Orton stand over Reigns. We see Ambrose trying to recover. Rollins looks down at Reigns and still seems hesitant. Triple H’s music hits and RAW goes off the air with what appears to be the new Evolution standing over Reigns. Triple H lays his sledgehammer on top of Reigns.

– The RAW Backstage post-show opens up with the panel and they’re shocked at what just happened. We get replays. We see Triple H still taunting Reigns and Ambrose as officials are in the ring to check on them. Rollins is still looking down. Triple H puts his arm around him again and says some words with a smile on his face. Rollins and Triple H shake hands. Rollins finally holds his head up as Triple H embraces him again. Rollins, Triple H and Orton leave the ring at the same time as we go back to the panel.

The panel talks more about Rollins turning on The Shield for several minutes. Booker actually takes a shot at Xavier Woods and says he has the wrong attitude for this business, saying that he should be more aggressive. We get another replay of Rollins turning. We go backstage to Renee Young for a word with Triple H, Rollins and Orton. She asks Rollins what happened and what’s his relationship with Evolution. He stares at her, smirks and walks off. Orton also walks off. Triple H says all Renee needs to know is that he wins. Triple H walks off and we go back to the panel for more talk and that’s it for the post-show.

Source: http://www.ringsidenews.com